December 6, 2019 KSCO Interview:

You are invited to visit my website for what’s not included in this free flyer / pass out ; Hit the Footnotes and New Developments button and find my editorial section and there you will find the rest of this letter to the public. Then scroll all the way to the bottom of this chapter to access the others about two different high speed road “accidents”, a three time bout with a coma like bug that also nearly killed me and other issues that are in the ‘Obama Tried, Twice, To Kill Me’  and ‘People You’re The Problem’ chapters. (To save space “- -” means new paragraph.) —–Steve Lightfoot, here, the most underappreciated hero on the face of the earth, if I must say so, myself. My martyred life, (So far, 37 years worth) a testament to man’s cruelty to heroes, in general. Man’s record of neglect exposed for all history. 1983 to present. I, not only solved John Lennon’s murder, I came full forward under threat of death with the evidence decades ago. You laughed at me (U.C.Berkeley students, 1984) when my father was killed in a plane crash and you ripped my flyers off of poles to suppress me (several cities) and you froze me out, locally, where my magazine and website van are concerned while the rest of the nation and the world supported me and you put me out into the ‘Doghouse’ (I’ve had to live in a van over your reluctance to hire me) for going against your sick and cowardly cover-up. How could I have known that my biggest obstacle in breaking this news would be the corrupted public who will benefit most from it? Most of you citizens of Monterey are asking yourselves; “What is this guy, nuts? He gave me similar letters like this several times, already. Does he expect different results THIS time? Isn’t that Einstein’s version of insanity? We like abusing our children with an evil murderer. We’re not going to give that up.” One of my best slogans on my van is; “Be Better Than You Are – Care” I’m actually betting that you all will, this year, too. I also do it because I get clearer and less bitter and confused, myself, with every new cathartic newsletter. You see, I’ve been too quiet for too long and the government is actually trying to kill me, lately. So there is some good to it all, after all. Besides, it takes several impacts for any advertising to take hold. After over three decades of neglect and abuse by my fellow, apathetic and frightened Americans I suppose I’ve developed a little post traumatic stress disorder that I need to address and exorcise myself from. You all have to know that it is mostly all of you who are insane. I am just telling society the truth. I can’t join you, temporarily, now that I know the truth about all of you. Your lives are a satanic joke, truly hideous, an abomination, people! It is all of you, not me, who are enstranged. Somehow I was protected from your fall from grace. To quote a poet, I kept my head; “..while all about me were losing theirs..” If you people knew all that I know you would hoist me on your shoulders in TEARS that it took you so long, to begin with. I have to communicate to you the reasons why. I have to create a groundswell and a grass roots process, here. – –  As most of you already know, there was no trial for Lennon’s alleged killer. We all knew why, then. It was a cover-up. 18 months too late to be true we were told on page 14 in the paper in a tiny clipping how Chapman plead guilty behind closed doors, no media allowed. They didn’t shoot him like Oswald, so why no trial, now? It was THE moment you all went insane. You let our enemies all know how easily you will turn coat. You so fear your own evil government you want to cover your eyes and not look at the mess you’ve all just made;  A bloody, bullet riddled John Lennon wasted on a sidewalk over a battle of ideas between him and our evil politicians. YOUR MESS, PEOPLE! That’s how you people all REALLY treat your best and brightest heroes. Your list is long and shameful. I’m just saying. No trial was asked for by anyone but me, ever. A MASS conspiracy of silence and cover-up on all your parts. Someone like me had to come along to save you all from this evil. How evil it would all turn out to BE!! – – In 1982 I accidentally stumbled onto government codes in Time and Newsweek magazines printed in the weeks surrounding the crime. ONLY during that time slot to PROVE they are codes and not coincidence. (See site) I found the killer’s alleged name and attached letter where he links himself to Reagan who is moving him, armed, into a hostile square in print three weeks before the crime and I found the killer’s matching face and true identity; Stephen King, as well, and what he writes about to prove it’s all connected. Nixon’s book; ‘The Real War’, seen next to Reagan the day of the murder in two magazines, explains why we have to assassinate John Lennon because he is too influential and obstructing our politicians. Of course, King writes about the elements throughout his works. King has never, not once, denied my claims. – Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King killed John Lennon. – I spent almost a year in Bangor, Maine exposing him, even stood three inches away from him once when he tried to confront me, and he has never denied my claims, people. Sounds like all of YOU are nuts and I’m just fine. I’m a hero. Incidentally, there is a false story out there alleging I have a restraining order to stay away from King. FALSE! I prevailed against his 1996 attempt to bring a harassment injunction motion against me. I told the judge my right to come forward trumps his desire to stay unexposed. I won that case. I’ve been back there at least a few more times, since. Their media brainwashed them about me while I was gone, I could tell. Stepford, Maine inspired the ‘Stepford Wives’ story about exactly their kind of zombie like condition. – – This, what I do, is frankly the biggest news story we have ever witnessed in our entire lives. Mine is the copyright of the eons and all of journalism knows it. In fact, it is the biggest news story in U.S. history. It’s SO big you people can’t even see it it’s so breathing right down all of your necks. John even called his death ‘The Event’, in fact. Your jealousy of me is mountain sized and you can’t see that, either. You even object to me dating anyone. I can prove that all of you parents are molesting your children with exactly the man who murdered your hero and crusader for world peace; why, it’s none other than evil author / murderer; Stephen King. Certainly too much truth for so weak a human race to believe at first blush. Nixon’s genius. He used the incomprehensibility card as well as the masochist card. (You all are, you know) Too sophisticated a plot for anyone except the Kremlin. Mindbendingly evil. Right over your pea brains, raping you, too big to ever believe. Apparently only I am smarter than Nixon, (165 I.Q.) it would seem, so far. You fools DON’T think they’re as good at what they do as Tiger Woods is at golf? WAY over your heads, trust me. You’re all still Tricky Dicky’s pathetic, blind victims. Your mass ignorance makes me sad. By yourselves you’d never solve the complex riddle that has kidnapped you and defiled you. You are so ashamed of my evidence that proves this fact about all of you that you refuse to see it. You stand so utterly and completely, horrifically and mindlessly H U M I L I A T E D by the evidence that you refuse it’s existence. It’s too crushing a blow to your ego. You cast a blind eye and refuse what you know is true. You people are all clinically insane and psychotic about it all, in fact. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, move over. Denial is the scientist’s explanation, but it’s really all about fear and how it controls all of you. Our evil “deep state” government; elite trillionaires’, the C.I.A. , F.B.I. military, mass media and other entrenched factions CONTROL you with exactly fear. Arranging for a horror writer to kill all that is good about our world and replace it with fear was a powerful, oppressive act and it has left you all crippled. ‘Sovietized’. So crippled that you are caught trying to martyr your brave hero, me, rather than demanding the truth and King’s arrest. And so, I write this newsletter to save my life and to save America before your sick condition kills it. I AM right and you’re ALL wrong, this time. – – I was recently interviewed on Santa Cruz’s KSCO radio station where they tried to shoot me down. Instead, I shot their set up caller’s all down, one after the other, as they tried to convince all of you that I’m not worth supporting. BAMM! (The media, in case you don’t know, is our enemy, taken over long ago by our military – that’s right) They can’t help their jealousy about people like me and feel obligated to destroy whomever is doing their supposed job. You people can’t pretend to me that I have other options other than getting you to protest. Our legal system is bogus and won’t help me. With you the buck stops, people. You are the only answer. – – In this interview I prayed for all of humanity to be wiped out by the mountain sized meteorite I saw as a child if it cannot jail King in my lifetime. I devoutly mean it, too. That your lives would be too shallow to continue if your apathy also killed me on top of all the rest you have all already done. That all of your lives, already, are far short of the par our creator intended and that starting over with a smarter species would be less cruel than allowing more of the insanity you all stand for. What I can prove you’ve all already done, in terms of denial and neglect and phoniness, would curl any generations ears to hear. A catastrophic failure of nerve. – –  You’ll have to see my site to read about it all, but I have quite the prolific pedigree when it comes to having an avenging angel and my academic exploits are truly ground breaking and off the charts. (I failed to mention that I was also the first, ever, to trisect an angle with just a compass and straight edge in 1971, my first month into a geometry class) For you all to martyr me, now, after all I’ve sacrificed, would be so wrong I doubt you’d last long as a species, regardless. Like Rome falling after Caligula. Like Sodom and Gomorrah. If you can’t respond to hard evidence that proves your government let Stephen King murder John Lennon then I think you all DESERVE an asteroid. – – I know that this news humiliates all of mankind. Proves what a fool you all are. Proves what failures you have been as parents for this evil to stay unaddressed all this time. It exposes religion, generally, as  a phony, beating around the bush, heresy that keeps you weak and prevents you from taking hold of the reigns of your lives, politically. “Aw, c’mon, Stephen King didn’t REALLY kill John Lennon…”  Oh, yes he DID, you brainwashed, mind controlled, pie in the sky, everything’s hunky dory moron. He absolutely DID murder John Lennon. Evidence PROVES IT!. Where do you THINK he gets his sick ideas? This is the only divide between us. I am intimately aware of the facts that prove it. You are not. Must I spell out that Chapman was waiting in a police station while King was killing Lennon, that King was led in with a coat covering his face and switched inside and let out a back door while Chapman did his rehearsed act? Must I explain how the police and the officials and the warden, etc. were all in on it with our enemy of the people media? I’m also braver than the rest of you. I spent a year just listening to The Beatles music after John was murdered. I AM braver than any of you because of just that. That and KNOWing what a possibly doomed sitting duck we all are and that you’re all misbehaving badly, right now. I’m a little smarter than the rest of you but the hard, incontrovertible evidence speaks for itself. After this news breaks and King is jailed you’ll all shake your heads you could have ever been so blind and so stupid for so long. You’ll have no luck trying to tell the rest of the world you had no idea. I hung it all out there for three decades, America. You’ve all been insane! That’s exactly why this news story is so valuable. You all need this exorcism and truth. You need it. – – The reason your children are shooting each other at school is because you have failed to bring me forward. King was the first to write about shooting up one’s classmates in the mid 70’s, you see. Your kids know I’m right and that you’re all lying to them about me. They’re not phonies, yet. In fact, since I brought this up in my website and talk radio, that phenomenon has all but ceased these past several months. MY influence. – – Now, as I am still reeling with P.T.S.D. from the sudden realization that two accidents weren’t “accidents”, after all, and that other facts suggest I am been targeted for assassination, myself, (I hope you’re all proud of yourselves) I am hitting the streets and passing out flyers so you at least don’t kill me. You’re all so evil when it comes to keeping your heroes alive, aren’t you? Not everyone is afraid and I need a lot of you concerned citizens to rally with me every FIRST SUNDAY of every month from noon till at least 2:00 in downtown Monterey. (Several of you showed up last Dec. 8, in fact. Congratulations!) One reason I have taken so long to break this news is because I didn’t want it to break without a showing of public support, first. Should I have to ram this news down your throats? Shouldn’t you all be instinctively gathering around my van and signs when I protest? ARE you all spoiled stupid? My Pay Pal records already prove that the people of only California, who see my van, are deliberately NOT helping me. So, no excuses. Man up and help me. Step forward for your long needed exorcism. Get human, again.————-Who’s afraid of Stephen King?———— You, not me. Get over your fear. That’s what your enemies are peddling. Fear only your apathy. – – Incidentally, you all have no idea of what I’ve already done to change the world. I got my best results with handing out flyers in 1992 in Kennebunkport, Maine when I dropped off my entire magazine to all the merchants downtown. A week later Bush lost over 20 percentage points and was now losing in his home town. Clinton rode my coat-tails to victory over it. Bush twice remarked on television – including the Richmond, Va. debate; “You know, nobody likes ‘Who Shot John?’ but…” in reference to my magazine, then titled; “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?” You see, folks? I am huge. Always have been. I was fooled by Clinton and Obama, it turned out, but the alternatives were just as bad. I hope I’m right about getting Trump elected. (The Clinton’s invited Stephen King into the White House in 1995 for a secret meeting and America found out via me and talk radio) After YOU HELP ME and bring me and my evidence forward I’ll be too big for normal celebrity-hood as you know it. Like having John Lennon back to be a hero for us. The most valuable asset a human race can have; a hero. The people’s voice. Why do you repeatedly raped victims think the government always assassinated them if they weren’t KEY to your success as a free people? They cut your tongues out Dec. 8th, didn’t they? Religion has failed you as surely as King has been raping you all this time. This story has already proven that. Time you cowards cared about THIS and grabbed the reigns for once in your mind controlled lives. You should all be excited as could be about this opportunity to demonstrate and force the truth through and cause so much needed change. It’s ‘Eldorado’ where your protest power is concerned. ‘The Event’ John said it was. Imagine a daily line of tourists watching a jailed Stephen King, Yoko Ono and Mark Chapman through one way glass, like a ‘Graceland’ tour, somewhere in a New York State prison. Until you bring that fact about there probably IS no hope for mankind. Like Paul McCartney said on 4-1-’90 at the Berkeley concert when he yelled out my name; “Use your power, people..” (His douche baggy best effort.) Like John Belushi said in ‘Animal House’ in his famous leadership speech; “This could be the greatest day of our lives but you’re going to make it one of the worst. “Ooohh. We don’t WANT to fight back, we don’t WANT to take a stand…Where’s the Delta House I USED to know? Where’s the spirit, where’s the GUTS?…Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?… Nothing is over until WE SAY it’s over….” It’s one reason I think Reagan assassinated John Belushi, also. (See site for details) That and his ‘Blues Brothers’ movies making fun of the police and his brash brilliance as a celebrity. (Doug Kenny, the writer of ‘Animal House’, was also killed the same year) It wasn’t until Belushi was killed that I got off MY apathetic ass and looked into Lennon’s murder. What will it take for the rest of all of you? My getting killed, next????!!!! I’m already 38 years ahead of my peers. Don’t wait, people. Act. Don’t make me take hostages. I’m tired of waiting for you to screw your heads on straight. Duped U.S., you ARE in disgrace. Repent. – – P.S. I almost forgot to tell you; I saved Bruce Springsteen’s life in 1996 when I got on talk radio in New York and warned his friends about King who was palsy walsying around with Bruce, rehearsing with him on stage, back stage parties and lunches. After Bruce found out about my site and what we do to our heroes he basically got rid of King and retired. It seems SO, people. In fact, when The Grateful Dead broke up on Dec.8, it was the same hour my Santa Cruz rally fell flat. Apparently I am affecting our world more and more. Were it not for me your apathy and denial would already have killed Bruce Springsteen. – – My own artistic expressions are political, for now, some excerpts displayed in line format to make space. Here’s a few of my lyrics on some songs;                                                                                                  {——-“Live wire walking on a high wire, poor life hanging by a thread, busting the government for John Lennon’s murder, lucky I’m not already dead. So many years, still, nobody cares. Left here with my fears, am I really going anywhere? You all turned your backs on John Lennon with the lame excuse; “He’s dead!” You people don’t care about nothing, you’re all sick in your head. You say that you’re free, home of the brave. In reality, you’re a media controlled slave…”                                           ——“The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair, killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no one even cares. Lying to your children; “It’s the fan the papers pinned.” Living’s easy swallowing that pill. Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed, your smokey eyes are glazing over, still…”                                                                                                            ———“I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy. I swallow every tax hike, politician, war and lie. I’m polled, I’m media controlled, yeah I, I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy. I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy, and I lick those government boots and don’t know why. I’m in a masochistic mode, yeah, I. I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy…”                                                                                                                      ——–“Mommy and Daddy love money more than they love baby. Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe. John Lennon’s killer never went to trial because you’re morally lazy. Now your children have to pick up the pieces in a world gone crazy. There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. You bring home the bacon and the paycheck year after year. But you’re dining at the table of cowardice, hypocrisy and fear. Bubble brained, you’re entertained on television, football and beer. Now another lying politician’s war is drawing near. There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made. There’s no one you can save that cant’t be saved. Deliver me from evil and temptation….”  }                      After I get out of the danger zone and am brought forward by YOU PEOPLE I’m sure my slant will change with whatever head space I’m allowed to enjoy, after. John’s creativity in the 70’s was curtailed due to the F.B.I. always following him around, for example. As John Lennon was interested in becoming a comedian – that’s right – in 1980, I’d like that, too, and find I love to inject a comedic barb wherever possible, but painting and learning how to is something I’d like to explore, besides music, after. Lots of stuff I’d like to be doing but this. I should put a bumper sticker on my van “I’d rather be driving a Titleist.” (Did I mention I gave up a golf career to do this?) but I need the space for what is real and important. By the way, did I mention that this, what I do, this news, the Lennon murder evidence; It M A T T E R S, people. When will you? – – Demonstrate with me every first Sunday of every month. You can do it. Downtown Monterey, noon till 2:00. Don’t make me sic an asteroid on you. Overcome the cover-up. Deserve life under truth. – Steve Lightfoot – Suggestions? E-mail me at

Now, DO keep reading what is below. It’s everything I couldn’t fit into the above newsletter. Valuable information you NEED TO KNOW!


Of course, my opinion will be elite about such matters. I solved Lennon’s murder and trisecting an angle. What do I see here? A detective’s perspective;

U.S. contractor killed on Iran general’s orders.(?) Trump blows up site of their launch pad in retaliation. In turn, Iranian citizens mob the U.S. embassy and break doors and windows there. Trump assassinates the Iranian general and offers intelligence it was necessary to avoid mass attacks planned by him. Words are exchanged between Iran and the U.S.; Trump threatens 52 sites to hit of theirs and their Ayatollah responds saying something about a downed jetliner where 209 of their citizens died months earlier. Iran then fires on Iraq U.S. base after giving our side three hours warning, first, to protect our troops. While only infrastructural damage to our Iraq base was done, three hours after their strike an airliner was obviously shot down by a missile killing almost 200, mostly Iranians and Canadians. Reports allege a Russian made missile’s parts were found amid the debris suggesting Iran shot down their own jetliner by accident. Iran steadfastly disagrees and withholds black box from U.S. handlers. While Trump and the military are adamant about intelligence no specifics are given. Suggestions are such that the ongoing assault on our embassy before the general was killed may have constituted the bulk our our intelligence and was, therefore, weak.

Either the Iranian’s misjudged and shot the plane down thinking it was an attack by the U.S. –OR– The Iranians deliberately shot it down for terrorist purposes –OR– The Russians shot it down in a deception plot to foment conflict. After all, it was their alleged missiles. –OR– Israel shot it down in a deception plot to stir conflict. They are paranoid about all their enemies and have a history of such treacherous deceptions, before. –OR– The U.S. shot it down, possibly to give their Ayatollah something to really complain about since he already brought up a downed airliner of theirs, before. Part of our retaliatory strike back against their retaliatory strike. –OR– Some other faction or explanation is involved.

That’s my list of possibilities. Here’s how I FEEL about the matter. The ‘Crusades’ continued, a matter of Jesus versus Mohammed differences. That’s what I see at the core of the issue; religion, like John Lennon warned us about. Then I see the U.S. acting as if we own Iran and they dare not harm even one of our men, or else. “Leave our contractors alone. We have the right to invade and transform your country.” That, of course, I disagree with. While I despise the middle eastern practice of genital mutilation and some of their archaic practices and religion, in general, theirs included, I also despise the plastic, fallen culture and the commercial culture that America represents. Our religions have a cult of pedophiles in one branch and other sects have their sicknesses. Both sides have a screw loose in more ways than one. What is missing is a hero like me to use my fame and influence on the matter. I’d push for “…and no religion, too..”, frankly. All religion and superstitions set aside, what would you all like to do in the here and now? I’d get out of the middle east, I’d be less attentive to Israel and investigate them, too, to make sure they’re not double crossing us for Russia, for example, where a lot of Jews originated, in fact.

If our side shot the plane down to “Show them” then we are a terrorist. If Russia shot it down they are a terrorist. If Israel shot it down they are a terrorist. If Iran shot it down on purpose they are a terrorist. If they accidentally shot it down they may not BE responsible. As the detective at work I hear the protestations of Iran steadfastly denying they even shot it down. It sure puts a world of intrigue on the matter, indeed.

I support Trump, usually, not so much here, as he should arrest Stephen King, make me famous so I can intervene in the crisis RATHER than killing anyone and do it that way. When I heard him say “52 sites, including cultural…,” as if there was any moral equivalency applicable, I was disappointed. For all HE knows Iran took our hostages in 1979 to elect Reagan and depose Carter who was protecting the Shah at the time. We never had any business imposing the Shah, ever, or deposing Mosaddegh long ago. I noticed Trump miscuing his use of the language; “Tolerized… terrorer..” and wonder is he reeling from the adrenaline and should he calm himself down. He wasn’t even aware you can’t hit cultural sites before he assassinated anyone or shot his mouth off?? Until Trump arrests Stephen King he is all ‘show’ and no ‘go’ compared to me. It’s far more manly to arrest a cowardly monster like Stephen King than kill an Iraqi general. If Trump had my balls he might not feel the need to kill people. He’d use the power of a news story and watch positive results happen, automatically.                                                                                                                                                                                                I smell the vestiges of a dinosaur like belief system rooted in crass commercialism and greed and money and  too much value placed on materialism. I see religion rearing it’s ugly head on both sides. I think, as Americans, we have a duty to be less scary a culture to the rest of the world. Who wants to work half of one’s waking life for materialism, spend time watching commercials and all the preoccupation it demands when it’s overrated, anyway? Going from a one paycheck to a two paycheck economy with no net gain is a loss for the people these past decades. Who wants to have their genitals compromised? Why is man so afraid of tackling life on it’s terms without having to prop oneself up with indoctrination before even trying? Both sides need my specialized help.

(P.S. Having nothing to do with my post last Friday, Iran admitted they accidentally shot the plane down three hours after my post. I saw it coming when I noticed the ardent and rushed cleanup of the site by them watching the news, after. It I did help usher forward the truth, good.)

Who shot down the plane? Who knows, so far.

Your master detective at work, nonetheless.


(To be continued…)

This is a whole new chapter devoted to my recent radio interview in Santa Cruz last week. It was spirited and volatile and testy for the two hours it lasted and I came away realizing that my focus message for the next year will be to rub the public’s own wickedness related to the cover-up in their face, and for their own good as well as mine. Already I am contemplating a message to add to my already multi slogan’d website van, a foam board sign to tape to the back of it to get even more attention to my cause;


Just to show you how volatile I really was this last interview.

It was a generous interview allowing me to fully vent and expose my evidence and views. It was also designed to impugn me, I have reason to believe, but that’s par for the course for anyone telling the truth in our phony world. Especially where the jealous media have always been concerned. As a result I DID go off the rails with some of my provocative remarks and some callers understandably considered me to be rude and disrespectful. I’m not proud of being a weak human and some of what I said was uncouth, but let’s take a sampling of what was said;

“I gave you too much credit too long ago when I thought you’d all do the right thing…your jealousy won’t LET you see my evidence that I gave you on a silver platter….It is your wickedness as a human being, your phoniness, that I am up against….The average person listening would rather I get killed than to have to deal with my findings. They’d rather I plowed my van into a crowd of a hundred people and killed twenty of them and get locked up rather than deal with my story. THAT”S how sick the average person really is. I’m sorry, people, but I won’t LET you all kill me like weak Jesus did, like weak John Lennon and weak Martin Luther King Jr. and everyone else who just let themselves get killed by the sickness of the human race did… You’re ALL the bastard behind the trigger, not just the government….You don’t WANT to be free, you don’t WANT to be brave, you don’t WANT to get to the bottom of things, you just want to suck the government’s tit and do nothing….If my condition rubs you the wrong way you have to blame yourselves a little for that, too…..I DO have problems…I HAVE let the situation drive me a little mad, and I admit that, but it is all of you that are to blame for that….Were you in my position you’d have already committed a crime by now, but I have control. I doubt any of you would be in as good a shape as me under the same circumstances…..”

Well, that’s a little slice of the interview that touches on exactly what I want all of you “bastards” to take a look at.

One difference between me and the other world beaters who were killed is that I no longer over rate and over estimate the goodness of the public. I used to, though. These assassinated leaders were too slow and too trusting to see the forest for the trees. “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” He found out too late. I recognize that you are, in some respects, “Rubber Monkeys” (An unpublished King novel he mailed me excerpts from in the mid 80’s) That you are subject to outside influence and it can span the gamut between good or evil, depending. I intend to survive this expose and lead you, after. I can’t afford to let your evil ways kill me, too.

I have seen in the people in my home town that they are listening to me now that I have made a concerted effort this year to get a crowd assembled for this anniversary. In fact a half dozen of you DID show up and at least three or four of you grabbed signs and stood with me for over an hour or two. Tom, Bob, John and the others, congratulations and thank you. When I putt on the putting green, now, I am suddenly seeing subtle awareness and support for me from my fellow man now that I have sounded the horn with a thousand, plus, flyers and the interview. If I had enough money and bought billboard space and ad space I might actually GET a good sized crowd if I do it bigger next year. I DON’T have big money, though. I appreciate that not EVERYBODY wants me to get killed in a head on freeway accident like most of you have already exposed me to. I understand that not everything I will say here applies to everyone. Nevertheless, I need to address the “Free Barabbas!” moral defect most of you still DO have against what I do. Most of you hope I DO get killed just to relieve yourselves of your responsibilities concerning my hard evidence that proves you should all be arresting and jailing author Stephen King for murdering our hero, John Lennon. Some religions call it “original sin”. I call it original “phoniness”, this masochistic, ingrained, inbred moral defect in mankind.

I have proof of this charge. I live in northern / central California, Monterey. I have lived in this region from Santa Rosa to here, in San Francisco and Berkeley and San Jose for dozens of years and my website emblazoned van has been seen by 80 percent of everybody. I have had a modest but measurable amount of business regarding magazine sales. I do pay for my website but I’m not making any money offering the biggest news on planet earth in our life time. Most of my orders come from places where they have never even seen my van, my ONLY form of advertising. Australia, Great Britain, Canada,The Netherlands and lots of cities far away from where I live. The great mid west wants to know and people back east and up in the north west and parts of the south. Places where my van, my only form of advertising, is never even seen. Very little support here in California, however. And when there are customers they’re usually from hundreds of miles away. The local crowd IS suffocating me and hoping I fail and it’s very obvious that Jesus was correct when he said; “A prophet is never accepted by his home town.” (He had to flee the town as soon as he said it to avoid a severe beating, did you know?) The take away message for all of us is this; and I said as much in my interview; “You people don’t WANT me to succeed. You WANT me to fail. The way the host has just impugned my hard, convincing, dramatic evidence is exactly what you have always done to me for trying to give you the truth about John Lennon’s murder, and it’s not just the media, it’s ALL of you..”

If I were to describe this phenomenon of yours I would describe it as such; The human race is like a huddling of jealous, blood sucking bats circled around a bowl of heroes blood sucking away as if, by killing their hero, they have put themselves on an alter they have no business occupying. As if the only way you can get even with your hero for being of sturdier more virtuous stock than you is to kill him, rather than rising to his level. I have never felt intimidated, jealous of or threatened by greatness in people. It’s exactly the salvation of mankind; greatness. A lot of you cannot say the same. A majority of you.

That’s how I see all of you. As lost as cultures who used to sacrifice infants to volcanoes for better crops. Truly satanic and pathetic. I recall seeing, on a karaoke bar’s walls, once, the pictures of Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia and Bob Marley. Like the walls of a hunter and his mounted trophies. Every last one of them killed by something other than old age. Every one of them abandoned by their adoring public immediately upon their death and in the face of suspicious circumstances, usually.

Now Steve Lightfoot threatens to eclipse celebrity hood ripping it up wide open with a newer, bigger, better new one than anyone ever has before in breaking the biggest news story in U.S. history, no less, and most of you are hoping the government will just get on with arranging for a truck to hit me head on on a roadway someday soon. Otherwise this news might take over everything and cause an automatic revolution fueled by information and awareness and make sane, again, our world. “Oh, we can’t have that!…We love it when our children shoot each other at school” I have to say it here for none of you will ever admit this apparent fact. Your ignoring my van while the rest of the world is paying more attention is PROOF, people. You DON’T support me. You scared, raped bastards can’t help yourselves, I’m afraid. No one is more deserving of your support THAN me but your masochism makes me rub you the wrong way just for being brave, like we’re all supposed to be to begin with. You seem to think that you are not worthy of standing up to the government who raped you, you seem to think you do not DESERVE to live under the truth and you just hate my guts because I still have mine. “Can’t you just surrender like the rest of us?” Hell, no. HELL no!

This is the story within my expose. The even bigger story that is your collective cover-up and apathy. I get goose bumps just typing the sentence. Not me, not John Lennon, not Stephen King, no, YOU PEOPLE are the star of this expose, and not in a good way, either. Your many religions have all just been debunked by this story and have been revealed as impotent, haven’t they? You aren’t saved, by any measure, yet. You’re very sick, still. You’re still killing the “smart guy” in your midst, the one you need to progress, yourselves with, anyway, though you’re loath to admit it. For all you people know you already killed the “second coming” and don’t even suspect it, if you’re into religion and all that. (I no longer am, myself.) Killing John Lennon was so terrible. An uglier crime all of you could not have committed, especially under the circumstances I can prove. I can almost see Moscow rubbing it’s dirty hands in anticipation as you all slide down the mountain like poisoned rats.

My interview covered a lot of bases. One thing I went out of my way to say was concerning; “…the biggest, baddest asteroid that just missed us that I saw as a child….and that I pray it saves you from your misery if you can’t man up and break this news in my lifetime…”

I meant it , people. Just like “Chief” in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” meant it when he suffocated Patrick McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson) with a pillow after discovering he had just been dulled forever with a frontal lobotomy. Chief knew the old Patrick McMurphy was too good to settle for this, now. I similarly believe that you have already all crossed the threshold of decency and are already better off dead than the way you are, now, frankly. You don’t want to admit it, I can understand, but look at yourselves! Protecting Stephen King instead of yourselves and your children! Were you all to fall so low as to kill me for being the messenger after all the other assassinations you are guilty of, already, would prove this point, clearly, in my view. I think it would be a kinder reality than living under a satanic lie forever, after. How could you even call yourselves human? I think the words I used in the interview were exactly; “I know that whatever life you would have left over, after, wouldn’t be worth living, anyway.”

I saw an asteroid so big that you only have to stare into your finger placed only a few inches away from your eye to know how big the trail was. Bigger than a mountain. So fast and powerful you can’t fathom it. Almighty and unstoppable. Natures cure for bad species, you might say. Before I go into the dark side of this, I have placed my bet that you are NOT so depraved as to kill me, too, for informing you and that you all WILL jail Stephen King and in my lifetime. However, if I am wrong, I won’t have a say so after having already said my prayer. I can always rescind that prayer after you bring me forward and out of danger, but that’s what it will take, people.

THAT I saw this near destruction of our planet between the Kennedy murders, then, Steve Lightfoot, the man who would later stumble on the journalistic find of the millennia almost 16 years later, IS significant, I think. Especially looking over my shoulder and how I seem to have some avenging Angel who punishes any and all trespassers who harm me. It eventually became so obvious that, in my closing statement after being convicted on a traffic ticket in a Santa Barbara court a few years ago, I said; ” I worry for this region after so brazenly railroading me, here. I predict bad things will happen for the way I was treated here.” I said it on camera (Probably because I am a big fish and they wanted it that way) I can’t make the following up, people. In the few years that followed three major oil ruptures off their coast killing two tourist seasons occurred. THE biggest fires there, ever and the biggest mudslide ever, destroyed swaths of the Santa Barbara region. Then a crazed gunman tore through the campus region of U.C.S.B. (Just a mile from where my ticket was issued) and killed dozens of students as he drove through crowds at the same time. Then Goleta, the town that cited me, lost over 500 houses to yet another huge fire. Even more bad things occurred but I think the point has been made. I could waste time here providing more examples of this, how Herb Cain, the world famous newspaper columnist, died of a heart attack a few days after badmouthing me in the paper while I was in Bangor, Maine doing the media’s job, and many others but just visit my other chapter titled “People, You’re The Problem” and you’ll find it. Even my own father, and I know my siblings will hate me for saying this, and some don’t even remember it, but I felt the whole family was just a brain synapse flash away from being crashed into a Lake Tahoe mountain one afternoon while my father was piloting his aircraft with all of us in it. Playing chicken with a series of mountain peaks was just getting a little too scary for me and I wondered what my father’s intentions really were. It could have resulted in tragic headlines the next day for all I know. And so it was, some 14 years later, that he died as a passenger on a mountain top in New Zealand in a ski lift airplane crash. When the irony hit me, decades later, I was shocked.

I don’t have to even wish any of this on anyone. It happens, anyway, it seems. I would be very wary of dismissing one such as I with a last name that practically screams “Carrier of the truth”, Lightfoot, and assume my asteroid prediction to your insanity is just all in my head. It doesn’t seem to be in my head at all. I think I saw that rock for a reason and I’d pay attention, people.

I regret having to scare you into shape, it’s not my original intention, it’s just a fact I think you should all consider before just flushing John Lennon down the toilet like you all have, so far. I haven’t got time to waste on anything less than the most powerful forces in nature, it seems, and I’m too smart to commit a crime to make you care, the way you’d like me to. I’d rather see the planet continue and us as a species if we can deserve to. That, it seems, is the real question, though. You have no concept of HOW exposed to extinction we all are. I DO. Is that why I care more than the rest of you? Probably it is. Obviously you all need to be taught right from wrong, don’t you? That’s what a hero does and you do need your heroes, people, or you’ll forever remain retarded, politically. That’s the other half of this expose. I’m your fire breathing hero of a chance to get well and, yet, you resist me. How can you trembling cowards NOT trust one with evidence that proves your government killed your hero, John Lennon? How can you doubt my intentions where your interests are concerned? Talk about a gift horse. If the forces “out there” were to punish you for being so stupid, so jealous and afraid as to get me killed, too, now that you have the hard evidence you’ve always needed, I would NOT be surprised at all. You’ve all been “blowing it” for so long I have to worry for all of us. Bad behavior begets bad results.

As the individual concerned in the interview I was most aware of just how ragged a mental shape I really AM in. Embarrassingly angrier than I ever thought. I noticed an uptick in it as I was reading out loud passages from Nixon’s book; “The Real War” where he lays out why John Lennon (short only of saying his name) must be assassinated, public be damned. I started to sound like an announcer stating a disclaimer at the end of a pharmaceutical ad I wanted it to end so fast. Pure, evil poison being spewed over the airwaves. A Soviet style of reasoning I found repugnant to hear out loud. I hated having to do it, frankly. Even though it is vital to my expose. The exact opposite philosophy I want to advance. I had also just discovered, minutes before, that it was a hostile interview designed to discredit my findings as “…just words…” to exactly quote BOTH hosts. My blood did start to boil, even to the point where I embraced the anger as a platform to exorcise the public while still in the mood, so to speak. All the things that I had secretly hoped I wouldn’t need to discuss until after I was famous I was having to bring up just to curb the public’s appetite for hero’s blood, first, right now. Before the interview I noticed my mental state getting better, in fact, with each new flyer I printed up. The cathartic process it served was doing me good. Still, come interview time, I was still a ball of fire waiting to explode. As I said, earlier, I’m not proud of much of it, however much I meant all of it. This being said, in my entire life I have never been a mental patient nor have I ever (one time experimentation of some mild drugs, notwithstanding) taken any drugs besides marijuana, no pills of any kind except for surgeries, just vitamins occasionally, and I don’t like alcohol. Compared to the rest of you that must put me in the top 10  percent of you where mental fitness is concerned. That I’m not, perhaps, now, is mostly the world’s fault, though, not mine.

The following day I called the Saturday Special show and discussed myself (since everyone else was) to defend myself. I said something along these lines:

“..One reason I’m so perturbed by the public’s psychotic denial of my evidence is due to how they have already treated me. When my father was killed in a plane crash on the 10th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation two weeks after I received a threat letter from a horror writer and I told the students at U.C. Berkeley, they all squealed with glee at my bad day;  “Goody, goody, Mr. Bigshot. They got your dad. Ha!, Ha!” is what it felt like. No matter how I sound, I know I’m still better than the public at large.” (By the way, I found it interesting that that moment of my life is the only time the scene around me seemed to be spinning, exactly like the scene in “Carrie” after the blood is poured on her and the crowd is laughing. Spinning, people.) That campus scene will be one of the most dramatic scenes in my four part movie someday, in fact. I also said that; “Even if Stephen King ADMITTED he killed John Lennon and had fun destroying America, you’d still do nothing about it you’re so sick, anyway. That’s what I’m up against…. It’s not just that I’m angry that people don’t care who killed John Lennon, it’s that the Soviets did it and nobody cares what they’re doing to the rest of us. It would drive a sane man insane.”

Even just yesterday, Dec. 14, 2019, while minding my own business watching t.v. in my van with the rear doors open in a secluded parking lot near a baseball field, several teens walked by and, no doubt having to do with them having heard my interview, said out loud; “You’re not even part of society, faggot!” I loudly shot back, immediately; “And I wouldn’t want to be(dramatic pause) faggot!” What am I supposed to do? “You’re right. Don’t be like me. Pity me.” No, they are jealous I am pointing out the phoniness of their parents in front of talk radio land and they are likely parroting their parents likely rebukes to what I said over the airwaves.

A lot like when I was about ten years old and saw “Hippies” in our neighborhood in small town Healdsburg, California. My father was a conservative doctor and probably put hippies down once or twice in my presence and I couldn’t resist doing exactly what those kids did to me yesterday. I said something derisive, not nasty, and I was put in my place in a split second when one of these late 20’ish year old’s driving a brand new ’63 Corvette and his friend a brand new XKE Jaguar, both coupes, quietly remarked; “Who ARE these kids parents?” Boy, it stopped me, cold. I wasn’t used to that kind of sophistication from anyone, before, much less a long haired hippy. The point being that I am no better than anyone else, I’ve simply evolved out of that condition. The other point to make is that I am treated in a nasty manner by the public, probably out of jealousy and fear and shame, truth be known, and I have to answer in kind just to discourage it any further. I don’t have the platform of celebrity, yet, when I can be more civilized while under fire. Tupelo, Mississippi punks broke Elvis’ nose twice before he figured out the truth about jealous humanity.

As for my remark; “And I wouldn’t want to be.” Let’s take a look; I’m a better than average looking, virile, athletic, heterosexual, youthful 65 year old who has chosen to be celibate since the mid 90’s I’m so disgusted with the lack of humanity I see in my fellow man and woman. (You don’t see many celebrities admit that, do you?) Bettor off with my memories of a better past than to soil myself in these evil times. I had my fair share in my youth, anyway. I know too much about the back story of the bed you sleep in for any of that degrading behavior, now. Until King is jailed it’s just breeding in captivity and all under pure evil. It would be like mating with a monkey in the zoo, frankly, compared to how all of you COULD be. USED to be. THAT I choose over conformity. Out of spiritual necessity, yes. Not having  a wife, children, not having a career or even a home of my own and a normal life I did NOT choose. I gave you all too much credit too long ago assuming I’d have been brought forward by now and not still living in a van. I have enough money to avoid work for several years, at one point six figures, but I WOULD rather live indoors like the rest of you. I wrote one check out last year for over $35,000.00 for just part of my dental needs. Needs arising FROM living in a van for so long, in fact. I’m not very rich, now, though. I don’t see the point in getting a job, however, and tying my time up for even one hour while I am in constant danger until King is jailed. Besides, it takes energy to just KNOW the truth and stay alive, lately. Doesn’t it? If I took on a job I might also get killed just driving to work waiting for you to care. I enjoyed sex the first dozen years into my expose but eventually I saw the banality of a world that is hard wired to bow to tyranny and lower it’s standards out of fear and it soured me to it.

My deciding to not follow the herd began immediately upon Lennon’s death. Call me a genius for figuring it out so fast, but I knew within the first millisecond of hearing the news that we were being lied to about a lone assassin. That John was too important for a nobody to kill him. I was a broiler cook at The Doubletree Inn in Monterey and cooking steak and lobster at the time of hearing the news. I noticed how quickly my fellow workers started to act phony and callous about the news as if they must have suspected, themselves, that it was all a big lie. Within a few weeks I found myself restless and uncomfortable about my world. I remember speaking up at a company meeting involving a major executive; “I may not share your belief system, but…” I was referring to my fellow man’s sudden phoniness concerning Lennon’s murder. I remember losing a spate of jobs I was so distracted by it all that I eventually found myself selling my car and deciding to live on a bicycle in San Diego for a year and just listen to Beatles tapes, basically. A year and a half later I found myself in a library stumbling onto the evidence like stepping under a shower head it all came so fast and furious at me. As if it was scripted from above and all I had to do was be there. I had no choice but to separate myself from a world gone mad. I guess I just have nobler instincts than the rest of you. I wish it weren’t true.

Being in such danger at ALL TIMES for almost 40 YEARS, and especially after just realizing that two high speed accidents that almost killed me recently were NO accident, after all, that I am currently being hunted for assassination, myself, has pushed me over my normal anxieties, to be sure. It showed and I still am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, I’m sure. I doubt anyone but me could be in as good a shape as I am after mud wrestling with the phony, evil, hero killing human race for almost four decades.

One way I deal with the stress is to make sure that I distance others from that danger. I don’t dare have a love interest and I’m past having just sex. They are always targeted first in attempts to discourage you.  My father may have already been killed for my activism. I don’t want to have a great life, anyway, just yet. Too much to lose. I feel more comfortable having a minimum to lose in the meantime. It makes the danger more bearable. I’m quite happy about the thrill of being in my shoes but the novelty is starting to wear off, I’ll admit. I’m not about money and wealth, anyway. I watched what a slob it has made of most of you to have that overshadow even how decent a life you live. Been there, done that, as a child. I don’t expect that any of you understand any of this. I couldn’t have either until I found it necessary just to stay brave. I promise to get treatment for the trauma I have endured (It’s legendary if you’ve studied my other chapters.) Meanwhile I have to be brought forward before I can think of doing anything else. I prefer not to breed in captivity like the rest of you. Can you ingrates understand the situation your fear, apathy and denial have put me in? I don’t think so.

Superman. Your biggest comic book hero of all time. People like me who are braver and, yes, brighter than the masses, people whose ideals are out of reach for the average mortal, are relegated to this kind of fantasy land status, cape, tights, superpowers and all. “We can’t handle the truth but let’s make HIM into a fantasy superhero so long as the focus is taken off of OUR mediocrity. ” If you think about it Superman is about the almighty power of the free press and free speech and how it can defeat evil and change the course of the world if applied properly. Superman was really Clark Kent, wasn’t he? A newsman working for The Daily Planet, remember? Fantasizing, no doubt, about the blockbuster story out there for him to find and become powerful with. Similarly, wasn’t it Captain America who used to say “Truth, justice and the American way.”? Superman was really about society’s inability to confront world shaking headlines of truth. They aren’t that “super” themselves. “Sorry, Steve Lightfoot. You’ve just bitten off more truth than we can chew so we’ll just call you a crazy, I mean a super person and write you off as if you were just a comic book hero so we can wash our hands of you. We’re not that brave to make it a real life story, yet.  You’re not part of society. Truth? Out of our reach. You’re not one of us. You actually want to JAIL STEPHEN KING, dozens of accomplices like Yoko and Chapman and topple major magazines, undress the media and the entire phoniness of our governments and our peoples and the whole enchilada?! You’d have to be a superman to demand truth like yours. We’re not that. Truth, justice and the American way is a fairy tail, kid.”

I regret to have to admit that I have deliberately held back from my efforts to see if you could break this news by yourselves and for yourselves and not just me. I don’t want to think that I live in a heartless, sub-human world and I’d rather watch YOU people do SOME of the work so that I can respect you, after. So far, that has been a mistake, I see. You all DO need a hero to do it all for you, almost. I may have to muscle it through and swallow my better thoughts of how wonderful my fellow humans are or aren’t. Right now you’re secretly hoping I get killed. Similarly I refrain from paying demonstrators to hold a sign. John deserves a better reason than that to defend him. That would only be a sad story to show the world. My biggest regret, in fact, in the whole odyssey, is losing my naivete about just where you’re all really at, spiritually.

By the way, it’s not just the two high speed “accidents” listed in the other chapter I mentioned that has me convinced I am a current target; At least three times in as many years I have contracted a coma like kind of bug that requires all of one’s strength to survive. No listening of the radio allowed, no sound allowed. No energy consuming distractions. ALL one’s strength is needed to survive what I experienced. At it’s peak it felt like almost just going to sleep and not having the strength to wake up, after. Coma like and on the very edge of being alive, it seemed. I suspect even Putin might be involved in those episodes since he likes to use poison on his enemies. There I go, again, I know, sounding like a conspiracy nut for trying to find out whose really to blame. For trying to stay alive. At a time when it really is a life and death matter. I know who my enemies are. The Kremlin is at the top of that list, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, the C.I.A., K.G.B. C.F.R., the F.B.I. Stephen King, the entire government controlled mass media and who knows who else? Rockefeller? I am not crying wolf to say any of these seemingly alarmist, extreme things. I have been in denial about most of it for too long, if anything. You’ll all notice how our enemies aren’t leaking my story to embarrass America. No. They know they did it and I am only saving America. I stand to defeat decades of what their poisonous campaign has wrought and they know it. Our deep state is in bed with them and that’s a worry, too, I’ll admit. Meanwhile, you’re like spectators, just watching when you should be helping me come forward. Not even for my sake, but for your own sake. To make the world a better place. Do I need any other reason to do what I’m doing? Curb your fear and jealousy. Curb your cover-up. Please!

AM I a little prickly with the world, now? Don’t blame me for screaming “OUCH!!!” America. Stop torturing me with your apathy.

So, much of my interview I devoted to exorcising sick all of you, even at the expense of my popularity and likableness. Being too nice with the likes of all of you will only get one killed. It’s no wonder one such as I hasn’t come along in as long as anyone can remember, in fact. Reality rearing it’s ugly head is more truth than the sub-human race can handle, it seems. I can only wonder how many others like me you killed that nobody ever heard about. And you dare treat me as if I were an alien. I know I’m lucky to still be alive. If I was smart enough to solve the codes in minutes flat, without so much as even trying, (Some of you actually aren’t smart enough to figure them out, I’ve been told??!!) you’d think I could solve the mystery of what it takes to make you care. For now, I think I must must chasten you and hold a flat mirror in your ugly, guilty faces and just force you to take a good look at yourselves, warts and all. You need to see yourselves as you jealously stalk me for daring to reform all of you. The media cover-up has been your fault since my website went up 18 years ago. You people can’t blame the media like you’d all like to, anymore. You have been complicit, co-conspiring cowards with them for decades. United, one nation under evil. Here I am, amazed that my website is even allowed to be UP AT ALL, and STILL, it’s as if it isn’t up at all to see your non response. Talk about taking free speech and a free press for granted! You foolish ingrates. A nation of spoiled, rotten imbeciles who could care less about their freedoms. A generation of people who have never taken stock of how good they have it to be an American with those rights or how miserable the rest of the not so blessed world has it. All except for free, brave, noble me, the one you’re unknowingly all trying to get killed.

I said a lot of things that I found remarkable; “You were all raped by the devil. When Stephen King killed John Lennon you were all kidnapped by barbarians and raped by Satan. The experience has left you traumatized and you don’t WANT to press charges. You want to just sulk and be miserable and forget about it like a victim… You need to grow a spine, sir. You have to face up to the fact that Stephen King has been humping you over a barrel for almost 40 years and molesting you and your children with his evil……” A lot of the callers said some remarkable things; “You need to lighten up and not be so serious..” I think I remarked back; “No, you need to get a life. Right now your life is a complete JOKE…” The banter went like that for several callers in a row. Almost like the caller board was loaded with hostile ammunition only. There were at least two callers who weren’t set up calls. One said I should keep up what I’m doing and that I sound like a man with his head on his shoulders. Another advised me how to better present my evidence with props next to my van. Another admitted she was on my side but, still, suggested there are more important things to worry about. I acknowledged that she WAS correct about my angry demeanor and that I admit that I have problems. I wasn’t bashful about my presentation. I think I made myself most clear when I likened my view of the resistant public and their denial to the scene in “The Exorcist” when Linda Blair is turning green and projectile vomiting as her head spins round and round. That I am the exorcist and they all are the afflicted. That that is how sick the public looks to me when they try to call ME crazy. The provable truth is, folks, it’s all of YOU who are the crazy ones, not me at all. I’m your designated hero, whether either of us like it or not. Am I a little bit surly like a dog in a pound who has been abused by a former owner? I probably am. That would be more your collective fault than mine, however. It’s as if you can’t grapple with the possibility that you, the public at large, also have serious, even worse problems, than I do. And that you have since man began. It’s a proven fact that you can ALL be wrong, the whole world at once, and not suspect it at all. Until you all admit that, pointing a condescending finger at MY condition will only keep your wheels stuck in the ditch I found you in. The interview got so off the rails I believe my sign off sounded like this; “Either you all help me help all of you or you’re all going down with an asteroid.” Pretty ‘My way or the highway’, I’ll admit.

In spite of all the fur flying and the harsh words being said on both sides a lot of what was vital and important got out or I’d have never done the interview at all. I was able to lay out how it was that I went from a brainwashed fool to evidence finder in just ten minutes beginning with how I suspected a lie from the start. I was able to show the listeners that, indeed, there was no trial for Chapman, that he was whisked away for a 60 day psychiatric evaluation that turned into over a year of silence and how John Hinckley shooting Reagan and Brady was likely a smokescreen hoax just to cover up Chapman, who was then about to go on trial. (I admitted I had no proof regarding this ‘theory’ unlike my hard evidence regarding Lennon.) I explained how Chapman was suddenly forgotten for a year following that confusion and how his guilty plead appeared buried back in the paper in a too tiny to be real clipping where there was no trial, just a closed door proceeding with no media allowed. I explained how this, alone, set off alarm bells. I then went into detail how it was that I found myself at the local library and how I accidentally stumbled onto the weird, undeniable, strange code like behavior in the bold print headlines, only, in three major magazines, codes that came to life when analyzed in the context of John Lennon’s murder and not just the obvious content of whatever article they accompanied. When I laid out some examples of this; “Messy People…Sidewalks Of New York…Dance Of Death…Art And Life At The Met…Murder At The Met By A Phantom Killer…That Aching Back…The Hit Men Strike Again….Ripoff!…Dressed To Kill…A Bombshell Case Goes Pfffftt!..Kiss, kiss, Bang, bang, Ouch, ouch!..” as well as others like; “All The President’s Magazines…Thinking About John Lennon…Johnny Comes Marching Home….Caught In The Crossfire….America Needs A Poet, Laureate, Maybe…” When I laid out just these heart pulsing, dramatic C.I.A. spook talk series of obvious coded messages to the hosts, they called them “Just words..” Similarly, when I detailed what I found in Nixon’s book “The Real War” that is photographed in Time AND Newsweek the day of the murder prominently displayed at Reagan’s side below the headline; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” in one case, the hosts poo poo’d this as “just words” too; “Perhaps a nation that equates celebrity with wisdom, that looks to rock stars…as it’s oracles, deserves to lose…those who say “war” is “bad:” and “peace” is “good”… who decide whether…leaders will be depicted as “good” or “bad”…the “Beautiful People of New York”…Failure to engage the adversary in this area would be an act of moral abdication…These media elite have transposed the points and a dangerous confusion has spread….Ending that confusion is the first step towards seeing the path to victory.” His closing sentence of the book, I believe. When I laid out this dramatic evidence the hosts denied it was anything. I think at one point I said to one of them “You can’t believe how phony you are acting right now.” He was, folks, admit it. They both were. I also said; “I don’t think you’re that dense. I don’t think the listeners are that dense.” I then remarked; “According to YOU The media. The media is what GOT us in this mess in the first place. You cannot trust the media.” They may seem like laid back normal citizens working at a radio station, people, but the world is not like that, believe me. If I were the C.I.A. I would make SURE at least one talk radio station in, especially, Santa Cruz, was under their control. In case you aren’t aware, KGO in San Francisco IS a proven, documented C.I.A. owned station. I tried to maintain track with the first ten minutes that led me down the wormhole to the codes but the hosts did their best to make my evidence presentation scatological. I had to interject, out of sequence, the discovery of Mark David Chapman and Chapman’s letter to the editor where he explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square three weeks before the murder as well as my discovery of the killer’s face, Stephen King, three months before the crime. “One great big “Zippo” lighter” is the headline below his face and describes the scene of the crime of a man with a gun on fire at night. Only his face, not Chapman’s, matches the face we all saw of the killer getting John’s last autograph. The radio can’t show that, though. I explained how children squeal with horror when they see the match up while most adults find any excuse under the sun to deny what is plain as day. I went on to explain how phoniness in humans is an adult disease that almost ALL adults are suffering from, myself EXCLUDED. That phoniness is my enemy where the public and this evidence is concerned. I so hated reading passages from “The Real War” that, rather than read some of King’s writings and confessions, I just rammed his role into one example; the movie “Christine” and how ; “…dead ringer lookalikes for Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and John Belushi including the car that played rock and roll are all killed in that movie and the last line of the movie is; “God I hate Rock and Roll.” Yes, folks, this story is huge and can be proved from head to tail.””

The evidence was laid out there for you, folks. You have no excuse, now,  just because I flew off the handle a little in the grizzly process. You know it’s evidence and I won’t belabor it any further. (If some of you can’t make sense of the codes and Nixon’s passages, take comfort in knowing that I achieved top 3 percent results in the language / comprehension section of the S.A.T. test. You need some vocabulary skills.) I explained, also, how much society depends on the hero and how we haven’t got any anymore. We let the government kill them all and I’m all we have left. I explained that you need ME to explain that the very House Of Representatives who are labeling Trump as one abusing his office are, THEMSELVES, MORE guilty of abusing their office in this charade.” While on the subject, you should all know that I, Steve Lightfoot, am more to thank than anyone except Trump, himself, for his election. More than even Rush Limbaugh. I gave him at least ten percent of his votes by making powerful use of the talk radio circuit and targeting key areas at key moments in the process all along the away. At least a hundred calls, many nationwide. When he actually won it was one of the few times when I watched all my hard work pay off in spades and I couldn’t but hold my hands in prayer, frozen for hours, watching him accept his victory lest I wake up and find out it was just a dream. It’s one reason, I think, the Democrats are out to impeach and get rid of him. He might save America from the swamp that is helping Stephen King avoid justice, the crowd that is only pretending to be your protector. Besides, Obama and others were so close to already killing me and they have unfinished business that Trump is in the way of. The only question is, is Trump too much of a political dinosaur to think to expose Nixon and Reagan? Is he smart enough to see what double crossing foreign agents they really were, or not? Does he know that Moscow uses the “lie” as if it were a legitimate, vital weapon? I made sure America knew that the Clinton’s are in bed with the Nixon’s and Reagan’s and Bush’s, the globalists, and that Stephen King and the Clinton’s met secretly in The White House in 1995 according to the Oakland Tribune and that Trump is the antidote to the professional politicians like Hillary our hidden leaders use to oppress us. It was I who alerted us to her meeting with the Biltebergers the day after she lost the primary to Obama, for example. I also made sure to let the audiences know who I was and what I was famous for exposing. Turns out the “John Lennon man” has street cred, after all.

I think Trump is doing phenomenally well, even great, as President, so far. I think he’s kind of a jerk for always taking credit for it all as if it was the biggest, bestest, ever, all the time, but maybe that’s what he needs to keep on succeeding; self congratulatory pats on his back. I think he falsely believes we must compromise to go green like we all probably should, (Greta Thungerg and I started out exactly the same and I like her.) but that’s about all I can find to complain about. Who has ever been great who did NOT display off putting characteristics? Look at ME, especially lately! If one were to come along and be perfect we’d still kill him, probably, like we did Jesus who WAS perfect. So, so much for pointing fingers at Trump’s showboaty personality. He’s probably a lot nicer in real life once you pry him away from the swamp who has done their best to taunt and disturb him, in the first place. It’s rough living in a hostile fishbowl, 24 / 7. Trump’s remarks that “It was all a set up…” is only too true. Refreshingly on point. The rest of you just don’t know how ensnared America was by our enemies in the decades before we got Trump. It takes a hero like me to know that the alternative was a con woman working for our enemies, the globalists, people in bed with mostly Moscow. Me and Trump have, so far, saved the day. “Keep America America” is a slogan I came up with in this spirit. While on the subject, do you people know how much of a sales pitch for America my expose will be??? The rest of the world will have to pay it’s respect for our ability to correct ourselves after going so wrong for so long and using our rights and freedoms to save ourselves with. It’s America’s biggest break, ever. Moscow, the globalists and company, are very afraid of me. The question I have is, why are all of YOU Americans also afraid of me? Are you all nuts? Think, people. For God’s sake, take a look around you.

I watched the arguments on both sides and found the Dem’s to rely more on window dressing than actual argument; “No one is above the law…the Constitution,…a Republic, if we can keep it…We the people” (As they ‘wee’ the people in the same breath.) Lofty generalities that they felt necessary to patch the gaping holes in the rest of their message. Fifty percent is a lot of window dressing if you think you’re right. They also seemed a little less fit and more pale and in need of a little sunshine and vitamin D, for example, (Nadler looked like a mortician or even “Grandpa” of The Munsters, for example.) than the Republicans, who were less peculiar, generally, and more in touch with the average American. Their arguments, too, went down repetitious paths; “They’re trying to thwart the will of the people who voted for Trump….no crime, no pressure, no quid pro quo.. no actual witnesses,…”

I come down on the matter like this. Yes, Trump may have grabbed the lid of the cookie jar, opened it and took a whiff but put the lid back and left the cookies alone, knowing better, ultimately. That he got caught even doing that was more to do with constant surveillance by his enemies for any misstep. I even suggested, once, that Biden, already aware that his actual quid pro quo remarks were out there to destroy him, deliberately bragged about it to bait Trump to respond with an inquiry and that’s how he was busted for just touching the jar. Classic Soviet style Ju Jitsu. I notice that the Dem’s use the Soviet style of the 180 lie to make their points; Biden is the one who is abusing his office and Trump might expose him for it. Their response was to turn the tables exactly 180 degrees to get the public looking exactly away from the truth and blame Trump for exactly what Biden is guilty of. Political magicianship. A truly ‘magic” trick. They went out of their way to always suggest it was ONLY to alter the 2020 election, as if a vice president’s son working illegitimately for a corrupt Ukrainian oil company was NOT fair ground to explore. Especially in light of how the Crimean Peninsula fell to the Russian’s under Biden’s watch. Biden could be a Russian agent for all anyone knows. I now realize that Obama and Clinton (Both of whom I regretfully helped get elected before I knew better.) and Nixon and a lot of our presidents HAVE been working for our enemies, for decades. Why can’t we investigate it all? One Republican mentioned this but many just parroted the party line on both sides. I think the overall impression was that the Dem’s were impeach ready at a hangnail out of place, all along, and did their embarrassing best at trying to convince us that a tiny splinter is really a 300 foot tall Sequoia redwood tree, and the republicans tried to convince us that it was all about their fear and contempt for Donald being president, which is the likely truth.

If I were to ever run for president (Not Likely, folks, I like just being a hero who influences things. I actually hate politics, can you believe?) but if I were to ever run I’d run as an Independent JUST to stop the bickering and fighting and to un divide the nation as the two party system has mostly divided what should be a United States of America. I’d tell my public; “If you vote for anyone but me you deserve the consequences. You can vote for whomever you like. If you think I represent you best, vote outside your party’s interests and vote for YOUR interests. It’s the only way you’re ever going to stop being led around like a pig with a ring in it’s nose by a group of people you don’t really understand, fully, anyway. Let’s UNITE America and stop warring with each other as if we were enemies. We should all unite behind a common good.” Or words to that effect. I tried to convince Trump to do so in 2015 via e-mail, in fact. I just think you people are fools to accept a hostile, polarized solution to governing your lives. It’s crazy, in fact.

If I were Trump, now, now that the senate is in position to dismiss the charade impeachment, I’d  accept censure, even, and just get out and back on the job again. However, I’d investigate the group who tried to commit high treason, in my opinion, by impeaching him for mostly political reasons. I honestly suspect that the unseen leader of the impeachment effort to unseat Trump is Putin, himself, and that the Russia gate nonsense was the opposite of what we were told. Just hours after I typed this he, again, lied to us all 180 degrees from the truth. Four years ago the lie was that he wants us to hate Hillary for her e-mails. The lie this time was to make us hate the Dem’s for wrongfully impeaching his “Buddy” Trump. As if we Americans are going to do what our arch enemy says we should do. He wants us to think he and Trump are buddy, buddy behind the scenes and push the narrative that failed that Trump is in bed with Russia. He hopes we keep on impeaching his “Buddy” Trump. The “lie” is his number one weapon and calling card, always. I think the Russians tried to elect Hillary and then lied 180 degrees about it, after, to fool us. I’d announce why the Biden’s are still eligible for investigation, candidate or not, for being in bed with a foreign power’s oil oligarch. It looks dirty and it SHOULD be investigated. Beyond that I’d keep on smiling and keep on winning and  keep America America. If I were him I’d arrest Stephen King in a surprise raid and show the public what PHONIES the Dem’s ARE for ignoring THIS kind of evil in our midst as they have for almost 40 years of hypocrisy, now. But then, again, I’m a little braver and bolder than even Donald Trump. He’d be so cool if he did that, though. He has no idea what a good idea arresting Stephen King is. No idea at all, it seems.

This December 06 interview in central California was one that will likely come back to embarrass me when the lamestream media tries to shoot me down by showcasing my more “sandpapery” remarks. I don’t care. Bring it on so I can Ju Jitsu YOU, media. I think, if anything, the public revealed ITSELF to be the bad guy, always trying to sweep the issue under the rug and find excuses not to care. I have the tape. I plan to call the shots, someday, after I am brought forward. I will insist on having Robert Downy Junior be first to interview me, after. Not a talking head from our politburo media. Why Robert Downy Junior, of all people, you may ask? He will probably have to prep for weeks just to get halfway ready. His father, Morton Downy Junior, of the large teeth and big mouth and celebrity fame before his son became a movie star, THAT man, Morton Downy Junior, is the ONLY REAL AMERICAN to ever interview me. In the mid 90’s he gave me three days in a row, 15 minutes time, each day, in the L.A. listening zone on a major radio station. We so pulled Nixon’s nasty pants down in front of his home town that Tricky Dicky died just weeks later from all the publicity. He had a stroke that occurred just an hour after I was heard confronting Henry Kissinger on talk radio that day, in fact. I’m somewhat proud of scaring that monster to death. My only regret is that I failed to think in time to bring a little red wine to throw on his flag draped casket along with my magazine when I was there and had the chance. Oh, well. But that man, Morton Downy Junior, was a real American hero in my book and the only ray of goodness in our entire media. His son, if he wants to, has first dibs on interviewing me, someday. It’s only fitting. It will show the world what I think of the mainstream / lamestream media. I foresee having to establish my own media empire, online, only, if necessary. I know too much about who owns the media. Morton never complained out loud about the price his courage cost him. He lost his upcoming television show and other things, in fact, to show you how the media treats truth tellers. You all need to know that no attorney and no media of consequence will help me come forward with this news and evidence. They are all too corrupt, period! The one attorney who showed interest in my case, famous attorney Melvin Belli, DIED of a heart attack the very week we were to meet about it. (Conspiracy or coincidence?) You people are up against a hostile media that could care less about you or America. YOU ALL have to bring me forward. You are guilty of stupidity and hero abuse if you wait for the media to help me. History already has you ducking your duty for three decades. No amount of explaining will absolve any of you for this after the world learns my van and website were hanging out all over the place for thirty, plus years. The website and the evidence it reveals is jaw dropping and definitive. You’ll have no excuses. The only way you’ll ever regain your respect is to bring me forward in a grass roots manner, and soon. Until then America is known for – and I’m quoting John Hinckley from 1981 – “America is the land where heroes are shot in the back…” You didn’t know that part of the Hinckley hoax shooting was to blame Reagan for Lennon’s murder right up front but excuse it with “Well, he got shot, too, though, doesn’t that count?”, subliminally? Or that his mental illness finding rendered everything he once said about Reagan being behind Lennon’s murder as bankrupt? Just the way the mind controlling , C.I.A. owned media played all of you. They knew, then, what schmucks you all were. Some of you still can’t get a handle on HOW devious they are. It was really a spectacle to behold. The mind game even went on to have Hinckley say that; “When Lennon died, I died, you died, America died, the world died, everybody died.” All true, spiritually, but now rendered ridiculous since he was found insane a year after he stole the show from Chapman to begin with. His Lennon murder remarks and insanity finding was in the bag years before he staged the shooting, folks. It was all planned that way to discredit anyone who would suggest Reagan had Lennon shot. You should all know that the Bush family has ties to the Hinckley family that go back many decades before and had houses on the same block in Colorado, once. Both oil men.

Meanwhile, a lot of good was done exposing my surly side to Santa Cruz and Monterey. KSCO did more good than evil, no matter what some of you think about my demeanor. At least everybody knows I’m pissed off that their apathy is trying to get me killed. You HAVE to know that, at least. You needed to learn that I know that you know that I’ve been right, all along. I see through your phony silence, but good. At least that all got out over the airwaves. Maybe, now, the public’s head is halfway screwed on straight enough to start helping me help them and avoid an asteroid, in my opinion. It’s a grizzly process; exorcising a raped public after they have given up and lowered themselves a long time ago. Like re breaking and re setting a limb that healed incorrectly; You need the fix however much you don’t think so. I’m working with a public too young to remember that John Lennon was a hero we should not have lost, at all. Maybe you can bring me forward to help forgive yourselves, soon. Your silence is rooted in fear. United States Of Apathy is no way to live, people. You’re the problem and the only solution. Think. Act. DO SOMEthing, PLEASE. Organize and talk among yourselves. Get started on this project, people. It matters. So can you.

You can always turn out for a dollar an hour pay raise with signs and a crowd. Can you do the same when saving America is the name of the game? Even just saving America’s truth hero, me. You need to bring me forward, people, or you and America really are screwed. You need to get off your asses, masses. Stop blaming the messenger.

Meanwhile, I admit that the message “IN YOUR FACE, SUB-HUMAN RACE” I originally listed at the beginning of this chapter that summed up my interview, may be a little unproductive and I may go with “SHAME ON AMERICA’S COVER-UP”  or something more universally understood like “BRAINWASHED AMERICA F.O.S.” or ‘SILENT AMERICA YELLOW’ or ‘SILENT AMERICA F.O.S.” or; “YOUR APATHY – PURE EVIL” I have a little time to decide before the rains stop when I can add that sign to my yellow website van. Seeing how it’s already made it will likely start out with the one ‘SILENT AMERICA YELLOW’ That ought to be a zinger on my bright yellow van going down the road with my website and accompanying slogans all over it. (Actually “YOUR APATHY IS SCARY” is what I I went with.) I hope it DOES piss enough of you off to get behind this cause and snap you all out of your oppression and fear and doubt and misery. I hope it goes a LONG way towards exorcising my fellow, local American. The ones who have been exposed, here, already, for freezing me out where my magazine support is concerned. What will it take to get you over your messenger envy and self shame?

Steve Lightfoot, here, of with the yellow van. The one interviewed last Dec. 6 on KSCO Radio. These closing few paragraphs is the part of this entry I will distribute in my area and urge you to access my site and the button “Footnotes and New Developments” for the remaining ten pages I can’t afford to just give away, so to speak. It’s either worthy of your ten minutes time at your computer or it’s not and I need those of you with enough self esteem to at least visit my site and find out how my interview went. You should know about the danger I’m in and what attempts were made to kill me, lately. (See ‘Obama Tried, Twice, To Kill Me’ chapter listed at the end of this one.)

I covered a lot of ground and a lot of fur flew during my two hour interview but I want to stress a few things that I want to remain with you, regardless of the rest; You were all CAUGHT, without provocation or instructions from the media, obstructing me, freezing me out, by NOT ordering my magazine while the rest of America and the world did. You, the people of my local state of California, were CAUGHT trying to let Stephen King off the hook for what he did to destroy America. CAUGHT deliberately stonewalling my news. The only region that enjoyed the luxury of seeing my van, my only form of advertising. Exposed to high heaven for being dirty rats, yourselves, the evil public, where the murder of John Lennon is concerned. Pay Pal has the record when I need to prove it to the world. Fear, jealousy, shame….what!? Insanity is the correct answer. The fact that most of the callers were along the line of; “So, what? …lighten up and stop being so serious… I think you’re crazy….let’s bring off topic signs to his rally…” all that drivel only proves more of the same level of shame where the public is concerned in John’s death. That I sounded like an exorcist in taking on these calls was deliberate and for all of your own good, my like-ability be damned. I meant all of it however much I regret some of my more uncouth remarks. The only alternative was to expose myself to a set up interview and let them damage my valid cause. I did better than I sounded. I exposed how all the others like me who were either shot or crucified for taking on the world over estimated the goodness of the human race. That I got over my naivete in that respect or you’d have already killed me out of fear of government and messenger envy, alone. I told you how it was that twice, already, Obama, in my opinion, tried to kill me in two very high speed road accidents and that Putin may be behind a succession of coma like bugs I fell under that nearly killed me each time, recently. I pointed out that Obama and about seven other of our presidents were globalists and no friend of America and that America was taken over in the 60’s when J.F.K. was shot. That Moscow is likely even behind the impeachment efforts against Trump. That Moscow is already in place, here in America running half of our show, already. That our “Deep State” is in cahoots as well is the part we need to know about. Did I pray for a mountain sized asteroid, the one that I saw almost destroy us in 1966(?), to put you all out of your misery if you can’t jail King in my lifetime? Sure did. Meant it, too. I already know how sub human you’ve become already since 1980. No way to live. I choose not to reproduce until you, as a people, get a real life. One WORTH reproducing. This is the part of this letter I do NOT expect you to see or understand. Your ego won’t LET you see your evil condition. I’m pretty smart, I found the evidence, and I see a lot of tragedy in your cowardly desire to cover up John Lennon’s murder. Opening a rear door for evil Stephen King to escape while you pretend I’m a nut only proves what turncoat, brainwashed weaklings you all can be. That’s asteroid worthy. A species too screwy to succeed. I remarked, after, that only a slob would not care about evidence in the matter of John Lennon’s murder. I explained that when King murdered Lennon you were all raped by Satan and traumatized and you don’t WANT to press charges, just like a victim. I exposed some of the best of the evidence I have that absolutely PROVES that the headlines, the bold print messages in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines are government codes about Lennon’s murder and only exist during the weeks surrounding the crime.(See my site for examples) I exposed Mark David Chapman and Chapman’s letter printed weeks before the crime where he explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square. I exposed King’s matching face to the killer who we were told was Chapman and that most children can admit it while adults are too phony to admit this fact it’s so shameful. I proved that King writes all about the elements of killing rock star lookalikes and rock and roll in just one of his movies; “Christine”, the one whose last line is; “God I hate rock and roll!” I proved that Nixon’s book; “The Real War”, seen in two magazines the day of the murder next to just elected Reagan, explains why “people like John Lennon must be assassinated for being too influential.”, in so many words. I proved how no media or court or attorney is available to me our world is so cowardly and boot-licking, in reality. KSCO ( Keeping Santa Cruz Oppressed) proved their interview was hostile to me, in fact. Some callers proved their evil role in the cover-up without even knowing they were exposing themselves, not me. I exposed plenty that is worthy of your outrage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rather than use you as the example of foolishness I’ll use myself when I was a fool just like you are, now. I used to scoff when I was young and heard others warn that America was in peril. I thought we were so mighty we could not now fail. When I was young I didn’t think the Soviet’s killed J.F.K. to stop him from killing Castro, first. I always thought the C.I.A. did it. (I eventually discovered it was Nixon behind it – see 1963 Time codes, then – and that he was, secretly, our enemy.) I had no idea that Moscow was infiltrating our government and that globalists all around the world were also trying to smother this infant country in it’s crib all this time. I used to think that only the Republicans were being used by our enemy. I used to think that people cared about important social issues and the quality of their lives. I used to halfway trust the media and courts and the “system”. I used to trust that America was on high ground and could not be sunk. I was a fool, though, on all of it. The exact opposite is what I learned to be true. I am incredulous that my website is even allowed to be up and, even more, I’m outraged at all of you for acting it’s as if it’s not. As if you don’t HAVE my free speech and website to inform you. Like spoiled, rotten bastards who have fallen from grace. Unwitting bastards destroying my once better America. Victims of Moscow’s evil conspiracies all our lives as they slowly poisoned us and got us so stupid that Mark David Chapman could ever just SKIP his murder trial and keep it behind closed doors where John’s fans were concerned. That we were that stupid, on that alone, is cause for protests. Pure cowardice. That was the MOMENT you all went wrong. My hard evidence isn’t even necessary if you’re men at all. I instantly separated myself from the herd as soon as I saw it losing it’s head, en mass, with a cover-up. That my evidence I gave you on a silver platter has so far been so neglected and abused and disregarded when it should be world wide headlines is satanic. S A TA N I C ! There is no other word to describe you all right now. “Merry Christmas, Jesus killers.” Look at your ridiculous lives and at what humiliated fools you have become; Your now sick children are shooting each other. Stephen King first wrote about the matter in his book “Rage” in the 70’s about shooting up his classmates. Now you all are to blame for this recent phenomenon for ducking my evidence. Scared fools, admit it. Just admit it and help me come forward before I get killed. America is on the chopping block or you can’t see what’s in front of your own eyes with this foreign takeover of America trying to reverse our vote, lately. It took ME decades to see the truth. You desperately need Steve Lightfoot alive and right now, before it’s too late for you raped victims. Fight back, goddammit, America! Get off your faces and your knees, PLEASE!! It’s either face up to it all and deal with it or eat a deserved asteroid, I’m convinced. I’m not dismissing why life chose ME to see that space rock. It was for a reason.

The day I was born, I think the same hour, the largest weapon ever detonated by America was  exploded at the Bikini Islands, the hydrogen bomb. (3-1-’54) You could say I came into the world with a bang. John Lennon, similarly, came into the  world during a German bombing raid in Liverpool. We all know how he left this cruel world, too. In a hail of OUR collective violence. When I was about 12 I saw an asteroid so big it would have killed us all if it had hit us. My first thought was; “We almost all just died.” As big as Mount Shasta and about only 3,000 miles away and so fast it past the sky in less than one 100th of a second. From Healdsburg, California to Hawaii in about two seconds time. Otherworldly power and speed that we are helpless to defend ourselves against, no matter what the media tells you. The trail took up one sixth of the sky (Like staring into your finger from two inches away.) and was churning orange / yellow, not white. Mysteriously, utterly silent, for being so close. A more spectacular sight no man has ever lived to see. I kept it a secret for many years, but I know it was real. At about the same time in my life, while learning how to play Poker with my father and three siblings, I was dealt, fresh off of the five times shuffled, twice cut deck, a Royal Flush. My first, ever, Poker hand, DEALT! My father was stunned into silence for several seconds as he pondered what kind of a destiny awaited his son for THAT to happen. What are the odds? One gazillion to one? A few years later, when someone tried to kill me with a 22 rifle bullet from a few hundred yards away, (I won’t say who.) the bullet grazed my right ear and made a puff of dust behind me, I remember. A single blade of straw was waving back and forth to let me know. So far, pretty lucky, amazing, right, people? I almost aced my S.A.T. test at eighteen (Top 3 % language / comprehension, top 13 % math). Best artist on campus until college. I shot a 64 in golf within two years of taking up the game (My first, ever, round being an 83 when I was 13, years before.) In 1977 I came within a stroke of making it into the U.S. Amateur championship my first try and I drove a nearly new 1972 MGB sports car when I was just 19 after trading in my ’68 Camaro for it. I successfully negotiated  an off ramp at 70 mph, backwards, and a few other acts of steel. I had a pretty good start in life, I admit, and I was extremely lucky, besides. I was breast fed from a farm girl mother and my single paycheck parents stayed married for 26 years and I was raised to be better than the average “slob”, my father’s favorite put down word. He, too, was frustrated with society’s mediocrity. I always felt I should do something to make the world better for my father’s sake, at least. I always knew that people, at large, weren’t too sharp. That this world could use a lot of sprucing up, to say the least. I remember he used to caution us kids from having kids, ourselves, his view was so profound. He was a doctor and I suppose he saw mankind at it’s worst all the time, maybe.

In 1980, when John Lennon was murdered, unlike my fellow, foolish  Americans, I was too smart to buy the Mark David Chapman lie and, after losing a succession of jobs over the distraction, I sold my belongings and moved to San Diego to live outdoors on a 12 speed bicycle where I just listened to Beatles tapes on my Sony Walkman – no radio – and not much of anything else. To enjoy John Lennon before the callous world could numb me to his genius. For over a year that’s all I really did, people. I sang along, of course. A most magical year that I loved. I had the ultimate advantage, too, of not having any media in my way at all. I never had a t.v. for several years before, in fact. I likely avoided all the brainwash campaign that they foisted on the rest of you. I got my courage up, so to speak, so I could find the spine to at least look into the matter of why the biggest murder of my lifetime was buried on page 15 in the paper, 18 months late, when his killer plead guilty behind closed doors. A few weeks later, while looking for reports about the murder, I inadvertently picked up issues of Time and Newsweek printed the day of the murder and found, instead, government codes all about what was going on behind the scenes regarding John Lennon’s murder. That was July 26, 1982. That was the day my life and the lives of all mankind, forever, changed. “The Event” that John had called his murder, in advance, had just begun to happen. The news event that would catapult mankind into a new stratosphere of intelligence and awareness, yet unknown. Ten times bigger than my freakish first Poker hand. Why always ME!!?? I had no excuse to wiggle out of my find and the responsibilities it carried. I tried to find an excuse, believe me. I came up A.1., eligible, though, and could not look myself in a mirror ever again if I did not pick up the duty. I knew within a few days that my life was forever duty bound to this news story. What an honor to be linked in such a way to a man as loved and as great as John Lennon. No wonder the whole world has been so jealous of me for all this time. Someone had to eventually find the evidence that these magazines laid on so thick to begin with. Don’t be jealous. I was just brave and unafraid unlike the rest of you, media poisoned dupes. I was, instead,  listening to the best music on earth for a year and only doing that. I found my courage, didn’t I? The main ingredient missing in the rest of you. You’re still looking for excuses. I knew, then, what all of you also instantly knew, deep down; that I will become huge for this, someday. Why you all dread that day I have no idea. You must all be ill. Months later, after leaving a girlfriend behind to get myself out of San Diego and back to Santa Rosa where I’m from, for safety, I later found Mark Chapman and the letter and Stephen King’s matching face and what he writes about to prove everything beyond the shadow of a doubt. I knew it would take several months, at least, for the world to catch up and respond and help me. I had no idea it would take forever if I didn’t exorcise the human race in the process and ram it down the world’s reluctant throat, first. In spite of all my efforts to let you people show some spine and take part in the expose, I found that you actually RESENT my heroism and idealism and demand for accountability. You don’t want to HANDLE the truth, after all. Like your sinful ancestors you still want to cry; “Free Barabbas!” like a fool. You’re just not as solid stock as your forefather’s who created America, after all. You’re content to let Stephen King butt f##k you all forever until you die just to not have to face up to the horror of it all. You don’t care if America falls to the Kremlin and all it’s gremlins or if your children resort to mass murder at school to vent their frustration. You just don’t want to have to face yourselves in a flat mirror like you all have to. Well, people of the world, if you don’t want to end up a miserable douche bag like silent Paul McCartney (His silence is the guiltiest – Yoko’s an enemy agent.) you’re going to have to face up to everything and deal with it and jail that evil man, Stephen King, for destroying America as much as he knew how to. Stephen King wants America to fall and fall hard. He hates you all, truth be told. He is exactly like Steven Paddock who shot up the Las Vegas crowd (King, in fact, e-mailed me a day after that event ) and he won’t deny it if asked. Yoko, too. You’re all so sick from what he did to you I sound like the one who hates you, instead. It’s just the sound of me wrestling with your diseased minds all this time. One man who IS right in a world all gone wrong. According to hard evidence, too. You people have been turned upside down. Our wicked world has a media and justice system that protects this monster from Moscow who slit your throats with what he did and wants, instead, to kill me before I change the world with the truth. Sadly, you’re all part of this hideous hypocrisy.

I say, if I die before you break this news you deserve that asteroid that I just happened to see, for whatever reason. That whatever lives you would have left over after that wouldn’t be worth living, really, anyway. It might just BE my call, people. For goodness’s sake, so to speak. I have to wonder why it was that I blurted out; “If I go everybody goes.” when the Secret Service interviewed me. You have to be good to deserve a planet this good. Right now, DO YOU? Resenting me for being good and right mostly because I require effort from all of YOU? Do you think freedom is free and requires no work? Are you all nuts? Do you want to doubt one such as I who was dealt a Royal Flush off the top of the deck of life? One who saw that space rock AND discovered the journalistic prize of the eons? I’d take stock in my valid prayer and regard it as a probable fact, a warning. Less about me allowing the strike and more about me saving you from it’s inevitability by giving you the chance to be good, again. I think I probably WAS chosen to warn you and was armed with a story to back it all up. The one good man that might spare us all. That THIS must be the test we must pass. Are you with me? Can you people, in 2020, break this news story? 20/20 vision year for real politics? Can you fulfill “The Event” that John called his murder? He gave you a reason to come together (Over him). Don’t waste it with cowardly apathy. That road leads to hell. These times are proof. John would not want that for any of you. You must act. The more of you the better. Anything less than a huge protest for full disclosure would be an embarrassment to you and humanity. Only fear is standing in the way of all of you breaking down your lying media’s doors and being normal and healthy like me.

I see the future like this: YOU people start to SUPPORT me instead of THWART me, for a change. Get over you sick jealousy and fear and shame. Let’s begin with that, first. Get on board with the truth and getting well. Get on board with locking that murderous geek, Stephen King, up for the rest of his sick life. Yoko, Chapman and whomever else the crime ensnares. Time and Newsweek and U.S. News? K.G.B. crap, anyway. Begone. You will have to gather around my van and billboards and stand by me and do so with enough of a showing that the local media has to print the news and the cause. Once THAT happens the rest is a cinch. But you have to do that much before we can watch the Kremlin’s crime melt before us like the Wicked Witch of the West did in The Wizard of Oz. I can only underestimate all that will follow in it’s wake and I won’t pretend to. I CAN guarantee a reversal in your school shooting phenomenon and make you all happier and healthier than you are now. That I think I CAN guarantee. You’ll all probably feel like you came up for air after being held underwater for several minutes. Gasping ferociously for more air.  For several weeks, at LEAST. You have to keep me alive, after, or you’re failing yourselves and not just me. I have too much to offer you all, now. I know a lot that nobody else could know. I’m just the replacement for John Lennon you all need. If you kill me; “Asteroids away!” That’s all I can say.

Donald Trump is a brave and good man. He’s not as brave as me, however, or he’d arrest King and be done with it. He’d actually SAVE us all. He still might, but don’t count on anything. He could flush the “Swamp” right down the toilet in one fell swoop if he’d just do that one thing. He knows about my evidence. If he can’t then I say never again trust anyone in politics. You really need a hero more than anything, anyway. Without a trusted celebrity / hero to speak for you you can’t tame and reform government, alone. That’s why our government always kills them, too. There’s a reason Lennon’s murder caused more suicides than any other, ever. That day was THAT bad. We all lost, big time. Stephen King lowered the quality of our lives by at least 20 percent, overnight. And you slobs sit on your asses while I do all the work. YOU people have to use your power. With this news you have enormous power. Network with each other. Organize. I’m pooped. I’m just a man. I don’t believe in the second coming or even religion after watching it fail all of you and cause wars all these years. You have been media mind controlled and you have to overcome that, first. I just did my best, here, with a flyer to supplement my website and van. What can YOU do, free and brave American citizen? Get your friends to join you and, together, let’s win.

I do protest every FIRST SUNDAY of every month in downtown Monterey starting at noon. Show up! You have a better idea? Let me know at

Thanks, Steve Lightfoot

The rest are examples of the evidence, the HARD PROOF you’re all ignoring at your peril…..magazine codes, the killer’s alleged name and letter, the killer’s face and real identity, his writings, Nixon’s writings. All the evidence a brave and free people should ever need. Are you? Until Stephen King is jailed you’re all his prisoner. I’m smart enough to admit it. This matters, people. Why don’t you matter? is the only question. P R O T E S T ,  P E O P L E……..

(To be continued…. below may be a later part of the finished chapter.)

Don’t kill me like you all killed John Lennon. I, YOU, deserve better than that. I would hope.My one goal is to get you all to jail Stephen King for life for what he did to you and me. After that maybe I’ll wow you, after, like Lennon used to with positivity. For now, just break my story, please. Jail that sick m#####f#####g Stephen King who has been molesting you sick all this time. Goddammit, people, wake the f### up! As I famously pointed out in my interview, watching all of you from the sidelines is like watching Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” turn green and projectile vomit while her head spins round and round. You’re all so sick and need to get well. You cannot afford to call me crazy when it’s really all of you who are crazy, after all. Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King and Yoko Ono and Mark Chapman and probably the Kremlin all KNEW they could poison you by killing your hero and they did. You have fallen from grace.

I wake up often and contemplate what slogan do I need to prod the public with today? Here’s some ideas for future reference.;