Oct. 11, 2018;

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F.B.I. STALKING ME!!!??? January, 2019;

People of the Central coast and America, beware! The government may have just sprung a police string operation against me last week in an attempt to cost me thousands, delay my mouth restoration and get my; website and emblazoned van(s) off the streets to keep you in the dark and possibly set me up for murder, if they’re this depraved to conduct such a cruel hoax as I think just happened.. It happened no sooner than Gavin Newsom was sworn in as our governor but, if it was a govt. sting, it was pure luck on their part that the coffee shop I enlisted for a third party to present and receive me after surgery was owned and operated by a retired Santa Cruz police officer; his first name Bill, I think. Bill admitted that the man I wanted to deliver and receive me just a block away was unreliable but, as others I asked, including a friend in Monterey I was willing to pay to do this were unavailable, I had little choice but to hire Chris Malseq, (Pronounced Malsay) a homeless man living on a bicycle, to do the job; $20.00 cash upon delivery and another $20.00 upon walking me to my parked van. Simple as could be. I even took this man to the designated parking lot and which spot to park just days earlier. I would have parked at the dentist’s office and met him on foot but I was afraid he might forget the address of the dentist so I agreed to meet him at the coffee shop I knew he was familiar with. My biggest mistake, it would turn out.

I was scheduled for one of the biggest and best days of my life – to get my mouth fully restored with professional implants from a reputable dentist – and I needed a third party to facilitate the procedure, to present and deliver me so I could sleep off the drugs in my parked van.  That was the plan. Never was there any discussion with anyone about any wheelchair, my driver’s convenient excuse for leaving me and my van unattended, running, in the middle of the roadway with the door wide open. The day was January 10, 2019. I was ecstatic at what a great day was going to be for me after years of waiting and saving my money for it.

Folks, through no mindfulness of my own other than to rescue a moving, abandoned vehicle or, at the very least, finish parking it after my driver left me abandoned with the engine running and the door wide open without a word, I found myself succumbing to my pre surgery med’s and behind the wheel and in the bushes, too late to stop the van in time. A misdemeanor offense I don’t think I deserve. I believe I WAS set up. Even if not, I should not be held accountable because the instructions on the pill bottles wrongfully said “Careful when driving..” instead of Do not drive…” The doctor’s assistant admitted this fact to me, after.

I was only given instructions for my medications AFTER my mishap. The copies were print dated the same day of my operation. I was supposed to receive them three days prior but, for whatever reason, they weren’t given to me. I got there at 7:30 am, before they were even printed. I finally realized what these papers were doing along with my citation upon release from the recovery center. The staff gave them to the police or the CHP who cited me. A little too late, I think. I followed the instructions given to me by the doctors staff just hours earlier; “to follow the bottle’s instructions.” I was never told I could not drive. The instructions allow driving and only recommend being careful when doing so. I even delayed taking the med’s until one HALF hour before arrival instead of one hour, just to be safe. It all seems to me to have been a brilliant, hastily constructed, police sting to set me up for a DUI (drugs only) charge and perhaps get my vans off the street now that I have gotten aggressive with my messaging. Now that I have invested thousands of dollars in purchasing one and restoring another, just about completed, for a major publicity campaign. The government’s worst nightmare, as I have the goods on them regarding John Lennon’s political assassination. The same police department on the scene within seconds of the accident tried to slander me on national TV news in the mid 1990’s for attending a Stephen King book signing with trumped up trespassing charges just to do this to me; show me on TV in handcuffs branded as a stalker. As newspaper photo’s show, I was merely holding a large sign that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE.” Only after I was coerced to take one step inside the store by a stranger was I ambushed from all sides and arrested and put on television. Two days later I was released with no charges filed, the damage to my reputation already done. So, this police sting operation I allege may be the case is not far fetched at all. Other strange facts suggest this to be even more the case.

Rather than repeat myself ,please read the letter I am submitting to the ;local district attorney who has the power to prosecute or dismiss my citation before charged.

Steve Lightfoot

P.O.Box 7311 Carmel, Ca. 93921

District Attorney Of The County Of Santa Cruz

Dear Sir,

I am appealing to your fairness and mercy in a recent matter regarding Steve Lightfoot who was cited on January 10, 2019 for [23152 (F) V.C. DUI Drugs] at 7:30 am while attempting to be received for oral surgery at Dr. ————-‘s dental office. I am asking you to please dismiss this matter and relieve my system from the intense stress and activism I will be required to perform to prevent what I honestly believe may be a police sting operation to get my controversial emblazened van off the streets and to cost me thousands of dollars I can’t afford. That, even if this not a scandalous effort to obstruct my free speech by police and others, there are other important exigent circumstances that warrant, in my opinion, a dismissal in the interests of justice. Before I detail all the very suspicious police facts that surround this surprise attack on me and my reputation, please allow me to explain what actually happened;

To begin with, I am almost 65 years old and have never had a DUI in my life. In fact I volunteered my witness services to an accident I saw days after my ordeal in San Jose regarding a motorist who plowed recklessly into two vehicles, seconds apart, the second, a major impact. I appreciate the need for DUI enforcement as much as anyone else. This motorist was a car length away from ruining my van just two days out of the paint repair shop. My father was a doctor and I respect the safety of others. Regarding alcohol and drugs, except for legal use of marijuana I have never used any other drug and I don’t even like alcohol. Even before marijuana was legal I obtained a medical prescription for it due to back pain and anxiety related to past police abuses that traumatized me. I have never purchased any other drug than marijuana in my life, in fact. I don’t like drugs, period. Recent surgeries I have had that over prescribed pain pills, for example, are still unused to this day. Very few people my age can honestly say that they have NEVER been drunk behind the wheel except once in their life. My one time was when I was 18 or 19, alone and on a back road. That was all the scaring I needed and have never BEEN behind the wheel drunk since in my life. A role model for others in that regard, I think.

Also, as a small celebrity in some regard – I was interviewed last February for two hours on KSCO and hosted two shows for them, after due to my status as the owner of the website; – you may have heard of me. Suspiciously, just before this bizarre event, KSCO began banning me from getting on the air just as the Lennon murder anniversary date loomed near. So, all sides seem to be orchestrating against me just and I feel like I am being stalked by people with evil intentions. It’s horrifying, to be honest. I find myself sometimes panting with anxiety over the situation. I’m too old for this kind of life and death stress. And it is just that stark. I have almost been killed a few times by police and their sting operations. If my licence should be suspended I would have to sleep outdoors and conduct an intimate, door to door campaign with leaflets and billboards just to stay alive and keep people notified of my danger. For three decades I have chosen to live in a van and I do, still. I need to be able to drive as I live in my vehicles. I can’t afford to pay rent like others. I live on a very small social security check only. What inheritance I may have received is almost gone in just a few months, already. I’ll be broke soon if I don’t get work.

The circumstances regarding my citation;.

Either I was trying to rescue my van from rolling as my homeless, hired, designated driver left my vehicle in neutral after disobeying my instructions, leaving me and my running vehicle abandoned in the middle of the roadway in a private parking lot, or I was trying to finish parking it in the stall it was next to. I was just about to have major oral surgery and even the dentist’s office was remiss in instructing me on the prescription use of my pre anesthesia medications I was told to take one hour before arrival. They gave me these vital instructions only after my small accident had occurred there. – They were supposed to have been given to me days before but they forgot. – The print date on the copy is after the fact, in fact. I talked with their staff the night before and I was only told to follow the bottle’s instructions and I did. Regarding driving, the instructions did not read; “Do not drive after taking medications.” they read; “Careful when driving and operating machinery.” The subsequent, after the fact, doctor’s instructions differed. That was not my fault. The doctor’s assistant told me, after, that the bottles were mislabeled.

In fact, I took these prescriptions a HALF hour before arrival to be extra safe. I drove perfectly fine a few miles to The Coffee House and met up with my third party the office required I bring. This was about 7:20 am. I felt well enough to drive the one block more to the office but Chris Malseq, the homeless man I hired to present and receive me, insisted he drive. I was so ecstatic I was so close to the operation I needed for decades, I let him. Only because I was told he was unreliable did I not have him meet me at the dentist’s office. Had I simply done that nothing would have happened at all. All of this would have been avoided. How was I to know what lay ahead? How was I to know that the man who was driving me just one block may well have been sat down with police and been coached  on how set me up for this ticket and do exactly that? At the least, how could I know that he would disobey me and almost leave the property and then leave my van deserted in the middle of the roadway? It was just a two minute drive to the lot and park and he couldn’t do that simple task as I instructed him to. He never told me his license was suspended, either. Two days prior I walked Chris to the parking lot and showed him which space to park in knowing that I would have permission to sleep there over night.

Then, January 10, the all important date and, immediately, Chris disobeyed me and passed the space I asked him to park at driving madly, almost off the property. I even told him; “Park right here!”  but he ignored me. This may have gotten my adrenaline going. At the last moment he made a jerky U-turn and back to the space I requested but, instead of parking my van, abruptly abandoned it and me leaving the door open and the motor running and, I now honestly believe, left the lever in neutral, besides. For all I knew he had just stolen something from my van and run off. I had no clue as he never said a word once behind the wheel. Like a Jekyle and Hyde personality.

Initially I thought I may have merely been trying to park in the stall my van was next to and see my doctor for my appointment and find out where Chris went. Yes, by now, now that I was already in the driver’s seat with the van moving, I was, perhaps, feeling some of the drug’s effects but  felt no effects up TO that point until after my adrenaline had kicked in.The pills instructions gave me no concern whether or not I was capable of simply parking my van. I distinctly remember that, when I grabbed hold of the gear lever, it was NOT in park but out of position. That I failed to recall this at the scene may have had to do with the memory issues related to this drug. (Halcion)(?) I notified the citing CHP officer of this fact a day or two later when my head was clear but he told me he wasn’t about to change his report! Today I am 100 percent certain that the gear lever, van in motion or not, WAS out of gear and in neutral. Most alarmingly, this may have been DELIBERATE on Chris’s part as subsequent remarks he made suggest so. Considering this and the fact that a retired Santa Cruz police officer recommended Chris and had a half week’s advance notice of my situation and, no doubt, knowledge of my activism and status as a citizen and their department’s abusive history with me in the past add to the picture. Police had the motive, opportunity and ability to conduct just such a diabolical sting, even on a few days notice. I felt like an animal stepping on a trappers trap, in fact, when it happened. I acknowledge, too, that it may have been just terrible bad luck. I don’t know which, yet. There is a possibility Chris WAS going to get a wheel chair though we never discussed that, ever. Regardless, he was supposed to be responsible for me and left me in a van in the middle of the road with the engine running and the door open and the van in neutral, perhaps, all without a word as to why, and all just after wildly disobeying my directions to park, nearly driving off grounds. Very confusing and upsetting..

At this point I found myself unable to stop the van in time and in the shrubs with Chris grabbed my keys from me and, apparently, immediately stole $100.00 from my attached wallet. Almost immediately and very unusually, police were on the scene and he gave them my keys. I later learned that they just happened to be right there a half a block away at the exact time, suspiciously. I was up and walking around, just fine, not stumbling I don’t think. There were police cams present, and I told the officers exactly what happened minus the part about the van moving that made me jump into the seat. The emergency brake lever is too difficult to maneuver, quickly. I did what I thought I had to do to stop and or park the van.

My new paint job and just purchased 2000 Chevy van were slightly dented (Now fixed @ $1.923.00 later) Another woman’s car was grazed but not damaged enough to report a claim, apparently.

Instead of receiving my precious operation I was escorted to a recovery center and tested and released a few hours later. I was cited for DUI (drugs only) as I blew a zero for any alcohol. This is where I learned that my money was missing and that Chris had a suspended licence that I knew nothing about. Even though two Sheriff’s deputies were present initially, Chris was not cited for this violation!?!? I learned from subsequent voice mails Chris left that he was “Shooed away…” from the scene, early, by police. Very strange, I think even you’ll admit.

After I was released and secured my now damaged van I went to the coffee shop to see if Chris was around since my money was missing. Bill, the retired police officer / coffee shop owner who introduced us, a coffee shop who caters mostly TO police, in fact, said he had not seen him but that the CHP officer came looking for him. I told him he stole $100.00 from me and that Chris had until the 16th of January to return it or I’d file a theft report. Bill told me that Chris; “… just wanted to get a wheel chair …” for me. Either Chris DID come by after and he lied to me or the CHP officer explained this to him. He also suggested I was falling down as I left for my appointment. I don’t recall any of this. This flies in the face of my ability to walk just fine minutes later when the drugs were likely more powerful in my system. His story isn’t credible.

When I visited the citing officer the next morning to deliver an explanation of what happened (All in writing. I admitted at the scene that I had taken prescription pills a half hour earlier as directed.) I learned that vital pink papers regarding my DMV obligations to avert an automatic suspension of my licence were missing. He initially told me that he gave them to the staff at the recovery center to give to me but late that week admitted he had not, that he had forgotten to include them with my citation. This could be interpreted as going out of his way to get my licence suspended, already. But the bizarrness continues.: I immediately took my van to the collision center 200 miles away that painted it months earlier and learned, while checking my voice mails, that Chris alternately pretended I owed him money to a more contrite call apparently made aware of my claim that he owed ME money, is my guess. He asked to meet me to discuss this matter, in fact, but left no number to reach him.

Then, a week later, when I went to The Coffee House to see Chris, he behaved, not in a normal manner of one who contributed to my bad luck, full of contrition and consideration for my pain, no, but one who was interested in rubbing it in, in fact. He said, first thing out of his mouth; “Hey, toothless, what;s new?” A provocative remark another man might have responded to with force and violence. Maybe he was coached by police to say that to see if I would also fall for that. I don’t know, but it was not the way to greet me if he felt I owed him money. I told him he stole $100.00 from my wallet. At first he tried to deny it. I said; “So you’re telling me the CHP officer took it?” He replied; “When did I have your wallet?” I told him it was when he took my keys from the ignition after my accident.. After I said that he stopped denying it and actually threatened me if I left van parked where he might see it. A threat I will add to my theft report. ( The deputy who started my report aborted it in mid report and told me to call later this week . Now he says it’s a small claims matter, only.)

I visited with a prominent attorney who tried to get me to pay $15,000. 00 to represent me. He advised me NOT to publicize my situation on my website. He even suggested I might plead insanity which would harm my credibility where my Lennon murder evidence activism is concerned. He told me not to reach out to you or other law enforcement. All the things I feel I have to do, just to stay alive.

If I have to fight this it will involve a jury trial and possibly me representing myself if a public defender is suspected of pulling punches in the process. A change of venue, the whole works.My website and van is what I think all this is about, apparently. As such, publicity and a subpeona of all officer’s involved as well as Bil , the coffee shop owner and others will be vital to my safety and the safety of my licence. Billboarding and leaflets passed out all over Santa Cruz will be my avenue as well as talk radio spots all over the nation as part of my defense and I’ll have to rely rely on the exigent circumstances, the improper medication instructions as well as a discriminatory prosecution motion to show an agenda against my free speech and political activism. Considering the Santa Cruz Police engaged in a fraudulent sting in the mid 90’s against my activism  it would have merit with the jury, I think.

This is regarding an arrest for suspicion of trespassing that was never filed when I attended a Stephen king book signing event (Nixon, Reagan and he are guilty, according to hard, incontrovertible evidence, of John Lennon’s murder, not Mark Chapman who was never even put on trial, after) I was standing outside with a large sign that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE!” After being tricked by someone to step inside i was arrested from all sides the second i stepped into the store. i was filmed and broadcast on the NATIONAL TV NEWS, no less, in handcuffs being described as a stalker of Stephen King.

There is much I have to point to over my three decades plus of activism including an S.F.P.D. 1987 kidnapping and beating that rendered me bloody and unconscious by police while handcuffed in a van and other episodes I didn’t deserve. Shortly after my activism attracted the attention of the Secret Service in 1983 my father was killed in a plane crash just a week after his dog was found strangled in a drape chord. My life has bee full of injustices.

I have been endorsed live by Paul McCartney in 1990 at the Berkeley concert then. I have it on tape, even. Stephen King has never denied my claims, ever. I’m not just a theorist but have discovered the scandal of our lifetime and the facts to prove it. If I succeed the world will change as a consequence.

I have seen you on television and I think you look and act like an honest man who is doing a good job. If my split second response to a van in motion with no one behind the wheel or even if I just wanted to park it, as could also be the case, as well as the failure of my doctor to properly instruct me on the medication and the chance I was set up by police in a hastily, however brilliantly constructed ruse, is not reasonable grounds for dismissal in the interests of justice I don’t know what is.

Please consider the stress all this is having on me. I am like as fox in a fox hunt and feel like the state is up to mischief against me that could even get me killed. Please don’t put me through all that a real person who has a problem with driving and drugs and alcohol should go through for what happened to me. I was put in a position where I had little other choice. My biggest mistake was hiring a stranger whose own problems transferred into  my life when I didn’t deserve it to.

Consider the changing stories of the citing officer who did NOT give my DMV papers to anyone until I met him at his station the next day as he stated, initially. Consider how this mistake could have been a deliberate attempt to suspend my licence through default. A case of profiling.Consider the fact that a former police officer introduced me to this man who stole from me, disobeyed my orders to park and deserted me without explanation and perhaps left my van in neutral with the engine running and no one in the driver’s seat. Consider Chris’s remarks and conduct that point to a hostile intent; theft of $100.00 and his rude “Hey, Toothless..”remark after the damage he helped cause. Consider how strange it was that Chris was not cited for driving on a suspended licence after he told the officers he drove me one block to the parking lot and how he was, instead “..shooed away..” Consider, too, how suspicious it looks to have two sheriffs trolling a half block away from the scene at the exact time of my scheduled arrival and how a police officer had three days advance notice of my exact situation and political status and could have constructed a sting against me if they wanted to. Consider the mislabeled instructions on the pill bottles that were mostly to blame. That and the fact that my real instructions were delivered to me days too late and after the fact.

An attorney who would look for any such conspiracy is how I might proceed and who knows where that could lead? I have told my dentist’s office I have no desire to sue them as my own father was a health professional. If I am asked to defend myself in court it would be like asking me to build a house all by myself in one month with no knowledge of how to do so. Dozens of subpoenas, etc. A protracted, cruel nightmare for me.

I have been punished mightily, already, for whatever poor judgement I succumbed to in a moment of panic. Mostly, I am the farthest thing away from being a threat behind the wheel in this regard as anyone else I know. I don’t carry collision insurance for myself as I think I am too good a driver to ever be to blame for any accident. It is not in keeping with my spotless record that I am proud of in this regard. I have no criminal record. Not even a misdemeanor. I should not be criminalized for this terrible set of circumstances that, in many respects, were beyond my control.

Please, sir, review this case and include my input here since it was not included in the citing officer’s report. I have supplied documents and copies of prescription instructions that lead to this event, even a letter from my dentist’s office and  I hope you will agree that mine is a good case for dismissal in the interest of justice.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is all true and correct.

Dated; January 22, 2019

Sincerely awaiting your reply,

Steve Lightfoot




a police department who fraudulently defamed me in the mid 90’s to get me on national tv in handcuffs, hold me for two days on false charges and then release me uncharged.

January 10, 2019; RED LETTER DAY!!!!

This is a new entry following a visit with an attorney who wanted to charge me $15,000.000 to represent me in a D.U.I case (drugs only) He advised me NOT to broadcast the circumstances or admit I was on drugs but that is all too late as I explained everything as it occurred at the time of the minor accident involving me and some bushes. I was either trying to just park my abandoned van in a space as I was deserted by my driver who left the van in the middle of the roadway or I actually noticed it rolling and out of gear and jumped in the driver’s seat to stop it but apparently too late.

The latter IS the likely case and there are lots of reasons why I believe this.;

This homeless man changed plans and decided to drive me the one block to the office though I had no problem minutes earlier driving a few miles to get there and felt fine, I thought. Besides tearing around the lot recklessly he ignored my order to “Park right HERE” Instead he drove some 50 yards and made an abrupt U-turn back to the office area but, rather than park like I asked, and without a word to me what he was doing, he just left me there with the door open and the engine running and the van out of gear on a slightly tilted piece of roadway. Any normal person would think he was being robbed or who knows what. Any normal person would react by either parking the vehicle or rescuing it from an accident. I am positive of this; The lever was not in park when I grabbed it. It was out of it’s normal parked position.

This homeless man, Chris Malseq, he said his name was, apparently stole exactly $100.00 from my key / billfold he took from the ignition at the scene. He said a few things to confirm this suspicion, too;  Before I met him today, 8 days later, he left a few voice mails suggesting I owed him money and that the police “shooed..” him away from the scene as if he was now in the way of their agenda to pin everything on me.  This after discovering that he was driving my van on a suspended licence on the first place! He should have been cited but wasn’t.

This man, Chris, after learning I had told the coffee shop owner of the theft and that I would press charges if he didn’t pay me back, then made a more contrite voicemail availing himself as he learned I wanted to discuss something with him but left no number. Today (1-18-’19) I came by and he was at the coffee shop. The first words out of his mouth were not; “Gee, I’m sorry what happened to you and your van. How is everything?’ That’s what he would say if he was innocent and wanted to get at least the $20.00 for dropping me off. Instead he said something that could only be described as hostile and contemptuous. He said; ‘Hey, toothless, what’s up?”

I explained he stole money out of my wallet and I wanted it back if he expected anything from me. He asked when he had my wallet and I explained. He had no denial for my account that he took the wallet and keys out of the ignition before he gave them to the officers who were already there it seemed. He suggested I not park my van around Santa Cruz or he might do something to it as if trying to provoke a fight with me. At 150 pounds and only 5’8” he would not last more than a minute with me in any fight .Another provocation he may have been instructed to make?

There were two sheriff’ a half a block away at the exact moment of the accident and they were there right away his is VERY suspicious.

The CHP officer who cited me failed to include the all important DMV papers I would need to avoid an automatic suspension. I met him the next day at his station and he told me he gave them to the staff at the recovery center to give me. He gave e these papers then at his station a day after. A week later he called me and admitted he had simply failed to include the DMV papers and had NOT given them to other staff. So, already, two different stories from him

Bill, the owner of The Coffee House in Santa Cruz who introduced me to Chris told me he had not seen Chris he drove me to the office that morning when I came by, after.

And not a good day, in fact. My life went from one of the ten best days of my life (full upper implants and tooth extraction) to one of the ten worst days of my life because of a third party as well as incorrect prescription instructions resulting in my newly painted just purchased van crashing into some bushes resulting in a DUI for being on drugs behind the wheel. The operation was scrapped until later and I’m looking at possible many thousands of dollars to get back to square one, again. Just my vehicle repairs are exactly $2,000.00 already. Another vehicle was slightly scraped as well, though no claim by her was made it was so small.

In fact, just yesterday I tried to enter this episode and my computer lost all my work as soon as I typed the part about all of this possibly being a police string operation to attempt to get my van and website off the streets.

One of the obstacles I had to overcome to receive this operation was to secure a third party to present and receive me, before and after the operation.  As my friend in Monterey was not interested nor others in the local vicinity I sought out the nearest coffee shop, The Coffee House on Commercial Ave. in Santa Cruz. The owner advised a man who told me his name was Chris Malsaq might do it. A homeless man on a bicycle who was described as unreliable was all I could find at the time and we agreed on $20.00 to drop me off and another $20. to pick me up. Originally I planned on meeting at the dentist’s office but decided to meet at the coffee shop to be safe. I knew he could remember where the coffee shop was.

I was instructed to take on Valium and one Penicillin before bedtime 8 hours prior to arrival and then another Penicillin and two Halcion tabs (Tiny like a poppy seed) one hour before arrival. My dentist and I knew I would be driving a few miles to the location and I was never told not to drive by his office. The instructions say “Careful when driving…” in fact. Just to be extra safe I waited until one HALF hour before arrival to take the last meds. I drove the several minutes to the coffee shop just fine and a few minutes after Chris arrived we drove to the office a block away. He insisted on taking the wheel at that point and I allowed him to. I was only thinking of how great a day this was going to be for me. I felt good enough to drive, I thought. He arrived in the parking lot and immediately disobeyed me and ignored me when I told him; “Park right HERE!” He drove recklessly to the end of the road and made a U-turn and back to the parking space I requested but left the van running and parked in the middle of the road, door open and, without saying a word, left the van. I didn’t know if he just stole something valuable and ran or what ( I learned later he was, supposedly, getting a wheel chair though we never discussed that matter, ever.) All this  drama got my adrenaline going. Either I thought I saw the van moving and out of gear and jumped from the back of the van to the driver’s seat to stop it or I just decided to park it myself, I’m not sure which. In fact, the column lever WAS out of position and not in park as I remember events. Whichever the case, I was immediately in the bushes even slightly grazing another car and all of a sudden feeling the effects of the Halcion. Chris grabbed the keys from the ignition and later gave them to police who arrived within ONE MINUTE, very suspiciously. Two patrol cars a block away at the same time! A little like a police operation in motion. They, apparently, called the CHP, a state enforcement agency, to the scene and have him cite me for whatever reason I don’t know, yet. But it was out of the ordinary, I thought.

I got out and walked and told the officers exactly what happened, that I tried to park the van which was abandoned in the middle of the road with the engine running and the door open. I had no need for any wheel chair, an issue never discussed at all, ever. It took another few days before I recalled the gear lever being in neutral, apparently. The operation was cancelled and I was taken to a drunk tank recovery center where I was tested and had blood drawn. I blew a zero on alcohol and almost aced the sobriety test except for one small miscue caused  by a lift in one shoe which I explained. I discovered that my wallet was missing exactly $100.00. Apparently Chris DID steal from me, perhaps to make up for his loss now that I could only pay him for half of the job. I saw no money on the ground and I doubt the officer stole it. I was cited for DUI (drugs only) and released but my all important pink papers regarding DMV requirements was missing. This could have further set me up had I not met with the officer the next day and he gave me them then. Initially he told me he gave the pink papers to other staff at the recovery center to give to me and they must have forgot. The next time I talked to him on the phone he told me he just forgot to give them me. Two different stories already from the citing officer. It just so happens this maneuver could have resulted in huge negative consequences for me had I not spotted the error on his part early.

I looked for Chris for two days but he is avoiding me. Bill, the retired police officer owner of the coffee shop who introduced me to Chris, has instructions to allow until Wednesday before I file a robbery report if don’t get back $80.00 (I do owe him $20.00 for dropping me off however else he managed to screw things up.) Subsequent voice mails Chris left  insinuates he is owed money and another call where he seems to have discovered I am aware of the theft and he wants to discuss whatever it is and in more contrite language.

Now I have gone from what was to be the greatest day in my recent life  to a hell of DUI fines and lawyer expenses and $2,000.00 I’m paying tomorrow to get my car fixed. AND my operation was cancelled until further notice.  I think I was set up by police and there IS wealth of facts to suggest exactly that.;

My new Astro high top van is bejeweled with dozens of provocative slogans to get the public outraged and is a threat even more than my other van was and now my right to drive it around and advertise my website seems in jeopardy. In 1994(5?) the Santa Cruz police set me up for mass media humiliation walking me in cuffs on national tv as a stalker of Stephen King for merely showing up at one of his book signing events. No charges were filed and I was released two days later unable to respond to the national news lies about me.. So, already they have committed fraud to obstruct my activism.

The owner of The Coffee House is a retired police officer and so are most of his patrons. Literally, a police hang out. The day after I hired Chris he told me he had gotten no sleep that night. Why? Was he wrestling with cooperating with police to set me up for something? Bill, the owner, knew about my operation even before I met Chris and would know what was necessary for any meddling. His remarks that I was falling down at his shop before my appointment flies in the face of my walking and talking after the crash because by then I’d have been worse of, not better. Police video cams should show me walking, not stumbling.

The CHP officer who was told by Chris that he had driven me to the office has a suspended licence yet he was not only not cited but “shooed away by police” from the scene according to one of Chris’s voice mails. The wild card maniac who commandeered my van driving recklessly through the parking lot, disobeying my orders, speechless the whole time, leaving me abandoned in the middle of the road with the engine running and the door wide open and perhaps the transmission in neutral, THIS MAN this evil element in the whole picture, was shooed away as if the police already had the man they wanted and he was just no longer necessary and perhaps in the way of their secret agenda.

Bill told me after the accident that he is a retired police officer. As if i should know that for whatever reason. Was he hinting that I had just been set up? Meekly confessing?

Either this was just a case of a loopy, homeless man out of his element in performing a simple task who just screws things up and subconsciously or deliberately sabotaged me, just terrible bad luck for me or it was a hastily assembled police sting to cost me thousands and perhaps get my website van(s) off the streets. Just like a Soviet government does.

They had the means motive and opportunity. If it is the case it probably went like this;

Bill, the coffee shop owner who knew of my Lennon crusade and my past history with their department and their desire to stop me as well as my operation’s time and place and the fact that I would be on sedation, conferred with his police connections to see what could be done in this case. Chris would have been sit down at a meeting and told exactly what to do and how knowing that if my car was moving without a driver that I would instinctively jump behind the wheel to stop it but probably too late to avoid a crash and be stuck right where the F.B.I., C.I.A. K.G.B. et al wants me; behind the wheel on drugs. Even just leaving me after disobeying me would have been enough to make a normal person want to park the van out of the street at least.

If this is the case I feel stupid that a brainless loser, of all people, managed to set me up and wreak such havoc in my life. if the police were involved then  you people are being deprived of information in the process. Information you need to even be sane again. It is an attack on you more than even me.  You all owe me a demonstration, anyway. Let’s get it done before I am molested any further, please. I need visible public support.

Stay tuned and I’ll write more tomorrow.


December 27, 2018;

Well, I told my chiropractor that I must harness the energy of the celebration of Dec. 25 and apply it to breaking my story without really knowing what it meant. It’s that funky, once a year time when people are bending over backwards to be better than they normally are and special insights abound for me.

I spent that eve tossing and turning over what slogan to use that best captures that insight. I was in a forgiving mood towards guilty mankind acknowledging that they are scared blind, raped silent and traumatized beyond their humanness to overcome. Otherwise every parent wouldn’t be protecting Stephen King instead of their victimized children. The public really must be raped silent by the evil of the crime. Shocked and awed into a stupor they can’t break free from. Military use of psychology and mind control over all of you. Nothing less than exactly that.

I’ve come up with these rather large four foot long slogans to adorn the lower three sides of my van against a black backround.;




























































Those are the first considerations. Be regretful I only have room for three. Three WILL be going up, soon. By the way, for those who may be wondering, I have a small door already made to conform to what was once an ice cream van display window. The only last details may be in painting some slogans a bright yellow instead of grey where the black backrounds are considered.


Another slogan I forgot to mention.

December 17, 2018;

I’m about to give my van a black skirt to balance out the optics as well as supply it with a new area for opposite color slogans to compliment the blackened window areas. I’m considering

Endangered messenger; Steve Lightfoot

for the rear bumper (grey over black) or, more aggressive;

“Your apathy endangers me”; Steve Lightfoot

or, even;

Messenger / Exorcist; Steve Ligfhtfoot

For the side skirts (grey over black) maybe;’ Your Silence Is Sub-human….You Brainwashed Bastards…..Working Class Hero Killers…Silent U.S. Yellow…Silent U.S. Raped Yellow…..Silent Public Insane….You Brainwashed Cowards…You Brainwashed Phonies….’

or other like minded messages. Point is; why are you victims protecting Stephen King instead of your victimized children? “Oh, but you’re crazy. Stephen King didn’t kill John Lennon. Everybody knows Hinckley did it.” To which I reply; “You sick, cowardly, phony, jealous, ashamed,  boot-licking, child abusing,  brainwashed, misinformed, ‘see no evil’ Monkey. Grow UP!!!!”

Most people confuse Hinckley with Chapman, but they know better than me. You see?

You unworthy ingrates. Stop sucking your thumbs and act. Demonstrate. Protest. Raise a ruckus. Are you all insane, brainwashed cowards?

I look around me and see all your insanity and contrariness magnified 1,000 times. That YOU can’t see it, too, is frightening. Stephen King has imprisoned all of you with fear. Now you all have to jail HIM before any of you can begin to be free, again, yourselves. You people can’t repay me enough for the service my courage and intellect provide you. You are still grinding pearls beneath your molars, aren’t you? You money controlled, self abusing fools.

The asteroid you’re all begging for can’t be too far away is my guess. Meanwhile, aren’t your children shooting themselves at school out of frustration that you parents are so goddamned blind? I’d wish you all Merry Christmas only you’re all still letting the government kill the smart guy like Christ and John Lennon. Christ’s sacrifice saved nobody. You haven’t changed one whit. Now you even empower the real killer to urinate all over your decency, after. You’re all sick.


December 11, 2018;

Well, at least two people showed up this time for my rally and actually held a sign up with me. That’s the idea, folks, to show support and demand media attention to air the evidence so we can begin the arrest procedure of our mortal enemy, our killjoy / sociopath; Stephen King. Granted, they only stayed for a short while, but it was encouraging. One of the supporters is a fan of mine I didn’t know about. My take-away from the event was I got to emblazon my like new (2000) Chevy Astro High Top van with lots of slogans to pitch my case to the public. In the chapters below I offered up hundreds and have now chosen from that batch. Here they are; (On the driver’s side from top to bottom) – Lennon Killer’s Repent…Jail Murderer Stephen King…Demand Disclosure – Demonstrate….Be Better Than You Are – Care….Stand Up To The Cover-up….NIXON, REAGAN, STEPHEN KING CONSPIRACY…Face Up To The Facts…Smell Your Nightmare  ( Rear side, top to bottom ) –  Author Stephen King Is A Murderer….Chapman Story; Media Hoax….Nixon’s Sick Trick On You….Blowing Up Your Cover-up!  (Passenger side, top to bottom ) – Sick U.S. Under A Lie…Up Your Cowardly Cover-up….DESERVE Truth – Protest… You Phonies Saw No Trial….Govt.Media – Our Enemy….NIXON, REAGAN STEPHEN KING CONSPIRACY….Help Me Come Forward….Guilty Public Apathetic

There will be a few more after I get the bottom skirt changed to satin black so I can alternate the color scheme but, so far, I think pretty controversial and appropriate. These slogans will change as I see fit if I can ramp up the rhetoric. Let’s hope I don’t have to degenerate to ones like; “God Damn Your Apathy” because it’s legal and I’m desperate.

Just before the rally began I got on KSCO (I had to use my middle name; Mark) and was allowed to sing one of my songs from the past using Ray Charles song “Busted” I’m pretty proud of the elegance of the lyrics and here it is, a swipe, at the time, at right wing radio;


In the name of what’s fair, now liberals get air, I’m busted

Alternative views are making the news, I’m busted

Our monopoly’s gone and it won’t be long till everyone knows that the right is wrong

And, brother, that’s why I’m singing this song, I’m busted

(Verse two)

Well I had a nice gig now they say I’m too big, I’m busted

Now people will know that I’m just a Joe can’t be trusted

Well I pounded those libs with my lies and my fibs. I foamed at the mouth till I had to wear bibs

And it’s getting harder to brainwash your kids….( Melody change, outro)..I’ve got the bluuuuuuues!


It was in response to the then re-introduced “Fairness Doctrine” in radio.

Without sounding too proud, only a John Lennon could have done better, I think. Nobody was ever more elegant than he when it came to lyrics. What a loss to our world he is dead. In my opinion, John Lennon was the greatest man in the last 200 years….Period!

Now, although my situation is better with the more robust incarnation of my message – actually using language in multiple ways to bend your conscience – I have been audibly upset, to the point of public tantrums, I’m so disgusted with America’s weak people, America’s phony people, America’s cowardly people.  You IMPOSSIBLE phonies aren’t fair and you’re all very sick and beaten down by the Rockefeller media machine that is now beating up on Trump since he ousted Rockefeller from power( The first time it’s happened since 1960 when Kennedy was elected.) You pinko, globalist masochists. Shame on your surrender America ways. The movie; “The Wizard Of Oz” is all about your sick dilemma; people being crushed by wicked governments because their creator made them too weak to stand up straight without a hero to shepherd them away from evil when it strikes.

The Rockefeller globalist machine arranged for Stephen King to murder John Lennon to TERRORIZE YOU! To beat you down and corrupt you. Nixon wrote, at the time; “…America must learn to lower it’s ideals…” That’s when I first suspected that he was an enemy plant. Now I understand that Rockefeller runs America and it’s presidents, except lately. The Rockefeller dynasty is a satanic, evil, globalist, power corrupted monster selling your country out from underneath you that YOU PEOPLE MUST STOP! You see ROCKEFELLER whenever you see a media talking head attacking Trump. It is left to me to have to point that out. Wake up, you apathetic ingrates.

The last time I pointed this fact out one of the major Rockefellers actually died a week later. It’s time you all slay the dragon that is suffocating you with Stephen King’s brand of evil and kill of the power that family has over your lives. If you can’t do it with my Lennon murder findings you can’t do it, period. Off your asses, masses! Protest, NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!

November 28,2018

As my anniversary rally deadline looms KSCO, the radio station who interviewed me last year and allowed me to host for two days, is censoring my input over their airwaves (A victory for all jealous losers who can’t handle the truth) and the owner, Michael Zwerling, is exhibiting signs he is behind it. If this bears out then you can scratch KSCO off your list of media you can trust.

I was interviewed on Valentine’s Day last February for what may have been intended as a “Valentine’s Day Massacre” on my evidence findings. Mr. Zwerling seemed stunned, after, when I asked to put a KSCO sticker on my website van. I was supposed to lose in the interview but, in spite of one caller who tried to sink my ship, I won the hour and prevailed.

Now that Mr. Zwerling seems to be censoring the most controversial caller he has ever had the privilege to know, you should all know that you are without a friend in ANY media of all shapes and forms. You are in Soviet America and they want to keep you all in the dark about that conspiracy that Lennon’s murder helped reveal. In fact, Michael Zwerling was last heard expounding on all the ways China outdoes America following his recent trip there.

If Lennon’s murder has taught me anything it is that out ENEMY committed the crime, not necessarily the U.S. government. Translation; KSCO may WELL BE part of the mass media sellout our country has been suffering under the last several decades. The Rockefeller Globalist Movement has been suffocating you all and keeping you stupid with their media. (More details of the break-up a little further down this chapter…)

This December 08, a Saturday, I need you depraved victims to stand up and fight back and help bring me and my findings forward. I’ll be in downtown Monterey from noon until 6 pm. WILL YOU SHOW UP  or will you lose out and suffer the rest of your brainwashed life?

Come together over, right now, over John. Be there or stay square. I have extra signs. You MUST show up and start joining me and stand next to me and hold signs. Otherwise you’re all powerless. You need me at least as much as I need you. Win, people. You’ve been losers for too long already. Imagine you caring. Imagine you living under the truth, finally.

Meanwhile, I am re emblazoning my new van with my website address and a dozen selected messages to sink the message into the blind soul of America.. At the top they follow;

Silent America Insane….Lennon Killer’s Repent…Guilty Public Apathetic…Author; Stephen King Murdered John Lennon….Chapman Story; Media Hoax….Nixon’s Sick Trick On You…Storm Your Lying Media…You Brainwashed Bozos….Silent America  Yellow…Face Up To The Facts – Stand Up To The Cover-up….Govt. Codes. Tell All…Proof, People – Wake Up!…Sick U.S. Under A Lie…Log On Or Lose Out….Loser Public Under A Lie…Smell Your Nightmare…Get Well; Get Informed…United You Misunderstand…Are You Truth Worthy?…Silent U.S. Under Evil….Your Apathy – Pure Evil….Assassinate Your Apathy….Collapsing The Cover-up…Blowing Up Your Cover-up….Jail Murderer; Stephen King….Only Cowards Cover Up…You Mute Masochists….Your Enemy; Your Apathy….Real Story Your Apathy….Satan Got Your Tongues?….Still Sucking Under A Lie?…You Suck Under The Lie….Only Cowards Don’t Care….Your Apathy Isn’t Funny…Your Cover-up Isn’t Cool….Curb Your Cowardly Cover-up……Too Stupid To Care?….Silence Is Sub-human…Sub-human Race, Repent….Sick America Silent…..Sick U.S. Under A Lie…..Sick, Silent America….Guilty Mankind, Willfully Blind…Shame On Your Apathy…Get Informed, You Phonies…Phony Public Repent….Silent Public Exposed….No Good Public Silent….Silence Is For Victims…Fight Back You Victims….You’re Nixon’s Victims….Your Crime, The Cover-up….U.S. Caught In A Cover-up…Caught In Your Cover-up….Your Apathy Is Evil….Nightmarica, Wake Up…Your Nightmare Blind U.S…..Nightmarica Unmasked….Nixon’s Nastiness Unmasked…Stephen King Unmasked…..Nasty Public Apathetic….Sick U.S, Saw No Trial….Chapman Never Stood Trial….Phony Public Failing Facts…Silent U.S. In Disgrace….Your Lives A Nightmare….Nixon’s Coup Against You….You Brainwashed Bastards….You Brainwashed Phonies….Cover-up Crippling You…Crippled U.S. Yellow…..Apathy Is For Ass-bites…Cover-ups Are For Cowards….Silent Public Stupid…You’re Phony – This Is Real…No Apathy Allowed…How Dare You Not Care…Care Or Be Square….Believe it Or Be Stupid….Believe It Or Be Brainwashed….Slob Public Apathetic…Great Cause – Lost Nation…You Mute Masochists…Media Controlled Cowards…You Corrupted Cowards…Cover-up Corrupting You…..Ignorance Isn’t The Answer…Apathy Isn’t the Answer….Ignorance is For Infidels….Come Clean, You Cowards…Fess Up, You Phonies…Phony Public Falls Silent!….Denial; Your Downfall….Real Conspiracy Your Apathy!….Your Apathy Un-American….Brave Me vs Yellow U.S….U.S of Apathy, Repent……Silence = Self Abuse…Help Me Come Forward Or Hold Yourselves Back…Be Better Than You Are – Care……

The only question being WHICH dozen slogans out of that pool. They will be divided into two fonts to separate the messages (The kind used by Time and Newsweek at the time) and some will be stacked two liners. They will splay akimbo across the yellow body of the van using grey letters and the blackened windows that will showcase the website address will be in either grey or yellow letters using a special font like on my other van. The idea is to either shame or educate you to the point of becoming outraged over the matter enough to protest against the media censorship of this monster sized news. The biggest expose of all time, in fact. A news story with automatic revolution built into it. THE story of our time, bar none. PROBABLY the biggest news since Christ. That’s my esteemed opinion. That’s why I think it scares you all so much. So much power in your hands for a change. You seem embarrassed to use it. You poor, terrorized, media scared, boot-lickers. Now you have a chance to be well for once.

So, “Get Outraged, You Douche Bags” The watching world is wondering what ever happened to the home of the brave. So far, I’m the last of the Mohicans in that category, face it. The rest of you ALL actually ARE bootlicking, brainwashed, turncoat cowards until you jail evil Stephen King; society’s killjoy. Your Enemy. Probably The Kremlin’s gremlin, truth be known.

The details behind KSCO blackballing (censoring) me.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you listened to my last call on KSCO this Saturday, the 30th of November, 2018, you heard Michael Zwerling, the owner, announce that they would be blocking my number from now on and that his mistake was being too nice to me in the first place. He used my use of the word “bullshit” as his pretend excuse for doing so, just proving that he is full of bullshit and that his station, KSCO, is all just bullshit befitting of Trump’s ‘enemy of the people’ description of the media in general. It wasn’t at all like that, people. Still, I know I will be remembered, figuratively, yelling “Bullshit!” as I left the building, so to speak. It’s a fitting word for the station and situation.

The week after my February 14, 2018 interview when I called the station Michael Zwerling interrupted me to announce that; “Most people think that Steve Lightfoot is crazy…” busting whatever good guy image I may have had of him before. He knew, full well, what evil he was up to. He was putting a pillow over YOUR FACES and smothering you in your sleep. Without guilt, he was injecting you with media poison. Just like the ‘enemy of the people’ media does. I let it slide without too much fuss but I knew M.Z. was likely no good, then.

Months after this his team of part time hosts re-iterated Zwerling’s untrue suggestion that most people think I’m crazy. One said that ; “…everybody knows Steve Lightfoot is crazy.” His co-hosts chimed in that; “…Even if Stephen King DID kill John Lennon it’s not important now…”

Both of these individuals were subsequently fired for suggesting that Zwerling might have Nazi tendencies in spite of, perhaps, doing his dirty work to put me down. I recall how these two once put Georgia (another host) down and were suspended. I filled in as substitute host for them, in fact, for two consecutive weeks. Did Zwerling ask them to put Georgia down and then come to her rescue, publicly, to shield him from suspicion? I think so. She isn’t Jewish and, therefore, not ideal. That’s my opinion of how he regards her.

By the way, if anyone is known for being a little “loopy” and off kilter it is Michael Zwerling who, in fact, is open about the probability. He admits to farting and belching as two of his favorite things in the world and other such oddities and has no claim to besmirch me. I’ve never had any mental history or ever taken meds. Can he say the same? I’ve never been diagnosed as “crazy” in spite of one government attempt to do so.What’s his history?

When I was interviewed in February one caller tried to shoot me down (I think orchestrated in advance by Zwerling) when he said that I; “…have no humility.” As if I shouldn’t be extremely proud of what I do. Months later I referred to that call suggesting that I’d rather have no humility than to have no pride like the caller. Ever since I turned his ‘poison’ caller inside out I started getting blocked by KSCO, several weeks ago, in fact. I suspect Zwerling took it personally since he, too, isn’t outraged by what Stephen King did to the world.

Since I was given so much exposure that one spring I agreed with their afternoon call screener, Annie, to discuss Lennon’s murder only minimally but not completely lest I lose credibility. I held to that promise only bringing it up ten percent of the time and I enjoyed a long season as a caller there. Then I de-fanged that one enemy of the truth caller and things changed.

There are times to call and use a phrase that can’t wait and when the Paradise and Woolsey fires and the Thousand Oaks shooting all took place simultaneously I stepped up to the mic to say; “Not to seem insensitive or suggest that God might be exacting punishment on us for something we did or didn’t do in light of all the biblical in scope events taking place, but I have to ask the question; How’s that Lennon murder cover-up working out for you, California?”

This was the supposed reason Zwerling agreed with Annie to censor me, because I discussed the Lennon topic. Not so. In fact, the day before Annie pretended, three times, that my phone was making a strange noise, told me not to bother calling back and hung up on me. I hadn’t even had the chance to discuss anything. So Michael Zwerling is lying if he suggests otherwise.

I wondered early on what was a Jew (Michael Zwerling) doing giving me the freedom to air my Lennon expose? Haven’t the Jewish media been the one’s who made Stephen King’s evil crime possible by colluding with big government whenever they kill our heroes? They seemed to enjoy all their bold print codes while they were killing John in Time and Newsweek then. So why is a Jew now obliging my evidence? A possibly metrosexual one at that?

It seems it was too good to be true, after all, people.

My favorite hero is a Jew; Jesus. Too bad most Jews don’t agree, however. I am NOT an anti-Semite. I DO think our Semite controlled mass media is a bad thing, however, and I was let down when Michael Zwerling demonstrated the callous, sub-human coldness necessary to look the other way where Lennon’s assassination is concerned.

I will speak to the subject of what I really think of the Jew since they run most of the mass media.

The cry; “Crucify Jesus, free Barabbas” screams of jealousy and I’ve noticed that no one is allowed to be smarter than a Jew. As if all that inbreeding and keeping to only themselves that made them lose their hair and vision, etc, somehow made them smarter than everybody else. It didn’t. Even if they were smarter they have no business killing off smarter geniuses like John Lennon. Jealousy and insecurity seem to drive this need to kill Jesus and whomever else is willing to turn over the tables in our government controlled world. No race is smart enough to decide who is or is not allowed to lead us. The Jewish media monopoly is wrong and I’m not ashamed to say so. It was wrong not to blame Saudi Arabia for 9-11. It was wrong to excuse a very public trial for Mark Chapman and it was satanic to cover up for Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King. It is wrong of KSCO to censor me, especially as my Lennon murder rally is approaching.

Apparently Zwerling wonders are you Santa Cruzers and Monterey crowd ready to overcome the suffocation by pillow media and demonstrate for the truth. For justice. KSCO has done a pretty good job of castrating it’s listeners, subversively and on purpose, perhaps.

Otherwise he wouldn’t be so afraid of me announcing my need for demonstrators, now.

KSCO is a little too feminized for my taste but pleasant and touchy – feely, sort of. It is not your friend, however, if you expect them to help you escape the evil clutches of Stephen King. People like Steve Lightfoot and John Lennon should not be allowed to show up the world is how they seem to think.

Three percent of our population runs 80 percent of our media!? I’d make a law preventing any more 20 percent of any denomination to run our media if I were president. Out of national security, for starters.

So, people, get off your apathetic asses and help me. Don’t let classless cowards who go weak in the knees when duty calls call the shots for you anymore.  Trump their evil cover-up.

December 08, 2019, downtown Monterey. Be there or stay square.

In summary; Michael Zwerling, I think, following my on air put down of George Nori of “Coast To Coast” radio fame while being interviewed by Zwerling, used that episode as the spark for him to set me up for a  media “take down” in retaliation. I had reprimanded Mr. Nori for distracting us from politics with made up stories about alien invasions when he could be more responsible for everyone’s sake and focus our attention down here where it is needed.

It was shortly after this when I was invited to be interviewed and, I think, set up to be shot down by KSCO, after. I handled the possible set up caller who tried to sink my ship and won the two hours. Enough to emblazen my van with a KSCO sticker to thank the station for giving me some air time. The very next opportunity Zwerling used the “Most people think Steve Lightfoot is crazy..” bullet and, I think, had his other hosts follow suit weeks later to shoot me down. I noticed Zwerling was fuming minutes after I called in to rebuke their remarks that day but  wouldn’t explain why. (My punch back at their possibly scripted remarks their first minute back from a two week suspension?) They were remembered weeks later yelling “Nazi”, figuratively,  as they left the building, however, about KSCO. After I finally skunked that poison call with my line; “I’d rather have no humility than no pride..” my free reign over their airwaves started to screech to a halt. Months ago, in fact, I had to confront Michael about Annie blocking me and that he must be behind it. He could only respond; “I don’t want to talk about it now.”

The day before I dropped the other bomb about all these fires and the shooting being possible divine retribution for ducking Lennon’s murder all these years Annie tried to tell me; “..and don’t bother calling back..” pretending my phone was making a strange noise. So, the next day, surprised that she let me on, I used the opportunity to ring a mighty bell and I did. As my Lennon murder anniversary rally began to loom near I was absolutely cut off from advertising the event. I knew then, for sure, that KSCO was NEVER on my side, ever, and wanted to massacre my evidence on Valentine’s Day  but found out it wasn’t my first rodeo. This last phone conversation with Michael, before he just hung up on me the next day I recall him asking me to play by their rules and they are “No discussion of Lennon’s murder, ever..” “I don’t want people to think I’m behind your crusade..”

So it’s come to a parting of the ways for us. KSCO has managed to castrate the people of Santa Cruz and Monterey for them to all STILL be apathetic after knowing what I have discovered. Admit it, people, like the title of my chapter, here; PEOPLE, YOU”RE THE PROBLEM.

So, please, be better than you are and care. Show up at my Dec. 8 rally in downtown Monterey and I have extra signs, galore for you. The enemy media will NEVER expose this news if you don’t demand that they do. That’s the idea behind my rally, people. Or, you can remain under Stephen King’s golden showers you seem to like so much as you watch America descend into a mass shooting a week nation. That’s what Stephen King wants to happen to America. He warns us over and over in one book a year after his crime; “Beware the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S.” You know, it took the Las Vegas shooting last year to bring King out of the woodwork and e-mail me. He lives for this phenomenon to overtake America. Stephen King is your real life enemy. He is a real life, anti human race monster and needs cuffs. Why have you people been so guilty of doing nothing all this pathetic time? December 8 is a Saturday. No excuses not to show up. What better way to spend a day off than righting a wronged world.?

WHEN you show up don’t wait until you see others protesting with me join in and START a trend or it will fail. Don’t fail yourselves or deprive yourselves of life under truth one more year.

Right now all of you people are so wrong your lives have become a real life nightmare. Time you admit it.

J.F.K.’s first book was titled; “Why England Slept” concerning their tepid response to Hitler and world events then. They were sleeping, just like you are now as the Kremlin, in my studied opinion, is raping you with pure evil trying to rot you as a nation from the inside out. A foreign attack on America, people. Will you ever wake up in time? You HAVE to jail Stephen King and slay that dragon of yours called apathy or shame on you all for being a no good do nothing when this once in a millennium news story came along to save you. In my book you’re all begging for a huge asteroid.

Regarding Big Brother Media and it’s techniques to control you and subdue you, here’s a quick display of how they killed John Lennon without even putting the alleged killer on trial, after;

They chose Dec. 8 ( JIm Morrison’s birthday) to catch you too busy shopping for Christmas to care about any murder. Chose the fourth quarter of Monday Night Football to brainwash America all at once, en mass and during a violent sporting event with “tell it like it is” Howard Cosell announcing the news as if America were watching Christians killed by lions in a Roman arena. They called the killer a “fan” of John’s to make all of you ashamed to identify yourselves as a fan, suddenly. They said he did it for fame as an excuse to cut off all coverage for a year and a half after the first month of deliberate over-saturation. They invented the drama “Who Shot J.R.” specifically to kill J.L. a year later. After over exposing the series they solved it on Thanksgiving two weeks before J.L. got shot and, just as they planned, nobody cared about who shot J.R. or J.L. any more they had been worn out for a year, already. Yoko Ono’s suggestion that we should all ; “Let the courts decide..” in her letter to the editor of Rolling Stone the first week was planned to get us all to relax our guard and let the U.S. government tell us the truth. Yoko Ono is part of the government team, ever since before she ever met Lennon. She was sent to break up The Beatles and then set up John for assassination, later. Trust me you fools. She is no good. They (the media) probably invented the Hinckley shooting Reagan scam to use it like a smokescreen to confuse us about Chapman. Suddenly everybody thinks Hinckley shot Lennon and forgot that Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric evaluation had already lapsed by then. The media switched players in the public’s minds. Reagan probably DID fake getting shot, Brady as well, frankly, as part OF the Lennon murder cover-up plot. I know this last item may make some of you think I’m paranoid. I’d respond to say you’re all so very, very, very naive. When the guilty plea of Chapman occurred it was on about page 15 in the lower left hand section of the paper and only three by five inches in size. As If they were ADMITTING something strange was going on.. This was a year and a half after the crime yet some media claim it was in 1981. They would be lying to you there, too. It was in June or July of 1982, folks.

That’s just a taste of how good they are at poisoning you and your minds. Most of you think Hinckley shot Lennon and was found insane. Wow! You’re all a sorry mess, indeed.

Just a few years ago when there was a Beatles tribute televised show a carnival barker type of character yelled out “NAAAASSSSTYYYY!!!!” interrupting what was starting out as a special thanks and tribute to John Lennon. It, literally pee’ed all over what should have been a sacred moment in the show to honor John . Instead, it was desecrated by media mind control tactics to make all of you cowards think that John Lennon was too nasty to deserve praise. In reality it is the public that allows itself to be subverted like this that is NAAAAASSSSTYYYYY!!!!!

Think of it as Big Brother urinating in your oatmeal.

Come to think of it, it was exactly like the scene in “Carrie” when a bucket of pig’s blood is poured over Carrie just as she is being honored as prom queen.. Her moment of honor desecrated. This, reader, was no accidental co-incidence.

That reminds me; The reason they gave Hinckley the bill of bad mental health was because he claimed at the start that he shot Reagan over Lennon’s murder, as if he were guilty for that. He further stated that ; “America is the land where heroes are shot in the back. When Lennon died I died, you died, the world died. Everybody died…” Two years later he was found insane and now none of you want to admit the truth about Lennon’s murder being Reagan’s doing or you’ll be called insane as well.

Do you people see how DIABOLICAL the media is???? You slobs are no match and they own you. They’re sick. They’re evil and they probably work for Moscow, truth be known.

November 04, 2018

Inturum slogan ideas;


There will be, perhaps, a few double liners, too;.






The only question is which top ten to twelve will make it to the van peppered akimbo around the large website address; All letters will likely be basic grey over an either bright yellow paint job or the near black window area where the website will reside. It’s a high top Chevy Astro van and has lots of billboard space. Get ready to respond, after, now, in advance. I still have my Toyota van alternately under wraps as we speak It needs a few things fixed while I get used to the less economical but more luxurious, more humane doghouse that America has deemed I must live in for telling the awful truth about everybody and they’re evil apathy.

I call it the straight mirror approach to opening your scared eyes.  Tell it like it really is. The awful truth happens to be that your collective behavior is what killed John Lennon. Your collective phoniness and silence in the face of evil every time you are victimized by it. Your boot-licking, cowardly ways. The evil government, whether the Kremlin, like I think, or D.C., like most of you think, only acted because they could rely on your cowardly non response no matter how abominable the crime against you. In fact they used horror to TERRORIZE you to keep you scared silent. They know you’re just “rubber monkeys” to list a secret Stephen King novel title.

Everybody, the human race, killed better than us John Lennon with behavior best ascribed to slobs more than any other word I can think of. Living under the Chapman lie is why all of you are slobs. Even Paul McCartney is one until he does his job and uses his high profile to force this news out to the world. The world I want to live in has brave celebrities who aren’t afraid of repercussions when humanity is at risk. I am the only one on this planet, so far, doing his job in this vital regard.

Aren’t I?

You’re all insane masochists. What else is new? Face up to it and change. I did..Compared to how I used to be when I WAS like most of you I now feel like a Ferrari lugging through sluggish everything else. You should all change. Really. Life is better under the truth.

That gives me a slogan idea, in fact;






At least some of those will make it to the van, I believe. Fact is you’re all, ALL very sick and need those messages to jar you awake in time.



October 12, 2018;

I held my rally this ninth of October, John’s birthday, following a lot of KSFO radio buzz announcing it several times beforehand AND following six hours of KSCO exposure in the months preceding.

How did the people of America do? Maybe 30 people who were not just pedestrians showed up to help me (I can tell after all these years) but failed to be the FIRST to grab a sign, take a place and protest with me. The first to step forward is still waiting on his or her courage, no doubt. The rally was to be from noon till 6 pm but I pulled out two hours early to let Santa Cruz know that is not good enough to secure my leadership and save you from your despair and tragedy. I called KSCO radio at the time and announced I was still waiting for the people of Santa Cruz to develop adequate self respect before they could help me and that that was the real issue behind the timid response. I expressed the bad karma that follows my failing audiences including how my home town of Santa Rosa burned down on John Lennon’s birthday last year for all their apathy and dereliction of duty. I even pointed out that weeks after I hit up Santa Cruz for the first time in the 80’s with my evidence the Loma Prieta quake devastated them then. I pointed out that I have “…the ability to lower your suicide rates and more…” to let everyone know how foolish they are to remain silent masochists under an evil, crippling Mark Chapman lie.

My next slogan may read; “STILL SUCKING UNDER A LIE?”

Speaking of which, what signs did I display during my rally?

There were, all together, five signs ranging from three by four feet, to two by three feet to three by five feet in dimensions. One sign advertised the time and place of the rally letting everyone know it was John’s birthday anniversary. Another was my website address to let everyone knew WHAT it was about. Another large, two sided sign read “DEMAND DISCLOSURE; DEMONSTRATE!” The flip side read; “SILENT U.S. INSANE; ” Still, another sign read; “FIND YOUR SPINE, PEOPLE”

I was proud of the messages and the way I used that busy intersection to make a buzz happen, after. I suddenly felt powerful in spite of the no show by the public. That any future stunts MIGHT WORK!!

Meanwhile, you frightened phonies can make your own sign to carry if the opportunity avails itself, again. You look stupider and stupider the longer it takes for me to succeed in getting your heads straight on this most important issue. As Bob Dole once remarked; “Where is the outrage?” (I do think he was referring to me at the time he said it, covertly. I was very visible at the time, nationally, making big waves, then.)

Think of what a correct response would be. The exact opposite of your jealous, resentful, guilt ridden non response. Admit it, people.

“Who’s afraid of Stephen King?” Only all of you and not me. Home of the brave, my ass.

Piggy back add on from Oct. 14, 2018;

In the week following my rally I noticed a few things;

Number one, the red algae plume enveloping the state of Florida, ground zero being within a few miles of Stephen King’s residence there.

Many of you may have seen me deliberately make a fool of myself on Sarasota, Florida city council video in 2009, I believe. It was that or not get any media coverage at all so I opted to go over the top with my condemnations of evil Stephen King being a blight on the state of Florida. (No kidding!) At least my website got aired though at least one billboard was upside down in all the bustle. The police hustled me out as if I were about to change the world. I recall a sense of drama building as I drove to the meeting, changed into a pair of slacks, at least, and made a scene as if controlled by an outside force.

It turns out that Stephen King’s presence IS a blight on the state, after all. Like a Stephen King novel, no less, a mysterious blood like red algae is spreading from Sarasota all the way up past Tampa and, now, even on the east coast in Miami.

My warnings to the leaders of Sarasota were ignored and this bizarre cosmic karma is, apparently, beating up on Florida for harboring John Lennon’s real killer.

Also, though both events were locked in on the same day, regardless, isn’t it bizarre, also, that the Hurricane Michael, the third largest storm ever in North America, hit the day AFTER Santa Cruz (the people of America) skipped caring about Lennon’s murder.

I’m telling you people, if an asteroid put all of you out of your misery tomorrow you’d be better of dead than living under the cowardliness represented by the Lennon murder cover-up. A cover-up you’re ALL complicit cowards in. Or, as Stephen King called you all in San Francisco in the late 80’s, his “co-conspirators.” I do believe your lives under the Chapman lie are worse than no life at all. Think about it, people. If you’re all that weak and phony and helpless in the face of government evil what hope is there for anything good coming from mankind?

I believe it was Hitler who wrote;

“What a fortune for governments that men don’t think.”

Think, people. I dare you.

Oct. 1. 2018;

Hold the presses, Protest rally this Oct. 9 (John Lennon’s birthday) in Santa Cruz!!!!! Noon till 6 pm at the intersection of Water St. and Ocean St.. That’s Tue. the 9th, major intersection in Santa Cruz There is a Starbucks on the corner in front of the courthouse.. Protest rally also the day before in Monterey, downtown, same time slot, Oct. 8th.(12 – 3 O’clock) Be there!!!! or suck under the media lie that has crippled you and made you weak in the first place. Deserve my evidence find. Deserve the truth. Demonstrate. Get worthy you infidels!!!! You’ve all been “Tricky Dicky’ed” and you’re all very sick. Your chance to save yourselves!!!!

(Yesterday, Oct. 2, 2018, I noticed that the people of Santa Cruz are downfaced and grim, resolved to fail me in a week. Everybody is reacting to my presence and the radio spots advertising this rally. The people seem like Soviet class losers ready to let John Lennon die in vain. I think I’ll have to make a sign that reads; “FIND YOUR SPINE, PEOPLE!!”

Get off your asses, people of Santa Cruz. Lennon killers repent!!!! DeMAND disclosure! How dare any of you people not care! Cowards deserve cover-ups. Are you? Only brave Americans deserve to live under the truth. Are you? Will you all fail John Lennon and your brave messenger, me, on John Lennon’s birthday? This expose will improve life by at least 20 percent, overnight. How can any of you NOT show up on Tuesday????? We have a goddamned, asshole of a horror writer to jail for murdering our beloved John Lennon. Santa Rosa failed me for three decades and look what happened to them; the biggest fire of their history ripped through there on, that’s right, John Lennon’s birthday last year. As I recall, the Loma Prieta earthquake hit Santa Cruz right after they first failed my evidence then. I’d get off my apathetic ass and demonstrate on John Lennon’s birthday and defeat fear and evil for once in my life. You will have every right to despise yourselves forever after if you do not.

I watched 60 Minutes showcase Paul McCartney last week. There was one scene where Paul admitted that people don’t tell him what they think of him. That he never hears it at all. Is it any wonder in light of my findings and his cowardly silence in the face of it all? And so it was with this sentence that 60 Minutes closed it’s section on Paul;

“Imagine that. Paul McCartney will just let it be.”

Translation; “Paul is “Nowhere, Man” when it comes to defending his best friend in life.”)

(See Sept 17, entry near end of this chapter)

Hi, everybody. I am Steve Lightfoot, your designated exorcist. That’s right. You probably think “messenger”. If only life were so simple. You see, you people were all made insane when Howard Cosell told you that Mark David Chapman killed John Lennon. Not one of you made sure that Chapman stood trial, after. Murder without a trial. For over three decades you have all been sinking America with your phoniness and apathy and cowardliness. The real home of the brave is my 1989 Toyota van. America, you are NOT. You’re not brave. Oh, you’re brave when a hurricane pulls your house to smithereens or a natural disaster strikes, but that’s about all your courage is good for. Quick emergencies that FORCE you to act. The more important issues like whether or not John Lennon’s freedom of speech is allowed to change America or not don’t seem to move you. For these reasons I will probably use the slogan;


to accompany the rest of my website van’s messages. It beat out;  SILENT AMERICA YELLOW! You HAVE to be a moron not to see the importance of outing my evidence find regarding John Lennon’s murder You have to be a moron. Period. Even a coward, which you all are, also, can see that life will only go straight to hell if you do not. Murderer, Stephen King MUST BE JAILED FOR LIFE OR YOU”RE ALL SCREWED!!!!!! For three decades he has enjoyed ruling over all of you, urinating all over you and, yes, laughing at all “you blind, obsessive fools” He degraded your lives by at least 25 percent but you don’t care! He increased depression and suicide by as much as well. All by himself. To quote one of his books; “And you shall have your vengeance on those who fill themselves while others want..Even an American city?I spit on your cities. There is no English for it; Pokul, Verdelac, Ialic. Do you follow?!” (I think that’s Russian)  and his other oft repeated line’ “Beware the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S.” Stephen King poisoned all of you. He stole from you the brighter future you should have had and replaced it with fear and horror. You don’t have to think too hard to see he is your arch enemy., America. Your number one enemy.

Not counting you, that is. You see, he has made you all masochists. YOU are your own worst enemy, now. You have a death wish for America and it is apparent by the way many of you tolerate a centralized anti – Trump mass media that so wished you had gone the socialist route that Hillary Clinton was pushing, instead. Our media is as centralized and phony as Russia’s is. Face it. You’re all used to Rockefeller types and the C.I.A., which Rockefeller founded, pulling presidential strings to run your lives. If you want to know who the real Russian spies are just look at all of them parroting all this venomous rhetoric to oust Trump. The deep state. It’s as if our whole government has been infiltrated by a nest of termites who can’t stand it that a citizen, not a politician, might become president like you like to tell your children America should be.They know he may save America from the jaws of defeat that Nixon and Reagan set up when they committed this satanic, unholy, miserable plot to let a horror writer kill John Lennon and replace his message with the exact opposite message. United States of Horror is what you’ve all become. Your capitalist lifestyle so enslaves you all that you have no room for decency anymore. When Nixon industrialized China, for example, he set up our global warming syndrome. Oh, it’s a better system than anything else, so far, except for living off the land like our ancient ancestors. You’d be surprised at how wealthy I am without money. I am no longer an addict. Capitalism WILL FALL, like all other phony systems and, I predict, in MY lifetime. It’s just way too much work for what if produces. Who wants to watch low I.Q. sit coms and advertisements for a living, anyway? Or football or the rest of the distraction filled culture you suffer under? Bottom line is you’re too miserable to care who really shot John Lennon, aren’t you?! You’re exhausted from all that Goddamn WORK!!!!!!! Over half of all your waking lives! What a ripoff!!!!! 14th century native Americans had a better life, frankly. Fresh air, fresh food and all their time to themselves! Hunting was fun for them, not work. Gardening was easier than shopping for nutrient depleted food like today.

One of my favorite slogans is; “$atan Rule$ Fool$”

The other slogan I was contemplating was ; REAL HORROR; YOUR LIVES!  but there is no shaming you. You may be shameless but you’re not blameless. I am also still considering the slogan;


I stopped having sex with the so called human race when I was convinced that is has become sub-human. And I’m sexier than most. Somewhere between Jeff Goldblum and James Garner, in fact. That’s right. I think you’ve all become sub-human, my own mother and siblings included. It’s been over two decades now. My first dozen or so years informing you I held out hope that you’d come around. But I was so wrong. Indeed, you would really rather I was killed than successful in pulling down your society’s pants with this all powerful truth. You think God will save you and that’s why he can’t. You weaklings who think so feel as if you have no responsibility to save yourselves as if you need not even lift a finger. This is the reasoning that convinced me that belief in God is actually making you weak, not strong. If there is a God who intervenes (I’m convinced otherwise) he wouldn’t let you suffer like this all these decades. There is a creator and that’s ALL there is, people. You have to understand that this expose can save you far more than your belief in God will save you. But that means that YOU HAVE TO PROTEST FOR DISCLOSURE, FIRST!!!! God can only help those who help themselves. He gave you a brain. Use it. He gave you courage. Use it. If God was all powerful why did he need Jesus? For all you know Lennon was the second coming and you killed him, too!. Nobody was saved with the crucifixion. You’r all still killing the smart guy and letting the government do the killing, aren’t you?

My website is full of this exact brand of criticism of you all. Five books worth, in fact. Unlike any other celebrity you have known I will leave it all up for posterity long after I am world famous. It’s the message you all need. Against the very humane backdrop of everything else I will do it will have a poignant effect. “How could this angel be so condemning of us all?” is what you’ll probably be thinking.

Like John Lennon, I will be the least phony human on earth.

I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this page and then start with the chapter “SITE HACKED” to find out what I’ve been up to, lately. KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz, Ca. gave me six unfettered hours to spill my beans and you have some of it all transcribed right there. Get a whiff of what life can be by reading some of it. If you like golf I am writing a book; “The Core Driven Golf Swing” that displays my detective skills, there, as well. I hate that I have to still push this Lennon evidence all these decades later when I should be allowed to move along with my life. I don’t care about money or fame but will need fame to have power. Oh, do I relish the power this all powerful truth will give me, however. This CAN change the whole world, dramatically. You people need your butts wiped real good before I can live with you. You’r an indecent mess, unworthy of my sexual interests. It’s lonely at the top, but it’s at least decent. You, on the other hand, remind me of the ending of the movie “The Magic Christian” starring Ringo Starr when a whole  crowd jumps in to a swimming pool full of urine and feces just to grab dollar bills in it.  Include cowardly Paul McCartney and Ringo and my own family for that matter, and not just all of you.

Meanwhile, how does this bumper message strike all of you?


Prove me wrong. Demonstrate with me every eigth of every month in downtown Monterey, from noon to three o’clock. That’s what you would have done in the 60’s before your souls were so tragically high jacked by barbarians. Before you became a nation of turncoat cowards. Do you poor slobs even realize that there was no trial for Chapman in the first place??? After all the other assassinations and Nixon’s attempts to deport John you still look the other way like a pack of baboons.

P.S. I need to let you know that Yoko Ono is right behind Stephen King as an evil doer. John Lennon was fool to trust her and so is New York City, today, to trust her. So is gullible Paul McCowardly and anyone else who is waiting for her to help me come forward. Far from it. I was almost killed by her security team who ordered me kidnapped and pistol-whipped unconscious in October of 1987. She now plants her K.G.B. / C.I.A. ass on top of New York City and the world’s faces smothering them from any oxygen to think with. Her stinky fart smell is all over all of you who want to trust her even an inch. She is a government cunt, plain and simple. She hates America for causing her parents to abandon her in Japan during WWII and she hates geniuses like John Lennon because she is NOT a genius. The same reason Stephen King hated John; he was greater in every way than his jealous enemies. An appropriate necklace for her would would include a small pair of scissors. She is still castrating all of silent you, America.

If you trust in Yoko to do her job of avenging her husband’s death you are a stupid moron. Wake up and help me put her, Stephen King and douche bag Mark David Chapman in jail, for real this time, not just according to the media. All three, King, Ono and Chapman should have to share a cell together to stew in their own smelly juices in a class unto themselves. You would have a cell filled with self loathing cowards and enemies of humanity.

Wouldn’t you?

Your trust in God to save you from the hell these people foisted on you is moronic. He made you to save yourselves. God can only create you. Either you can stand upright and get out from the lie you were sacked with or you can’t. God has no say in the outcome. If you prove unable to rise above the cover-up than your creator damned you with a weak mind and heart. If that is the case you are all Goddamned, indeed.


Grow up! Protest. Demand disclosure. Or smell Yoko’s farts all your days. She is sitting on your blind, stupid, moronic face.

P.P.S. I hate calling you morons. I hate calling myself a hero even more, for I know the former is more accurate. I am simply normal and healthy. By COMPARISON you all ARE morons, however. YOU people are the problem. You don’t want a hero who claims he is a hero while letting you off the hook for being sick fools. Stop being such sick fools. I’m not going to start calling myself a hero when the fact is you’re all anti-heroes. You should all be like me but you’re not. I was spared your disease. You changed, Not me. You need to change back like you used to be when you were hissing at Yoko Ono and kicking Stephen King out of Herman, Maine in the 70’s over his sick writings. You all need to get back your mental and spiritual health. I’m just fine. Nothing more. It’s you who needs to change.

If I AM a hero it’s only because I have not taken hostages or committed a crime to FORCE you to care and jail King. I’m too smart to give you what you want, a dead hero. I’m powerless as a criminal and I’m powerful as a law abiding, upstanding citizen.

(Just some notes regarding possible bumper messages);


My World View:

What is the reality of our politics? I have a good idea: Moscow beat us, won the cold war when Kennedy was assassinated in a parade and, while not advertising this coup but rather admitting defeat in the late 90’s, systematically took us over via the mass media they secretly run using gun violence overkill to make us want to vomit our guns up and repeal the 2nd amendment. They also took over our presidency several times (Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Obama and others) and much of our government and agencies that decide public policy. The Kremlin (That’s right, denial freaks) also propped up designated losers to guarantee their man would win. In my opinion Mondale, Ferraro, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry, McCain, as well as others ALL LOST ON PURPOSE to get the other guy in. That the Rockefeller group that supports this globalist takeover of America makes sure who gets elected exactly in this manner. That Trump beat Hillary Clinton caught this dynasty off guard and now we all see the clamoring media that  Rockefeller owns trying to undo our vote or at least poison the next election so he can’t get in again.

I  believe that the popularity of Bernie Sander’s run shows us how close America’s people already are to going Socialist. I think this is because we all sense the Kremlin takeover and just want to go along to get along. That America has already given up the ghost and has lost the famous “spirit of America”

One has only to study our television content to see what is happening to America. We are being dumbed down and desensitized to gun violence and any violence involving human death and destruction. We are watching “Big Brother” worship shows that showcase the F.B.I. the C.I.A. doctors, nurses,police personell. There is the superficial attempt to make the media seem like they are on our side with shows like 60 Minutes, Dateline, etc. protecting us with disclosures of injustice but that is all they are, a facade. While you’re not watching these same shows will poison you with propaganda like Mark Chapman did it, Oswald did it bullshit. And it’s the world wide mass media all in cahoots. The media is the government, for lack of a better description.

In my lifetime the human condition is far worse; The women are almost all working when only a third of them used to have to in the 60’s, for example. The violence is up ten times, the suicide rate triple, the gun violence in schools a new phenomenon, and every manner of dysfunction you can name.

The millions of John Lennon fans around the world turned a blind eye when Chapman was excused from having to stand trial to make sure we were told the truth about what happened. This fact, alone has rendered all of you more sub human than you were before Stephen King and the government killed John.

I see a move away from materialism (a 70 percent reduction, in fact) as the solution to our dilemma. Most of us work half of our waking lives and that’s a shame. 60 percent of that work is making the top percentage of our citizens rich and not you. 40 percent of your efforts support you, not the 100 percent you thought. Every person born creates a mountain of waste and pollution under our current system and half of his or her time is spent on ridiculous things that are beneath human experience. Who wants to work in a sewage treatment plant or a slaughterhouse or any number of degrading jobs? The native American Indians worst jobs were better than that. Their food was better, the air, the water, the planet. and they had almost all of their time to themselves. What a concept.

Call me an idealist but I know more than most of you ever try to know in the first place.

I could support my thoughts about who won the cold war by showing you how Dukakis, for example, mocked me at a rally for trying to bring up Reagan’s dirt regarding Lennon’s murder to show you how he wanted Bush to win in reality and more, but I won’t.  History is unfolding so fast I am being proven right every minute, anyway. So far, in fact, I, Steve Lightfoot, am exactly 36 years ahead of my peers or YOU SLOBS would be discovering the truth and protesting to arrest Stephen King, but you’re not

You all lack the guts. That’s what I know.

If Stephen King getting John Lennon’s last autograph posing as Mark Chapman doesn’t alert you to the evil this takeover represents than you are stupid. Period. If you don’t wake up then I hope an asteroid replaces this stupid race, once and for all. That’s how stupid you are NOT to help me reclaim truth and justice and the American way. You have the evidence you need and you are begging God to destroy you for being too weak to stay free.

September 17,2018;

Reading my own entries above I can see why some may think that it is I who needs an exorcism. I have wrestled with mankind’s unkindness for three decades, now, and I can see it has taken a toll on me. Mankind is pretty lame, you have to admit. On the one hand I can see, in the people of the Monterey area, that people are, indeed, aware of my truth and all it’s implications. It’s almost like people are looking down their shirts out of embarrassment that no one seems to be able to openly care about my findings. No one but me is willing to step forward and demand disclosure from your treacherous, treasonous mass media.

Then I also feel like telling the species; “I gave you the best find of truth you could ever use to your advantage and you were too sick to do so. You were all unworthy of my heroism and not just John Lennon.” Well, you DO all stand indicted on that one.

John Lennon’s birthday is next month; Oct. 9, 2018 and I will be in Santa Cruz at Ocean St. and Water St. out on the corner with billboards from noon to six O’clock and I need YOU to show up! Stand by me and the truth.

I will also be in downtown Monterey the day before, on the 8th same time slot; only from 12-3.

That’s two back to back days for you to show up and care and get yourself under the truth for once in your oppressed lives.

You people are evil not to openly care. Stop defeating yourselves with cowardliness and apathy and denial. Stephen King needs to be jailed for life for what he did to the world. Only YOU can put him there. Our media ARE our enemy. They only protect the government and not you.


Meanwhile, I will use this space to type my latest appeal matter regarding a traffic ticket last December.


On July 5, 2018 defendant entered a bill of $89. for a head gasket remedy to explain and

substantiate a mechanical emergency requiring him to pull over and park. It was allowed into

evidence. Also submitted and allowed were Google map renderings of the area and some

photos taken of the scene. When defendant tried to enter a photo of his website emblazened

van “” to show political bias he was not allowed to enter it into evidence.

In fact, the commissioner said; “…unless you can show some reason why the police may have

singled you out…” The evidence was rejected before it was allowed. When defendant

explained that his Lennon activism forced him to get a Santa Rosa police chief fired with

inflamatory billboards in the 80’s and that he has a legendary status with law enforcement

officers there the commissioner said; “Maybe you shouldn’t have a legendary status, then.”

When defendant also tried to enter evidence showing sap drippings to prove that a road

obstruction, a fenced up area containing tree trimmings, existed in the road requiring him to

merge left, his evidence was also not allowed.

At the beginning of the trial, before any officer testimony, the defendant, to establish veracity,

declared that IF there was a police dash camera of the event it would show that an elderly

woman completely blocked the entrance to the Schultz Ice Arena forcing him to either risk

getting rear ended if he stopped or to simply merge back into traffic.

The commissioner, however, was very interested in the police body camera information and

took up over ten minutes of the court’s time to try to get it up for view. It was eventually

determined that the police disc was “corrupted” and unusable.

The officer’s charge of passing on the shoulder was false as defendant used an entrance /

egress lane made specifically for the Schultz Ice Arena. Photos showed this discrepancy. The

charge was a false one and the commissioner even asked the officer why he wrote the ticket as

he did. It was neither a bicycle lane or a shoulder. Defendant was improperly charged under the


The commissioner argued that if I was intending to pull over due to an engine starting to

overheat I should not have continued on as I did. I explained that two sudden roadblocks; a

fenced up pile of debris from tree trimmings and a woman blocking the one entrance to the

facility I wanted to park at forced a change of plans lest I risk getting rear ended by a motorist

who might be behind me. I explained that the side traffic was moving slow enough to allow me

to safely merge and that a motorist has a right to change his mind and I committed no infraction.

I explained that, now that there was police vehicle following me and my entrance option was

blocked, a half mile more would not hurt my car. The commissioner’s argument lacks weight.

Before defendant could present a closing argument the commissioner suddenly halted all

testimony and made his ruling. This deprived defendant of a closing argument. Defendant tried

to speak was was ordered to be silent.

The commissioner stated that he had allowed defendant more than ample time to present his

case and ruled against him.

Defendant moves for dismissal because the commissioner showed judicial bias not to allow his

vital evidence into the record. For him to simply grant that an obstruction of tree trimmings

were blocking the roadway without allowing physical evidence shows this bias. His extra effort

to present police evidence, however, showed a bias towards the police over the defendant. It

was clear that the commissioner was deliberately trying to keep defendant’s evidence from

being entered into the record thus violating his right to present evidence.

Defendant’s right to present photos to show road blockage and to show possible police bias was

denied and with it, justice.

For these reasons defendant moves for a dismissal of charges.

Under penalty of perjury the defendant declares the preceding to be true and correct.

Dated July 26, 2018;

Defendant; Steve Lightfoot