December 6, 2019 KSCO Interview:

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Did Joe Biden suffer the loss of his son, Beau, over his possible role in trying to kill me in 2015(14?) in a freeway accident? You know, karma? (Looking up my old entries to see exactly when I was slammed on a San Diego freeway I notice lots of my chapters have been hacked and are missing. I’m pretty sure, though, that it was a month before Beau Biden died, early 2015. I also notice entries misstating when I was T-boned in Concord. It was in 2010.) Did Joe Biden stumble three times in as many seconds climbing the stairs to a jet (We all saw the television clip of it last mid March of 2021) over his probable involvement in a “standing in a roadway” ticket I received outside of King’s Florida residence exactly one hour earlier? I think so, people. By the time you finish reading what is below I think you will agree, too.

I wondered, then, about the stumbling incident and only lately wondered also about the death of his son. I Googled the date of his son’s son’s death today (6-7-’21) and, lo and behold, it was almost EXACTLY when I was almost killed in a suspicious road accident in early 2015. I might be off by a year (2014?) but I’m pretty sure. Regardless, I suffered another even more dangerous accident in 2010 you will read about and he was V.P. then, too. I always thought Obama was behind these attempts to kill me at the time. He very well may have been, too. According to my avenging angel you will all find out about here, no, it must have been Biden’s idea to “Just kill his (my) ass!” as I can now see him saying to Obama, then.

Hey, Joe, I’m stopping you from a second term with radio spots from now on. Count on it. Just like I stopped Hillary Clinton in 2016. THAT”S what your latest shenanigans listed below have gotten you. I don’t like the way Russia is walking all over our infrastructure with hacking events since you’ve been in office, besides. I also warned radio listeners of your being in bed with big oil months before gas prices went up 25%, too. You, Obama, the Clinton’s and the Bush’s “New World Order” are all out of order, now.

Below this entry you will find a taste of what I constantly have to deal with; persecution from our authorities who, apparently, want me very dead. When I say I may have been the very first Covid – 19 victim I am not kidding. Two years before anyone ever heard of that bug I came down with a flu unlike any I have ever experienced before. I had to shut even my radio off because the energy required to listen to it might take up precious energy I needed just to stay alive. Like falling into a deep sleep I might not wake up from I DID almost die, then. I also got it the following year in 2018, I believe. Again, having to use ALL of my energy just to survive it. Ever since whenever I get the sniffles or any flu like symptoms I blow it out and sneeze it out of my body for all it’s worth. I mean a half roll of paper towels at a time prompting a river of mucus to flow holding my nose bridge so nothing is not ejected. When I sneeze I REALLY sneeze. It actually works and I get over it within a day or less. That and vitamins, rest and stress reduction I recommend over the suspect vaccines offered now.

I have learned that an HIV genome is present – spliced – into Covid – 19. That means it is a man manipulated, not a natural, virus. As such I do not trust any vaccine associated with it’s cure. What nefarious agenda might be tied to even the vaccine? My father was a doctor, in fact, and even HE was against many vaccines and drug induced cures then, generally. Our own bodies are supposed to build immunity, besides. If I ever WAS subjected to Covid – 19 and got rid of it I, no doubt, built up some immunity, I think.

As one society has labeled a “conspiracy theorist” – I am NOT – but rather a conspiracy REALIST with hard evidence, I recall the theory peddled long ago that the “powers that be” want to kill off a third of humanity someday to keep their money system operable so that overpopulation doesn’t over run it. Sounded wild even to me. Doesn’t sound so wild now, does it? Especially considering that Covid hit just as the baby boomers were lining up for their social security checks. Get my drift? The powers that be LIKELY unleashed Covid on us all, I think, and I would not be surprised if they used it on me, first, to try and kill me in a way that had never been heard of before. I even suspected that Putin was behind my bouts then. It’s somewhere on this site. I wrote about it then before Covid hit. THAT is theory, I’ll admit. The Lennon murder conspiracy is NOT theory, however, and I must alert all of you to your own weakness regarding standing UP to your evil governments. You have an irresistible urge to look away from and deny facts whenever you have to stand up for yourselves and accuse the government of anything. Humanity is pathetic and weak in this respect. “Render unto Caesar” is bad policy, people. You have to stand up against your governments. They are NOT your friend in many ways. My weapon is the English language. Slogans I use to tweak your conscience. “SICK, SILENT AMERICA….FESS UP, PHONIES….SILENT AMERICA SATANIC….YOU SILENT SICKO’S….GET WELL, SILENT AMERICA….LENNON KILLERS, REPENT….BE BETTER THAN YOU ARE – CARE….LENNON KILLERS CAN’T WIN….FACE UP TO THE FACTS…SILENT EQUALS STUPID…APATHY – YOUR OBSCENITY…” You get the point. When I was in N.Y.C. last month I erected a huge billboard for them to see; “SILENT N.Y. HAS NO HEART” (I actually used a heart symbol like they do for their “I LOVE (HEART SYMBOL) N.Y.”) Powerful stuff. That’s about all I can do since our courts and media are corrupt and capitulating to cover up my findings. An old slogan I once erected on my bumper read; “GET OUTRAGED, DOUCHE BAGS” It still applies. Can’t you congenital cowards see the folly in YOUR capitulation and complicity with your apathy and silence and sick need to call me and others “Theorists” just to relieve yourselves of your duty to take action and demand the news you all need?

Wake up and protect yourselves and heroes like me. Wake up, please! Yoko and Stephen King and others are urinating all over your decency but it is left to me to point that fact out. Until King is jailed and our system and media are exposed for the evil assholes they ARE you are all very sick and oppressed and unsexy, indeed. Meanwhile, get a load of what is below to see how cruel your apathy has already been to me.

Before delving below to see the mischief others have recently caused me I want to talk about my avenging angel before the asteroid I prayed for while interviewed on KSCO radio last Dec. 6, 2019 to put you fools out of your misery actually does exactly that. I also want to talk about my place in our world. I AM a special person, I think, and I have noticed signs along the way to show me so.

In 1966, I think it was, while settling into my sleeping bag in my family’s back yard to sleep outdoors that evening I no sooner looked up at the sky and immediately saw a mountain sized asteroid just miss our planet. It lit up the sky like a flashbulb. It was only about 3,000 miles away, larger than Mount Shasta, deathly silent for being so close and so powerfully fast it made it from Healdsburg, California to Hawaii in about two seconds. It’s swath took up one sixth of the sky! My first thought then was; “We all almost just died!” I was about 12 at the time and knew I wasn’t dreaming. Had I blinked I would have missed it. I told no one about it for a decade I thought it would sound so crazy. But it happened and I saw it. So I know that there is that all powerful, omnipotent factor out there to wipe us out like the dinosaurs if we don’t deserve this planet and ASK for it. You’d be surprised at how you people are asking for it, lately.

When I was being interviewed in Santa Cruz on Dec. 6, 2019 a typical, jealous, irresponsible, weak, sinful and lazy caller opined that what I am trying to do isn’t worth it. That it isn’t important. At that I remarked; “If we, as a species, do not rise to the occasion of this evidence and out it and jail Stephen King in my lifetime then I pray a mountain sized asteroid wipes us out for our own good. That we’d be better off than the way we are living, now:” I still mean every word of it, too. So, how am I a good guy? In the first place, I’m giving all of you fair warning and a chance to repent before your jealousy and cowardice kills me and you GET wiped out and, secondly, the way you are living in fear, now, is beneath you. You CAN do better and, to quote television star John Taffer of “Bar Rescue”; “I believe you CAN do this.”

If you’ve ever seen “Bar Rescue” Mr. Taffer is a consultant for failing bar owners who shakes things up and gets them on track for success. He takes the owner by the ankles and shakes out all their laziness, foolishness, addictions, weaknesses and failings to fall on the floor for all to see and revamps their entire approach and gets them “rescued”. He looks like a heavy in the mafia but John is quite intelligent, sensitive and savvy about human nature. Gordon Ramsey of “Kitchen NIghtmares” is a similar figure you can all relate to. He, too, exposes other people’s weaknesses and bad habits and gets THEM rolling down the road to a better future. You all may have noticed that Gordon is far more user friendly than he used to be. He, too, is cleaning up HIS act. We all have our faults and weaknesses. One of Taffer’s other often used tactics is to force the owner to admit to himself that it is he, not other people, who are to blame for his failures. In this respect all of YOU killed Lennon with YOUR fear and phoniness. The government knew they could count on that, first. You have a dismal track record.

I am exactly like these characters only I am cleaning up all of you, politically. You’re all a disaster the way you are, in fact. A DISASTER! I first noticed it when my father remarked; “Let’s all watch the Warren Report, kids.” in 1964. What a joke, I thought. The man who calls everybody ELSE a slob is now behaving just like a slob, himself. Lying to his kids that this might be the truth of the matter. I saw the face of adult phoniness rear it’s head and it scared me, then. Then, in 1980, I heard him say; “Well, son, I heard that John (Lennon) was kind of a trouble maker in school.” As if that justified his getting assassinated. Again, adult phoniness destroying life on earth. Some lame, go to, knee jerk move to alleviate himself of his duty and responsibility to stand up for himself and demand a better world than one that continually rolls over every time our governments kill our heroes. I recall myself, even, saying to myself; “Well, the government will get caught in this one. It’s just a matter of time before Beatles fans all over the world demand the truth and reject the Chapman cover up story. We’re going to be smarter this time.” I was wrong. Everybody I trusted became a shut up coward over night. It was horrifying. So much so that I sold my car, bought a 12 speed bicycle and lived outdoors for over a year living in San Diego doing nothing but riding around and listening to Beatles tapes on my Sony Walkman. I even sang along, usually, to really enjoy the gift their music was before I became a callous robot like everyone else. On July 26, 1982, a year and a half after John was killed, I accidentally stumbled onto government codes in major magazines that prove what really happened to John. Months later I found Stephen King’s matching face and only then realized the horror that IS our lives. I wish it was Chapman and not King. Now, who would even believe me? Nixon was a genius in that respect. Too much truth for you mere mortals to wrap your small minds around. Incomprehensible. That’s how much smarter the deep state is than you are. Diabolical, besides.

Now, I mentioned my :”Avenging Angel” as if I am a special, protected person on earth. That I’m doing all of you a favor warning you how to avoid an asteroid and extinction. I think that IS the case.

This phenomenon first reared it’s head when I was about 9 after letting some neighborhood boys play with my new P-40 airplane on strings. Each of them deliberately, repeatedly, crashed it into the ground as if they were jealous that their dad didn’t buy them one, too. A year later one of these same boys punched me in the nose prompting my dad to teach me to box. My dad also went over to their dad and had a few words with him about the matter. About a year or two later a huge explosion woke up the whole block. Someone’s water heater blew up and started a fire. That same father of the boys that crashed my plane and punched me tried to put out the fire with a can of gasoline he mistook for water. By the time my dad arrived he was already burned to death.

My own father died in a plane crash in 1984. He was a passenger in a ski lift plane in New Zealand and was one of three of the six aboard who died. It occurred to me many years later that he, himself, almost took out his entire family on a Lake Tahoe mountain top in his plane. He was playing “Chicken” with the mountain tops that day and I feared for what he might be thinking, frankly. Apparently, just for thinking about possibly harming me, he died exactly the way I would have had he not come to his senses.

Lou Costa, a friend of my dad, a sheriff, died of colon cancer several years after he alerted the Secret Service to my Lennon murder evidence discovery. A subsequent surprise interview from Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service preceded all my troubles with the law ever after. It was my dad, in fact, who alerted him to my discovery. A little side note; One day, as a small boy, I opened Lou Costa’s combination lock to his weight room in three seconds, first try. Hit it, right off, like a magic act. He was gobsmacked. A portent ot my detective skills to come?

The man who dislocated my shoulder and broke my nose on a sidewalk in 1987 had ALL his teeth knocked out a year later, I noticed. Maybe he just liked to pick fights and got in over his head, I guess. Either that or he spent the money the government gave him on Meth and he lost his teeth that way. I recall he was dressing pretty snappy all of a sudden, right after. His sudden prosperity was short lived as he was last seen living in a sleeping bag in Golden Gate Park robbing unlocked cars for a living as I saw him last. I only know his name; Thomas Decker, because I arrested him days after his assault. San Francisco D.A. Costello did not prosecute, however. They must have been working together to try to disfigure my handsome face. In fact, it took two of them to hurt me. I was asleep in my van on Haight Street when they took turns urinating on my hubcap to get me to come out and confront them. Decker did a martial arts spin move that bent my nose sideways. I immediately got him in a headlock until his 6’8″ tall accomplice dislocated my opposite shoulder before they smacked my face into the sidewalk. No love on Haight Street that day. I pushed my nose back on straight at the hospital, myself, leveraging my elbow against a wall. When I arrested Decker days later he was very disappointed looking seeing my straightened nose. It was subsequently made even better than new on the state’s dime. So much for disfiguring the messenger. I later stood my ground and faced Decker down while he was without his accomplice and he backed down and left. I had a steel bar hidden in the sand behind me just in case. I don’t know martial arts.

The man who violently kicked me in my back in Berkeley in 1987(?) was next seen in a wheelchair, that same leg he kicked me with in very bad shape. Permanent damage, it seemed.

Officers Steven Rist and Kevin Hall of the S.F.P.D. who beat me unconscious in 1987 while I was handcuffed in the back of their van I have no idea what happened to, but if investigated by anyone I’d be surprised if they have not had bad karma hit them back, too.

Recently the Santa Cruz CHP and Sheriff’s Department were involved in a sting operation that found me in the back of my van about to get oral surgery when I had to jump into the driver’s seat to stop it from rolling downhill. The driver I hired who was recommended to me by former S.C. police officer Bill Rawson deliberately, I think, set me up when he jumped out and left my van in neutral on an incline. I think he was coached to do so by police, in fact.. Even though my blood test for pre surgery Halcion medication came back 0.00 I was cited and charged with D.U.I. (The same charge that was just dismissed – see content below this entry.) Then, in the middle of the evil court shenanigans they pulled on me after, ( I had to remove two bad judges and fire two bad attorneys, all who were trying to harm me.) I was driving on Highway 1 in Santa Cruz and noticed a dozen Sheriff and CHP cars pass ME and my VAN on the way to a crime scene involving a “Steven” Carillo in a white “van” they were pursuing who just shot dead a sheriff from the very same station who busted me earlier and shot a CHP officer in the hand. The two agencies who had a hand in that D.U.I. set up. More interesting, though, it occurred in the same neighborhood as Bill Rawson who set me up with the driver who set me up. THEN, a few weeks later, in the SAME neighborhood, lightning sparked the worst fires in Santa Cruz history that resulted in forcing the same D.A. who was prosecuting me at the time, Jeffery Rosell, to evacuate HIS house as he also lived in that neighborhood. Getting weird, right, folks? The two agencies chasing a guy also named Steven, also in a van, get harmed in the same neighborhood as all my oppressors, AND as their co workers pass me en route to the scene. The fires that followed just adds to the bizarreness of it all. Rosell must have been scratching his head I imagine.

In 1994 the same Santa Cruz authorities set me up at a Stephen King book signing and put me on national television portrayed as a stalker with a bogus charge of trespass that was dismissed days later after their plot was accomplished. I made the national news falsely portrayed and defamed by the same people above who, apparently, years later, got karma’d.

Even Stephen King, himself, who, at the time, spoke to the crowd in Santa Cruz about the matter; “I guess we took a few shingles off of his (My) roof.” was mowed down a few years later while walking by a VAN and almost killed in the process. (Years earlier I spent a half year in Bangor, Maine in MY van.) A dozen broken bones, etc. etc… I guess it was his roof that got de shingled THAT day. I recall seeing him in a news photo then on crutches watching his daughter getting married to a black woman. Just bizarre. My protracted 1992 visit to Bangor resulted in his having to move to Florida.  Apparently Maine ran him out of town, after. I just recently spent two months advertising his murderer status in Sarasota, Florida and suspect that they, too, will run him off to another hideout. For the past dozen years he has been living in a witness protection house on the tip of Casey Key, there. Your government is protecting your enemy, people. That makes your government your enemy, too. Face up to that fact.

KGO Radio in San Francisco even got karma’d. In 1990 they were probably one of the ten biggest talk stations in America. A year or two after I barnstormed their airwaves with the world’s most provocative, aggressive, insightful calls their status vaulted to the number one talk radio station in the western hemisphere. After several years of watching their entire staff belittle and mock me they suffered extreme bad luck. It started when one of their staff jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and ended with two of their hosts dying and, recently, of Ray Tagliofaro who walked into the wilderness before killing himself. Ray was one of the most animated of my detractors, in fact.All four were hosts. One died on the operating table and another of a sickness. Host, Bernie Ward, who once lied to say that Lennon was ever a pedophile ( I got him to retract that lie, later.) ended up jailed for decades in the “Big House” in Texas over child pornography and trafficking. He’s still there, folks. Micky Luckoff, their manager, suffered when his wife was struck by a bicyclist which put her into a protracted coma. Before you knew it they were bumped off of their number one status and plummeted all the way down to being sold and re sold to a number of new owners and have never recovered from their fall from grace. All for belittling ME, in my humble opinion. They should be considered a microcosm of our media, in general. It’s all cowardly, deceitful and jealous of me. Contemptuous of all of you to cover up my story, besides. You are their masochists who don’t seem to mind, either. Well, aren’t you? Maybe you’re also jealous of me, too. The media is, after all, made up of people just like all of you. It’s not like A.I.D.S, Covid -19, a tripling of teen suicide, etc., global warming, the New World Order takeover of America and a litany of other bad things haven’t happened to all of you, too, over your willingness, since, to lie to yourselves and overlook me and my evidence. To call me a conspiracy theorist wacko. You know I am the world’s biggest hero, in reality, right? (You can’t name a bigger one, honestly.) I probably have an avenging angel for a reason. Maybe I am too important TO ignore.

On Venice Beach, California in 2014 a drug fiend / drug dealer who I always suspected was an undercover cop hit me with a side arm punch while I was holding my expensive guitar. When I briefly set my guitar down he ran off like the coward he really is. Days later, when the police acted like buddies at a picnic with him instead of arresting him, my suspicions were validated. I had to drive 100 miles away to Palm Springs twice just NOT to wail on him, myself. Instead I made an incendiary anti Venice Beach speech invoking former resident there, Jim Morrison’s, lyrics about its seedy reputation; “Motel money murder madness changed the mood from glad to sadness..” That speech not only cleared the beach in a half hour, the very next day lightning struck there and killed a man. Just last week Venice Beach made national news as a drug infested, squatters, homeless encampment assuming the armpit status of L.A.. Can you say karma? Because of that attack on me, there, and the public’s acquiessence, I consider L.A. like a fatherless child. Jim Morrison and I have that in common, I guess.

My home town of Santa Rosa, California, who ignored their local hero for decades, suffered it’s worst fire, ever, on John Lennon’s birthday, recently, AND just hours after I made a 150 mile trip up there from Monterey to have my van repaired the next day. I was sleeping in Healdsburg, just ten miles from where it started, in fact, when it broke out from a PG&E equipment failure. WEIRD.

Some karaoke bars also met the wrath of my avenging angel for mistreating me, as well. Most recently a Monterey bar, that I had to talk to the manager about my concerns over their discrimination against my messenger status months before, had to close – now for over a year – over Covid – 19 just DAYS after I 86’d myself over the K.J.’s skipping over me, twice, one night. I yelled out what I thought of him as I left their establishment. I won’t say what epithet I screamed that night at him except to say I didn’t expect to ever grace their establishment after. In fact, nobody else has, since, either. Bad karma?

In 2001, in Sunnyvale, California, a “Roadhouse” bar closed about a month after they used their premises to try to break my nose. I used to smoke pot in those days and was sitting down with a known member of the Hell’s Angels bikers gang to perhaps buy a bag when he put a knife to my throat after getting me in a headlock and then punched me hard in the nose after I refused to flinch. I had him arrested that night and recommended anger management therapy to the judge in court proceedings. My nose did not break and I even played pool the next evening in his presence much to his chagrin. He later left a voice mail at my golf shop that I managed at the time that included multiple shots fired from a gun. I knew the management of that bar was planning to have him break my nose because the night it happened most of the regular customers stayed home as if they were told to stay away. I last saw the former owner working a karaoke gig at another bar.

This, perhaps, is the time to bring up the green eyed monster that has plagued me my whole life. The boys who crashed my plane, the man who broke my nose on a sidewalk, the other who tried to do the same and others who have picked on me all have one thing in common; JEALOUSY and ENVY. I am the opposite of them in many ways, typically. I happen to be intelligent, good looking and many of the things they are not. It’s a truism about life, generally. Low self esteem ranks as the number one reason people do bad things to others. I can’t help it that I was born lucky, that I was breast fed, that my mother had me take naps when I was young to insure proper brain development, that I ranked in the top 3 % of the S.A.T. test, that I was the best artist in my grade school and high school, that I almost made the P.G.A. tour and was talented in golf and, lately, singing. Many, many things I have been blessed with. As egotistical as I must sound in saying so, I am, in fact, not. I am only too happy to point out my mismatched lower legs, my Zirconia replacement teeth, the fact that for almost four decades I have CHOSEN to live in a van – even with $100 grand in the bank, recently, and $35 grand before that. I am only too happy to admit that I have faults and weaknesses like everybody else. I don’t mind saying that I have CHOSEN celibacy for decades, now, due to the fact that I am burnt out on one night stands – 100 already – and need true love to be happy. True love will HAVE to wait until I am brought forward and my life is safe enough to pull someone close in the first place. Until then I am suffering. In fact, as the messenger, I have noticed that society is too jealous of me to ALLOW me to even have a love interest. No kidding. I could tell you true stories of how others have tried to kill any relationship I was in the process of establishing. As if I am some kid of alien they fear will take over the world if I’m allowed to breed. THAT’S how jealous and afraid of me society IS! Considering the size of the story I have been sitting on all this time – the biggest ever told in America – I must be the humblest hero on earth not to have forced the story to break sooner so I could bask in the fame, fortune and glory of it all. Nope. That’s not my style. I am truly just a hero trying to save mankind and that’s good enough for me. I just HAPPEN to be made of stouter stuff than my peers. That’s just fate, my friends.

Let’s talk, now, about Paul McCowardly who is also jealous of me as well as John Lennon. Paul is no John Lennon. He sold us out and kept his mouth shut all this time because money and security mean more to him than how the rest of us all live. “Isn’t he a bit like you and me..” to quote John’s first political song; “Nowhere Man”. He really IS nowhere, man. The complete opposite of John who, knowingly, risked it all to revolutionize our world with his outspokenness. One who responsibly USED his fame to do so. John understood that it is the JOB of the most famous person on earth TO capitalize on that fact and use his fame TO change the world. Otherwise he would be WASTING his good luck and good fortune and blessings that God gave him to put him on top of the world, in the first place.

Paul actually DID endorse me ONCE, barely. During the April first 1990 Berkeley concert, during the instrumental of “Fool On The Hill” he yelled out; “Yeah, Steeeeeeeeve! (Everybody in Berkeley then knew who I was.) That’s RIGHT. I don’t know what YOU think, Berkeley, but I want you to know that we LIKE it and we need you as a PEOPLE to GET to the promised land. Oh, yeah, the dream; “Free at last, free at last, thank God, almighty, free at last..”

Had I not taped it (I was lucky enough to get tickets right up front. ) and heard it when I replayed the tape days later, I’d never have known he said anything. I doubt ANYBODY else heard what he said, either. I think his meek effort was mostly to let him sleep better at night, is all. Meanwhile, John’s song; “How Do You Sleep”, which is about Paul, seems to have come true for him. Since trespassing on me and martyring my life with his lack of support, his wife, Linda, died, his other wife with one leg left him and his musical career has petered out, basically, just like John predicted it would. He will likely be remembered as Paul McCowardly, in fact, if he doesn’t grow some balls and help me, soon. Again, a case of my enemies getting punished by fate or karma. You decide.

George Harrison died and, with nothing to lose, kept his mouth shut, too. I was in N.Y.C. at the time. Why didn’t HE say something on his deathbed to help me? I suspect his earlier throat operation was the window the government may have used to infiltrate his body with whatever killed him years later. That’s just me and my common sense at play. Then he was almost killed in his castle by a knife wielding nut. It’s not like his silence didn’t cost him, either.

I would have to sit down and think of others who crossed me who were punished by the hand of God, it seems, but I hate even thinking about all of that negative stuff. Rest assured I have only listed a fraction of it all.

I recall, too, saying to Terry Chodash in 1983 in that surprise interview; “If I go, everybody goes.” It just popped out of my mouth for whatever reason. I now think it might mean this; “If I get killed by the world an asteroid will kill everybody for letting it happen in the first place. I’m special. Beware, I have an avenging angel. Don’t mess with God’s messenger.” It sure seems that way, now.

So, perhaps my warning about an asteroid on KSCO radio on December 6, 2019 SHOULD be taken seriously. I recall, in fact, how it was that Covid – 19 hit  America just DAYS after I made that remark. Whoever may have been laughing at my sense of importance that an asteroid might wipe us all out if they don’t care about my evidence suddenly wasn’t laughing. I think I AM doing all of you a favor in warning you of bad karma if you don’t bring me forward and very soon, in fact.

I think there must be a reason only I was chosen to witness the 1966 asteroid that almost killed us all. I suspect just knowing how fragile we all are had a lot to do with my caring about Lennon’s murder to begin with. I know we are on the chopping block if we don’t behave. In letting Chapman skip a public trial after all of Nixon’s mischief against John you set yourselves up for bad karma, whether you admit it or not. I’m telling you, now, that people like John Lennon are the most valuable asset on earth. You had all better start protecting people like Lennon and myself, too. Before that same asteroid comes round to end your misery and foolishness.

Dreams are a fascinating thing. Days before my evidence find I had a dream where an old girlfriend and I reconciled on a fence top. That dream inspired me to look for evidence at all. Ours was a volatile one when we broke up and mending our fences still means the world to me. I had the chance just months ago, in Dallas, when she showed up to say “Hi.” but she didn’t announce who she was. My poor showing and not even recognizing her that night is why I instantly gave up smoking pot. I was in sad shape that night.

Weeks before that dream I had another dream that crystalizes exactly what I am up against in coming forward with my monster sized expose. I found myself scaling a monster sized tree. So big it housed restaurants in it’s trunk. As I was climbing this tree I stumbled onto a window and saw some cooks putting poison into the rice they were about to feed their customers upstairs. I immediately went upstairs and warned the people not to eat the rice. Instead of thanking me for saving their lives they RESENTED me for it. “Oh, get out of here you goody goody. We WANT to die, you jerk. That’s why we’re HERE!. Go away! Have you no respect for our perversions?” That’s the way it seemed they received me, anyway.

All of you are exactly just like that. You resent the fact that I am saving you from pure evil. You WANT to be raped by Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King and Yoko Ono and your media. You LIKE it. You don’t have the BALLS to stand upright and live good lives. You’re all very sick. It is precisely because of this demonstrable fact that I have no qualms in asking for your complete destruction if you can’t pull out of it and jail King in my lifetime. If your sickness gets me killed you all probably deserve to be erased from this otherwise beautiful planet. It’s already bad enough you all failed to demand a trial for Mark Decoy Chapman, in the first place. No wonder you world is already crashing around you with mass shootings every week. A phenomenon King wrote about in the 70’s in his book ; “Rage” about a student shooting up his classmates. Before King came along there WERE no mass shootings in America. Now look at all of you. Masochists from hell it seems to me. My father was a doctor. I can’t let you go on this way and stay so sick. You’d all be better of dead, frankly. I DO have supernatural things tied to me that you CANNOT explain away and I fear for all of you if you don’t get outraged over the injustice of Lennon’s murder, soon, and act and bring me forward.

As you are, you listen to my world class singing from my van as I park next to the outdoors dining restaurants. It’s my way of saying “I SHOULD be famous. Why are you wasting all this on just a dozen listeners when America needs to see and hear me on the mass media? My expose is JUST as amazing and newsworthy. My sudden singing abilities are proof something big is happening right here with me and my Lennon expose. A sign from God. What’s the MATTER with all of you?”

But you just sit and give me thumbs up but that’s about all. Way to go, Lennon killers. You’ll have to do better than just that.

Now, in closing this section of my website, I want to say to all of you two things; One; Get off of of drugs, booze and marijuana, even. Kick that crutch out from under you. It’s bogging all of you down. You’re like a giant Gulliver tied down just the way the government wants you to be. As true as it may be that John popularized drugs as a Beatle – he did – he was straight and drug free in 1980 and even wrote a song; “Clean Up Time” about kicking drugs. He took responsibility for his mistake and tried to rectify it. That is one reason the government wanted to kill him. They WANT you stuck in the mud on drugs. It takes away your moral authority and makes you all weak. Truth be told the Kennedy and M.L.K. murders is what REALLY made us all so miserable that drugs took off in the first place, not Lennon’s contribution. Despair is why you are all on drugs.

Two; this mountain sized asteroid that fate chose only ME to witness in 1966 is real. It’s not my imagination or exaggeration. Consider this. We know that the asteroid that took out the dinosaurs hit near Mexico. Did you know that the Gulf of Mexico is the crater it carved out? Did you know that the state of Florida is the result of the sea bed it pushed up in it’s wake? THAT’S how big THAT asteroid was. Another fact only I have the brains to notice; The Central Valley of California, visible from space, is PROBABLY another mountain sized asteroid divot. A glancing blow that carved out that fertile, asteroid fertilized divot. Huge ones ARE still out there, folks.

Don’t wait for the next strike. I am for real. That asteroid I saw is for real and your role in Lennon’s murder cover up is real. It’s probably going to strike if you don’t heed my warning and bring me forward. I AM doing you all a favor in praying for it in public on the radio interview in 2019 just to wake you all up in time to do something about it. Apparently our government can’t compete with the weaponry God has entrusted me with. Are you all willing to just sit on your hands and take a chance I’m full of it? I hope not. Meanwhile all of you are the ones who are full of it, covering up my discovery.

No, I am not the second coming  – Maybe John was, though – and I don’t believe in the “Anti – Christ”. Religion is a man made invention I don’t believe in, either. You’re all still killing the Christ figures in your midst and nobody was saved by his crucifixion. Religion is a hustle, period. While I believe there are aliens in other worlds out there I doubt there has ever been one within 100 light years of earth, ever. People who think otherwise are delusional, in my opinion. People who believe in “Bigfoot” have a small mind, in my opinion. I turned down an interview offer with George Nori of “Coast To Coast” talk radio, the biggest show in America, over the fact that I didn’t want to be labeled with the rest of his programming all about aliens and Bigfoot nonsense. So, I’m probably the sanest person on the planet for all anybody knows. I do believe in a “God”, however, lately, as my life is just too tied to weird coincidences to be accidental.

If you ARE struck with that asteroid you’ll all freeze to death after dust blocks out the sun, just like the cold blooded dinosaurs. Only feathered and furred animals and reptiles small enough to go underground survived. Just a heads up, people.

P.S. EVERYBODY knows about me and has since I hit the scene in 1983. Don’t pretend you don’t. I’m brave, you’re all not. I guess that makes me a hero. That’s the big difference between us. My evidence is valid and everybody knows it.


The bizarreness of my avenging angel just keeps on giving, and whether I want it to or not. A new wrinkle; KSCO Radio of Santa Cruz’s owner, Michael Zwerling, has announced his plans to retire and let someone else run the station. He cited not wanting to deal with the liabilities involved. I recently e-mailed him to ask for another interview with him and mentioned what a rat and no good character Jack Stine was when he was there as a host for several months. Jack Stine was like an assassin from another city hired to shoot me down and besmirch me. As if I was his sole mission in life there. He unabashedly did so and I alerted the audience to this fact, then. Then, one day, he was gone without any explanation. I only mentioned him this week to Michael to remind him my instincts about him were right and that he was wrong to trust him in any capacity. THEN, the next day, (Yesterday, 6-3-’21) when I called Michael to see about my request for an interview, he assumed I knew that Stine was the reason he wanted out of running the station. Not at all. I had no idea that Stine was suing KSCO for “..a lot more than..” $100,000.00 over not being hired as a permanent employee and bumped up from his “independent contractor” status he started under. It might be the case that KSCO is SETTLING for a multi hundred thousand or more amount of money to appease this snake in the grass’s ass. A mistake, in my opinion, and I told him so. Mike took solace in “karma” possibly biting him back. Hours later it occurred to me; NO, not HIS karma but KSCO’s karma for allowing Stine to assassinate my character all that time he did. For allowing Stine to plow me under KSCO got dinged by MY avenging angel that I have no control over is what I honestly think. If Michael wants good karma he should give me an honest interview that paints an honest picture of me and not like the last Dec. 6, 2019 one that found me praying for a mountain sized asteroid to put mankind out of it’s hero killing miserable ways for besmirching me like his hosts did, then. Stine was ONE of them, in fact. Just DAYS later Covid – 19 hit America instead of the asteroid that I saw just miss us all in 1966.

It’s up to Michael. I like him and trust him somewhat to do me right with a square and true interview. If he does I predict a turnaround for KSCO. I’d LOVE to  announce to the west coast why Stine should be “persona non grata” west of the Rockies. I’d like for him to be off limits here for employment for what he did to all of you in besmirching me and protecting your enemy; Stephen King. If anyone can bump his settlement down to $100 grand it would be outspoken me. I might have to withhold my outspokenness on all talk radio and here about him for him to agree to that, but I think I could do that. What do YOU think, Mike?

Meanwhile, another peculiar observation; The famous Northridge quake in 1994(?) that leveled much of L.A. OCCURRED just several HOURS after I moved there to live. Like two huge ships passing in the night; ME with my historic expose and L.A. and all it’s anti truth media machine. As if God wanted them to know that a new sheriff is in town and pay attention. Did I rock L.A.’s world then just for moving there? Almost as weird as being the only one picked from all of us to WITNESS the killer asteroid that almost DID kill us ALL when I was just a boy. As if fate KNEW I’d be the one to solve Lennon’s murder someday and face down the lying world with it all. As if I needed a reason to save us all and make us behave better just to avoid that very asteroid someday. To give me a reason to be strong and never quit, no matter what. I remember being in my van that first night in L.A. and thinking some punks were merely rocking my van at first. Then it felt like gorillas rocking it. Then I KNEW it was a quake. Then I endured a harrowing minute long ride that almost threw my van on it’s side up on the sidewalk. It was bouncing like popcorn popping in a skillet. It shook me to my soul and got me listening to Andy Williams tapes for weeks after just to settle my nerves from it all. WOW! WHAT a quake it was. It pried my van’s ceiling beams from their welds it was so vicious. My first night in L.A.

In fact,  months later, O.J. made murderous news the very DAY AFTER I moved FROM L.A. to live in San Diego. Just weird, folks. Weird.

In closing this entry some tips for all of you;

The media is our enemy and won’t tell you.

The courts aren’t willing to do their job, here, either

YOU are congenitally weak for news this explosive and would rather expose your children to a murderer / writer and even cut off your right arm than even ADMIT this news.

Yoko is in on the set up and cover up. (Our initial; instincts about her where spot on.)

Killing John was step one in destroying America and confiscating our guns so the New World order could take us over. Yoko is using his murder anniversary all across America to do exactly this, in fact. That’s why a gun was used to kill him. To demonize guns.

Since King wrote “Rage” in the 70’s about a student shooting his classmates en mass THAT phenomenon has taken hold.

Your own denial is your biggest downfall.

To give you all a flavor of your own jealousy, fear and denial and, I’ll say it; MESSENGER ENVY, allow me recount a call I made to KGO radio last night (6-8-’21) The subject was California’s drought;

(John Rothman [host] ); “Jake, uh, rather JACK, from Redwood City. Welcome to KGO.”

(Me) “Hi, John. (Using a disguised voice) “Boy, everybody should give me a dollar for this suggestion. You know, we used to be called the ‘Redwood Empire’. Now we’re called a desert. The solution is planting a half million redwood trees and enacting a 20 year moratorium on cutting any down. Rain is only attracted to areas where it is needed. You’ll notice how it is the Cascade Range forest where most of our rain falls, for example. Nature’s not stupid.”

(John); “That’s a very interesting point and a great suggestion.

(Me): Allow me to identify who this is; Steve Lightfoot”

(John) I know it’s you. I can tell your voice. You’re always welcome when you have a sound point to make.”

(Me); But if I REALLY make a sound point (Like my Lennon murder evidence) I’m called a ‘Nut”, right?”

(John); No one’s calling you a nut…”

(Me); Yes you all do. It’s just the way of the world. We always call the hero a nut. I also started the mask movement. Just ask Chip Franklin. (A KGO host) I got Gavin Newsom to say on television; “I guess it WOULD be O.K. to wear bandannas and home made masks, after all.” The next day the whole nation went masks.”

That was last night. Earlier that same day on KSCO Radio I was given ample time to excoriate Yoko Ono and her role in the cover -up of John’s death and how it was she who ordered the S.F.P.D. to handcuff me and beat me unconscious for giving her my evidence packet to get to Paul, George and Ringo in 1987, and why Chapman was a decoy likely living with his parents in a witness protection program since the inmates in Attica prison’s Cell block ‘C’, where Chapman supposedly was, never saw him, according to a conversation I once had with an inmate there.

A caller chimed in to say THIS!; “Even if he’s right about everything there are much more important matters for us to care about. He’ll never be a part of anything to do with it’s disclosure, anyway…”

In 2017, when KSCO interviewed me for two uninterrupted hours, a caller, Don, from Salinas(?), a caller who agrees with everything else I say so long as it’s not about Lennon, couldn’t resist describing me as doing what I do for attention, only. “….He has no humility…” Etc., etc., etc..

Talk radio, like karaoke bars, is full of prima donas who resent the real talent in the room and feel the need to tackle whomever it is that has the real football. Jealousy. Envy. Just like Whitney Houston killed herself in a bathtub the night before Adele was to be crowned queen of song the next night on television. A sick world, indeed. As if that would upstage Adele and rob her of her prize, somehow.

In reality, WHEN I am brought forward I will automatically become the most famous human on earth and likely eclipse the fame and importance even The Beatles and John Lennon once had. My status as messenger of the biggest expose of all time and the biggest news story of our lifetimes – it IS – is bigger than fame, itself. Even bigger than history. It’s of biblical proportions, no less. I have known this fact since day one. It’s one reason, in fact, why I have taken decades TO come forward. Who WANTS to be bigger than fame, anyway? Certainly not me. Too much excitement. Do you people have any idea of what I’ll have to do after? Security staff, body guards, bomb proof vans to move about in, no air travel, etc., etc..I’ll be more protected that the president, in fact, I’ll have so much jealousy stalking me. I’ll have to do my concerts in a large, clear, bullet proof sphere that is trolley’d on cables through the auditorium. Who WANTS all that?

Because it happened to ME and not YOU I must be a nut and nobody to write home about. You’re all so very, very sick, indeed. That’s why I lost faith in a “God” for a few years. If he was real how is it he made all of you so flawed and weak and stupid? Now, as if to SHOW me he’s real, my avenging and guardian angels are in full force convincing me so. What you all just read immediately above. In fact, I suspect it is precisely BECAUSE you’re ALL so sick and sinful, generally, so apathetic, silly, jealous and phony in so many ways, that it is people just LIKE YOU, average run of the mill citizens, who are always the target of mass shooters. Like mankind, itself, is a disease and is responsible for everything wrong in our world and must be lashed out against. It’s always average John and Jane Doe’s scampering and stampeding to get out of the path of these shooters. ISN’T IT? Think about THAT slap in the face, people. Random, generic, anonymous targets with no other reason or rhyme. Maybe they are on target with their madness. It takes a hero to even see that about all of you.

Meanwhile, the fact that Stephen King’s book “Rage” about a student shooting up his classmates, written in the 70’s, and the fact that I have pointed out the fact that it is King getting Lennon’s last autograph MEANS NOTHING TO YOU! You all ARE sick. You need the exorcism that is and all it exposes.

I don’t mean to be rude, but you all need that slap in the face for your own good.

There’s more, but this should get your heads screwed on straight, hopefully, for now.

You all have to confront your lying media and protest against their censorship. Otherwise you’re stuck on stupid just waiting for an asteroid strike to solve your problems. Think, people. THINK.

Hold the presses! Just hours after the above entry I made it through the national radio airwaves to make a succinct point. It was at 1:53 a.m., PST, 6-10-’21, on George Nori’s Coast To Coast show (The one whose offer for an interview I turned down, recently.) His guest, Paul, was talking about the monster sized asteroid; “Apophus(?) and how it just might strike earth in about nine years and how it’s smaller attachments would probably surely hit us. I used the name Mark (My middle name) from Sacramento to elude their censorship and actually was called to speak. That first attempt was thwarted as I wasn’t audible but my call back was put at the top of the cue and I was on minutes later. Here’s what it sounded like;

(George) “Looks like Mark from Sacramento made it back. Hello, Mark.”

(Me) “Thank you, George, Paul. I can do this in under 60 seconds. You mentioned signs, S-I-G-N-S. The Gulf of Mexico and the state of Florida are the result of the asteroid crater that took out the dinosaurs. The great Central Valley of California is an asteroid divot – they’re that big, folks – a glancing blow. The sign we all have to start making and displaying in order to avoid getting killed by Apophus is”

At that point I was cut off but everything went through, anyway. What a home run, however weird it must have sounded like. I think most everybody knew exactly what I was saying. That if we don’t change our ways and start exposing Lennon’s murder and start caring, soon, we’ll all be asteroid toast, soon.

Understand, people, WHEN I was apparently CHOSEN to see perhaps this very asteroid in 1966, or one even bigger, it wasn’t until after I had settled into my sleeping bag that night and before I had a chance to think of anything else, like a special front row seat and on a silver platter, before it streaked across the sky; “BLIP!!!!!” making my first thought after; “We almost all just died!” Bigger than Mount Shasta and faster than you can comprehend and only 3,000 miles away taking up one SIXTH of the sky! A KILLER ROCK if ever there was one. It is the reason I care about matters like John Lennon’s assassination more than anyone else on earth to begin with. I KNOW what awaits us if we don’t start behaving. Now, do any of YOU???????????????? It must all be for a reason, people. Look what I was also chosen to discover years later. A reason and a chance for us TO change. You know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, right? Lot was told that if there was ONE good man in their midst those two cities would be spared. Instructed there might not be he left with his wife. SHE was turned into a pillar of salt just for looking back to watch their destruction after being instructed not to. The moral of the story as far as I’m convinced is this. I MAY JUST HAVE BEEN the one good man that spared us in 1966. I wouldn’t count on that in the future, though. I don’t even believe half of the Bible in the first place. If you cannot respond, morally, to my findings (God’s test?) maybe mankind is not worthy of this beautiful planet, after all. Remember, also, that John called his upcoming murder; “The Event”. I’d pay attention to all this, people. I can almost read the headlines; “Man was given his chance but proved too flawed and weak and phony to even stand up to a sick horror writer for killing the best man on earth at the time, John Lennon, and after evidence was given to them on a silver platter for four decades. Not planet worthy.”

Don’t let THAT be your legacy, people. Please. It CAN happen and I should know. Man can do nothing to stop what I saw as a child. If our media is telling you different, well, we know about the media and our government, right?

June 13, 2021;

The hits just keep on coming. Gem opportunities on major talk radio to express myself. I promise I want you to read what is below this about my court trials and tribulations – some pending, some past – but this past Saturday early morning I was on Coast to Coast, again, and with another grand slam zinger of a call. It’s as IF my guardian angel is teeing me up for success it almost seems. The subject was Jack The Ripper possibly being none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of the Sherlock Holmes novels. Just exactly like my claim that Stephen King, not Mark Chapman, murdered John Lennon in a Nixon, Reagan, government conspiracy. Imagine; one of the biggest writers of his time, Doyle, being the real life murderer / psychopath of HIS day. A celebrity / monster in everybody’s midst hiding in plain sight. The guest made cogent points about Doyle’s troubled childhood and prostitute mother, the fact that the victims were also prostitutes and the fact that his fingerprints WERE on a letter from The Ripper and lots of things that actually convinced me it was more probable than not that he was on to something sound. I got on twice, in fact, and here’s how it sounded;

At 11:45(?) PST I was on but cut short;

“…I’d like to point out that one reason your guest may be spot on is what better way to fuel your creative writing juices than by having a secret over your audience to taunt them with. You know, such as being this monster and only you knowing this fact and lording this energy over your audience…”

Or words to that effect. I planned much more but my audio was cut off as Ian Puntit rambled on and on about whatever he was saying in response.

I called back later for open lines and told the screener I want to point out the imposition it would be for us to educate the women of the third world (As a news report was saying earlier) to basically pull them away from child rearing and putting them to work to pay taxes, in my opinion. She got back with me minutes later to say that Ian isn’t taking political calls. I quickly segued back to The Jack The Ripper subject about how Doyle’s celebrity cloaked his crime with the aura of incomprehensibility and thus gave him the perfect crime. I was taken at 12:45(?) PST and it sounded like this;

“Thank you Ian, Your guest may very well be correct with his theory about Doyle being The Ripper. In high school I read all of the Sherlock Holmes novels (True) except “The Hound of the Baskerville’s” and it helped develop my detective skills” (At this juncture Ian interrupted to say how it was his best novel, etc.. I continued to say); “There is a contemporary, parallel story, today, but, because what I am about to say is so bizarre, let me establish my credibility, first. I don’t believe in Bigfoot and, while I believe there are aliens out there, I don’t think they will ever be a factor in our lives for at least three hundred years and I think it’s a waste of our talent to focus on that subject at all. (I planned this ahead because I so resent how this show peddles that crap all the time to begin with and I knew that Ian would demonize my call after he hung up on me and it primed the listeners to be warned what a fake Ian and his ilk are to begin with. I went on to say); “…Your guest has only a theory and it is a good theory, even a sound theory and he may well be exactly correct about everything. But there is a matter today that can actually be PROVED. Doyle was celebrity in his own right and time. One of the biggest celebrity writers of his day, in fact. By secretly being the Ripper he enshrouds his crimes with the aspect of incomprehensibility. Who would even be able to imagine he could be the Ripper? The contemporary parallel matter in our lives today, and your listeners will have to Google the subject, is Stephen King shot John Lennon…” (At that moment I was cut off but it all went out over the airwaves, nevertheless. Then, Ian, government propagandist that he is, said); “Oh, no. Don’t be that guy peddling that old tripe. ..At least, if you’re going to espouse such nonsense, finish it up with a Bababooey, Bababooy, to let us know you’re just kidding…”

No, readers, I’m in too much mortal danger to ever kid anyone about anything I say. I meant all of it. It just shows you why you all can’t understand how correct I have been all this time about King being Lennon’s real life killer. It’s too incomprehensible for your small, sheltered minds to wrap around even the possibility of. Ian later explained how Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Purloined Letter”  points out that the best way to hide is in plain sight.

This gem of a call lets you know a few things; One; Coast To Coast is a cadre of C.I.A. propagandists (George Nori admitted he was a C.I.A. employee, once, in fact. Why do you think I turned down his request to grant me an interview?) who don’t believe in Bigfoot or alien visitations themselves. Not one tiny bit. Our C.I.A. controlled media would not allow anyone so delusional to occupy the biggest night time talk show if they did. They’d be considered a liability. Instead, they are instructed to focus all your pliable minds up to the sky and behind every bush for things that they know don’t exist for the purpose of diverting you AWAY from what your politicians are doing to you all here on planet earth. That’s WHY they are allowed the biggest show in America to begin with. They are camouflaging politicians so you can’t see what they are up to. They also paint conspiracies as being just as nonsensical as Bigfoot; “We’ll talk about Bigfoot. We’ll talk about U.F.O.’s. We’ll talk about real science and we’ll talk about conspiracies.” That’s one of their promos, in fact. Lumping conspiracies with the loony bin topics is no accident on their part. It’s by design and it’s to deceive you all. While I was on hold for an hour and after listening to some of the other callers I felt dirty just to be in the same arena with such pathetic nerds and dweebs who buy into the crap this show peddles. What a mind job Coast To Coast has done to the citizens of America. Like commie rats, in my opinion. Sinking the good ship America. Warping us all.

Two; Heroes like me are ALWAYS cast as wacko’s you should all not pay attention to. Whomever controls our media has cast me, the world’s biggest real life hero – yes, I’ll say it – as a wacko all this time. Even Jesus was cast as a wacko for saying he was the son of God and King of the Jews and then humiliated in public for it; beaten to a bleeding hunk of flesh before being hung up on a cross, naked for all to see. Whether Jesus was or was not a wacko he remains the most influential human that ever lived to this day. He was never given credit for his importance until HUNDREDS of years after his death, however. A lot like Vincent Van Gough.

After I am brought forward my biggest enemies will probably be exactly the ilk who killed Jesus. I hate to have to say it but I have to to stay alive; the high Jewish priests in our midst. I have nothing against Jews. I have everything against a tiny SEGMENT of Jews who refuse to allow anyone to be smarter than they are. Not Jesus, not John Lennon, not Steve Lightfoot. NOBODY upstages the Jewish high priests. Ciaphis, I believe, was the high priest who persecuted Jesus. It’s a provable fact that only Jewish media reporters peddled the Mark Chapman lie; Howard Cosell, Barbara Walters, Larry King and a list of others, all who happened to be of Jewish origin. If you look over your shoulders you’ll understand, too, that all the people who interviewed Chapman and peddled that lie were Jewish. I wish it wasn’t so, myself. I hate having to point this out.

I apologize to all the good Jews who have nothing to do with this fact I have exposed. One percent of you, however, are sick when it comes to killing the heroes in our midst who ARE smarter and better than they are. I have to point this grizzly fact out, now, BEFORE I come forward so that they will be suspects should I get killed crossing the finish line. I actually like 99 % of Jews who are NOT so insecure and vain. So, there, world. The fact that our media IS predominantly Jewish is a fact. Their one percent feels the need to control everything you think. Heroes like Steve Lightfoot are not allowed to be anything but a nut you shouldn’t pay attention to. Bullshit, I say. People like Steve Lightfoot are your best chance at avoiding an asteroid that will wipe you out for your foolishness, in fact. Look what a mess this world has become since a certain Salem’s Lot (A la Jeru-salem) killed John Lennon for being the smartest man on the planet.; A.I.D.S. mass shootings. Covid -19 and on and on and on. Our world has been cursed for it.

Jewish high priests aside, religion, period, is a hustle, in my opinion. A distraction to keep you from taking the reigns of life in your own hands. God probably is real but he can’t save you if you’re distracted with a faith based fantasy like religion. Even Jesus was anti religion.

So, at the risk of pissing off all of America’s media empire and the powers that be, if I get killed, everybody will blame the guilty I have just pointed out before the fact. That’s what I HAVE TO DO to stay alive, people. I am NOT an anti-Semite. Certain vain, insecure, frightened Jewish media moguls ARE anti heroes, however. Anti truthers. They have you ignoring me, your brave hero, all this time. They have deceived you and perverted you, deliberately. Shame on them, not me.

Three; Until you people protest the Chapman lie and bring me and my findings forward – until you pull your heads out of your asses -there is no hope for you and only a killer asteroid can ever save you from yourselves. A hero is the answer to mankind’s problems. Not religion, not the media, not the government. A hero. Here I am. use me. For YOUR sake. You have martyred my youth with your fear and apathy and delusions long enough. I fear an asteroid might BE your payback if you fail this messenger much longer.

Let’s bring this back to John Taffer and “Bar Rescue”. Like the bar owners he redeems, all of you have lost your way and have fallen prey to drugs, alcohol, a C.I.A. owned media, your own humanness and immaturity and other environmental factors. It’s TIME for YOU TO ALL MAKE A CHANGE, NOW!!!! Bring this hero in out of the cold.


Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

P.P.S. This entry will ride on top for a long time it’s so good. It’s so right on. – I’m pot free is why, it seems – Get used to it. It’s staying up on top for the world to consider. Up your cover up. CHANGE.


May 15, 2021;

Declaration and Comprehensive Motion to Dismiss including over Discriminatory Prosecution;

I have just emerged from another matter in Santa Cruz that was dismissed May 14, 2021. That I never waived my right to a speedy trial in that matter and that almost two and a half years has lapsed, since, with no trial, indicates foul play on the part of the District Attorney’s office there. I was cited on January 10, 2019. In fact that jurisdiction in 1994 abused my rights and falsely arrested me for the purpose of defaming me on the national television news as a stalker of Stephen King. The phony trespass charge was dismissed after their mischief was done. In fact I was holding a very large sign outside his book signing event there that read; STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’S SUE regarding his role in killing John Lennon as crazy as this must sound. I can prove the fact he did, however, and, ever since early 1983 when S.F. Secret Service officer Terry Chodash surprise interviewed me, my life has become harassment and terrorism hell.  I have been kidnapped and handcuffed and then pistol whipped unconscious by S.F.P.D in 1987 months after a stranger broke my nose on a sidewalk after dislocating my shoulder, first. My father’s suspicious plane crash occurred after that interview and on Nixon’s 10th resignation anniversary accompanied by a letter from King who warned me of “Phase three” since I won’t cease my investigation. Three times I have endured police pointing guns in my face including an hour after Reagan’s re election for no reason and have a bundle of legal work I can show to prove I am the most abused non criminal citizen in California history. No kidding. Too much to list. For the purposes of this matter I want to show that this ticket for open container was probably the result of an attempt by Santa Cruz D.A. Rosell to network with Monterey authorities to try to add a D.U.I. to my resume since his similar attempt to do so was doomed to fail. It did fail, too. I was set up, THEN.

On August 31, 2020 I found myself parked in the street on Alvarado St., engine off, waiting for a parking space near Lollapalooza Restaurant. I sing in public from my van to convince the public I am very talented and probably NOT the nut others would like them to believe I am. My van has my website on it and it is my way of establishing credibility and of relieving myself of the the intense stress I have been under over the phony S.C. charge of 1-10-’19. In fact I had been singing for weeks, then, frequently, and needed olive oil to sooth my overused throat. I was singing and reached way back into my living quarters for a bottle of olive oil that I kept in an empty brandy bottle as the officer approached me. In fact, I had two identical bottles of olive oil in brandy containers and one, I thought, empty bottle, that may or may not have had a half shot only of Brandy still left unused in it. I transferred the oil into glass containers long before to avoid the plastic of the bottle the oil came in originally. For health reasons. As such, being dark, I could only feel for whatever I was reaching for. I grabbed the wrong identical bottle and, before I could even tell, the officer grabbed it, immediately.

He was called over a citizen complaint I ever hit a parked car trying to park earlier nearby across the street. No damage was done and I never left the scene and never unsafely backed up as the citizen complained. Still, three patrol cars and several officers on the scene over this bumper tap seemed suspicious as I had just erected a sign on my van days before that read; D.A.ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – it’s shown in the police video. My first thought was that Rosell had asked Monterey Police to help get me into trouble I don’t deserve. Officer Phillips asked me to subject myself to a field sobriety test even though I wasn’t driving and had my engine off. Regarding the splash of brandy, he agreed to dump it out and not cite me for it if I complied – also on video – and passed sobriety. I knew I was sober and complied. Due to a severe 1987 beating by S.F.P.D. while handcuffed in their van I have balance issues, apparently, and was kind of wobbly. As Such I was handcuffed and taken to the station and tested. The test came back 0.00, twice, and I was released. I expected the open container charge to be ignored as promised and, only because his Sergeant, Jason Newby, thought he saw me on video trying to sip that bottle, was officer Phillip’s advised to cite me for that. This, according to Newby. I felt betrayed by the police and subsequent viewing of that incident refutes Newby’s claim. At no time was the lid ever touched or open nor did I ever attempt to take any sip of anything. I should not have been cited at all. If there was any brandy in that bottle it was not enough to impair anyone and the fact I was 0.00 proves I hadn’t sipped earlier and had no reason to drink anything but olive oil, then. I needed only to sooth my hoarse throat. I grabbed the wrong identical bottle of three at the wrong time. It should be noted that the law allows storage of an open container in a camper van – mine is – so long as it is not in the driver’s compartment but in the living quarters that I retrieved it from.

This being the case, both officer Phillips and Sergeant Newby resorted to false claims that evening to cite me at all.

Regarding D.A. Rosell and his 1-10-’19 attempt to D.U.I. me, I believe I was set up in a rolling van with me in the back about to have surgery when my hired driver, that a retired S.C. police officer; Rawson, recommended to me, jumped out and left my van in neutral on an incline HOPING I’d crash so any pre surgery meds I may have taken would trigger a D.U.I. charge. The test for that suspected medication also came back 0.00, incidentally. That they pursued charges, anyway, and over a year after the citation was issued, indicates fraud, I think. I did have to jump from the back to the driver’s seat to rescue a rolling vehicle. I saved the day, in fact, doing so. I regret that I fainted for a minute over the horror or I’d have been able to refute any attempt to cite me, in fact. I knew my van had rolled over 100 feet before I noticed anything wrong only after viewing the video months later.

I believe the Santa Cruz authorities fear the day I am famous and can finger them for fraud in 1994 to slander me and wanted to hobble me with the help of the Monterey authorities to stave that day off. That they wanted a back up charge since their’s was in jeopardy of failing. I think they desperately want my website van off the streets and resorted to extreme measures to try to do so.

Another indication this Monterey citation was the product of fraud has to do with another officer who admitted I had done no damage to the other vehicle. A week later, with no complaint from that vehicle’s owner, he threatened to enhance my charge if I did not give him my insurance information.

When I disqualified the Marina judge who I recognized from a small claims matter I was cheated out of months before, I learned that the judge they chose to hear my case was Panetta. Panetta is directly related to the Panetta who worked under G.W. Bush as C.I.A. Director. G.H.W. Bush was head of the C.I.A. when the Lennon murder plot was hatched and served as Reagan’s Vice President. Both Reagan and Nixon are implicated in my evidence. As such, I feel he should be removed for obvious reasons. I could not get a fair hearing from him. I made a motion last month to replace him, in fact, and urge, now, that he is replaced.

I understand that the last thing any court wants to admit is that THEY might, or their other authorities might, have a prejudice against one such as I, even if shown compelling evidence to bear it out. Nevertheless, I ask that this matter be dismissed in at least the interest of justice. I have no record of intoxication, ever. I am 67 years old and that fact deserves to be recognized, now. Officer Phillips agreed he would not cite me for anything if I was sober and I never tried to sip anything as Newby alleges. I grabbed the wrong bottle from a legal area of my camper van by mistake and video shows no indication I ever tried to drink from the bottle in contradiction to the Sergeant who instigated the citation as his reason to cite. That the officer happened to be there at that moment is suspicious, in fact, I think. I did present the identical olive oil bottle to show him, then, what my intent was. I had another olive oil bottle I did not show him. The odds – two of three – were good I grabbed for olive oil, not brandy. That the brandy amount is less than could impair anyone is another defense I want to also introduce here, now.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated May 17, 2021


Steve Lightfoot – Defendant, Pro Per

Below find my actual motion and declaration to the Santa Cruz Superior Court;

May 10,2021;


Below is a draft of one of my many motions to the Santa Cruz Superior Court regarding a 2019 episode that found me having to jump from the back section of my rolling van to rescue it from a crash. A retired police officer; Bill Rawson, and a customer of his coffee shop; Chris Malsack, apparently conspired to have Chris insist on driving me the one block to my dental operation instead of me – not planned – and to then drive recklessly and jump out and leave my van in neutral. One witness account suggests Chris may have even pushed my van from behind to start it rolling. For less than a minute I was wondering what had just happened; did this stranger just steal something and run or what? One second I was staring out my opened driver’s door looking at a bush gleaming in the sun from the back section, the next thing I knew I was in the bushes behind the wheel in the process of fainting from the horror of what had just happened.

Because I was unconscious for a minute I did not know what happened for sure until 17 months later when I saw the police video. It was then I realized the van had to have rolled at least 100 feet from it’s parked position before I even knew something was wrong. In fact I alleged that the van had to have been rolling the day after the event to the arresting officer; Clissold. While I had taken two tiny pills one half hour earlier in preparation – a half dose – for an operation and had driven just fine several miles minutes before and was not under the influence of anything, yet, the plan was for the authorities to charge me with D.U.I. in hopes of taking my newly purchased and painted and logo’d van off the streets. The one advertising my website; that indicts Nixon, Reagan and murderer; Stephen King, the horror writer, in Lennon’s murder. Only because I saw my van rolling and jumped into the driver’s seat to prevent a worse crash was the situation not made worse. The fact that I fainted had nothing to do with the pills – I was up and walking briskly minutes after – but having to do with post traumatic stress I suffer from from former police beatings and terror plots. I have fainted three times in my life and was never under the influence of anything at the time. The first time was when officers Kevin hall and Steven Rist of the S.F.P.D pistol whipped me unconscious while in handcuffs in the back of a police van in October of 1987. The second time was when a motorist ran a red light doing almost 60 mph and knocked my delivery van over in 2010 in Concord, Ca.. I was out for a minute, also. The third was this set up crash / terror plot by the same police force that slandered me on national television in 1994 as a stalker of Stephen King.

In 1994 the Santa Cruz police that Bill Rawson was a member of then conspired to entrap me at a Stephen King book signing. I was charged with suspicion of trespass. I was jailed for two days and abused and kept from sleeping, long enough for the media to nationally brand me as a stalker of Stephen King. The charges were then dropped and I was released, their plot and mission accomplished.

In the 2010 crash the intersection was paved over the next day preventing me from taking photos of the scene and, I think,  to cover up whatever had happened. I think authorities may have manipulated that signal – a room has manual control of all signals in Concord, I learned – to possibly assassinate me and make it look like an accident. No one was cited, I noticed.

In fact, five years later, in 2015, also under Obama’s presidency, a uniformed Navy cadet rammed his truck into my van on Interstate 5 near San Diego doping 75 mph – according to him -. It left a six by two foot tire mark on the driver’s side of my van. Again, no one was cited.

I am left thinking that this new charge, if allowed to stand, would set me up for possibly another assassination attempt / “accident” and be used to point to if I were ever to die in a traffic accident later. To give the public a false reason to believe I am reckless.

And so I find myself having to defend myself, here, without a lawyer, having to object to motions the prosecution is making. The motions include;

Prohibiting any sympathy for sentencing

Exclude impeachment of Chris Malsack’s past crimes as reason to exclude his testimony

Exclude any mention of Stephen King or Lennon’s murder or anything to do with past episodes involving the Santa Cruz police.

I want to argue on these matters en mass, here, comprehensively, and object;

Regarding the motion to exclude what the prosecution argues is irrelevant testimony involving Lennon’s murder I must show motive as to why anyone would want to take away my driver’s licence. For me to suggest a plot was involved in having me have to rescue a rolling vehicle I must show motive. My hundreds of police abuses elsewhere aside, the fact that the same Santa Cruz police agency that defamed me with false charges in 1994 also figures into recommending Chris Malsack to drive me and cause the accident is relevant. Former officer Rawson knew who I was regarding my Lennon activism before recommending that Chris Malsack drive me at a time when he knew I would be on pre surgery medication. (Incidentally, the pill instructions allowed driving;”Careful when driving” and my doctor knew I would be driviong several miles after taking the half dose.) Even more relevant is a July or June 2019 e-mail Stephen King sent me where he admits he killed Lennon and also suggests that he “has connections..” if I think I can expose him successfully. Based on the 1994 episode he HAS connections with Neil Coonerty, then mayor and owner of the bookstore used to entrap me, as well as the Santa Cruz Police Department and possibly this very Superior Court. I am of the opinion that Santa Cruz is rife with corruption in this regard concerning me. I have a right to show the jury why anyone would have a motive to cause this episode and set me up. I can provide motive as well as a past pattern of fraud and abuse. To suggest my exposing a matter as politically explosive as our government allowing Stephen King to murder John Lennon and cover it up with a ruse about Mark Chapman does not give some people reason to harm me is not reasonable. I should also be allowed to SHOW the jury WHAT I have discovered in terms of hard evidence to show why I may have enemies who would orchestrate this whole episode, here. I have a right to show all of this to the jury regardless of it’s being accepted via my former motions or not. They have the right to know and I have the right to present the “WHOLE TRUTH”. I object to any attempt to muzzle me in this regard. The fact that my website on my van is part of the video evidence disallows it to be excluded from testimony. It’s part of the record, already.

Furthermore, this court has committed dozens of crimes against my rights. It has shown contempt for my rights, in fact. My speedy trial rights were wrongfully denied, my two appointed attorneys both had to be fired for lack of a defense and incompetency and I have had two judges removed for their biases, one admitting he has a bias against me. Now the prosecution is making these unreasonable and illegal motions out of fear of my activism, I think. This brings me to the attempt to deprive me of sympathy regarding sentence.

In spite of the fact that I have never even been charged with D.U.I. in my life prior to this and have no criminal record – a 1986 pot possession charge notwithstanding – and am a prime candidate FOR leniency the prosecution argues otherwise and I think it has to do with my activism just before he made these requests.

In late August of 2020 I erected a billboard on my van that reads; D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME. In my website at the time I detailed my reasoning why. In coming out and saying I deserve the harshest punishment only feeds my argument in other motions that the prosecuting attorney should be replaced with another and my case is worthy of a change of venue over the 1994 incident where the authorities raised false charges to slander me as a stalker on national television. It feeds my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory and vindictive prosecution. It must also be pointed out to the jury that Rosell may have networked with Monterey police at this very time who tried to also cite me for D.U.I. when that billboard about Rosell was only days old. I blew a 0.00, just as I did in this matter. That plot was foiled, fortunately. I don’t drive impaired, ever.

Carlos Barba offered me a wet reckless charge if I would accept. I refused as I have done nothing wrong. My only mistake was letting Chris Malsack drive me even one yard anywhere. There was zero alcohol involved in this matter so why was I not offered a dry reckless? This shows he has a bias against me and his request to prevent sympathy in sentencing is unreasonable. I, of all people, with no prior incident, deserve sympathy if I am found guilty.

As for excluding impeachment for Malsack and his testimony, he was arrested hours before my accident for intoxication and resisting. I think this is something the jury should know. If he has a history of crime, and he does, his testimony SHOULD be impeached. The fact that he failed to appear on his matter incurring a $1,000.00 bail that was summarily reduced to $2.00 indicates there is something fishy going on between him and this court. On the video he admits he saw my van only rolling inertly, without acceleration, about three mph, only, ever, and was surprised that I steered it away from the fence at the last second. This in spite of one officer’s attempt to get him to say I ever “revved my engine and took off.” That is all on video and admissible. The rest of whatever he may have to say is suspect as I believe he is a player in a plot to set me up in the first place. His testimony is not reliable and I object to his testimony not being impeached.

Jerry Souza’s testimony may also be suspect. He was originally my witness as he told one officer that he ; “saw everything” It turns out he was busy viewing e-mails at the time and missed much of what happened. His opinion he saw me anywhere outside the van until after the crash is wrong. He saw Chris running towards my driver’s door as the van was rolling, not me, attempting to get in. He is mistaken in this regard. He also denied to Peter Renoir, my investigator who served him, that he even was Jerry Souza when asked. His honesty is suspect in the two times he opened his mouth so far. He even admitted to me over the phone that he feels he is being harassed to even show up. When I asked him to convince me why he might not need to be called he declined to offer any reasons why. If he wanted to be excused he had that opportunity to object telling me what he now is saying to the prosecution. But he did not. I object to his testimony on that basis.

The only motion Mr. Barba presents that I do not object to is his wish to exclude my mental state as being a reason to find me innocent. The authorities have long tried to portray me as crazy to blunt the impact of my Lennon findings and I do not wish to feed that narrative.

As I remarked last week I am suffering from post traumatic stress to have to fight this matter and do legal work at all and I do not wish to expose my immune system to undue stress while Covid is in the air. As such I am limited in my ability to defend myself and this paper will have to suffice, with or without points and authorities and other matters that affect my PTSD.

I also want to object to the photo of me in Dr. Matiasevich’s record showing me with missing teeth prohibited from the record. It was taken months before the incident and has no bearing in this matter and could only inflame the jury as it shows me looking rather depressed and haggard following the recent news, then, of my mother’s death. The other photo the police took of me at the time of the incident in my down jacket is allowable but not the other one I object to. I want that haggard looking 2018 photo of me stricken from the record, entirely.

The above is true and correct I declare under penalty of perjury

Dated May 10, 2021

Steve Lightfoot             Superior Court Of Santa Cruz

P.O.Box 7311                Dept 1

Carmel, Ca. 93921        Date; May 11, 2021

ph; 831-275-8611          Case # 20CR00182


Dallas, Santa Cruz and Monterey; An apology;

I distributed a scathing news flyer last January and February concerning my national tour to publicize my John Lennon murder findings to hopefully arrest and jail real murderer; Stephen King. I came across as extremely bitter and I am ashamed of it now. Please allow me to start over and say I have already done a great job of exposing King’s evil ass near his Sarasota, Florida residence and suspect he will be at least re locating soon over public awareness of what he did to destroy our world and future. He moved to Florida because I ran him out of Maine to begin with, decades ago. New York City has “dead eyes” from all the mafia oppression they suffer under and I advertised to them there; “SILENT N.Y. HAS NO HEART” along with my website address sign They may need YOU to save them. Hopefully all of you people will start supporting my evidence and jail King’s ass, soon. Meanwhile, beware your sick and treacherous mass media who are already poisoning you with a propaganda piece titled; “I Killed John Lennon” Chapman is a look-alike actor working for the media and the government to deceive you with a lie you all unfortunately are hard wired to swallow you have been so beaten down in the past. If you swallow that piece then, yes, YOU all killed Lennon with your phoniness, like their title suggests..The government uses sadomasochism on you to control you. They are sadists and use that to make you masochists. It works, unfortunately. Beware your flawed selves. Only truth, not religion, can save you here. You all need to find your pride and your spine and fight back. See my website; and go to my Footnotes and New Developments page for the grim details. You must protest against media censorship and in front of court house buildings with signs displaying my website address. As it seems, now, you are resorting to a spate of mass shootings as your response to my national tour that rubs the truth in your face. Get over your syndrome of sadomasochism and join my cause responsibly, please.

Nixon and Reagan let Stephen King murder John Lennon specifically to break you and to warp you. They have succeeded on everyone but me, so far. I have my head screwed on straight and need the rest of you do the same, please. NO GOOD PUBLIC LYING may just be my next bumper message, guilty public. Your cover was blown when you all let Chapman skip trial to begin with. That was your big mistake. You’ve been lying ever since. It wouldn’t matter how much hard evidence I gave you, you are pathologically inclined to denounce it and lie. I call it boot-licking. Fear of your government over love of yourselves. All that and shame.

Thank you, Steve Lightfoot

What I am now going through regarding a woman named Linda from my past is such a metaphor for what I am going through with all of you people, now, that I have decided to illustrate the obvious phenomenons going on.

As noticed, I accuse the public of being no good liars regarding my findings that prove our government killed Lennon. I can prove that accusation. Easily. This woman from my past is just as screwed up in her life as all of you are in this matter. She was either a pathological liar who made up stories for whatever reason or she was the victim of tragic circumstances. I can see that, now, after a recent attempt to reunite with her.  All of you are both, however. You are lying to believe anything about Chapman in spite of never even seeing a trial for him and all the efforts made by Nixon to deport John – you are pathologically lying – AND you are, in reality, getting urinated on by the real killer: Stephen King. Your world has gone to hell. You are liars and victims of tragic circumstance. You may laugh all you want at my ever haven fallen in love with Linda and all her problems, yet it’s all of you, collectively, who are as screwed up as she ever was. Pretty embarrassing.

It took me decades to admit that the public is no good, that it is a collective liar, but it is. All of you ARE no good liars when it comes to dealing with important truths. You’re flawed sinners doing what’s wrong and against your own interests. Just as screwed up as that woman I love and always will. I think it’s interesting that mankind, in general, is as screwed up as it really is. Who would have ever thought that the “public” could all be wrong at once? You are, folks.

The media is so jealous of me they can’t help but try to shoot me down and they never give me credit for being the real deal where media and journalism are supposed to be concerned. The very top of the heap but they’ll never admit it. You’ll never admit it. It’s as if admitting that I have really saved the day with hard evidence is the last thing anyone will ever do. Look at all of you. Aren’t you all just as jealous and stupid and self destructive as could be? If you were not sick as Satan you’d all hoist me on your shoulders and march me to you lying media. But you don’t. That’s my point, today. You SHOULD but you won’t.

Meanwhile I think it’s amazing how similar that woman I knew and all of you are. Pretty nuts, indeed. Mankind in general. Maybe my knowing Linda in 1977 prepared me for saving you with the evidence you all need, after all. Something made me different.


FLORIDA, scroll down a few chapters and find my last newsletter for you. I’ll be on my way back to California and it’s your turn to pick up the baton where I left off. Maybe a few two three pages down….Now it’s YOUR job to effect an arrest of murderer; Stephen King.



First, let me say thanks to all the local residents near King’s home on Casey Key who give me the thumbs up and their support for what I do. At least three cars yelled out to me, today; “You’re RIGHT! King IS a murderer!” Three cars!  That and a dozen thumbs up from others. Thanks, people of Florida, I NEED your support.

I went out to the main drag a few miles from King’s witness protection home he hides in.and displayed two huge signs;


Two 3 foot by four foot black signs with 6 and 4 inch letters

I ran King out of Maine years ago with my website; where it shows him, not Chapman, getting John Lennon’s last autograph before murdering him. Nixon and Reagan’s sick trick on you brainwashed dupes.The media is our enemy and I need you to stand up to their evil cover up. Right now Stephen King is stalking me in the hopes he can jail or kill me. That’s right. Ron De Santis seems to be willing to participate in this evil, too. He received my magazine and letter two weeks ago, in fact. The sting they pulled on me yesterday; 3-19-’21, involved three motorists in three cars; one, an older model dark green truck lic. # IF7 BNG with an elderly man and a new olive colored Hummer lic. # 661 5XA owned by a 300 lb. man with dark hair in his early 40’s and an olive colored Jeep Sport lic. # LTI U16 driven by a man who tailed me for several miles after until he blew his cover and fled. The first two vehicles were a tag team and they were seen conferencing at one point while up to four Sheriff’s cars were on the scene to harass me and obstruct my first amendment right to hold signs and pass out flyers. It just so happens that Joe Biden slipped and fell three times an hour after these officers wrote me a phony citation. Apparently I am a little more action than he can handle as I think he, too, was behind this sting operation. I will be your biggest and most earthshaking and influential celebrity someday and they know it. Your revolutionary messenger. See my site to understand the bold print government codes in major magazines that prove my claims. Beware your own boot-licking apathy and denial I should warn you. You need to be told.

I wrote last month that I thought King was right behind me one day when I very first came to the roadway that is posted private; “Do Not Enter” near King’s residence. It looked like him in a black Tesla backing up to let me back out as he dove into a driveway. I found out it WAS him, after all. A local told me he DOES drive a black Tesla. The odds of that being a coincidence are nil. He was either trying to cite me for trespass or stalking so the media could slander me to protect him and therefor blunt my activism here OR he was planning on KILLING me and then claim it was self defense with a ruse version of the truth. Just like Mark Chapman was a ruse the media used to deceive all of you. King was stalking me in an effort to entrap me.

On 3-19-’21 I was standing out there near his neighborhood exposing the bejeebers out of him with my huge signs letting his next door neighbors all know what he did when a fat guy in a new olive Hummer yelled out to me; “You’ve been warned, once!” I yelled back; “King is going to JAIL!” This fat coward (And I told him so) friend of Stephen King pulled into the CVS lot and called the Sheriff on me. Two cars with female officers. I wasn’t doing anything wrong but was cited for standing in the roadway when I was NOT! Officer Brown (Any lawyers reading this want to get millionaire rich and famous? My e-mail is was the citing officer. I wasn’t given a warning or allowed to step even farther away, no, just cited. Then I was asked to sign a trespass warning that the officers solicited from CVS – usually it’s the other way around –  and I refused to sign it. Then the officers came back and parked in the CVS lot for almost two hours trying to intimidate me or maybe the citizenry. When I asked what they were there for after I asked her to call her supervisor they threatened to trespass me. The supervisor took almost an hour to arrive and was no help. Just following the party line. Like they do in Russia. You know,the place that poisons people like me? I told them they just let me know where I should be standing if King is so afraid of my being there and I told them they just bought themselves a whole lot more of me standing exactly there. In fact, I was a day or two from heading to N.Y.C. but NOW I may try to just stay HERE and MAKE the NEWS! King must feel a little impotent with his $64.00 ticket being the only move he can make against me. IMPOTENT! and afraid. Now is your chance, people of Florida, to matter.

A few days earlier a security man who works for King asked me if I ever heard of the drug Adrenachrome? I had not. He explained it’s the adrenalized blood some people take from infants they kill after first getting them terrified and their adrenaline going. This happens, people. If ANYONE in Florida partakes of this sick ritual it would be Stephen King. He’s not denying he killed Lennon or suing me for slander in the several weeks I’ve been here, so maybe he is part of a cult that kills infants and drinks their blood after first scaring them. Stephen King is the sickest M—–F—– on the planet, already! Wake UP, people! His security felt I should know, apparently. King was CONVICTED of sex with a 15 year old in Belfast, Maine in 1992. Fact. (See who you media is protecting? Him, not you.)

I wrote Governor De Santis nine days earlier after the same Sheriff’s department ran me off of another parking lot. They waited around for an hour, after, as well.  So De Santis is looking pretty criminal and cowardly and evil himself to be protecting King and victimizing all OF YOU and not just me. He has read my letter and magazine and has seen my site and he is NOT arresting King but, rather, molesting the messenger. You people should know that I am making history here and I will need all your help and support. Even If I stay here and forego N.Y.C. I still have to be back in California by early May to face another bogus charge criminal authorities cooked up there! HELP ME MAKE FRIGGING HEADLINES, PEOPLE! I need protesters, now! Join me out there at Blackburn Pt. Rd. and Hwy 41 near Casey Key near Osprey. The media is our enemy and it will take YOU PEOPLE to break their cover up. They will HAVE to put me on the news if you assemble in a group of a dozen or more and then you can all be rid of evil murderer Stephen King, just like I ran him out of Maine to begin with. See my site; and reproduce this flyer and tell your fellow Americans it’s time for truth and justice. The letter to De Santis is on it, (Footnotes & New Developments page) and lots more you need to know before they go from molesting the messenger to killing the messenger.

By the way, having just seen King’s latest book “Later”, that’s what the folks at Casey Key will be saying soon as he finds himself packing up and moving to another location, maybe even a cell for the rest of his sick life. “Ha! Ha!, King. And YOU thought you were going to be saying that to me after you killed me, I suppose. “Later, Steve.” Not so fast, dumbass. The joke is on you, now. Just like Mainers told you “Later” a long time ago.

Do you folks notice how the tag line on the cover reads; “Dead men hold no secrets.”? He could only be talking about Steve Lightfoot as he masturbates over his computer in his fantasies of having me killed. I hope it’s as obvious to all of you. Maybe last month he almost came close, too.

Thank you, people, Steve Lightfoot

March 22, 2021;

WHY DO  I COME ACROSS SO BITTER SOMETIMES? (Bear with me, here, you need to know about yourselves.)

I just have to thank a woman named Linda for saving me from my bitterness over all of you apathetic, raped, defiled victims who don’t seem to want to know the truth. Here I have the story and the evidence mankind has been hungering for for eons and you act like you don’t care at all. Well, people, I hate to have to be the one to tell you, but you’re all evil in the face of truth. Evil. That’s right. You can’t help it. Jesus even said as he was dying; “Forgive them, Father. They know not what they do.” as soldiers rolled dice for his garments. He also said; “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” I am a little angry and bitter and mean sometimes. I have no intentions of making the same mistake Jesus made; trusting humanity and being too nice. Nice guys get crucified. For all anyone knows the whole resurrection was a case of Herod’s men stealing the corpse so they could eat his heart and brains and who knows what else in some sick ritual and that got turned into “He must have resurrected to be missing, now.” I’m just saying, people. That is more probable than the story we were all told. THAT’S how evil mankind REALLY is. His death didn’t save you, after all. You’re still killing the smart guy that your governments fear.

How do I know this? Good question. Here’s how; I saw YOU when you jealously laughed at the news that the government had just possibly killed my father in a plane crash in 1984. “Goody, goody, Mr. Big Shot.” – squealing with glee under your muffled laughs – “They killed your Dad, Ha! Ha!” I saw YOU pulling down my posters in San Diego to stop my rally. I saw YOU and your law enforcement personnel molest me hundreds of times for being a hero. And when I was kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious by officers Kevin Hall and Steven Rist of the S.F.P.D. in October of 1987 I saw YOU, hundreds of you, in line just stand in silence then as I was yelling out for help before they did. Frozen like deer in the headlights, unable to lift a finger. Yoko ordered that beating to let me know she was my enemy. I watched my own family and flesh and blood sell me down the river rather than help me, too. Paul McCartney proved to be a silent sell out, himself. I saw all of YOU enjoy every little hardship over the decades I endured for trying to save you from evil politicians who killed the one man who could have united all of you; John Lennon. Cowardly, lily liver McCartney was no threat. That’s why they killed John Lennon. That’s why they sicked evil “Yoko, Oh, No!” on him in the first place. John was the real deal. Now I’M the real deal they are coming after and you seem to want them to stop me, too. I could list the many times police pointed guns in my face (Just last week one of the female officers who cited me displayed her gun handle as she fondled it to threaten me.) I told you one officer in Bangor Maine admitted in court that he told me King gives him $6k @ week to harass me. There is a chapter; “Police Abuses Against Me” for reference to save space, here. Just recently, after my mother died, law enforcement trashed my newly painted van with me in the back as I was about to get an operation as my driver that they coached left it in neutral and possibly pushed it to roll it downhill to hopefully kill people just to take away my licence. Two years later and still no trial and no evidence of any drugs they hoped to find, after, they are even more evil in court trying to make it stick. See other chapters below for details. Meanwhile, you all seem to stand in league with them instead of me. Just sick.

“We just care about materialism and money. We take up 50% of our brain just to do that. We don’t have any brain left over to live under truth and justice and don’t ask us to try, either. We are ice cream cone licking, alcohol drinking, T.V. violence controlled, phony perverts. Now, leave us alone!”

The point is, people, you, as a species, ARE sick as hell. I AM convinced that if your jealousy and apathy and boot licking fear of government kill me before King is jailed an asteroid WILL ABSOLUTELY put all of you miserable sub humans out of your hero killing misery, and for your own good. I don’t want that to happen. Just DAYS after I warned KSCO listeners of an asteroid payback if you don’t “Jail King” Covid -19 broke out. Like I told Linda, recently; “Mankind has a death wish…Name a hero they haven’t killed…” I have a track record of strange occurrences that befall my enemies that can’t be denied. It’s spooky. Why was it that it was ME, and only ME that saw the mountain sized rock that just missed us in 1966 when YOU were busy killing the Kennedy’s, for example, and Martin Luther King Jr. and a lot of rock stars, then, starting with Buddy Holly? YOU killed Lennon on Jim Morrison’s birthday, did you know that? When Mark Decoy Chapman was allowed to skip a public trial after all the Nixon administration did to deport John only I noticed at all. You are hero killing monsters. Why do you suppose it is that Lady GaGa calls her fans “monsters” Your track record is to kill her next, you see? Like Jagger sang; “‘Who killed the Kennedy’s?’ when, after all, it was you and me.” Just last night another asteroid buzzed by.

I was on KSCO radio of Santa Cruz, Ca. Saturday bemoaning the fact that only one customer had purchased my magazine in my trip from California; “I drove my website van over 5K miles and only had ONE customer. People don’t WANT to know the truth. People don’t DESERVE the truth…” I believe the conversation went. Just yesterday, also, after an hour of world class singing that had people gathering by the dozens to get next to my van to get a better listen, nobody wanted a flyer when I offered them one as I left. “We like your singing but don’t ask us to help you avoid getting killed for being a hero.” If King admitted to YOU, as he did in an e-mail to me, that he killed John Lennon would any of you admit it or care? Probably not. (Please let me thank the thousands of you, though, who HAVE purchased my magazine over the years. Your type are the answer and the only hope for the world’s problems.)

And you all wonder why I am so bitter sounding at times. YOU people ARE sick and I’m telling. No wonder you fear I’ll get famous someday. “Oh, my God. He’s going to rat us all out, after.” That’s right, people, and for your own good. Meanwhile you are making your arch enemy; Stephen King, a millionaire for destroying our world. AREN’T you all???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s not so much what you all do that makes you evil as it is what you won’t and don’t do that PROVES you’re collectively all evil. Just admit it.

I am your exorcist, necessarily so, and not just your messenger. – Steve Lightfoot



It is I, Steve Lightfoot, with evidence that proves Nixon and Reagan let Stephen King of horror fame murder John Lennon exploding the lie that it was a fan named Mark Chapman. I discovered government bold print headline codes in cryptography in issues of Time and Newsweek, mostly, in issues only surrounding the murder that place King getting Lennon’s last autograph and more. See for all the gooey details; Chapman’s letter linking Reagan, King’s writings, etc.. Photos don’t lie. It’s him, not decoy Chapman.

As promised, this is my last flyer to you before heading back to California. New mischief against me from Stephen King to report;

A week ago, in downtown Venice, King’s closest neighborhood, at the very busiest outdoor dining establishment, a motorist drove by my van while I was singing and said; “You’re a douche bag.” Something only a loser who is on King’s side would say. I am the least douche baggy of us all, in fact. I am the “Anti Douche Bag”. No one on the planet has my balls, let’s be honest. Any one of you who still thinks I am anything BUT a hero with the expose of all time isn’t paying attention. The world will be shaken and stirred, after, believe me. Never the same again, I suspect, in fact.

So, yesterday, at the exact same spot, while singing, a tricked out, older model white hearse with a black roof with strange toys and props in the back window came by blaring noise so loud I had to protect my ears with my hands. It was louder than a fire siren. As it went by me I figured out it must be King’s idea of trying to scare me. Why should I be scared, King? It’s you who are going to jail, soon. Ha,! Ha! If King thinks he could kill me without springing an automatic trap for his arrest, after, he is delusional. He’d be arrested SO fast. The world is waiting, maybe, for that to happen before helping me just because the world is so very jealous of me, I”ll admit. But King would lose his freedom if he were to have me killed and he knows that. The flip side of that is that your goodness has been protecting me all this time or the government would have killed me 38 years ago when the Secret Service paid me a surprise visit. They may have killed my father in a plane crash just to scare me, in fact, then.

Before reminding you of what else he has been up to (Stalking me right outside his private entrance last month hoping I’d go in so he could maybe kill me.) let me just refer you to my website; and the page titled “Footnotes and New Developments” You will have to go there for that info. These flyers cost me 25 cents apiece and I have new fish to fry here. For now, I must inform you that, YES, your collective jealousy of me IS a phenomenon you must be told about. Just like you all need to be told that adult phoniness is another one of your flaws you need to address before you are capable of even caring about the truth I have delivered to you on a silver platter. You know not what you do, to quote Jesus.

I once thought that the people of Bangor, Maine were maybe too hick to click with the goods I brought them in 1992. Apparently not so. They kicked King’s ass out as slick as you please it turns out. That’s why he is living here on Casey Key in a witness protection mansion, in fact. I would only ask you to do the same while I’m gone as I will be off to California in a week. Governor De Santis, apparently, lacks the spine and integrity to do anything but harass me and so I leave it to YOU, THE PEOPLE to get off your ( I hate to have to say it.) apathetic, irresponsible, immature asses and protest until King is arrested for killing your hero, John Lennon. Just kicking him out of Florida is NOT enough. Otherwise our legal system will fail you. Our media is busy molesting you with King and the Chapman lie. Beware! Did you Floridians know, for example, that all the T.V. programming about real life average people killing each other during prime time is to blend King into the mix, to make him seem less evil? The C.I.A. that owns the media know they have to customize your programming to protect their monster and make you feel guilty for being murderers, yourselves. Not theory, fact. The media is into mind control. Just know that.

While on the subject, King blows you all up in “The Stand”, you know, the book about Covid – 19 that kills off most of all of you written in the 70’s? (He’s part of the Deep State and had advance knowledge of what they were up to, then.) If you study his novels he revels in getting even with all you belligerent, redneck Americans that kicked him out of Herman, Maine over his sick writings, then, when he was an unknown. King calls you “You blind, obsessive fools.” a dozen times in “Firestarter” just months before he killed Lennon. He thinks you’re all too stupid to respond to my hard evidence to begin with. He hates all of you. Wake UP! You must be sick to allow him to live in a mansion on Casey Key after what he did to you. Jail his ass, people. Stop being the governments obedient cowards living in fear. That’s what they want. That’s why they made King so big. They use fear to control you. Be brave. Act. If you wait for the “media” or the “courts” to save you you’re doomed. Save yourselves with hard evidence. You’re SO lucky to have it.

As you have noticed I mostly just park and sing easy listening standards to woo you to care about my cause. I have learned that I sing probably as good as Michael Buble, at least, and the locals agree, apparently. One woman the other day defended me and said so to the officer who was confronting me;. “Oh, he’s our favorite singer…the best around…sings Sinatra and Dean Martin…we love him…” Thank’s Ma’am. I need people like you to support me. I sing because I have learned I make a real impact that way. It’s the universal language that Lennon used to become a somebody, in fact. It works better than preaching or speaking. After I am brought forward by YOU PEOPLE I will entertain you with singing and a four part movie of my odyssey and not preaching, so much. Aren’t we all lucky for that? I couldn’t sing so good last year. The trials I am going through in California (Listed here, below, somewhere.) have pushed me to depths of talent I never knew I had, apparently. Now my enemies have created a monster that can actually get somewhere.

I do protest, however. Mostly near King’s Casey Key home out on Blackburn Pt. Rd. and Hwy 41. Thousands of you have seen me with huge black signs with yellow lettering that read;


A pretty powerful arsenal and I know how to wield them for maximum effect, too. Decades of practice. Now that I will be gone I leave it to all of you to matter with this expose like you have never been able to matter before. If you can’t make news with my website then you probably can’t make news, period. This is almost too huge to appreciate at first glance. Imagine dozens of you standing in downtown Sarasota and Venice all holding the same sign; “LENNON MURDER TRUTH .COM”. Or even out there at Blackburn Pt. Rd. and Tamiami Trail. Now that would make the news and then King WOULD be arrested. That’s what I’d like out of all of you while I’m gone. I’m not charismatic enough, yet, to get you there by next week, you see. Your reward? A much better and richer life. The way you are, now, is a tragedy.

Do read my website and the ‘Footnotes’ page to keep up with me. I want to thank you Floridians for a great time spent here. I found a great sleeping spot and a nice owner who let me sleep there and watch t.v. for a month. Great experience, here. Nicer than California, I must admit. The girls are pretty knockout, too. Now clean up your sick political reality and make the world decent, again, please. It’s time someone brought me forward and out of the cold I’ve been suffering in for 40 years, now. Why not you, Florida, in my absence, even. California takes me for granted. I need you to act, please.

Thanks folks. Great luck with this noble cause I have passed on to you. This matters. So can all of you.  Steve Lightfoot

Did you know that Lennon called his murder “The Event” ? According to McCartney the next day. John knew he’d be killed and that his killers would get caught and that that would change the world. Aren’t you all excited as hell to be part of it????

I WILL hold two rallies before leaving. If you are up to it meet me there from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and i have plenty of signs for you to hold.


In Venice on Venice Ave. (You’ll spot my yellow website van) on Saturday – this SATURDAY.

In Sarasota downtown on Main Street, same hours on Main Street. This Easter SUNDAY.

If you show America and the whole world and especially I will appreciate it. It’s not every day the world’s biggest news maker is in your area. You’ll have to decide quickly, please.



First of all, I am the man who drives the yellow website van. The man who often parks near outside dining establishments and sings easy listening standards to show people I must not be so crazy, after all. I sing as good as anyone, in fact. Many of you already give me the thumbs up everywhere I sing. My website alleges that author Stephen King murdered John Lennon. He did. Nixon and Reagan set it up and he is not denying it. Chapman is a look-alike decoy YOU never put on trial in the first place. Neither is King denying that he was CONVICTED in 1992 of sex with a 15 year old in Belfast Maine. (He was 43(?) then) The media is PROTECTING HIM and that’s why you never heard about that. The fact is, people of Florida, I ran King out of Bangor, Maine a dozen years ago with my campaign there. Now the Sheriff’s Dept. here is using the weight of their authority to protect King at all of YOUR expense. In fact, just the other day, I called the Sheriff’s Dept. to try to effect a citizen’s arrest of him with no luck. I was told only the governor MIGHT help me since the Manhattan D.A. is too corrupt to.

I was singing for a short while at Captain Curt’s on the 10th of March with no complaints and, in fact, three separate thumbs up from patrons who know about me, already. No one ever complained. Then the Sheriff pulled up as well as THREE other Sheriff vehicles to make a spectacle of things and ran me off the property. I was told not do so again and I left for an hour. When I came back to ask if they do karaoke there ( Not singing) I was approached right away by the same several Sheriff’s who waited there for an hour, apparently, and they told me next time I would be arrested by the owner for trespass. This is the only one of dozens of places I have sang at to complain so they already seem like they are on King’s payroll. A lot of police have been in the past. (One in Bangor admitted on the stand in 1992 that King pays him $6,000.00 @ week to harass me.) Now it seems King has an association with the owner of that block who could care less about your right to know. He wants your money, though. I am asking all of you to dent their business by 20% or more, please. I think he must be the classic sell out millionaire type that makes America look sick. Protecting America’s enemy; King. I will be across the street there soon bill boarding them with hand outs. (This one) Meanwhile, I find it disgusting that our law enforcement seems to be on the side of evil, here. I will be sending this letter today to Governor Ron DeSantis to see where he stands or fails to take a stand on the matter;

Governor Ron Desantis,

Hi. I am Steve Lightfoot from Monterey, California and I want your help in arresting author Stephen King for a murder he committed in 1980. He knows all about me and my van and website (I ran him out of Maine with it, in fact, and that’s why he now lives on the north end of Casey Key in a witness protection house there.) See my website and see King getting Lennon’s last autograph as he poses as Chapman in what is a Nixon, Reagan conspiracy. My enclosed magazine is more explicit. No doubt about it. He has never denied my claims, ever, in fact. He knows he’s guilty. Biggest scumbag on earth. Real sick. Stephen King pulled the trigger of the gun that killed John Lennon and then made a career of using that experience to provide fodder for his sick writings. Part of the fear campaign our government uses to control us all.

The Sheriff’s Department, here, a day after I tried to enlist their help, now seem to be on his payroll or maybe it’s the owner of Captain Curt’s on Siesta Key who wants me away from there. Either way, I’ll be in N.Y.C. in a few weeks and need your help right away. Don’t find yourself in the doghouse with me on this someday as I WILL prevail and be famous soon. You either ARE or are NOT on the side of truth and justice. Now is your chance to shine or to fail your citizens.

My ph. # is 831-275-8611  My e-mail is

Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot


Now, on to my main message for all of you regarding my visit here;


A funny thing happened to me the first week of my cross country trip; I ran into an old flame of mine that I hadn’t seen in 43 years. I was blindsided as she never identified herself but I figured it out a half hour later, a little late to ask for a re do. I was anxious to end our conversation in case this old flame of mine appeared. How was I to know it was HER, RIGHT THERE??!! 43 years is a lot of time and it was a case of me having just been rousted by police for sleeping in my van and not being even awake, yet. The chance I have waited for for over four decades – to apologize to her for slapping her in 1977 during a lover’s quarrel – I missed. I was too young to know in 1977, then, what to do next and by the time I figured it out it was too late. (Guys, don’t ever strike a women, ever. I destroyed myself that night with that one time, ever, mistake.) And so, imagine my surprise when this girlfriend I used to know actually was nice to me and charming and pleasant to talk with. Her seductive, zero accent voice gave her away and I found myself in bed an hour later realizing it must have been HER!!!!!  G -O -N – G !-!-!-! the bell rang loudly. I was pretty sure, then, it was her. I found out FOR SURE weeks later.

Anyway, we love each other so much she even had me falsely jailed a year later, after our breakup, to show me how much she missed me. (Truth be known?) To let me know I DID matter to her, after all. I have been forced to reach out to her like this since she is so worried about what, I don’t know, but I have to do this to ask her to give me a real chance to meet up with her on my return trip this April. I have found I respect her enough to make sense of my mission to jail Stephen King, unlike when I try to tell you, directly. (I know too much about “the masses” apathy and jealousy and denial and fear of government to actually respect you all, yet. Sorry.) I have decided to let you hear me tell it to her so as to deflect the bruising my evidence WILL HAVE on your soul. When I tell you directly what you need to hear; that you’re you’re all spineless weaklings sucking your thumbs under the sheets the truth scares you all so much, it’s best you hear me say it to her instead of you. When I explain the need to exorcise and not just inform all of you to reach your brains at all it just becomes so much easier on your ears doing it this way. Stephen King, in killing John Lennon and defiling all of you and stealing your future out from under you, has plunged you all into a masochistic quicksand of hell I have had a hard time extricating you from these past four decades. You poor, poisoned pussies. I wish you respected yourselves. Oh, I know what some of your are saying; “Well, no wonder he isn’t getting anywhere, he’s so abrasive..” The fact is, I have learned, is that almost all of you would nail me to a tree trunk and hang me for display if I WAS perfect. Remember? I tried “Mr. Nice Guy” and THAT didn’t work, either. No, I WAS a nice guy when I started this and have had to grow teeth to stay alive you’re all so helpless and tragic. Most of you, in fact, consider my cause an inconvenience, even if true. You see how nuts all of you really ARE? Too yellow to live free is how I see it. You’ll never admit it if I don’t tell you.

And so, after this entry, DO visit my chapter(s) involving her. You’ll figure it out if you have a brain. If you want to skip that I have plenty of topic related stuff as well.

Meanwhile, I discovered government bold print codes in Time and Newsweek’s issues only surrounding Lennon’s murder where the C.I.A. and media are caught bragging out loud what is about to happen to the world’s most loved rock star and cultural figure of our lives. It led me to also discover Mark David Chapman and the attached letter to the editor weeks before the crime where he explains how Reagan is moving him armed into a hostile square. This, in turn, led me to the killer’s face and real identity; author Stephen King, (See how sick and perverted your lives have BEEN all this time?) which led to my discovery of what he writes about to seal the case against him. This is what I discovered that takes away your excuse NOT TO CARE ABOUT IT. In fact, anyone NOT picking up a sign and helping me expose our lying media after seeing my facts is guilty of treason. PERIOD! A case of lame public to blame.

And, so, I have to get busy writing Linda to ask for some consideration that she might meet up with me soon to heal my broken soul and smooth over any bad feelings I may have caused her. I left up my pre trip entry which is so much more bitter just to show you what an effect she has already had on me…….

February 5, 2021….LINDA, WAS THAT YOU????!!!! (This section personal, please scroll past to following chapter just below this, unless you are Linda,  please.)……..

Linda, IF that WAS you on Groundhog Day that evening on Greenville Rd. in Dallas, please contact me right away as I’ve been an insomniac for two days, now, wondering. I’m pretty sure it WAS you, Linda. I can’t believe how much we share the same connection. You said; “I knew a boyfriend once who changed everything about my life…” to which I replied; “Yeah, I knew a girl like that, once, she may even live around here for all I know. That was 40 years ago…” That you volunteered that so early was profoundly moving and unexpected after all these years of your ignoring ME for trying to mend our fences. Even though I subconsciously may have thought it was you initially, consciously, I did not. Not until about 30 minutes after I pointed to my watch to ask you to wait for the end of the song I was singing. By then I was lying in bed alarmed as though a huge bell had just been rung. It was stirring like a midsummer night’s dream. It was so surreal and unlike what I had imagined our reunion would be like. Just the day before, imagining “what if?” I envisioned me kneeling before you my head buried in your bosom clutching you for forgiveness and understanding. How it was that I acted like I was too busy to even talk to you I can only point to how much I felt ignored all this time by you and I could not help myself, I guess, my original sin taking me over like some ironic trick of the world to vex me when the exact opposite emotion was what I was feeling deep inside. A trick by God if there is one. Had the police not woken me five minutes earlier I may not have ever met you at all. Like a dream.

I DID specifically route my trip through Dallas just because you once left a Dallas address on a phone bill of mine and I only knew that you lived in Texas. It was a wild hunch that I only vaguely dreamed would ever come true, that we would meet, somehow. I was tapping into my sudden burst of singing talent that sprang from the post traumatic stress of being witch-hunted by the law all over again, to see if I could “create a stir..” among the locals and get your attention that I was here in town if you were interested. I sang for two hours – songs that knowing you let me understand like I never could have without knowing you. I figured I’d be around a few days at least and maybe there was a 5% chance, I thought, you might pop up. I then parked in a neighborhood around 5 pm and watched T.V. until dark, Just as I was about to go to sleep and call it a day I lit up a bowl of pot and held it in at the same MOMENT a police man’s flashlight interrupted my peace and turned the moment into a harrowing nightmare. What are the pot laws in Texas? I had to exhale before they asked me to emerge. I was at their mercy and mercy saved me and I was just asked to find a commercial lot to sleep in. That same morning, in Abilene, I was pulled over for a minor glitch to be let go as well. It was a stressful day, however, and I felt the need to unwind and sing at Greenville’s strip. PTSD episode time is why I was so wound up. The last thing I expected was to see you. So there I was pulling up alongside a waiting YOU at about 7:30 pm. Of course it’s possible all this is in my head and it was a stranger who’s conversation only made me think it was you, but my instincts are shouting at me it WAS YOU! Your voice gave you away. Your mind gave you away. Your intelligence and soul gave you away. While you were the best looking girl I’ve ever known in 1977, to this very day – my dream on a golden platter – it was not your looks that made me fall in love with you, it was your soul, sweetheart. Whatever time has stolen from our past I am not afraid of reuniting and seeing where it leads. Lord knows my decades of isolation and crusading has put a load of need on me, I confess. I’m human. Those rude remarks I made about society turning me off with their apathy does not apply to you. No one but you has ever turned my key so completely. We have precious history, torrid and bittersweet though it was. I can’t be afraid of us now. I’ve been taught whatever lesson I needed to be taught, believe me, my recent conduct notwithstanding. I know I came across like a self absorbed jerk full of himself desperate to get the crowd’s attention and sing to ATTRACT YOU! There you were, though, RIGHT THERE, all alone, brave as can be. Forgiving and kind and considerate and charming as could be. Patient and caring about every word said between us. I can remember every word, Linda, myself, now. I will treasure those 20 minutes like gold forever. THANK YOU, LINDA!!!

I will be brief, here, as this is a personal note to only you and have to go public here to contact you at all. Your willingness to mend fences and be my dear friend again I did not expect at all. It means something may have changed in your life to even make that offering. The virus has taken it’s toll on marriages and I have no idea if you are available. I’ll be making a return trip in late April and I’ll be singing there to get you back there, again, if I can. I am now in Baton Rouge. Please be there at the Greenville strip and know that I am open arms and willing to fix my personality faults if you’ll give me a chance. Meanwhile my e-mail is (Use a business computer if necessary to hide your private life and e-mail if you like – ph; 831-275-8611 – hit *67 to block your number) but CONTACT ME, PLEASE. Insomnia aside, I even got my immaculate van scraped a little yesterday (the offender drove off). I need to hear from you soon. I’m beside myself for being so stupid that I did not recognize you in time. I so wish you had lingered 30 seconds longer. My song was almost over and I would have been all ears for you, Linda. I liked you as a person and enjoyed your company. Very much.

I can see where you were going; “We’re the same age…I once knew a boyfriend who…that guy was without money like you, too…” Any minute I would ask the question’; “Are YOU Linda?” I almost did ask that but so feared you’d lie and I couldn’t bear that, again. So I left it out of the conversation. When you sidled up to my window and remarked my slogans were beautiful I sensed your voice and sized you up as you stood there looking at my van. You looked too tall to be Linda I thought and yet you were close enough. The extra pounds made you look taller somehow, I think, and I said “No, it can’t be her.” I looked hard at your eyes which were sad like you had been ignored after taking such a chance to see me thinking it wasn’t meant to be, after all. Your eyes were blue in 1977. That night I could not tell (My vision is a little sketchy.) The aura you gave off gave me the impression of a 30 year old woman standing there. I can understand why you interrupted and walked off after taking a barrage of intimate photos of me and not just my van. It was exactly that all important need for you to take all those photos of me that convinced me it HAD to be you. No random stranger could be so reminded by me of someone else that they would do such a thing. And the last minute confirmation you needed when you asked me; “Are you Steve Lightfoot?” as if maybe I looked different, too.

Linda, I’m blessed that you met with me if that was you. Just knowing you are in a forgiving mood and a friendly mood is such a gift you have already given me.

For now, just let this grab your heart like you have grabbed mine, all over again.

I love you, Linda, Steve.


P.P.S.; Linda, please scroll all the way down this page and find the chapter; “Me on golf technique – part 2” (listed in gold) and I will continue this communication. The rest of you readers please focus on the matter that concerns you; Lennon’s assassination and cover-up and give me some privacy, please. Focus on the Jan. 20, 2021 chapter immediately below.



Jan. 20,2021 Update; Time For A National Tour (Hey,people. This entry is so bitter I deleted the last half of it even I was so embarrassed. Your collective apathy had driven me a little bonkers.))

Hi, I am Steve Lightfoot of and the yellow website van you’ve noticed. I’m not a wacko, I’m a hero with hard evidence that proves the Chapman story we were told is all hogwash. For a million dollars not ONE of you saw a trial for that murder, so get off your cowardly, turncoat, boot-licking  asses and care. The truth IS scary and you’re all scared. No backbone. If you are reading this I am already on the road heading to Sarasota, Florida, Stephen King’s home, since I ran him out of Bangor, Maine with hard evidence that places him getting Lennon’s last autograph posing as his look-alike / decoy; Mark Chapman. I can prove he murdered John Lennon in a Nixon, Reagan – not theory – CONSPIRACY! I cracked government C.I.A. codes in the headline’s of Time and Newsweek magazines surrounding the crime that PROVE what happened. You feel you have to call me a theorist you’re all such guilty douche bags about it. Many of you, most of you, if not ALL of you, are traumatized by this rape against you. Judge for yourselves and confront the cover-up and overturn it and arrest King’s evil, poisonous traitorous ass, once and for all. He probably SHOULD be tried as a traitor and face whatever justice law prescribes. I only want him jailed for life and off the streets and exposed to all for what he did to us all. He and agent Yoko in the same cell would be poetic justice. (See chapter on her.) You want to deny this accusation but let me tell you, I can also prove he was convicted of sex with a 15 year old in 1992 when he was in his 40’s. The court was in Belfast, Maine and it was kept out of the media and he was ordered to pay a large fine as I heard the news when I was back there. So, so much for your wanting to deny he is also a murderer. He is one evil asshole, people. He even wrote about Covid -19 decades ago in his book “The Stand” he is so part of the deep state. Face up to it. Our GOVERNMENT is EVIL to be in bed with this “FEAR PLOT” to control you. I am the world’s, I’ll say it, biggest hero on earth to be exposing this hideous crime to all of you and putting my life in grave danger all these years to right this unspeakable wrong. You’re all just great big, stupid, scared cowards about the matter. You want to suck your hypocritical thumbs and pretend I’m a wacko. My slogans all over my van reflect this; “THE TRUTH – HANDLE IT” for example. I’m still ruminating on what to project to the watching world. I even erected the powerful punch “JAIL STEPHEN KING NOW”

As I am about to trek east with my website van and, after quite a run on KSCO talk radio to get my message out, one “Colonel Terry”, a regular caller with a hollow need to be noticed, let his true colors be known last week when he threatened Michael Zwerling, the station owner, for allowing me to “endanger Mr. King…” and to ” with malice, wish harm on him…” with my radio spots. I told the audience right after; “I think he just did himself in showing his true colors; a former Pentagon employed C.I.A. plant in Santa Cruz…” The listeners know him as a self important jerk with government and military ties who knows better than everybody else what direction is up. I’m glad it was he who tried to poison the listeners with his treasonous rant. Perhaps a government coward who probably knows King IS guilty, a government tit sucking, boot-licking peon / pawn. A person of the exact opposite character as me. YOUR enemy to attack me, the hero. His rhetoric was out of the C.I.A. propaganda book. He’s been broadly disdained before he attacked me and was called an asshole by Zwerling that day for it. I pointed out, minutes later, that I already WAS taken to court by King’s attorneys in 1996 and that I defeated them all by myself after telling the judge ” He can sue me for slander or libel but he can’t stop my free speech.” Days later I offered the station manager a one hour one on one with “Terry” but she is of the belief that my crusade is negative even though only I have faith in humanity that it even can care. It is the silent world that is negative with apathy and defeat and fear. I get blamed for what’s wrong with everybody BUT me. “Let’s blame the messenger!”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           At the same time criminal and cowardly district attorney of Santa Cruz; Jefferey Rosell is pressing false charges of D.U.I. against me after authorities stung me in a plot that found me in the back of my new van as it was left out of gear rolling down a hill as I was about to have surgery. No drug they were looking for was found in my system, no booze, no valid evidence and still he is protecting Stephen King abusing his office and he is backstabbing the citizens of Santa Cruz and even corrupting all of them. Oh, and the ticket is over two years old and still no trial (I never waived time) and after I had to fire two phony lawyers and remove two corrupt judges, already. The D.A. waited a year to file charges and seems to want me to know they are hunting me with malice. In fact, days after I erected a sign on my van that read; ‘D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE”, Monterey police cited me for open container after I blew 0.00 foiling their plot to cite me for D.U.I. and Hit and Run and Unsafe Backing. All this for trying park near a nightclub so I could sing. I did reach way to the back section of my van to grab some olive oil to sooth my throat first and mistakenly grabbed the wrong identical bottle whereupon the officer surprised me. If there was any brandy in that bottle it was less than a swallow and not enough to impair anyone. Weird bad timing. I showed him the other identical bottle with olive oil I was reaching for. My van was off and parked in the roadway waiting for a spot. I was promised no ticket if I passed a sobriety field test. In 1987 S.F.P.D. beat me unconscious while handcuffed in a police van requiring 13 head x-rays and that event apparently accounts for my wobbly performance but I was sober as a surgeon (My father WAS a surgeon, in fact.) and was proved to be, after. I never hit anybody, never backed up in an unsafe manner, never caused ANY damage to any car and never left any scene. One officer, after the other car’s owner declined to file a claim, called me a week later and threatened to add charges if I didn’t offer my insurance info. A total witch-hunt! No insurance claim, no damage, and, still, days later, salivating to attack the hero so they could get their complicit boss to cause me trouble I don’t deserve. Sergeant Newby explained he told officer Phillips to cite me for open container after promising not to because he thought I was trying to take a sip. The video shows no such move and that the lid was screwed on tight making that claim impossible. Two police men both lying in their desperate attempt to reward D.A. Rosell with SOMEthing since HIS other case is lacking and represents only harassment and terrorism against me. (Any brave attorney’s out there want to get rich? E-mail me at I went to trial on Jan. 19, for the open container armed with the law that allows camper vans to hold booze in the back section I had it in after removing that judge and was met with no one but me and the officer and judge I disqualified. I was told no trial and would I like to reconsider disqualifying her? (Months ago she ruled against my claim against Jack Fox Auto Repair who practically admitted they ruined my other van the same month Rosell was wrecking my new van.) I am now asked to call Judge Panetta (Relative of Bush Jr.’s C.I.A. chief.) and transfer to Salinas in May . (The rest of this entry I have deleted it was so very bitter and unhinged. I hope you got a flavor, though, for what kind of evil all of you represent to oppose my heroism with your evil apathy.)

Steve Lightfoot

Jan. 11, 2021 update;

Well, it seems the deep state (C.I.A. / F.B.I / Military and I’ve heard, the 12 “families”) and it’s mass media have succeeded in driving Trump a little nuts this past week with his pressure phone calls and swipes at Pence and call to storm The Capital. I attribute the shooting to Pelosi’s charge, the Capital Police, and even think they may have been ordered to draw a kill to make Trump look bad, after. It’s a fact a lot of Democratic operatives were in the crowd doing the same.

Meanwhile, I say the deep state DID rig the machines and DID manufacture about 10 million false votes to give Trump the heave ho they always wanted. That’s why it’s hard to find; The C.I.A. who invented the internet would know how to pull that job off. Even China and Russia could be involved they were both so obviously out to oust Trump as well. Why do you think Covid -19 was released!!!??? This is why I am convinced the vote WAS rigged. America is not so stupid as to do exactly what China asked us to do – vote out Trump, or else. That’s not us. Why would we reward them for sickening the globe and killing millions? That and the vote being shut down for two hours in the wee small hours of the morning complete with a water main burst in one precinct that evacuated the building. There is no way, after all Trump’s enemies, Rockefeller, especially, went through to oust him that they would NOT cheat in this election.

That being said, Trump was too weak to slay them all with the sword at his feet I provided him. In failing to arrest Stephen King he failed to embarrass the holy crap out of all of them for protecting this monster for 40 years. Had he done that he would have truly protected the people and not Nixon and Reagan who are bad guys, anyway. Don’t tell me Stephen King scares Donald J. Trump. If only all of you could afford to laugh but for your own guilt.

Also on the balanced side of things, Trump cost himself about 5 million votes with his self aggrandizing personality and his stance on the police shootings of blacks and other issues he was blind to see. Not encouraging voters to mail in ballots as the Dems did was also a mistake. Neveretheless, he won and America has lost, SO FAR!

Trump’s Twitter account suspended and other things will follow if we don’t peacefully mobilize to out MY NEWS STORY and turn things completely around. I can see that happening and putting either Trump or Pence back in. Focusing on arresting Stephen King is the answer. THEN we can show the world that Obama already tried, twice, to kill me in very high speed accidents gone awry and that they are the ones PROTECTING Stephen King and the evil against us he stands for. For your OWN sake China won’t be allowed to kick out our choice behind our backs and steal the election and destroy our future.

Trump was warned by me a dozen times he would face bad karma if he did NOT arrest King and he certainly has been punished for failing to protect us from the oppositions trigger man and culture assassin; Stephen King. HE lacked courage and wisdom or he’d have listened to me a long time ago and lived up to his “the real deal” persona.

As for me, I’m taking a three month national tour with my website van before local officials can stop me and pull my licence. I’ll especially hang out in Sarasota, Florida to run King out of there since he lives there in a witness protection house on a key. I’ll let the locals know why he lives there and not Maine ( I kicked him out by notifying those neighbors in 1992.)

I’ll do what I can to arrest his stinking ass, all as an illegitimate president  takes over our nation, the one who was on Obama’s team who tried to kill me twice, already. (See other details in chapters below.) My signs will read like this, depending on which ones I choose.







KING CAN’T SUE – IT’S TRUE                                SILENT U.S – YELLOW U.S.


RAPED U.S IN DISGRACE                                      LAME PUBLIC TO BLAME



YELLOW U.S. MARTYRING ME                              EVIL U.S., CONFESS!




YOU’RE UGLY UNDER THE LIE *                            DESERVE – DEMAND TRUTH


DON’T BUY THE CHAPMAN LIE                              NO SPINE, SILENT U.S.?

CHAPMAN LIE; GOVT. POISON                              YOU LACK ONLY COURAGE








DESERVE THIS – I DARE YOU!                                STEPHEN KING NEEDS CUFFS!!


FIGHT BACK, YELLOW U.S.!                                    YOU MEDIA CRIPPLED COWARDS!


YOU MUTE MASOCHISTS                                         WORLD’S WATCHING YOUR COWARDICE



YOU SILENCED SOVIETS                                          IGNORE THIS DESERVE A VIRUS


SILENT EQUALS STUPID                                            ARE YOU ALL YELLOW!!??

It should be an interesting few months, indeed. Talk radio, too.

Don’t let the deep state, China and Russia, kill me while I try to pull all your yellow heads out of your uptight butts. Get on board and help me defeat evil. The water is fine. Far finer than the waters you’re all swimming in with masks and all, giving China what they want, a different president.

“News This Huge You Must Force”  Another good slogan

Meanwhile, as I wait till May to face the bogus D.U.I charge in Santa Cruz I will be in traffic court this next Tuesday the 19th to defend myself from another rigged charge of open container. The Monterey Police, in a bid to help corrupt D.A, Rosell in S. Cruz, since his case shows no drug they were looking for in my system, tried to add a D.U.I. and Hit and Run charge that night but I blew a 00.0 twice and never left the scene to begin with and did zero damage to any parked car, besides that. One officer even tried to threaten me with additional charges a week later over the phone if I did not give him my insurance info even though the other party wasn’t interested.

I can see Obama and Biden and Harris now, like the Wicked Witch of the West and the bat winged monkeys looking into a crystal ball at me as I travel the nation hoping to kill me while driving my van or some other plan they hope I won’t see coming.

Look at all of you; stupid as Trump not to help me as if your nation’s life depended on it. It does, lazy cowards, pull your heads out with this.

At least you have brave me and this hard evidence. Otherwise you’d all be hopelessly screwed, blued and tattoo’d. This should be front and center. Because you’re scared, boot-licking turncoats I’m in America’s ‘Dog House’ living in a van risking my life for you ingrates who should know better.

Get truth worthy, people, for your own sake.


Dec. 12, 2020 update;

As the title of this chapter reads, a year ago I was interviewed on KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz and I warned the public an asteroid might wipe us all out for being too stupid to jail Stephen King in my lifetime for ignoring all the evidence there is to prove what he did to John Lennon. Lots of listeners laughed to themselves; “Who does he think he is to summon such powers of the universe for not agreeing with his theory?” Many stopped laughing a few weeks later when Covid – 19 dropped in to say hello to all of us John Lennon killing, Stephen King protecting infidels.  All of YOU, that is. I graduated from “Slob’sville” long ago. I can’t afford NOT to know the truth with so many jealous, venomous enemies. I never bought the Chapman story to begin with. I am too smart to fall for that classic lie. It Is alarmingly lonely being sane and intelligent in an insane, phony, cowardly world. I have to admit that all of you are yellow cowards ducking your duty to fight back after being so cruelly raped and robbed by your own evil (apparently, so) government. You never even saw a trial for CHAPMAN. You’re phonies who are desperate to blame me for your lying ways. You are a nation of cowards sucking Stephen King’s you know what. Cowards and turncoat boot-lickers of the worst sort. After all, you are supposed to be free and able to challenge your government with facts. You aren’t Soviet douche bags, right? Well, maybe you are in the middle of a take-over after four decades of going along with the cover-up, after all. You secretly resent me for being a fly in the ointment of your mass apathy and conspiracy of silence all these decades I have paraded my evidence before all of you. I know you ALL to be venomous, jealous, mostly cowardly worker bees who did NOT discover the great American news mega story like I DID. My own family, flesh and blood, included. I am the arch enemy of the even more venomous and more jealous mass media. They resent that I am the opposite of who they are and that they are the opposite of who they want you to think they are. They are communists on the take telling you poisonous lies for a living. They are coached to smile and laugh as much as possible, especially on the am news shows, as they ply their evil ways of subduing all of you John Lennon killers. Like Trump warned you; they are your enemy. They ARE, people.

I had a young man I gave a flyer to the day before come to my rally (see chapter below) to ask about it. He saw just me protesting and he told me he would “walk through” my rally in a few hours. “Walk through?” An hour later he did exactly that; walked right on by and even denied he knew me when I asked him if he was a local.

I point this out to show you all just how scared of standing up to your evil government you all are. Here is a young man in his idealistic 20’s willing to give my rally a shot only to find he is all alone except for me in his altruism and suddenly he gets cold feet and scrams as if he will be struck by lightning if he stands with me. I’ve seen it all these years. Like the scene in The Wizard of Oz when the Cowardly Lion scrams out of the castle and jumps out so hard he crashes through the door just because a little smoke and fire and loud tones were produced by a fraud behind a curtain.

I suppose I sing in public a little to rub your jealousy of me in your face; to give you something valid to be jealous about. Resenting my heroism and intellect and courage are invalid reasons to be jealous of me. And yet you all are, it seems. Either that or just too stupid to understand my findings and claims are all valid. King has never denied that or sued me for slander or libel. No, but you already know all that. I understand what the words “body; timbre, bite, edge, grit, timing, phrasing, nuance, pitch, richness, tone, heart, soul, story telling and more have to do with singing. I know I’m world class and am letting all of you fence sitters know it in the meantime. So be jealous, if you must, for that. If I were all of you, however, I’d do everything to make me famous so I can heal the world with song at such a time for us all. You all killed John Lennon, so who’s gonna save you now? ( I won’t embarrass the new stars to suggest they might not be capable.) So I can be a witness in the prosecution of our Jewish Communist mortal enemy; murderer and culture assassin; Stephen King. So that I can finish my book on golf technique. Did you know, for example, that a large club head arc can make up for a lack of over all swing speed allowing you to swing slower without losing power? Or that doing that will also iron out kinks in your swing? Or that the hands must “whirlybird” through impact and not just hold on? The world needs to know these things to redirect their violent impulses on a sport where only the ball gets hurt. As it is the world is directing it’s anger and violence towards John Lennon and heroes like me. That is if you don’t count the masochistic assault on themselves.

My new signs are provocative on purpose. A three by two foot sign on the back of my website van reads;


Next to it a smaller sign reads;


That’s what relevant activism sounds like. The hard truth.

I am grateful that the pandemic punished you all BEFORE jailing Stephen King. You all SHOULD be punished for being so stupid. Just saying. Had this happened AFTER you did the right thing the word Karma would have lost all it’s power. This way, at least, Covid – 19 makes sense. It’as NOT nice to kill John Lennon and then cover it all up.

I woke up this morning thinking; “Geeze, religion won’t survive this news story of mine.” 40 years of being caught A.W.O.L. and M.I.A. and silent when they should have practiced a LITTLE of what thy preach will teach us all that religion is too weak for truth and not nearly as powerful. Religion is a fraud or you people would care about this. Religion and the media have failed you. You must admit it. They HAVE failed you.

That’s right, jealous, venomous humanity. My expose will be the end of religion. That’s how big a truth it is. H-U-G-E  N-E-W-S – !!!! “No hell below us, above us, only sky.”

I can see the headlines now; “Author Stephen King Arrested For John Lennon’s Murder! How many of you will projectile vomit when that happens?

Do you cowards have the guts? You DO have all the evidence you need. I recognize that “ALL of you” does not necessarily apply. Prove it and protest with me, then.

Wiser, braver and saner than thou – Steve Lightfoot

Modesty is a virtue I can’t afford. Being your designated leader wasn’t my idea. Who else would you prefer? Stephen King, like now, all of you knee deep in Covid – 19? Jail King or fail yourselves.

Catch up to Steve Lightfoot, for your sake.



No time to waste, people, the 40th anniversary of John Lennon’s murder is just weeks away. Downtown Monterey, – where I was when John was killed –  from noon till at least 3:00 O’clock is the arena for you to join me in protest to out this evidence find – not theory – and give YOU back the power to control this country’s path forward. This website and the ‘ best of ‘ evidence enclosed and displayed for the world to see is all any brave people need to jail Stephen King’s evil ass, once and for good. Until you care about this evidence and jail Stephen King you just might deserve Covid-19. Just saying, silent public. Were you not so weak and blind all these years I doubt we’d have been dosed, now.

Let’s face it, it happened to all of you in your lifetime so maybe you DID have something to do with that fact. Looking sideways for forty years while evidence stared you in the face that King IS the one getting Lennon’s last autograph is no way to ward off, say, an asteroid to wipe us all out for being so stupid, for example. Just after I warned you of this very fate while interviewed on KSCO radio Covid – 19, days later, in fact, came to roost over all your politics and every area of our lives.

If God damned mankind it was in his giving us a knee jerk reaction of fear and dishonesty and apathy and phoniness anytime real news comes along to save the day. The way I have been received is proof mankind is very sick and blind, indeed. Is it any wonder you’re all hiding behind masks for your karma? Shuffling along in fear? King wants it that way and he probably even knew all about the year 2020 and Covid-19 as early as the 70’s when he wrote a book about it; “The Stand” remember? A virus that killed off the human race leaving only two groups left to fight it out? Of course he probably knew about this pandemic way back before he killed Lennon. He is part of the deep, deep state that happens to be of foreign origin. You know, the people who plotted long ago to kill off 20 % of the worlds population for political purposes, you know, the people you used to only laugh at the thought of when you heard that ‘theory’? You’ve got to admit, it happened just as the baby boomers started to cash in on their social security and just after Trump was acquitted in his impeachment hearings.

Some of you have, no doubt , heard me singing along with the best singers, ever, lately, from my website van next to sidewalk cafe’s. You might wonder why I do it? I do it to punctuate the veracity of my website and the evidence I have uncovered that gives all you victims power, for a change. You see, by singing almost exactly as good as the real item’s – Sinatra, Bennett, Buble, D. Martin, Nat King Cole, Andy Williams, etc. I signal to you all that maybe I’m NOT a wacko, after all. Maybe I’m important and should be listened to, in fact. I certainly wasn’t nearly as good a year ago, believe me. While the faucet’s running I’m singing. I also do it to put my best foot forward to woo all of you to come around to defending yourselves with lucky evidence. Song; the universal language that John Lennon used to get noticed.

If you people would please defend yourselves from your own real enemy; your own cowardly apathy, and demand media disclosure to jail King I’d appreciate it a lot. So will your kids, in case you need to also be told that.

Dec. 08, noon till three, that’s a Tuesday, and every bit as important as voting. How often does an evidence find like this come along, really!!?? John called his murder “The Event” according to McCartney. It can be.

Be there or be square, as they say. Come together over John, people. Right now.

Your brave messenger; Steve Lightfoot

Before reading about the dangerous situation I am in with the Santa Cruz D.A., Jeffery Rosell who is apparently engaged in a sting operation for Stephen King, no less,,(trying to kill me in a road “accident”) allow me to opine about our impasse in this 2020 presidential election and how Trump is being mugged by our corrupt media,  F.B.I., C.I.A., World Order, Rockefeller establishment.

Trump was an hour away from winning 290 delegates and victory when the brakes were applied and the jiggling of the pinball machine was started to rig the vote behind our backs with computer bugs, late ballots and other means to fix the vote and put their man, Biden, in. Suddenly the trends went the opposite direction the last 20 % of the vote. Not by accident, either. Rigged, people. RIGGED!!!!! FRAUD!!!!!!!!

In his speech the next day Biden used the phrase “We the people.” several times to con you, the public. What he really meant was he was going to now “Wee the people” with a false result since the people really voted for Trump. The evil, Stephen King protecting, John Lennon killing, F.B.I. no doubt, central to the plot.

China dosed us with the virus TO oust Trump and they must also be behind this theft of our election. Add Putin, too, in my opinion. Our F.B.I. and our C.I.A. and our C.I.A. / military owned media have all sold us out decades ago for the new world odor and this election now stinks.

Like the 2000 election in Florida and the hanging chads, this is another fiasco. Gore lost on purpose for Bush, then. ( You’ll have to trust me on that.) Trump is not behind this fraud, though. Our evil deep state is raping us of our real vote.  The media brainwashed us for a  year with phony, made up polls, stopped the presses and started messing with it. Now that they saw the election going for Trump they  put plan “B” into action with the late ballots and computer glitches to rig the result.

Hate your evil mass media and jail Stephen King or you people will get wee’d on again and again. Hate your media, people. They hate you. My latest rear mounted sign on my website van reads;

COVER-UP CLASS MEETS KARMAVIRUS    ( Makes you think, doesn’t it?)

Just knowing about how King wrote all about this coronavirus in his 70’s novel; The Stand (He KNEW what was eventually going to happen, THEN!) makes me confident that I’m right and you’re all sucking a raw deal today. I’m right, I’ve always BEEN right and you’re all fools under fear and silence. If you all had half of my courage my evidence could save you all. Get brave, yellow U.S..You’re all being urinated on by a rigged result.

O.K. I will finish up this short entry and then, please, read what is just below about my trials with the local corrupt Stephen King protecting D.A..

As I was saying, the “tells” (giveaways) were all over the place for anyone to SEE how rigged everything WAS!

First, the phony brainwash campaign by the media how Biden was a huge 15 point favorite for a year. Then, the way Savanna Guthrie of NBC spit venom at Trump in his interview a week or so earlier. Very unlike the kid gloves treatment Stephanopolous gave Biden that same day. Then, as soon as the voting started, the way Nora O’donnell of CBS entertained the possibility Arizona might flip blue, which sounded preposterous to me at the time. Was she buttering us up for some future shock she might be privy to? I noticed how these media jocks like Chuck Todd would act like carnival hustlers with a walnut shells and a pee act shifting things around furiously with what counties are doing what, to distract us from the bigger picture. This was kept up, throughout, I noticed. Then I noticed how it was that all the major stations were quick to give the blue to Biden but slow to give Trump any red to project a false image of strength to Biden so we’d believe he might win come morning. This amidst the looming alligator tail of a whiplash effect Trump voters were about to unleash in the final mathematics. As stated above, with only 20 % of the voting left to count and Trump a shoe in for at least 290 delegates, the vote count STOPPED!!!! It STOPPED and stalled and stammered and re-assembled itself the next day only now the vote trend went exactly the opposite direction MYSTERIOUSLY!!!! Trump was up 16 % in Pennsylvania at 80% vote count, some several hundred thousand voters ahead. Trump even said that night; “There’s no way they can make up that kind of gap, now.” Trump told the truth. No way unless something nefarious was implemented. I realize many of you are thinking what the media told you; that the mail in ballots were more blue than red. That is only partially true as the virus made a lot of voters choose that method. Then I noticed on that day Biden assuring us all that “We’re GOING to win Pennsylvania!” at a time when he was 16 % behind! What did he know that we didn’t? I noticed how, suddenly, Trump went from ONE hundred thousand behind in the popular vote at 80 % count to over THREE hundred thousand behind with another 15 % counted. Highly suspicious by any standards. I noticed how Chris Christie, who I warned Trump about years ago, was hanging his head in abject shame as if he was doing a “bad thing” and the voting had just begun. Days later he was all smiles now that Biden was in control and about to claim victory. The G.O.P. that Eric Trump lamented as being A.W.O.L. IS just that. Just like Christie who is doing Trump no favors with his media salaried, disparaging opinions. We are learning of cardboard blockage of windows to hide vote counting activities for hours in Philadelphia and more weird happenings. I suspect these PROVISIONAL ballot options are allowing people to vote twice if they can get past the officials to get a ballot claiming they never got one. I notice how once you separate the ballot from the mail in envelope there is no way to re count anything. A big loop hole and I’d secure all those envelopes they have tossed into a dumpsite already if I were Trump. I noticed how a state might be 90 % red and still be tied or behind the blue vote. I thought to myself; “Is Atlanta, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago and Las Vegas infiltrated with political “ACTION” groups to meddle with the count.” A legitimate thought for anyone to have. Of course computer glitches can be achieved, I’m sure. How many people on the rig the vote payroll are needed to pull such a feat off? One thousand is all, I suspect. Just getting a temporary job as a VOTE COUNTER is a golden opportunity for someone who might usually make six figures a year to steal an election if you ask me. Must have been hundreds in key states, I’ll bet.  Can you imagine how easy it would be to steal an election with just 100 or so biased counters?

Meanwhile, there’s no way blase’ Obama’s V.P., a doddering almost octogenarian with an adolescent ‘valley girl’ phony for a running mate could beat the world’s most famous human and, considering the Chinese attack on Trump; the virus, a great president, to boot. No way unless it was all rigged, I’m afraid.

I’m sure Trump will Triumph. I’m suggesting the headline; TRUMP TRIUMPH!!, in fact, when he is declared the winner after finding multiple voting via provisional ballots, dead voters, harvesting and other anomalies.

I guess the foreign take over people must think we’re as stupid as a Russian or a Chinese citizen to fall for this brand of vote fraud.

I’m not fooled and I’m glad Trump is facing down this horror plot against YOUR VOTE and America, itself!!

Now, please read the next chapter just below;

Whew!, I just can’t not interrupt my chapter below to continue with this election fraud event. DO eventually read what Jeffery Rosell, Santa Cruz D.A., is up to in protecting Stephen King at the expense of me and my rights. It’s pretty alarming I think you’ll agree. If that town needs a new D.A. to function properly than that’s what that town needs right now, before I get killed, preferably. Right now that D.A. is corrupt as a traitor.

Now, about this rigged by Communist China election;

I’ve noticed how the guilty, thumb on the election scale Rockefeller run mass media is saying over and over; “There’s no evidence of significant, widespread fraud, yet.” They almost act as if they already know there IS SOME fraud going on that can be found out, though, it seems. What if, for example, it is learned that someone who studied the demographics from last election arranged to mail out those unsolicited ballots to especially blue zones and big cities and less to rural heartland counties? That would be valid fraud revealed, indeed!. Let’s have someone look INTO that. There’s plenty of angles to be explored and, hopefully, this election WILL have to be re done or re counted. Let the results fall where they may, THEN. I have no doubt that the real American majority did NOT vote to follow China’s orders to oust Trump. They know, whether Trump’s narcisistic ways rub them the wrong way or not, they know that this Covid -19 bug China dosed us all with was MOSTLY TO oust Trump since they couldn’t beat him at the trading table. It was released just as Trump was found innocent in the impeachment trial, in fact. Culling the old and weak is the other reason, truth be told. Saving all that Social Security payout money, you see? Keeping overpopulation from revolutionizing and dissolving the “machine” they have in place. Covid – 19 came from our lab in Fort Deitrick(?), I hear, and was sold to China?!?!? What the hell is really going on, here? I can almost eavesdrop on the C.C.P.’s latest meeting; “THAT was easy!” as they celebrate our stupidity. Now they know what to do if they ever want us to change presidents, again, dose us with a virus.

It’s clear we are not so stupid as a majority of people to fall into that Chinese plot to change our president. I’m sure, on that basis, alone, that this election WAS, INDEED, VERY RIGGED, IN FACT.

Let’s argue that a redo is necessary since the C.I.A./ K.G.B. / C.C.P. owned – that’s right, folks, China owns Sony Pictures, for example – deliberately poisoned the public with false polls putting Biden always, always, about 16 % ahead of Trump. Never a let up in that constant number, I recall. Real number closer to 2 % upon even this fraud result report. It’s out of the commie play book called “Voter suppression” Trump even pointed this out. Grounds for a redo, folks. It IS!!!

What about the media’s hand, not just thumb, on the scale of our election!!!!????? Both sides agree there is a distinct anti Trump agenda rife throughout the mainstream, establishment media. From the false polls listed above to the impeachment hearings, Russia Gate, to the F.B.I. and Obama spying on his campaign, the media was always there shooting venomous spit wads at Trump and needling him to the point he DID put his wrong foot forward in response at times. Did you see 60 Minutes this week? 100% anti Trump with no point / counter point. A 20 minute commercial to explain away and justify the result in spite of it’s smell. “Nothing to see here, folks, Go home. Not rigged. Trust us.” And then, weeks before, with the venomous Savannah Guthrie vs. the kid glove Stephanopolous spectacle? I recall watching George during the election and his face was in abject horror. He knew where this was going; 290 for Trump, in the bag, at least. He had seen too many elections NOT to see that obvious picture. Then the voting was stopped for four hours before the tide suddenly seemed to change, mysteriously. Even HE is surprised, now. Terry Moran, his announcer colleague, fresh back from his Moscow training stint these past dozen years – that’s right, folks – was there along with “I can and do tell lies” Brian Williams. It’s almost as if they trotted out the hardly ever seen, ever, Brian to ADMIT TO US they are lying. In fact, the last time he was trotted out some other scam was being perpetrated on us, I recall. The “powers that be” probably laughed like hell in the Rockefeller plaza, I’m sure, over that tidbit. Every week night America is poisoned with shills for the military mind control machine; Colbert, Kimmel. Fallon, Cordon, Myers, et al. If they weren’t paid a fortune would they really have such sharp opinions? I doubt it, folks. Colbert is just a Stephen King hosting, sellout, butt-hole, though. He MIGHT do his evil for free. Add the a.m. news shows and all THEIR sellout mouthpieces. It’s like Moscow owns our media, suddenly, it seems. Their overt show, RT, (Russia Today) was pulled recently. WHY? To hide the rest of what they’re up to? You people DO know that the Bush’s, etc., WANT a New World Order, right?

To suggest we not correct this spectacle in future elections would be wrong and evil. To allow THIS election or even one to be stolen by media fraud would also be intolerable. No media should be allowed to jiggle the pinball machine like it did these past two elections. The first time Trump survived because there WAS no rigged vote, then. They underestimated him and assumed Billy Bush’s “Pussy Gate” would do him in. You can bet your sweet bippi, Sweet Pea, that they took no chances this go around after all else failed for them, before. This election was strategically fixed in key states such as Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Pennsylvania and probably a few others. I saw the guy they trotted out in charge of the Philadelphia counting. He looked like a junk yard dog, hit man, evil eyed, sub human reptile working for the mob. If looks could kill this election WAS rigged, folks.

Don’t accept this commie takeover of your vote. 60 % of America voted for Trump and it’s the people NOT burning down businesses and, instead, leaving those boarded up buildings alone. Take a bow, “Deplorables”, you’re behaving beautifully. The other side might not be so civilized, come to think of it. And I used to BE a proud, ignorant liberal just like them. I have seen too much in this satanic world not to see which side our enemies have attached themselves to, lately. It used to be Nixon using the Republican party along with Reagan. I hope Trump is no fan of these two commie spies. Now the commies have switched partners on us to fool us, yet, again. This is not the first time our election was bogus, folks. You are fools not to use my Lennon evidence to overturn these bastards killing America. Think about THAT HARD FACT. You HAVE the weapon they fear most and , yet, you are too afraid to use it even in your own self interest.

I hope America survives and jails King, fast. All is evil until that is done. In fact, Trump’s failure to do exactly that is why I think the karma has temporarily turned on him. Remember; you all covered up Lennon’s murder to 40 years to the point you’re all covering up your faces now, for it.


March 25, 2021;

The Honorable Judge Volkmann,

Hi, Steve Lightfoot, here, writing to ask if your court is ready to proceed when I return for the May 6th hearing you scheduled me for. (Case # 20CR000182, I believe) On the condition I not waive my right to a speedy trial and after you told me it would be several months before any jury could be assembled, you agreed to extend the hearing to that date.

Enclosed is a flyer that depicts a circumstance that has slowed down my cross country trip to publicize my findings about Stephen King’s role in John Lennon’s murder. If your system is ready to proceed then I won’t risk surrendering my right to a speedy trial to ask for a little more time. If your system is NOT ready, even if I show up on the 6th of May, then I am asking for a small furtherance of time to possibly swing by N.Y.C. as planned, originally, so long as I retain my speedy trial rights you have so far preserved. I have to be back by May 23rd, anyway for another matter and would only need a two week extension to about the same week.

Let me know via e-mail, please, as I am having mail forwarded to my Sarasota General Delivery address (Main Post Office, I don’t have the zip code ready, here) and there might be a delay using that method. My phone # is (831) 275 – 8611. My e-mail address is;

I enclosed another segment of another flyer that depicts my circumstance before your court. I will die knowing that I was set up in a rolling vehicle by authorities who cruelly trashed my van at the public’s risk to falsely cite me in this matter. I am busy trying to come forward and famous and out of danger and I’m making good progress to that end. I am surprised your court has not recognized this fact of my case and is embarking on a course that will open up your county to scrutiny and liability should I achieve success with my expose. If your court was legitimate Judge Stevens would have found that my speedy trial rights have already been denied. That he did not I find concerning. My case should be dismissed, outright, I think.

Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot.



October 8, 2020 Flyer / Protest Announcement;

I am Steve Lightfoot of and the yellow website van. Hi, people of America and the central California coast. Right now I need you all to help me come forward before the F.B.I. sting operation against me, now in the Santa Cruz court system, eventually finds me killed in a traffic accident. In fact, twice already, I have almost been killed in suspicious high speed accidents under Obama’s presidency in 20210 and 2015. In the first one, when a woman ran a red light doing almost 60 mph and knocked my delivery truck 20 feet sideways before it fell over on it’s side rendering me unconscious for a minute, not only was she not cited, the intersection was repaved the next day before I could take photos. I learned that the city of Concord has a room that can see and manually control all that city’s traffic lights. The other involved a uniformed navy cadet who slammed his truck hard into my van on a San Diego freeway. He was doing 75 mph and left a tire mark ten feet by two feet all across my van’s driver’s side. I could easily have rolled and died then. He, too, was not cited. I found it suspicious that my name triggered a 45 minute wait before C.H.P. officers even arrived, then.

Now, in a bid to paint me as a reckless driver to set me up for another “accident”, and to pull my van off the streets, the Santa Cruz authorities, apparently with the help of a retired police officer, Bill Rawson, evidently, arranged for me to be in the back section of my newly purchased and painted van while the man this officer appointed to drive me one block to a dental operation left me abandoned with my van rolling downhill in neutral. This officer knew who I was – his department falsely arrested me in 1994 to put me on national television as a stalker of Stephen King before the bogus trespass charge was dropped days later – and that I would be on mild pre surgery medication and this homeless man he put me in contact with even admits to sitting for hours on someone’s couch watching a video of “America’s Worst Traffic Accidents” just a few days before this. As it was, I noticed my van was rolling and I instinctively jumped into the front seat to stop it before it ran through a fence and down another parking lot. The sudden adrenaline rush and trauma caused me to faint for a minute. (Similar to 1987 when I went unconscious in the back of a San Francisco police van while in handcuffs and two officers began beating me savagely.) To be in my van’s back section wondering why this man jumped out and left me in the middle of the road to then suddenly finding myself in a nightmare situation was very traumatic. Even I didn’t know what happened at first as a result of that but I claimed on film, then, that the van; “.. just drove itself…”  and asked Chris Malsak, the man who left my van out of gear; “Was the van in gear, Chris?” The following day I went to the C.H.P. office to claim my van WAS rolling, in fact. Other admissions concur that my van never got up to any speed, just rolled slowly until I brought it to a stop. After I saw the video – 18 months later – I knew, for a fact, that I was already rolling 50 feet before I lept to the front seat. By then I already had to fire the first attorney the court appointed me for depriving me of a defense for four months. Only after he was replaced was I able to even see the video.

At the time I was not under the influence of the half dose of a pre surgery medication I was told to take before arriving. (The instructions said; “Careful when driving”.) In fact, I had driven several miles perfectly fine minutes before this all happened. Almost two hours later I was tested when any effects would be at their height and, even then, and after a year of waiting for a blood result, it came back negative. In spite of this the D.A., Jefferey Rosell and his assistant Eileen Jao, went ahead and prosecuted my D.U.I. case, anyway. They waited for over a year to bring me to court, a violation of my speedy trial rights. Then all my other Constitutionally protected speedy trial rights were swept out of the way. (I never waived my speedy trial rights and it’s nearing two years from incident to pending trial.) All my valid motions to dismiss and otherwise were similarly dismissed, regardless of merit.(A dozen.)They appointed two disingenuous attorneys who I had to fire they were so obviously not defending me; Lars Shallberg and Ed Sidawi. Every judge I went before committed some kind of improper procedure; Judge Gogliotti added 15 days to the legal statute for post arraignment time limits. Judge Stevens committed judicial bias pre judging me and was recused for that. Then Judge Volkmann tried to persuade me to give up my right to a jury trial, even telling me; “… I’d be honored to take your case..” if I’d do that. Now, desperate for evidence, they tried to intimidate me with a late entry of doctor’s records and, now, a letter from the toxicologist who could not find any trace of the drug he was looking for. All this new evidence well after the year limit to bring me to court. They still have nothing but three day old THC residue which is not admissible as evidence. Judge Stevens, after recusing himself on August 24, 2020 over my claim that he committed a technical error, the one who told me not to waste my peremptory challenge on him, the one who acknowledged he should not hear my motions, was, again, before me on September 9. It was a trick to make me surrender my peremptory motion on him when he had already been disqualified.

Now, I am before Judge Seigel, (Recused himself following week.)who alleges he is an agnostic and not Jewish. I claim he is of Jewish heritage, regardless. This in response to my new motion to replace him because of his Jewish backround given the fact that my Lennon murder expose uncovers a nest of Jewish communists, (It does. See details in chapters immediately below where I offer a court declaration.), making him unfit to hear my case due to a built in bias he can’t credibly deny.

Jeffery Rosell, the Santa Cruz D.A., may ALSO be of Jewish backround and so it looks like the people who killed John Lennon are stacking me up against a phalanx of fellow Jews. My billboard on the back of my van reads; “F.B.I. PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE!” (Also, see details below on my site because I am NOT an anti-Semite.) For two months Rosell’s name was on that billboard accusing him of plotting to kill me yet the court claims he is still unbiased towards me and shouldn’t be replaced.

It is precisely because so many obvious, vindictive, illegal acts have been made by the courts AFTER the fact that I am certain this Chris Malsak did NOT accidentally do anything, that the intent WAS to “bury (my) car in a heartbeat..” to quote him, on scene. A fellow C.H.P. officer from the same station even gave me a phony ticket months later on April Fools Day that was later dismissed. No, folks, this is sinister and I suspect the F.B.I. is also very involved to pull such a stunt off in the first place. They hope they can scare me with mind games along the way. Initially I was in denial that anyone could wish such evil on me. Now I recall I was suspicious later that day when Bill Rawson tried to suggest I was stumbling out of his coffee shop that morning. I was not. His last words to me were, in fact,; “You know I’m a police officer, right?” as if to confess to me, eye to eye, that he had just had me set up.

Their fervent goal is to take away $2,400.00 of my money, cost me another grand in up charges in my insurance and to put restrictions on me to allow police searches, after, and to suspend my driver’s licence for several months to take my website van off the streets and hobble my activism. They are counting on me to violate the suspension to increase any suspension. During trial they fervently hope I commit contempt or perjury or anything, even as they display open contempt for me and my rights. (Just a few weeks ago Monterey police tried to give me a new D.U.I. ticket, perhaps to scratch Rosell’s back, but failed when I blew a 0.00, twice.) I claim that the Santa Cruz authorities were hoping I would NOT rescue my van in time and wanted to cause a major catastrophy. They hoped, I believe, to crack my windshield, crease my door hinge area, explode my airbag and crash into a bigger parking lot below into as many cars and, or, people as possible so they could take my brand new painted and logo’d van off the streets for a long time. Because I am a hero, by nature, and because I was not under the influence of anything at the time, I was able to leap over and around obstacles and into my driver’s seat and close my door and stop the van before all that worse stuff could happen. That the trauma had me faint is the only reason I couldn’t defend myself properly at the time. Now, I know, for a fact, exactly what happened. (I’ll save my evidence for trial.) I have already accused the judge of being ridiculous and preposterous in his rulings and that Eileen Jao could even be a Chinese communist, for all I know, and the gloves are off, people.

As if all this wasn’t enough to get my fellow man outraged to at least attend my upcoming trial and witness this kangaroo court, briar patch mess I think that THEY’RE in, I am displaying evidence they choose to ignore; a 1994 Metro Santa Cruz cartoon urging readers to let the police shoot me and a 2019 e-mail Stephen King sent me, to threaten me.  Just to SHOW all of you what’s really going on behind all your backs. The rest is all on my website; in the New Developments’ page. Do go there, read it all, please, and help me come in from the cold that has been, for me, your apathy, denial and silence and fear all this time I have always been in danger. It’s time to get involved.

NEW UPDATE: Oct. 19,2020;

The above is a newsletter I am distributing to protect my life. There have been a few changes; Judge Seigel has recused himself over a bias he, honorably, admits to, and I have been presented with numerous new motions by the prosecution that I find alarming. To show all of you just how serious an issue this is I am presenting the following actual document to the court to rebut their attempts to corral and limit my defense.

To the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Santa Cruz;

Comprehensive Declaration Addendum for all my motions with the court and a Comprehensive Rebuttal to the Prosecutions Motions; delivered to me on Oct. 14, 2020 in front of Judge Volkmann

Case number;*****************

To begin with, I object to this district attorney’s office from hearing any of the many motions I still have left unheard with the one exception being the necessary motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney. The several others should be heard by another jurisdiction (venue) and be handled by the Attorney General from Sacramento, not San Francisco, as my motions indicate due to San Francisco’s motives to stop me from ever exposing THIER crimes against me (Beaten unconscious while in handcuffs in 1987) in the 80’s. As the following testimony made below under penalty of perjury indicates, this court must be disqualified from handling my case as evidence suggests a severe bias.

I am the defendant in pro per since having to fire the two attorneys this court provided me; Lars Shallberg and Ed Sidawi. They were fired for depriving me of a defense and for other issues. I have since declared that I cannot trust this court to provide me with another and have chosen to, instead, represent myself out of necessity. It’s the  only way I could retain my right to a speedy trial, in my opinion, at the time. I have maintained, at all stages of this case, my right to a speedy trial. I may actually be the longest waiting misdemeanor defendant in California history to still not be brought to trial, now almost two years since the alleged offense, this partly due to the illegal bringing of charges over a year from the citation.

Last Oct.14, 2020, before judge Volkmann, I was presented with several motions from the prosecution and I’d like to respond; Because the stress of this charge and the many delays have aggravated an old post traumatic stress condition that is the result of past terror plots and beatings by police and because of my age and the Coronavirus dangers I have decided I will only marginally apply myself to my own defense to make sure my immune system is as stress free as possible. Already, twice, I have claimed to this court that stressing me with court abuses has stressed my immune system and that I have reason to believe this district attorney would like for me to succumb to Coronavirus and die from the very stress he knows all this is causing me. I have found it necessary to publicly accuse him of being in a cover-up plot to protect Stephen King, even advertising with a sign that he is in a plot to kill me. I have found that rummaging through the documents that represent the terrorism I have experienced over the years from mostly police abuses and opening legal books and dealing with the minutiae triggers my post traumatic stress and I have to put my health ahead of my legal duties. The fact that I fainted in this episode for a minute was probably due to my post traumatic stress condition to begin with as I may have been able to figure out everything in that millisecond of trying to rescue my rolling van; that this was a set up by the police. As such I will not be able to scour legal tomes and search down every reference of points and authorities and other arduous tasks for one not familiar with the law as a lawyer. I argue that every argument I make has a legal decision that backs it up and that, while I may not know what page or book it exists in, it exists and this court knows what and where it is. Not unlike the bible which says; “eye for an eye” and “turn the other cheek” many legal matters have contradictory positions and I claim to be making valid legal arguments and that there exists validation for my arguments somewhere and that the court knows of the efficacy or not of my arguments.

Because I was almost killed in two high speed “accidents” recently (2010 & 2015) where nobody was ever cited and where one intersection was even paved over the next day, and because I have reason to believe this charge is a precursor to a future attempt to kill me in another traffic “accident” I MUST show everything related to that possibility, and I will. This will require introducing the subject of my discovering hard, incontrovertible evidence in 1982 that proves Stephen King, not Mark Chapman, murdered John Lennon in a Nixon, Reagan, government plot and how my life was turned upside down following a 1983 interview by Secret Service agent Terry Chodash of the S.F.S.S. It only sounds ludicrous. It is, most assuredly, not. This court has a few exhibits about it and I will use this to show motive why someone, even why law enforcement, would want to set me up in a rolling van in the first place. To educate the jury WHAT all this fuss is all really about in bringing me to charges a year late and abusing my rights along the way to this point, after. The truth of the matter of my mini crash on January 10, 2019 is nothing like the benign act of a drug induced man trying to park his van and crashing and I have to show the jury why. In spite of various comments I may have made to the contrary after I fainted, I can convince a jury that the van was rolling with me in the back section and I had no choice but to rescue it from a worse crash. I believe I can convince them that the act of leaving my van in neutral by Chris Malsack was no accident at all but a sinister police sting operation to harm my Lennon murder expose efforts by removing my new website van from the streets via a licence suspension. I have the right to show them why I think two recent horrific accidents not caused by me that could have killed me may have also been set ups to kill me and why this new charge could be used to suggest to a naive public that any future crash I may have could be attributed to my alleged recklessness here when there was none. I have to show them, not only has this kind of terrorism against my activism been demonstrated dozens of times in the past by police agencies, even this same jurisdiction in 1994 to defame me on national television, but that a recent e-mail to me from Stephen King that this prosecutor is ignoring, suspiciously, may even implicate this same district attorney as being involved in my crash and this charge to begin with. This is exactly why I think the court is trying to exclude any mention of this element of my defense. The request is illegal and as unsound as if I demanded no police video or officer testimony or other key elements of a case be allowed. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is what I am allowed to present at trial. I will declare a mistrial if I am not allowed to.

Already you have my first exhibits; A; a photo of my website van that I claim is a target of this charge; B; a photo comparison of King, Chapman and the killer of John Lennon; C; a flyer that describes the encoded evidence against Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King and others including King’s actual 7-26-’19 e-mail and a 1994 metro Santa Cruz cartoon urging the reader to let the S.C. police Department shoot and kill me as well as another illustrating my 1994 false arrest at a King book signing event. These are my first several exhibits for a reason and I have the right to argue my case with them if I feel I am being set up by anyone.

The most glaring motion I see has to do with trying to prevent any mention of Stephen King or John Lennon’s murder. No way. That won’t fly. I have documents that suggest this district attorney, Jeffery Rosell and others, are in a plot to protect Stephen King by trying to falsely criminalize me with a sting operation to try to take my new website van off the streets. One issue, namely, a valid, authentic e-mail from Stephen King, himself, July 26, 2019 which happens to be the anniversary of my evidence find, no less. In it he claims not only that he, indeed, did kill John Lennon, but that ; “…I’ve got connections…”. He sent it in the middle of this charge against me and this city has known connections to King, namely former mayor Neil Coonerty and this court system and police department. That he typed it days earlier on the anniversary of the day I almost was killed in a high speed accident in Concord, Ca. in 2010 is doubly troubling. That he claims we have ever communicated at all, ever, suggests it actually must BE King and not an impostor. Once, only, I responded to his handful of e-mails over time when I said, simply; “Come clean, you coward!” Apparently he did with this last e-mail admitting he killed Lennon. I say, under penalty of perjury, that this is a real e-mail and I’m pretty sure from King, himself, based on certain facts. I did not not fabricate this alarming and controversial e-mail from the man I am publicly accusing of murder. That my attempts to have it looked into by this D.A. have received no response is also alarming. No, I have every right to show, not only that this district attorney is probably corrupt where my activism is concerned but that almost every police matter I have ever suffered has had to do with my Lennon murder expose activism. That this very city damaged my reputation in 1994 with a similar sting operation relying on a phony charge of trespass that had everything to do with Stephen King makes me think that this court is trying only to intimidate me with these unrealistic and illegal motions hoping I might take a lesser plea and let them, not me, off the hook. Not a chance will I accept anything but a dismissal or a trial by jury, so stop bluffing, prosecution, if that’s the case. To proceed in a case that won’t pass on appeal is irresponsible and and tantamount to harassment, in my opinion. As I see it a grand jury should be assembled, now, before I am killed or tried or harmed, to investigate this King e-mail and Jeffery Rosell’s possible involvement  since it mentions King’s “connections”. If this is the opportunity to ask for this I am asking, now, that a grand jury BE convened regarding this concern. If I am taken to trial and further molested by this court, win or lose, I think I have case for damages regarding a harassment and a personal injury claim since this court has already unduly stressed me and is too intelligent not to know that my Lennon evidence is real and not imagined by me. Even King has never pretended he did not kill Lennon. No denial in 38 years, ever, even while I spent several months in his home town of Bangor, Maine, stood inches from him once when he approached me, and after I defeated his lawyer’s attempt in 1996 to stop my evidence activism. The 1992 first visit of mine caused his very insomnia that King then wrote a book about the following year. Even his best friend / bookseller in Bangor admitted to me, then; “He’s afraid he’ll fry!!!” in his effort to plead with me to stop. This court is probably aware, also, that Chapman never stood trial and is a name ONLY Jewish media are alleging is the killer of Lennon. My other motions have disclosed this fact. A three year long attempt by the Nixon administration to deport Lennon for his massive influence shows a political motive for the government to kill John and this court probably knows that I am correct to allege a cover-up, now. That Stephen King figures into the plot only shows how diabolical Nixon was in making it too big to believe at first blush. Too much for a brain to wrap itself around. Good thing I have a brain and found this plot out for America’s sake. Too bad local officials are in bed, apparently, with one of the worst cowards and criminals on the planet. What does that make them? I only wish that Rosell had my courage and virtue and investigated that e-mail like I asked him to last July and investigated my Lennon expose and brought charges against King like an honest D.A. is supposed to do. He has no business trying to criminalize and marginalize me, the hero with evidence in Lennon’s murder. He is probably committing treason, in fact. I believe it is his fervent goal to brand me as a “‘Vegetable’ conspiracy wacko’ like the 1994 metro cartoon did.

A recent Oct. 16, 2020 television documentary about Lennon and Chapman remarked; “..what kind of a man would reach out to John’s son and shake his hand hours before killing his father?” I happen to know the answer; King’s father walked out on him when he was two and he had no father. King reaching out to Sean that day had to do with putting the pain he had suffered his whole life on Sean, now. That the media did not ask the real question; ‘What kind of man would disenfranchise the entire human race and rob them of the gift that John Lennon?” shows how ashamed they must be for their role in the cover-up. That same documentary urged us all not to even mention the name Mark Chapman. I only bring this up to let this D.A. know what a coward and criminal he must be to, apparently, be helping him, in any way, to avoid justice. Satanic is the word that comes to mind. Molesting me with a set up charge could be construed as obstruction of justice, I think, as my defense has cost me precious energy I should be using to out my evidence and remove myself from extreme danger. Upon a negative Halcion report my citation should have been dismissed. It would have been had I not been Steve Lightfoot.

If there is a shred of evidence to tie anyone in this department of justice to King and any effort to suppress my activism I have the right to present it. In that respect I suppose I should thank King for sending me that e-mail and for this very department of justice for supplying the backround offenses against me in 1994 as well as the many illegal actions made already in this matter. All that is fair game for me to use.

As a defendant I have the right to prove whatever I think is the truth of the matter to the jury. If that happens to include evidence that suggests I was set up by authorities for political purposes with a “sting operation” against my activism regarding evidence I discovered in 1982 about John Lennon’s political assassination that indicts the government the law allows me to present whatever I think is relevant. Especially in the U.S.A.. It allows me to even present evidence in other past matters to show a pattern of fraud and abuse by the authorities against my expose activities, especially in cases where the instances are frequent, violent and shocking as is with me. There are laws that protect me from exactly the abuses I am experiencing and I have every right to argue the matter accordingly.  Because the evidence to suggest that I was set up in this matter is exactly what happened, Jeffery Rosell, the Santa Cruz District Attorney, and the F.B.I., for all I know, are terrified I will dare to present it. That is why I think these motions were presented ; they are afraid I might actually expose the very truth of what actually happened. I also suspect one of these motions about Chris Malsack’s criminal record was even intended to mostly threaten me. Because I momentarily fainted on the spot following a sudden jump from the back section of my rolling van to stop it from running through a fence and down a steeper, lower parking lot and the trauma that caused me, I was not sure, myself, at first, what happened. It wasn’t until I saw the video that I knew, for a fact, that my van was rolling with me in the back section for 50 feet before I realized it was out of gear. I can prove that fact of the case. This absolves me of any wrong doing whether I was or was not under the influence of anything. That the district attorney knew I claimed my van was rolling since the week it occurred and still prosecuted me at all, having no evidence of any drug besides three day old THC residue, and waited over a year to bring me to court, which is illegal to begin with, was one clue that something was odd. At that point it was still possible that Chris Malsack, the man who demanded he drive me the one block to my dental appointment and left me abandoned with my van rolling slowly down a hill, accidentally left my van out of gear and that was all there was to it. Since then, however, the prosecution has displayed behavior consistent with the very conspiracy I am alleging; that the authorities, based on information from former Santa Cruz police officer Bill Rawson, who knew who I was, who was probably on the force that used a false charge of trespass to put me on national television news defamed as a stalker of Stephen King in 1994, on Jan. 10, 2019, arranged for Malsack to take control of my van, even though the original plan was for me to drive and have him follow me on his bike. That Chris was apparently coached to then drive maniacally through the parking lot at a high rate of speed, make a violent u-turn and jerk to a stop in front of the dental office and jump out and leave me alone in the back section with my van in neutral, the door open and engine running. I allege the plan was exactly to cause a crash that would find me in the front seat and on medication and that Rawson knew in advance that I might be on medication. It was an opportunity for the very authorities who committed a grievous crime against me in 1994 by defaming me and derailing my credibility and hobbling my expose to, again, hobble my activism to protect, that’s right, author Stephen King, for a second time before my newly inherited fortune and new van presented a problem for, yes, Stephen King, who the government has been protecting all this time. I now believe and think I can demonstrate the probability of that I am being criminally prosecuted after first being set up by the authorities with a rolling vehicle.

Right away, after, the authorities tried to make an issue of my handful of voice mails to the second victim whose car was slightly scratched. Though I never saw or spoke to her, ever, I left a few voice mails apologizing for her vehicle damages, admitting she was not to blame, and to ask what, if anything, she may have seen as she was my only known eye witness. The citing officer, Clissold, weeks after, called me demanding I NOT call her anymore. It seemed as if law enforcement had poisoned her about me or instructed her not to talk to me about the accident . Highly unusual that I would be chastised for trying to ask the only eye witness what happened while then casting me as one harassing said witness. I suspected something wrong with this citation, even then, because of this. A subsequent ‘falling out’ between my dentist and me I suspect may have also had to do with the authorities poisoning him against me, possibly.

In hindsight, the bad luck of running into a former S.C.P.D officer / coffee shop owner to ask for a recommendation for a driver and the fact I fainted for a minute on the spot disorienting me for a year before I knew what happened now seems to be an act of fate to protect me from a very real government plot to kill me in a traffic accident that I had been way too lax about at that time. Twice, high speed accidents almost killed me in 2010 and 2015 and I wasn’t paying attention enough to what they probably really were; government attempts to kill me. This episode, arduous and terrifying as it might be, was needed to wake me up to a very real danger that I have been anything BUT too paranoid about. This year long period of disorientation no doubt emboldened the D.A. to go ahead and press charges once my year statute to sue the pharmacy for mislabeling my directions ran out. Now I have seen more than I care to have seen to show me that this D.A. may be exactly one of the “…connections…” Stephen King’s July 26, 2019 e-mail mentioned in his threat letter to me. That I am in mortal danger, possibly, with this charge. I believe, now, that it is part of a broader plan to kill me in the future in a traffic accident after first painting me in the false light of one who ever drove under the influence of anything, ever. That this future plot involves, no doubt, the F.B.I. who are covering up Lennon’s murder and protecting King as well as themselves. Can I prove that Stephen King has paid Rosell or others hundreds of thousands of dollars to torture me, wreck my new van, cost me thousands, and set me up, even prevent my dental operations? Can I now prove that big promotions have been promised or already granted to individuals involved? Perhaps not. I can, however, prove that one police officer in Bangor, Maine, in 1992, admitted on the stand, under oath, that he told me that King ; “…pays me $6,000.00 a month to harass you.” and I can prove that King has connections in Santa Cruz with former mayor Neil Coonerty who used his bookstore to entrap me in a false charge to defame me on the national news and that this district attorney’s office has committed fraud against me in 1994 and that even the Metro Santa Cruz newspaper also defamed me casting me as a nut who the police should be allowed to shoot and kill. That this D.A. is ignoring this e-mail King sent to me over a year ago that claims “I’ve got connections..” in his threat to make my life living hell over my publicizing his crimes is one sign there is a bias involved. That King sent this e-mail in the middle of THIS case suggests he might BE referring to Santa Cruz connections. At the time I was battling a second suspicious, since dismissed, citation issued on April Fool’s Day by an officer in the same office as the first officer. A normal D.A. would look at this e-mail and see IF it’s real or made up and, if real, investigate further to protect a U.S. citizen with a credible complaint. He’d protect the whistle blower. Instead, he turned it away, at first. Then, when I presented it to the local Sheriff, I was met with a mental health officer and a sheriff who claimed I made up the letter and they refused to accept it. I took it back to Jeffery Rosell’s office and haven’t heard a word back about it, since. It shows me he is on the wrong side of the law. My virtuousness seems to have flushed out a corrupt court system and district attorney and city government for all I know. The C.I.A. has long worried about a city as liberal as Santa Cruz and who knows what is going on here behind the scenes?

The incidents that the prosecution has made since the event is why am certain, in my mind, that this “sting” allegation is also a fact. I have the right to show the jury why this is the fact. Because it falls exactly into a pattern of fraud and abuse by multiple other police agencies over three decades, notably Santa Cruz, I have the absolute legal right to show a jury WHY this case is similar to these past episodes involving police fraud and abuse. This same court system, police department, judge Sullivan, mayor Coonerty and others dealt a severe blow to my activism in 1994. It has already proven itself to be part of the Lennon murder cover-up, in fact. It’s no wonder this prosecution is trying to block my mentioning the names Stephen King and John Lennon. It explains exactly why everything happened as it did. It explains WHY a police agency WOULD stoop to such a cowardly and cruel crime to begin with. This court is trying to prevent me from presenting a vital element of this case; motive. There is a historic track record I can point to. I have every right to show the jury every element of that 1994 arrest that was dismissed days after the goal of defaming me, nationally, was achieved. It exactly mirrors what is happening now in my allegation the court is trying to take my website van off the streets and worse.

The incidents are just too numerous to overlook;  The way Malsack was not charged with driving on a suspended licence and not investigated for stealing my $100.00 and the fact he was arrested the night before my crash. The suspicious citation months later on April Fool’s Day from officer Clissold’s fellow officer that was rescheduled for trial on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake that came up in my conversation with Clissold initially. I refused a substitute judge then or the court would have violated my right to be heard on my motions before trial. That’s what rekindled my concern about two previous “accidents”; that day in the court room watching them try to go around my motions and rub my mentioning the Loma Prieta quake anniversary in my face. I saw a sinister element revealed in this case that day; that this new citation was designed to set up another “accident” after painting me as a D.U.I. criminal, first. Consequently I began issuing flyers in November of 2019 about my concern Obama may have tried to kill me in those two accidents. Only a month after I began exposing Obama and after a second KSCO radio interview I gave did the prosecution moved forward. Obama looks scared about it since, too, frankly. Until this citation I was not paranoid enough.

Then, Eileen Jao waited for 40 days after her negative result on the Halcion drug she was looking for arrived to mail me notice that I was to appear. Though the law requires she bring me to court before January 10, 2020, she waited until January 27, 2020, a flagrant violation of my speedy trial rights. If I was not a political activist with evidence against the government the letter I received from the D.A. to bring me to court would have informed me that my drug results showed no Halcion as suspected and my case has been dismissed. A normal disposition and outcome. As it was I was so stressed I got a case of Shingles and e-mailed Jao her move was “cruel and unusual..” and a possible attempt to entrap me in a failure to appear charge. It was cruel to have me think one day I’m free and to then, all over again, have to face charges. Cruel and cowardly, I think. State terrorism, perhaps, in fact..

Then, on Feb. 11, 2020, I was appointed Lars Shallberg after the public defender’s office admitted a conflict since they were already representing, you guessed it, Chris Malsack, the man who I claim caused my crash. Lars was scheduled for eye surgery and that delayed my case three weeks. Then, on March 22, at 10 pm, Lars texted me to not appear for my arraignment hearing the next morning or I’d be forced to enter a plea.

Then, I went, anyway, on March 23 anxious to enter a not guilty plea, only to be very first in line of all of Santa Cruz defendants to be turned away and told to come back on June 01, 2020, another 65, plus, day delay.  I found it highly alarming and unusual to spot Eileen Jao in the crowd watching me as this all happened with television cameras all around, reminiscent of my 1994 arrest. She seemed too invested in my case. It felt like I was a  “big fish” she was intent on reeling in for her to be there at all.                                                                                                                        Then, Lars told me he would not sit down and meet with me due to Coronavirus concerns or ever show me the police video. He did absolutely nothing except partial discovery for me in four months time and even tried to wave my speedy trial rights behind my back before I stopped him. By then I had to fire him for depriving me of a defense. That was on June 01, 2020.

On June 01, 2020 Ed Sidowi was appointed to replace Lars and, right away, he failed in his duty to object to judge Cogliotti’s time frame for setting my next appearance. She claimed my speedy trial rights after arraignment were 60 days, not 45, the true law, and added 30 more days delay for Covid-19 considerations. I immediately told Ed to object and point out that her numbers were off by 15 days but he did nothing for weeks. Right there I was deprived of competent council and my speedy trial rights after arraignment as I had just entered a not guilty plea then.

Then, Ed Sidowi arranged to bypass one judge and direct me to judge Stevens for my first speedy trial motion in mid June. During this hearing the prosecution waved new evidence, doctor’s records, before me and I learned that Jao’s notice to object to it wasn’t mailed until after the deadline TO object. He told me this speedy trial motion “..has to be heard by judge Stevens.” Before judge Stevens he was completely unprepared and unable to find his notes and references and even asked to pass over a vital element of the case at one point – I have the exchange on tape – and, after listening to Stevens go from admitting that the year limit is in stone and can’t be excused to then saying that because he thought “…the prosecution has to have a belief that they have enough evidence to convict and so I deny your motion.” It made no sense at all, whatsoever. Something about Jao needing over a year to get all the evidence she could. She wasted weeks, unnecessarily, before filing. It was a ridiculous and illegal ruling. In the course of the proceeding he even said; “…Mr. Lightfoot seemed pretty stoned at the time…” indicating bias and pre judgement before trial. Instead of arguing my rights Sidowi simply conceded saying, sheepishly; “I understand, your honor.” HE threw my motion out the window along WITH the judge, it seemed.

Then, Sidowi tried to tell me that judge Seigel would hear my case and that I might be issued a fine but no jail time. He seemed pleased his motion to dismiss was denied. At that point I decided to fire him as well. I chose not to accept any more lawyers from this court and to, instead, represent myself to maintain my speedy trial rights as well as protect myself from conflicted lawyers trying to harm my defense.

Then, in late July, 2020, I was before judge Stevens again to have my motion to reconsider heard but to disqualify him for the other motions due to his display of bias earlier. In spite of this objection he tried to hear my other motions anyway but was not able to as he interrupted my first motion hearing with another case – I have the transcript – and, by then, I was able to have him recuse himself before resuming. He admitted that ; ‘..You don’t want me to hear your motions…Don’t waste your peremptory strike on me…I’ll be on vacation…”

Then, the next day, I was before judge Volkmann who tried to coerce me into giving up my right to a jury trial, even suggesting that he’d be; “..honored to try your case…” if I’d do that. No calendar was set or other motions were heard like promised and I was told and my case was further delayed. All the while, violating my speedy trial rights, repeatedly. I informed the court that if I wasn’t brought to trial before Aug. 15, 2020 even by their emergency standards, I should have my case dismissed,.

After having to hire an investigator to track down and serve various witnesses for my Aug. 24 trial date my trial was postponed, yet again, undoing all that effort. Certain witnesses I may have to subpoena again. My main witness complained that he felt harassed by this delay and already the courts actions are prejudicing my defense. I checked the court that day to see if Rawson showed up. No one did. The entire courtroom was locked and vacant. I thought that was strange, as well. I noticed, too, that Malsack failed to appear on his own matter while I tried to serve him in mid August. I noticed, too, that his $1,000.00 bench warrant was reduced to $2.00 that same week, according to my investigator. Pretty preferential treatment, especially following the fact that he was not cited for driving on a suspended licence the day he crashed my van, for lying to an officer and not investigated when officer Claussen aborted my theft report against him that same month.

Then, I found myself before judge Stevens, again, on Sept. 8, (?) 2020 to have my motions heard. They include a motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney, to dismiss due to speedy trial violations after arraignment, to dismiss due to discriminatory and vindictive prosecution, for a change of venue, to deny doctor’s records and other motions still unheard by anyone. I immediately objected to his being in front of me citing his self recusal weeks earlier over his bias. He used the opportunity to try to have me sacrifice the very peremptory challenge he told me not to waste on him. He required me to take an oath to have him disqualified. It was highly unusual and illegal as I see it. Though the S.F. Attorney General was ready to hear my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney, he recused himself and nothing happened. It may have been during this hearing that the D.A. gave me new discovery about my 0.00 drug result trying to still suggest there was a positive result at all. An act of desperation and intimidation it seemed.

Then, on Sept 19, 2020 judge Seigel was before me to hear my motions. I explained that the long delay and stress this case has caused me could lower my immune system and jeopardize my health should I get Coronavirus and that I believed the prosecution may be even causing all these delays to exactly kill me like that, if possible, and I asked to go to trial as soon as possible, depending on my motions successes or not. He spent some time hearing me try to explain this before him and when I tried to explain that I still had several motions yet unheard, he said; “I deny them all..” dispensing with my oral arguments claiming the written motions sufficed. Completely illegal. The Attorney General wasn’t present to hear my related motion and I found that unusual and improper as well..

Then, on October 08, I was before judge Seigel again, only now with a motion to disqualify him over a bias issue concerning his ethnicity relating to the same ethnicity I claim is behind Lennon’s murder and how that presents a conflict. He displayed a fit of pique at one point threatening to; “..throw you out of this courtroom!..” Again, no Attorney general present.

The fact that all these things happened along the way show a pattern of fraud and abuse and vindictiveness by the court towards me that help explain away the possibility Chris accidentally left my van out of gear rolling down a slope. Nope, this is more sinister, I’m afraid. I should be able to show the jury why these incidents point to the probability Chris deliberately did what he did. Until all this that has happened in the courts, since, I wasn’t sure. I am now. That he admits to watching a video of “America’s Worst Traffic Accidents” on someone’s couch days before this incident even suggests that someone wanted him to crash my van and was instrumental in showing him that video, perhaps to coach him to crash my van. Most homeless people don’t have couches and video machines. That Malsack was also arrested mere hours before he crashed my van suggests the police now had new leverage against him to coerce him to do their bidding.

Then, on October 24, before judge Volkmann, since judge Seigel honorably recused himself over his bias, the prosecution presented several new motions trying to illegally muzzle my defense. Mostly, I think this was to see if I’d back down from a trial as all of it seems illegal on it’s face and can’t pass legal muster or survive an appeal. The most alarming being the one asking me not to mention Stephen King or Lennon’s murder. That’s not a legal request. It will not confuse the jury but remove all confusion, in fact, as to why all these many unusual incidents along the way happened at all, but especially the crash I was a victim of and not the cause of. That motion asks me to give up my right to present motive and it will not be tolerated by me, whatsoever.  Any attempt to do so will result in a mistrial, period. To argue otherwise is to suggest that the United States government would never discriminate against one exposing one of their high crimes, or use the legal system illegally to hobble his expose activism by taking away his licence and getting his website van off the streets. It can be proved that just such abuses have occurred multiple times in our nations history including even over racial discrimination and not just politics. My own life and history of police abuses is a testament to this fact and I will absolutely be permitted to show the jury all these past abuses that point to my claim I am being abused now. The reason I listed a photo of my website van as exhibit A is exactly BECAUSE it is also a target of the prosecution and that this accident may, indeed, have been orchestrated to get it off the street having everything to do with exactly Stephen King, John Lennon’s murder and this same jurisdictions 1994 crime against this same exact activism. Any attempt to do so would target my first amendment rights, in fact. My rights not to be witch hunted, in fact, are central to my defense. I am absolutely permitted to show motive to the jury. Trying to stop the biggest expose in America’s history, that will topple three major magazines and pull the pants down on all of society, expose Santa Cruz for it’s 1994 role in the cover-up and more, once and for all, is a lot of motive, indeed. Billions, maybe trillions of dollars and the reputation of our institutions are at stake, let’s face it. I am presenting revolutionary news and the government is trying to stop me. It has been trying for decades. I can prove my past abuses were related to my Lennon murder expose and I can convincingly demonstrate it applies in this matter, as well. It’s up to the jury to decide whether I am a wacko / paranoid or have a valid argument. It is not for the court to decide for them. That is why a jury trial is a foundation stone of our justice system; to prevent the state from denying justice to a defendant via corruption. To even try to rip away the meat from my case is laughable and shameful and cowardly. Shallberg tried to talk me out of this defense as one that would make the jury think I was crazy. He never said it wasn’t allowed. It’s up to the jury to decide. Instead the court is trying to suggest that my claims about Lennon’s murder are laughable. One of these new motions insinuates there may an issue with MY mental health, in fact. It’s up to the jury to decide. I will not allow the court to deny me my right to defend myself as I see fit, especially since my evidence is sound and convincing. That my receiving a credible threat e-mail from Stephen King in the middle of all this, threatening that King has; “…connections…” and will make my life hell, after his known connections in Santa Cruz that plotted to defame me in 1994 are provable and known is glaring. That the prosecuting attorney sees fit to dismiss King’s real e-mail and try to shield all this controversy is an illegal attempt to muzzle my defense. Any attempt to do so will result in a mistrial and possibly also result in damages from the State of California to me if caught trying.  My Constitutional and civil rights would be violated if I was not allowed to show the jury WHY all this is happening to me. Pound sand, prosecution. You have no authority to do so. I won’t be intimidated by these illegal requests you are making.

That this court is trying to dismiss the 1994 arrest / set up and Metro cartoon urging the reader to let Santa Cruz police shoot me and the false 1994 trespass charge conspiracy that defamed me nationally as unfit reasons to change the venue and disqualify the prosecuting attorney is preposterous and dishonest.

Another motion to stop me from using Malsack’s past criminal history against him if he lies on the stand is also out of bounds. I feel the real reason the prosecution included that was to terrorize me with the knowledge that this man I have been exposing publicly by name on my hand outs is a dangerous man who might kill or harm me or vandalize my van if I don’t back off. If the court was worried I’d use his ancient criminal record to impeach him if he lies on the stand then why did they let me know of his record to begin with? I knew nothing of what they claim they fear I might use. If Chris Malsack is “sack of bad” like his name implies, I have the right to show the jury why he can’t be trusted, now. That he stole $100.00 from me that day only illustrates that his days of theft are, apparently, not just in his past but also apply to my case, now. His past is fair game for scrutiny. Again, it’s the jury’s right to know if he is credible or if he is the kind of person who would, to quote Chris on the scene; “..bury (my) car in a heartbeat.” or if he is a sadist / loser who wants to hurt me for whatever reason. I have evidence to show the jury that he is, perhaps, suicidal and not just depraved and sick and I intend to show that, too. That a police officer; Bill Rawson, who has known this man for a while, who even told me Chris was “not reliable”, would recommend him to drive me at all is highly suspect. Rawson likely knew that Chris had a suspended licence, in fact. The jury has a right to know this and I the right to present it.

I have no problem with the prosecution’s attempt to prevent me from claiming insanity. I have no mental history to show that and I have never been under any related medications ever in my life. Miraculously, I’m as sane as can be. I’ll bet less that 20 % of America can point to so healthy a mental state, in fact. My I.Q. is genius level, I’ve been told, by experts -165. I almost aced the language portion of my S.A.T. in fact. That’s probably why I was the one who cracked not so complex government codes, in fact. The authorities have only long hoped I ever WOULD claim such a case of infirmity to use that to discredit me, later. Only some post traumatic stress from my past and present abuses by the courts and police have had any affect on me. If the court wants to claim I was under the influence of a drug and then deny me the right to claim I wasn’t responsible for my actions, after, well, that’s another matter. Meanwhile, I do intend to claim my fainting at the scene was a result OF the post traumatic stress past police abuses have caused. I suspect that, in that few seconds of horror of seeing my van rolling towards a fence it triggered the realization that I had just been cruelly set up by the police and I fainted from the horror of that realization. The other time I fainted in 1987 police were involved and I must have a trigger mechanism that reacts to that ancient beat down horror whenever police seem to be involved. I will also argue that the fact I was up and walking fine minutes after is proof it could not have been the tiny, half dose of Halcion I claimed to have taken that caused me to faint. Post traumatic stress related to police abuses and horror made me faint. I only do not object to this one motion.

Another motion to limit leniency or sympathy regarding punishment is so upside down it only shows that, indeed, this court is vindictive towards me. I, in fact, alleged in my website months ago that Rosell wants to “Hammer  (me) and show no mercy in the courts..” using his words during a television speech he made at the same time I was advertising his alleged plot to kill me with a huge billboard. A perfect driving record for 66 years of life having never even been charged with any D.U.I. ever of any kind is commendable. No wonder I am sure I wasn’t responsible for what happened. I am a role model for youth I am so responsible in this regard. I don’t like the taste of booze and only drink very moderately and, except for marijuana, I have never used other drugs beyond a one time experiment and, even then, only the mildest ones back in the 70’s I am so health conscious. I am, after all, a doctor’s son and he raised me right in that regard, even implementing aversion therapy once. It worked. I have never even smoked a whole cigarette in my life and I still hate booze. (Incidentally, a decades old video jacket cover with a photo shopped picture of me with a fake cigarette in my mouth and a goatee I never wore, then, I intend to introduce as evidence that this is not the first time officials have tried to portray me as one who uses various products I don’t.) I have never taken any meds of any kind except for operations and medical procedures. – I still have the two, tiny un used Halcion pills from the date of my crash that I did not take I am so uninterested in meds to begin with.- I have no priors and no criminal history, whatsoever, excluding a marijuana possession conviction in 1985. In 1998 I tried to expunge that but the Santa Clara court lied to me that they had already expunged it or I would have zero criminal history. The only crime ever leveled against me is now, in fact, legal. I’m pretty upstanding, indeed. In one million miles of driving I’ve never hurt anyone and most of my fender benders were small or parking lot kind of events. – the two accidents listed earlier were both the other party’s fault. – I certainly don’t merit anything less than leniency if convicted, here. That the D.A. would suggest otherwise shows a personal bias, even vendetta, against me perhaps for publicizing all his corruption I am fighting in my hand outs. Yes, for two months my van sported a sign that read; D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE. That  is not a reason to impose anything but the appropriate leniency that I deserve. It’s one reason he should be disqualified from hearing my case. If being deprived of a drivers licence and my van impacts my ability to sleep at night or expose my Lennon expose to bring my endangered life forward that should be considered. Excluding social security my website magazine is my sole income and, whether it makes any money or not, I have the right to come forward and remove myself from danger. To engage my one job in life today I do need my van and driver’s licence to do it. My readings of the law show that first time offenders do not have their licence suspended at all and I expect the same leniency if convicted. I expect to have my case dismissed, however, and if not, I intend to win on appeal if found guilty. My first amendment rights and my safety also depend on using my van to advertise my plight and my evidence.

I am not a typical defendant in that I have discovered controversial evidence against our government, F.B.I., media, Nixon, Reagan and author Stephen King, etc. in the matter of John Lennon’s assassination in 1980. I can physically prove that the Mark David Chapman story is a media F.B.I. hoax. Already the court has my exhibits showing my website van that I claim this ticket is designed to take off the street to stop my expose, and comparison photos of King, Chapman and the killer, as well as a flyer describing the kind of government codes I cracked found in the bold print headlines of major magazines that documented the assassination before, during and after the crime and only for several months and nowhere else. I also supplied a 1994 Metro Santa Cruz cartoon of me as the target for S.C. police in a shooting arcade, information about a 1994 arrest the Santa Cruz police made that put me on national television news as a stalker of Stephen King to defame me and hobble my expose, then, and I supplied a recent July 26, 2019 e-mail that THE author; Stephen King sent me. In it he claims that “(He’s) got connections..” In it he also threatens me if I publicize it. That this very district attorney; Jeffery Rosell, has NOT looked into this e-mail I asked him to investigate last July of 2020 indicates a distinct bias and agenda is in play here. It’s as if the ” connections ” King is talking about are exactly Jeffery Rosell and his department of justice. Since this city’s 1994 phony bust of me with the help of then mayor of Santa Cruz, Neil Coonerty, as well as judge Sullivan, I believe, and the Metro Santa Cruz that also defamed me, King’s connections to this very city are already known. This charge of driving under the influence and all it’s many threats may represent the ” ‘hell’ ” I’d suffer for my expose activities, that King wrote about. In case I have not made myself clear, I am alleging that there exists a wealth of evidence to suggest that Rosell is involved in a criminal conspiracy with King to stop me from exposing this evidence I have uncovered. Ever since Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service interviewed me in early 1983 my life has been turned upside down with police abuses and false charges and multiple physical beatings, one kidnapping, at least two gun pointing episodes – one just hours after Reagan was re-elected – and even two recent, potentially fatal “accidents” that I don’t think were accidents. I, in fact, have reason to believe that this citation is but part of a broader attempt to first falsely claim I ever drove on drugs and then kill me later in a set up traffic accident and then point to this citation as evidence my crash was “Just an accident.” to fool the public.

Technically, besides depriving me of my right to competent council, the court is illegally trying to put me on trial when my speedy trial rights have twice been denied, both before and after arraignment. It has, further, not heard but one of my by now dozen motions I’ve presented, most notably my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney before anything else is heard. Numerous incidents, including this latest presentation of documents, suggests to me this court is trying to terrorize me and intimidate me with incremental moves in hopes I will do anything other than have this matter heard before a jury. This matter will be heard before a jury or be dismissed.

Speaking of the right to a jury trial, I have much to gain going to trial. I am confident I will be found not guilty and, meanwhile, I might establish evidence to show collusion to harm me by this court for even bringing me to trial with so weak a case. I may even be able to break my Lennon expose via all the corruption I have unearthed here and whatever legal channels that might open up. The catharsis of battling my enemies would probably be good for my mental health in that I have been tormented by them for so long it would be good to fight back in the one way I can. To show the court I am sincere in asking for a dismissal, however, I will happily show you some of what your prosecution is up against in the hopes you see sense to dismiss and spare me the further molestation I claim this charge represents.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In the matter of my having to tell you my defense strategy and who I will be calling as witnesses and all the documents I will be presenting, I’m not required to disclose all of my defense strategy as the prosecution has no right to the same level of discovery they must afford me. Besides, I suspect that if I leave out anything and remember to include it at trial it will be argued by the prosecution that I should have listed it earlier. I won’t subject myself to that. I have the right to remain silent until I choose to take the stand, in fact. I am not mentally and physically able to list everything I will employ in my defense nor do I now even know the scope of what I will do. I’m happy to reveal some of my defense, however. I may end up subpoenaing Rosell and others I think should be questioned. I don’t know just yet. I will argue that I was absolutely in the back section of my van for several seconds and 50 feet as it rolled downhill out of gear before having to jump into the driver’s seat to stop it (What physical evidence and other evidence to show this is my business for now) and that I was, more than likely, set up by Bill Rawson of Moondog Cafe and Chris Malsack who he appointed to drive me the one block that resulted in this mini crash. That Rawson, a former police officer who knew exactly who I was found an opportunity to ruin my life and, apparently, did so with the heIp of Malsack, the C.H.P. the sheriff’s department and the district attorney and the court. That he had the opportunity, motive and capabilities to do so. That he may have even invited Chris to his house to watch a video about “America’s Worst Traffic Accidents” to help coach him to, indeed, leave me abandoned in the back of my new van that was just being logo’d with my website in neutral rolling down a hill. I will show the jury remarks Chris and others made to suggest exactly that. I will show the jury Chris’ remark that he’d; “..bury a car in a heartbeat…it could have been a whole lot worse, believe me…” (My accident) and other remarks he made. I will show video of Chris telling lies, one of which he admitted to. I will reveal to the jury the fact that, just hours before my crash, Chris was arrested for resisting, paraphenalia and intoxication, ana that he could have been pressured to help law enforcement with a “favor”. I will refer to hard evidence and statements and lies made by Malsack on police tape to show my van was never moving more than one half mile per hour, ever, before it crashed and appeared to be rolling slowly on it’s own without any acceleration and other remarks he made that I should not have trusted him to drive me one foot, even. I will show similar testimony by the other victim that my car was never going faster than a few miles per hour, ever. I plan to question my witness, Jerry Souza, what he did and did not see to prove my driver’s seat was empty for the first 50 feet it rolled and I was in the back section until the last second when I grabbed control of and stopped by van before it did worse damage. I will ask officer Kenville why it was that he dismissed this star witness who approached him initially and why he told officer Ininguez not to interview him, later and why he did not cite Malsack for driving on a suspended licence and lying to a police officer earlier. I will show that Souza was not contacted, after, for over a year by officer Kenville and why this suggests he may have had an agenda regarding evidence. I will ask officer Claussen why he aborted my theft report against Malsack in mid stride. I will ask certain yet unnamed officers if I fell or tripped over a small curb after first standing up and I will show the video of my adroit, athletic, sober, fully in control recovery from that stumble and my first seconds walking on film to show I was NOT under the influence of anything at that time. I will show how the officers did not allow me to display any sober walking to their cameras after the first few seconds showed I was walking just fine and normally. That I was forced to sit and not be able to display any signs of sobriety. I may or may not decide to show recent police video of a failed attempt by another police department to cite me for a new D.U.I. charge recently. This aborted charge seems to also have been orchestrated and politically motivated and I may use the report as well. That charge was dismissed that night after I blew a 0.00 even after I stumbled a bit in the field test. It was characterized by overkill including multiple cars without headlights sneaking up on me and even a camera officer to try to tie me to anything about a car I allegedly tapped trying to park. This camera officer first admitted there was zero damage. Days later he threatened to add on charges if I didn’t offer insurance information well after the incident. – Almost two months later this other car’s owner has never claimed damages, by the way, to show a police, not victim, impetus behind everything – It can show, via video, that one officer lied in telling me he would not cite me for something else if I took a field sobriety test and other signs it was no ordinary attempt to cite me. This episode to prove that my 1987 beating by officers Steven Rist and Kevin Hall of the S.F.P.D. that resulted in 13 head x-rays may have impacted my balance all these years later and, thus, that my similar stumbling on Jan. 10, 2019 shows no other indication of being under the influence at all. In 1987 I was handcuffed in the back of a police van and was beaten into unconsciousness. I will show why my Lennon activism was the real reason why, even then. I will show how even that police incident relied on a false report that alleged I yelled death threats to Yoko Ono that night when that is completely false. This recent, failed attempt to D.U.I. me seemed like one jurisdiction meddling in another to frame me. I will show 2019 drug bottle instructions that allow for driving on the medications so long as one is “careful” and show that Eileen Jao’s over year long delay to bring me to court may have had to do with erasing my one year statutes to, for example, sue Target or the doctor for mislabeling my instructions so I would be deprived of any monetary result later. To break my bank and hobble my expose activities. I will question Mitchell Stelling about his phone instructions to me at 5:00 pm the day before and that he said to follow the bottle directions. I will ask him other questions I don’t think the prosecution has a right to know until trial relating to the change of plans at the last minute that week. I will question offcer Iningez, who I regard as an unsuspecting innocent, about Kenville urging her to not question Souza. I will ask her if this is her first ‘turnover’ in a D.U.I. case and if my remarks about worrying if my meds might wear off colored her decision to suggest I should be cited for D.U.I.. I will ask officer Clissold about the Miranda warning he claims to have read me and the stumble he claims to have seen of me falling onto a bush. I will ask if he told me I would be “cut loose” if I tested negative that day if I’d agree to be tested. I will ask Doctor Matiasevich , if he is called by the prosecution, questions relating to my operation procedures that week. I will ask Chris Malsack, if available, a number of questions to establish that, according to him, he saw my van roll downhill to a stop never reaching more than one half mile per hour. That, according to him,  “It could have been a whole lot worse.” regarding my accident as well as questions regarding bizarre remarks he made. I will use his video remarks to impeach him, especially if he lies. I will ask if his claim to get a wheelchair for me contradicts his waiting and watching my van roll into a fence, first, instead. I’ll ask him about his stealing $100.00 from my wallet and if he made a certain remark to me the next time I saw him to get my money back. Of course, his viewing a video about auto crashes days earlier and other facts about his arrest the night before will come up. I haven’t decided to ask or not ask certain questions of former officer Bill Rawson, but will question his recommending Malsack to me to drive any distance at all in the first place given his reputation which even he described as “unreliable”. I will question his claim that I was ever stumbling out of his shop that morning and certain other questions you probably do not have a right to know.

My witness list you already have; Chris Malsack I have not yet been able to serve but the prosecution has him on their witness list. I doubt they will call him at all, in fact. Shallberg wanted to exclude him, initally. I tried to serve him but with no luck, so far. I intend to question Jerry Souza, Mitchell Stelling, Bill Rawson, officer Kenville and officer Ininguez and officer Claussen and these individuals are already listed with the court. Whether or not Rosell is brought to the stand is still in question or Eileen Jao. I know she has multiple letters I sent her from the start before I was charged and I have saved all of them for reference. I anticipate she will exploit them given a chance and I may want to ask her questions about them. One passage exonerates me, I believe. I will cross examine all the people’s witnesses. I will insist on my right to an opening and closing statement and that they not be interrupted or censored in any way. Each presentation should not take more than 15 minutes, each.

My evidence will include, of course, the police video footage and my many correspondences to the court about my matter, including those early letters to Jao. It will include the 1994 Metro cartoon of me as the target of a police shooting gallery, King’s 7-26-‘2019 e-mail and the evidence I have about my 1994 false arrest in Santa Cruz that defamed me nationally. I will show the jury a photo assembly of police in the act of a set up citation in Palm Springs in 1996 to show them what police harassment looks like and to show that it is real where my life is concerned. I will show other e-mails King sent me years ago to show it is the same author of the last one. I will show two handwritten letters by King to me to show matching scrawl and mindset. This also to establish that King has communicated to me before. I will show the jury photos and records of my 1987 beating by the S.F.P.D. and the police photo of my freshly broken nose months before that and my wrenched shoulder. The jacket cover photo of a video portraying me with a cigarette in my mouth will be shown to suggest others before have tried to falsely portray me as one who uses substances I do not. Frankly, I do not know, yet, what all I will be bringing, but everything mentioned in this document will be fair game including this document.

I will need, besides a machine to show the jury the police footage, a projector to enlarge papers, photos and exhibits including those already listed with the court of my van, King’s matching face, my expose flyer and probably parts of my magazine not yet presented. My Lennon murder evidence, itself, will be needed to show the jury just WHAT the authorities are so afraid of my exposing and why the things are happening to me as they are. What all this fuss is really all about, in my opinion. To show them a motive why my website van is a threat to the cover-up the authorities have already participated in in 1994. That up to 70 % of Time and Newseek headlines just happen to plug into the subject matter of Lennon’s then upcoming murder and not just the obvious topic of the articles as well as Mark David King Chapman accompanying Chapman’s letter weeks before the crime where he says that Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square and King’s matching face and his related writings. They are powerful exhibits that illuminate just how powerful my evidence against the government is and why the jury should beware of the possible motives the court and our entire legal system and government may have to try to stop me. I don’t think I will need more than 15 minutes, however, to make my point here with the encoded evidence I have discovered and I will not take up too much time in the process. That’s plenty of compromise with the court’s illegal request and proves my defense is not trying to highjack the trial or unnecessarily use up time at all. Most of my time will be arguing the facts of that day and the almost two years time, since, after,  and how these abuses and delays and even another suspicious other ticket inbetween, bolster my claims I am being abused and falsely charged. The links to my whistleblower status and how that murder evidence figures into my case now will take up a lot of my time, however. More than 15 minutes. Far from trying to confuse the jury I intend to un confuse the jury why I am being charged and why I may have been set up. Legally the court cannot prevent me from showing this evidence. As I said earlier, if it tries to stop me I will declare a mistrial. I have Constitutional rights and trial rights I intend to exercise.

If brought to trial I expect all manner of things I said on film that seem to incriminate me will be presented. I think I wondered out loud; “Was the van out of gear?…I must have tried to park and found I couldn’t…I’m worried my meds will wear off before the operation….I must have been on meds is all I can say…I took two tiny Halcion pills…” and other seemingly incriminating remarks. I expect all of that and you may, indeed, be legally able to present that. My tripping over a small curb that I didn’t see after standing up for the first time in over an hour, my wobble with one leg in the field test. I expect all that to be presented IF I am brought to trial. I doubt I will be, though. The JIG is up, frankly, I think. I can explain away those remarks made while I was confused as hell due my brief fainting on the scene earlier. It took me weeks of denial to even believe anyone could be so cruel and evil to set me up like that. Over a year later I absolutely know, now, that I was in the back of the van for 50 feet while it was rolling slowly downhill before I jumped into the seat, closed the door and applied the brakes before a worse wreck occurred. The matter of whether or not the authorities arranged for that fact to happen is fair game for argument at trial. I have evidence and not theory regarding all that and I will demand to present it.


Regarding my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney, all of the above is applicable but I’d like to add that Jeffery Rosell’s name has been on the back of my van for months alleging he is in a plot to kill me. Any suggestion that he has not learned of this or is not perturbed by it is not credible. My website entries as well as many hundreds of flyers alleging his perceived crimes against me are all over the Central Coast and Santa Cruz, mostly to prevent harm coming to me via alerting the public, and there is no way he is not incensed by this fact. Especially given the many strange events surrounding my case he cannot credibly deny that he has a bias against me and should be disqualified. This courts actions reflect this charge. I am being molested by his department of justice and I don’t think I will ever be brought to trial and that all this is to harass and terrorize me, hoping I will plea down to a lesser charge. That, in fact, has already been offered.

Regarding my change of venue, ditto all of the above and add the 1994 cartoon defaming me as a “vegetable; for my beliefs and as one who should be killed by police and the 1994 set up arrest that put me on national news as a stalker. That has established an untrustworthy pattern of fraud and abuse by this Santa Cruz department of justice. That old cartoon that branded me left impacts that linger and who knows what effect it had on this jury pool.

My motion to prohibit doctor’s records; I was not informed in a timely manner to object to it’s entry, then and Sidowi failed to represent me in this regard and there is no evidence of value. The instructions I signed say not to drive for 24 hours AFTER my operation, not before. Dr. Matiasevich’s assistant, Mitchell, told me I could drive the few miles to the coffee shop after taking a half dose of Halcion and to otherwise “follow the instructions on the bottle” which even say “Careful when driving.” the evening before my operation. The real reason I claim they want my records is to use, someday after I am killed, the haggard, somewhat toothless looking photo of me taken at a time when my mother had just died. It looks worse than the haggard photo the media repeatedly uses to cast Jeffery Epstein as a monster, today. I see no reason for the prosecution to have this record under these circumstances. There is not any evidence value to the report since the instruction advise not to drive AFTER the operation and the instructions allow for “Careful” driving prior.

My motion to dismiss due to vindictive and discriminatory prosecution;

ALL of the above document(s) and declarations. This should have resulted in a letter from the Santa Cruz D.A.’s office informing me my case has been dismissed following a negative reading on my blood tests regarding the drug Halcion that they were looking for. That it told me, instead, to appear for charges after the one year statute they are required to abide by smacks of illegality and hostility and extreme prejudice. Had it been just another motorist with no history of political expose activism against the government none of this would be happening to me, now. Via my letters to the D.A. from the start, they had reason to believe my van was rolling out of gear with me in the back section. A negative drug finding, after, should have resulted in immediate dismissal. My past episodes of police abuses suggest a pattern and this charge falls into that pattern of fraud and abuse, besides. Nasty is how I’d describe this episode. Nasty, mean, vindictive, discriminatory and cruel and cowardly, in fact. No way can this court claim it is not biased in it’s handling of my case given this city’s past abuses against me. Especially because I have that old dirt on them, this court is out to stop me from ever coming forward and being in a position to expose it all, someday as a celebrity. I am under no illusion that anything but fame will occur to me if my findings are made public. Similarly the F.B.I. fears my future fame and how I might use it to strip their buildings of the name J. Edgar Hoover, as I plan to do someday, and not just the fact that they are dirty where Lennon’s murder is concerned. I fully believe the F.B.I. is also behind whatever this court is up to with me. The alleged “sting” itself was almost too well planned not to be. Even absent evidence of F.B.I. connections the evidence that this court is in contempt of my rights and of my Lennon expose is enough to warrant dismissal. In fact, this courts abuses and open contempt for my rights may be designed TO elicit a reaction of contempt by me against the court to entrap me in such a charge. I should be able to honestly respect the prosecution in any court case. This prosecution has given me cause to lose respect for them and put me in a frame of mind I don’t deserve to have thrust on me.

My motion to dismiss due to lack of a speedy trial after arraignment;

Judge Cogliotti, last month when I was before her, admitted that she would reverse her ruling made on June 01, 2020 if it revealed that it was in error by 15 days as I alleged then. I immediately objected then but Sidowi failed to respond. He deprived me of competent council. I alleged that she said then that my speedy trial window was 60 days, not 45, the correct answer, and that, even the extra 30 days allowed by the conditional provisional for delay allowed ONLY 30 days from the true limit date of July 15, 2020 and that anything past August 15, 2020 was too late. This IS the case and, so, my case should be dismissed on this ground, alone. Judge Cogliotti should dismiss my case summarily.

My other unheard motions I will argue verbally in court as I will with these motions which will also be accompanied with a verbal argument.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is all true and correct to the best of my knowledge

Dated October 22, 2020 —————————————————————————————————

Steve Lightfoot, Defendant, pro per


To Jeffery Rosell, Carlos Barra and Eileen Jao;

Response to Jerry Souza’s alleged statement;

When I first saw this interpretation of Souza’s remarks I was pleasantly amused and I knew it would work in my defense, ultimately.  I then went ahead and served and submitted my lengthy latest comprehensive addendum and response where I declare, under penalty of perjury, the exact opposite of what you allege Souza said. I thought I should leave the prosecution in the dark and just let you put this witness on the stand and then use it to expose just how flawed the whole prosecution’s case has been all along. It’s that false and ridiculous. I thought it’s possible Jerry was just confused and mixed up, at first. He certainly was confused about who Malsack  was and who I was. Then I examined the statement and found it completely out of sequence to paint a false narrative. When I saw it was an assembled recollection of Souza’s remarks and that there was no tape recording of Souza’s actual remarks and that this was the work of Carlos Barba, Jeffery Rosell’s assistant, I knew it was mostly an attempt to intimidate me with false evidence I did anything wrong. That it was conducted two days after I said in court; “There’s no way the people who wrecked my van are not going to trial.” seems like the prosecution is afraid to go to trial and is desperate to intimidate me from going TO trial.

To begin with, I attest here, under penalty of perjury, that I was never outside the van until after I was extricated from it after the crash by Malsack. Prior to the crash I was inside the van the whole time. Whomever Souza saw walking around the back and side of my van would have to have been Malsack. The facts prove that I was in the back section of my van until just a few yards from the fence my van hit and that it had been rolling out of gear for 50 feet by then. I suspect there may even be video of my crash and I still declare all of this under penalty of perjury.

To listen to Barra’s report one would think that I must have gotten out the back hatch and ran towards the driver’s door,  jumped into a stopped van on a level surface then sped off into a fence and crashed. All of this, allegedly, after Malsack had already tried to put me into a wheelchair. It’s utterly ludicrous on it’s face. To begin with there is no exit from the back of my van as there is no way to unlock it from inside and the sliding door was welded shut before I bought the van and the passenger seat was crammed full leaving ONLY the driver’s door to exit my van at all. Why would I not just get into the driver’s seat and try to park it like I thought happened initially before I later realized it must have been rolling? Why would I get out of the van, walk to the back of it and then run to the driver’s door? It makes no sense.

There are more impossible claims made but, first, to at least get the sequence of events in proper order, this is the proper sequence;

Malsack jerked to a stop parallel to the office on the high side of an inclined parking lot facing west. He then bolted out the door leaving the engine running (He lied about shutting it off on tape.) and the door wide open. Initially it was well above and away from the curb below and the fence it later hit. At first it did appear to be at a stand still. For less than one minute I sat in the back section wondering what had just happened. I thought maybe Chris stole something and ran off and that I might have to eventually park it, myself. I noticed that the door was open and the engine running and I particularly noticed a curb and a certain bush in the backround and what a beautiful day it was for an operation. Before I could even begin to act on my thought to park, the next thing I recall was fainting behind the wheel and into the fence searching for park with my gear lever as Chris grabbed the keys from the ignition. For a minute or two thereafter I was unconscious from traumatic shock. This is all in my letters to the D.A. in early 2019. That I was up and walking walking briskly right after – as seen on tape – suggests I fainted from shock and not from any drug.

I have field tested how long it takes for my van to slowly roll from a near stop to the fence and it is between 40 and 60 seconds, only. I doubt Chris could have gotten a wheelchair in that short space of time to begin with, especially since he claims on tape that he saw my van roll the whole way. Apparently he was busy watching his handiwork, instead.That Souza claims this driver who exited my van (Chris)  went to the back of my van and not the doctor’s office, initially, suggests Chris may have even given my stalled van a push to get it started. That’s right!

Then, well after the crash, after Chris pulled me from the seat, Chris got a wheelchair and put me in it screaming ;’You’re a dead man! We’ve got to get you outta here!” and even tried to run off grounds with me in it before a crowd yelled “Stop!” This crowd prevented him from highjacking me a second time and leaving the scene, in fact. This maybe the crowd yells Barra mistakenly characterizes or perhaps when I was searching for park and stuck in reverse scratching another car in the process. Reports suggest it was the backing up, not the moving forward, that impacted the second vehicle.

Souza claims the area was level. In fact it is inclined north to southwest several degrees or more.

To listen to Barra’s recollection of Souza’s remarks one would also  think I would already have to have been in been in a wheelchair and then bolted towards the driver’s door to drive off. Ridiculous! Why Barra got this so out of sequence is suspicious. Perhaps it’s also possible two years of time has clouded Souza’s memory.

Barra suggests I accelerated after getting into the seat. This in the face of testimony to the contrary; Malsack saying on tape; “..You did all that damage and never got up to more than one half mile per hour..” and “…I thought he (me) was going to just come to rest here (the ditch by the fence) but then he turned.”….That’s what it looked like to me..” after I suggested my van must have been rolling all by itself. The second victim in this, Janel Gomez, even admitted that I never was going more than; “.. four or five mph.” I probably was going about 5 mph by then. I have field tested this exact crash and that’s close to accurate. The point is, those remarks contradict Souza’s alleged claim. What Souza likely saw, instead, was Chris running to my van’s driver’s door as it was rolling (accelerating) towards the fence and mistakenly assumed whomever ran to the door then got in a drove forward. At that time Souza had no reason to know I existed at all since I was in the back and could not be seen until the last few seconds it traveled. Souza admits he was viewing e-mails in between all this and he obviously missed a few things He may have not known what was happened at all while I was being extricated from the van.

Souza may have, indeed, been confused. I was in his former office and there is a row of trees cropping off the top of some of the scene. He may HAVE seen someone running from the back of my van to the driver’s door. It would have to have been Malsack, not me.

Nice try to intimidate me but I’m not concerned at all with what you claim Souza said. I would never have served a subpoena on him at all if his recall was that poor and flawed. I assumed, since he told officer Kenville that he “saw everything” that he would have noticed me jumping into the driver’s seat from the back at the last second. Apparently he did NOT see everything. He also lied to my investigator that he was not Jerry Souza, so there are two incidents of his lying to others with his very first remarks. Nice to be able to point that out to a jury. This, by the way is all on my website if he is interested in denying my claims, here.

I have a declaration and addendum regarding my whole case to be heard eventually by another prosecuting attorney and hope for dismissal. Otherwise I would not have informed you prior to trial my case to disarm anything you think Souza can add to the prosecution.

Sincerely, and under penalty of perjury, I declare the above to be true and correct


Dated October 27,2020 ______________________________________________________

Steven Lightfoot Defendant, pro per.


This October 9, 2020, (John Lennon’s birthday) in downtown Monterey, from noon till 3 pm, I’ll be demonstrating with billboards, etc. and my website van and the actual evidence that proves why we have to lock Stephen King up for murder. That we’re all wearing masks, now, should tell you that you’ve all been doing something wrong all this time since you were lied to with a Chapman story. Punished from above for some reason. I know the reason, people. For almost 40 years you’ve conveniently ignored this monster news story. It’s been, literally, more truth than you can handle, people. Just admit it for once in your phony, frightened lives. Big government raped you, killed your favorite celebrity and replaced him with your enemy; Stephen King. Now, you’re (Many of you) secretly hoping that Jeffery Rosell and the F.B.I. and others can kill me next so you won’t have to dirty your hands with having to stand up like homo sapiens and do what’s right…..; jail King. You’ve been raped, castrated and terrorized by a communist plot set on destroying you and, what’s worse, our own F.B.I., C.I.A., etc. seem to be part of the plot, itself, behind all our backs. Look at your t.v. programming and tell me you’re not being subdued and warped. New World order madness and it sucks.

Mostly, your apathy and silence suck, though. You people are suffering a failure of nerve regarding my evidence find. Admit it, get over it and help me come forward before the communist conspiracy that wants me dead kills me in a traffic accident like they’ve already tried to do twice, lately. I get the feeling your unanimous vibe about me is exactly this; “Hey, we don’t WANT to jail Stephen King. So what if he killed John Lennon? I’m a coward, period.” You’ll have to get better than that, fast. You are stuck with Covid 19 UNTIL you jail Stephen King, in fact, I’ll bet. I even worry about an asteroid, you’re all so obtuse and flawed and damned by God, I suppose, to be such blind, ignorant, stupid, silent, boot-lickers and turncoats, people. Face up! I’m the hero you tell your children they’ve always deserved. You’re their antihero, right now. You need, not only the truth, you all need an exorcism you’re all so very sick. Wow! the all Semitic media really did you Americans in, didn’t they, with that Chapman lie of theirs?

Beyond October 9, 2020, if you can’t put two and two together and show up, then, to get some media attention, I demonstrate every first Sunday of every month in downtown Monterey. I was cooking steak and lobster at a pricey hotel in downtown Monterey when King shot Lennon. I knew, instantly, that the Chapman story was a fraud the second I heard the news. Why aren’t the rest of you people that smart? Really, people, why? Are you going to stay cowards to the truth forever? An asteroid won’t wait that long if you don’t change, very soon, I’m afraid.

Oct. 5, 2020;

This opening chapter (There are scores below) works from the most recent entry, down. Lately I am fighting a conspiracy of, apparently, Jewish communists, the same conspiracy that killed John Lennon, who are now trying to terrorize me and take away my drivers licence to get my website van off the streets. What is immediately below is a transcript of my declaration to the Santa Cruz Superior Court regarding my motion to remove Judge Seigel from hearing my case on the basis that his Jewish backround presents a conflict as it is the Jewish communist conspiracy that can be proved responsible for the Lennon murder cover-up and the Mark David Chapman diversion and that they, especially, want to stop my activism and even end my life, apparently. That even the appearance of a conflict is grounds enough to merit a new replacement judge. That the Santa Cruz District attorney, Jeffery Rosell, (As in Howard Cosell) prosecuting me might also be Jewish just emphasizes the seriousness of my claim……:


I am asking the court to replace Judge Seigel from hearing my case with another judge on the grounds that I am exposing a Jewish communist conspiracy in the matter of evidence I have uncovered about John Lennon’s assassination in 1980. As exhibits submitted on file show, I have cracked government codes in major magazines including the killer’s photo months before the crime and more that prove a government plot involving murderer / author Stephen King who was the real killer, Chapman being but an impostor / actor / decoy. The fact that Judge Seigel is Jewish presents at least the appearance of a conflict of interest, especially considering that the prosecuting attorney; Jeffery Rosell, might also be Jewish. I have alleged, all along, that the authorities orchestrated my accident on January 10, 2019 to place me in the back section of my rolling vehicle to force me into the driver’s seat to stop it knowing that I’d be on a pre surgery medication at the time. That a police officer arranged to connect me with the man, Chris Malsak, who would leave my van in neutral and abandon it to cause this accident in the first place. I can prove that the Lennon cover-up is an exclusively Jewish operation in our media and that presenting me with a Jewish Judge and District Attorney in this matter appears to be a form of terrorism, from my point of view, or at least a conspicuous effort to protect this alleged Jewish communist plot regarding John Lennon’s assassination by implementing Jewish legal authorities to present a bias against me in this proceeding.

Before I continue allow me to say that I have nothing against Jews, in general, just those plotting to harm America, the apparent communists who happen to be caught in the middle of my evidence find, here. I have no bias regarding religion of any kind as I find religion questionable, generally. Religion, I find, offers too many reasons for us not to grapple with evil, ourselves. My motion merely identifies an obvious conflict.

I alleged that, whether this judge has or has not read my past website posting – still up, for decades, now – about this very Jewish communist conspiracy that killed John Lennon, that there is a chance he has or someone in the department of justice has read it and that that presents a reason to replace any Jewish judge to hear my case. There is the appearance of a possible conflict. I recall writing, then, that John Lennon intimidated these communist Jews who may have even feared that John was the second coming and that that was enough reason to kill him. I alleged that these media Jews fear the United States of America for our harboring so many Nazi’s after the war and for possibly waiting, deliberately, before getting into the war in the first place. That they may have suspected that this country was their enemy and that they have conspired, after, to do us in any way they can. I pointed out the Rosenbergs’ as an example. I alleged that the conspiracy that  arranged for Stephen King to murder John Lennon and then replace him, after, with his horror message, was a cruel and satanic attack on America’s soul and nothing less. I espoused then, and do still, that this Jewish communist ring that apparently runs America’s media that feeds us a diet of murder plots involving our neighbors at prime time a la 48 Hours and other shows like it and shows showcasing government agents everywhere as if that was what the world was coming to, as if they want all of us to wear a government badge for a job someday, and the use of gun violence to scare us off our second amendment rights, etc. is all a campaign to undo America for the communists in the world who also want us to fail. I alleged that the vapid, empty headed, insulting reality shows and game shows that portray Americans as shallow and stupid and classless are all to mock us and dumb us down and control us, ultimately. I alleged, then, that the Jewish communists probably killed Jim Morrison and even killed Lennon on Jim’s birthday to mark another kill and that they seek to kill anyone who has a better way or a better vision than theirs. I alleged that our own F.B.I. and C.I.A. have been infiltrated as well and are good with this take-down of America. Just look at the roster of officials before me, now, both judge and district attorney of this one persuasion. (If Jeffery Rosell is not Jewish than I stand corrected where he may be concerned. Howard Cosell is Jewish and I presume Rosell is, too.) Removing my van and website message from the streets would cripple an already wounded America and deprive it of it’s right to know what I have to say about vital information regarding every American citizen. I am sure that my first amendment rights are being assaulted with this false, set up charge against me. Mr. Rosell has failed in his duty to investigate the mid 2019 e-mail Stephen King sent me threatening me if I went public with it. Clearly he has bias or he wouldn’t try to ignore the matter. This is what he is charged with doing; protecting me from the man who I am exposing for murder. If he was not biased against me he would investigate that e-mail. (See other exhibits on file in my case.) Instead, he seems to be entered into a Lennon murder cover-up plot to be charging me with anything, especially after his authorities may have, indeed, caused the accident in question. Especially since the drug screen came back empty of the very drug they were looking for for a year before bringing me to court at all. So many other violations of my rights have already been committed by this court it’s a separate scandal unto itself.

I said a lot of things that I still believe and, now, having presented this motion and declaration before judge Seigel, he knows I posted these things and feel this way. He cannot, credibly, deny that this fact does not bias him to a degree.

Already Judge Gogliotti has demonstrated a bias against me by adding 15 days to the legal statute regarding time constraints regarding speedy trial rights on June 01, 2020. Judge Stevens was disqualified on August 24, 2020 over his remarks in an earlier hearing where he presumed I was “pretty stoned at the time..” in breach of his duty not to before trial. He recused himself – I have the recording – saying; “You don’t want me to hear your motions…Don’t waste your peremptory motion on me I’ll be on vacation…” That he was before me, again, on September 09, 2020, I allege was a trick by the court to use up my peremptory motion, illegitimately. At the time I recall that his being removed was over his disqualifying remarks made earlier having nothing to do with my peremptory rights. Judge Volkmann disqualified himself on August 25, 2020 when he tried to get me to give up my rights to a jury trial, even saying that he would; “…be honored to take your case…” All of these remaining judges are similarly unfit to hear my case and I would like to know who are left available to hear my case?

Incidentally, Stephen King, a Jew, himself, if I’m not mistaken, a year after killing John Lennon, wrote in one book the phrase “Beware the Jewish Communist plot against the U.S..” at least a half dozen times. I think he knows exactly what he’s talking about, that he’s part of it, himself.

Regarding my evidence to support my claim that the Mark David Chapman ruse was an exclusively Jewish operation I submit the following facts; Only Jews; Howard Cosell, Barbara Walters, Larry King and author Albert Goldman ever promoted the Mark David Chapman story, ever, to my knowledge. Judy Woodruff briefly narrated a PBS propaganda piece about Chapman but ordered her likeness to be removed from the documentary after learning it was a government lie. Her likeness WAS removed and a 20 minute empty slot was evident at the new showing I saw. Judy Woodruff may or may not be a Jew. It so happens that every other media personality of importance promoting the Chapman lie is Jewish. ABC, NBC, CBS, Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report – the very magazines my expose will put out of business – are all controlled, primarily by Jews. I recall being told in 1992 that the men in black robes and large hats in the New York City ABC lobby were “…the owners of ABC…”, for example. This allegation I am making has not been credibly denied, either. Whether the Jewish dominance in America’s media just happens to place these propagandists I listed to tell the lie or whether they were knowing conspirators is irrelevant. I am the arch enemy of this Chapman lie / cover-up that is being promulgated by only Jews. This fact makes these Jewish communists my arch enemy.

Beyond these arguments Judge Seigel lacks credibility when he says he sees no bias in the way this court has already treated me. When I asked him if he has any bias against me in light of the fact that I am an activist exposing our government for murdering John Lennon he said that he did not. In light of all the facts I find his statement not credible. My exhibits regarding the December 1994 cartoon about me being a target for a police shooting range – arcade, the set up 1994 arrest of me on national television as well as King’s e-mail and subsequent dismissal of as NOT being evidence of bias is utterly preposterous and ridiculous. A new judge  is what I am asking the court for, one not already mentioned above. I AM exposing a Jewish communist conspiracy in regards to John Lennon’s assassination and cover-up and I should not be subjected to a Jewish Judge especially after my initial claims that I was set up by police to begin with.

Also, and for these same reasons, I ask the court to also remove District Attorney Jeffery Rosell and his assistant; Eileen Jao, from prosecuting my case and have the Attorney General in Sacramento, not San Francisco who has it’s own scandal regarding a 1987 beating from their police, hear my case. I want to attach this declaration to my motion already made for that. (See records.)

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated October 5, 2020



Steve Lightfoot – Defendant – pro per


ALRIGHT!!!! Now onto more pleasant matters;

First of all I am NOT an anti-Semite. I just happen to not let that stigma the Jews throw out so much affect my telling it like it is with all of you. In fact some of the best music and lyrics ever written were by Jews. My favorite singer; Sinatra, can attest to that. All in all right up there with The Beatles, that’s right. Fantastic songsters and etc., etc., etc. the list is so long. Jews are great, like everybody else. That I had to list the sins of the “bad” Jews is regrettable and I hope that my brotherhood with the 97 % of Jews who are NOT America’s enemy is not injured by this gallant effort on my part to give the Jew a chance to redeem himself. I remember in 1992 in Manhattan it was the Manhattan Spirit Newspaper, owned by Jews, who posted a photo of my huge billboard that read;




There, you see, there are plenty of good Jews who ARE pissed off with the bad Jews. They outnumber the bad apples by far. So, there, world.

I am so NOT a racist, in fact, let me tell you of my exploits recently with the police shootings of blacks in America. The day after George Floyd was killed I remarked twice on national talk radio the following;

“Labron James is to be commended for his message; “THIS” is “WHY” with the photos of Kapernick and Floyd. What if the messages were inverted, though. You know; “This”, the Kapernick take a knee movement, is “Why” we’re kneeling on this guys neck, now, to back you off of that movement.” Now isn’t that controversial!!!???? And it’s from the Pentagon on down to keep them in their place, isn’t it?…”

In one spot I was able to identify myself as the “Lennon Man” and gave out my website and now the blacks know who is in their corner and how the “Systemic” label was born regarding police tactics. I started it. I also got the blacks to stop looting, at least in the L.A. region who heard me say, also on talk radio; “The blacks have to decide whether they want “change” or free stuff from Target.”

I am so proud to have been able to make a difference in the matter. If I told you that I am also the citizen – also with a talk radio call in March of 2020 – who started the mask movement in America that would be true, too. It’s verifiable if you doubt me; KGO Radio, my voice getting the bandanna movement started, Governor Newsom doing a U-turn on T.V. to back up my suggestions an hour later and the whole nation going masks the very next day. I guess, to quote a message box I bought last week at a thrift store; “I’M KIND OF A BIG DEAL!”. Even as a non celebrity I have clout. Lots of it, in fact. By the way, I am enjoying the appreciation and the love I feel from the blacks who know about my stance on things. I DO understand EXACTLY what it’s like to be hunted by the system. Like no other white boy before me. I only hope that the good Jews will understand why the bad Jews have to be outed before they kill me, next. It’s purely business. The business of staying alive.

I just got back from San Luis Obisbo, Santa Barbara, L.A., San Diego, Palm Springs, etc, with my one man act of singing next to outdoor cafes the tunes of Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole and others from my parked website van and whatever CD I sang along to. They all know that there is a new Michael Buble in town by now, I’m pretty sure. It’s amazing how much I’ve suddenly improved with my singing now that my life is on the line and have to get people to pay attention to me somehow.

On the back of my van a large sign reads “F.B.I. PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE! “Hundreds of thousands saw it, too.

If the bad Jews that are stalking me, now, don’t kill me with a head on collision like they’re hoping to, I may sing for the whole world, someday, your favorite songs. Bring me forward, people, like my van says, please.

By the way, for the benefit of you readers who don’t know what Stephen King e-mailed me in 2019 here is a transcript;

My Confession

From: RealStephen King (


Date: Monday, July 22, 2019

Hello, Mr. Lightfoot,

As you may have gleaned from my e-mail username, I am the author Stephen King. We’ve talked before as in our letters, but this game of yours has gone on too long. Your incessant persistence was annoying at first, but now is threatening my livelihood. People are beginning to ask questions, questions for which I have no credible answer. I suppose that means you win this battle, though not the war.

I confess, I killed John Lennon. Shot the fucker until I was satisfied. My only regret is that I couldn’t watch him bleed out as his soul went to Hell. I know he’s in Hell because he speaks to me. Every day he speaks to me. I know I’ll meet him there, someday.

If you publicize this e-mail, Lightfoot, terrible things await you, things that would make you beg for an eternity in Hell, instead. I’ve got connections. You really think you’ve beaten me? Nice try. Even if you had real proof and not the ramblings of a madman, nothing bad would happen to me.

Besides, no one will ever believe you.

Best, Stephen King


This is the e-mail Jeffery Rosell is ignoring. King starts the e-mail on the 9th anniversary of my almost fatal wreck when a woman ran a red light doing almost 60 mph, July 22, 2010, but sends it days later on the anniversary of my evidence find; July 26, 1982. Suspicious. Also,when he says’ “ in our letters…” he means the one time I ever replied to his, now, several e-mails. I simply and only said this; “Come clean, you coward!” So, apparently, he came clean, months later, in admitting to me he DID kill John Lennon, after all. I gave the challenge and he met it. Amazing! He seems to think you’re too stupid to notice any of this.

Also, you should all know about the 1994 cartoon The Santa Cruz Metro ran showing me as the target in a police shooting range arcade.;

There I am in the center of a hodgepodge of nuts. I am driving my van that says’ ‘STEPHEN KING KILLED JOHN LENNON” A police officer with a gun is saying out loud’ “This game is stupid. No matter what I do I can’t win!” This amidst a backdrop of signs that say; ” Can you spot the dangerous nut from the normal nut?…You Lose – You’re Dead…The Gun Was Real” On the t-shirt of one officer is the number 80, as in 1980 when Lennon was killed.

The intent to get the public to want to let the police kill me is stark and apparent. Satanic Cruz, sounds like, to me. I blame Jeff Rosell, lately. They want to erase that 1994 event that cast me as a stalker of King on national television, as if it doesn’t matter, now, now that they are stalking me in court on a made up charge that they created to begin with.

The reason the officer is saying no matter what he does he can’t win has to do with my story breaking, ESPECIALLY if I get killed. They KNOW that. That’s what the caption means, people.

Sept. 25, 2020;


As the chapters below indicate, the U.S. government is piling the bullshit on top of the bullshit onto the messenger of this bombshell story. The latest insult to justice being Judge Maria Mendoza’s ruling in favor of defendant; Jack Fox Automotive of Seaside, Ca.. In early 2019 this shop, while installing an new motor to my 1989 Toyota van, sabotaged me by cutting my entire wire harness and then splicing it together, after. Apparently this same shop also drained my transmission of most of the oil before giving my van back and after also sabotaging my gearshift cable assembly. I showed the judge over $1,600.00 of bills already paid to other shops just to get the van running and showed her how the other repairs will add up to hundreds more. Jack Fox did not deny sabotaging my gearshift assembly and draining my transmission or even cutting my wire harness when rebutting my claim. Only after I pointed this glaring fact out in trial did Henry Perez then state; “I deny it.” about only the wire harness. The evidence shows that they DID cut my wires and Henry lied to say that they offered to fix it for free. I pointed out, then, that they refused to repair it even for the $200.00 I offered.

I showed the judge that a friend of theirs; Michael MaCauly, a man who told me he’d like to break my teeth that same month, may have asked that shop to sabotage my van as I turned him in to police a dozen years ago for selling pot after he ignored my warnings to before he got busted with all his new customers giving his operation away. I did turn him in after allowing him to empty his apartment of said pot. It ruined our friendship and it turns out he sleeps on Jack Fox’s lot in his van and is a friend of that shop’s owners. He saw my van there weeks before it was sabotaged.

A normal engine replacement would have had my van running in tip top condition upon delivery and not have held it hostage for over two months. They would not have forced me to call 9-1-1 to even take my van out of their shop. Jack Fox cost me over $1,600.00 in additional costs not including another $1,000.00 in other damages not yet fixed. It seems that Monterey county is contemptuous of my heroic Lennon murder expose activities and not just Santa Cruz. This was a “fixed” result and I could sense it from the way the Sheriff bailiff treated me after the trial, with contempt.

I pointed out that Jack Fox does business with police vehicles that they repair and that that may have factored into the sabotage until I learned that Michael MaCauly being a friend of theirs made more sense. Now I suspect it was both influences. It sucks to see a judge corrupted by this plot to drain my bank account, too.

Henry Perez’s remarks, initially, about how, even if I sue his shop he won’t lose suggests he and the police and courts have worked out a deal whereby they protect his shop from lawsuits if he fixes their police vehicles. Pretty crooked situation, people. Please boycott their shop.

New stuff;

I am so glad that Coronavirus hit us all BEFORE we jailed Stephen King for John Lennon’s murder and not after. Karma would have been turned on it’s head otherwise. America is sure paying a karmic price for opposing my heroic expose activities; Coronavirus, the fires in Santa Cruz and then California, entirely, the killing of a Santa Cruz Sheriff’s deputy and the wounding of a C.H.P. officer pursuing a man named Steven in a van in Scotts Valley, and the hurricanes and storms pummeling the rest of America. A biblical display of bad luck on the supposedly greatest nation on earth. ALL of these punishments coincided with acts of evil in the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s office and then right after Monterey Police tried to bust me in a sting gone awry.

Coronavirus hit America almost on the same day; December 20, 2019, that their Santa Cruz D.A. filed year old charges against me in violation of my speedy trial rights.

When I learned that their courts and judges and appointed attorneys were all in cahoots to destroy me I passed out flyers to warn of my avenging angel if they don’t curb their cover-up and stop torturing me. That same week a dozen Sheriff and C.H.P. cars – the two agencies who cited me in Jan. of 2019 – passed me on Highway 1 on their way to the scene of Steven Carillo and his van in Scotts Valley. That was when those two agencies were shot. Sheriff Gutswiller died. I think his was the office that cited me, initially, in fact. My name is Steven and I live in a van. What are the odds? It so turns out that the officer turned coffee shop owner who orchestrated my whole citation Jan. 10, 2019 lives in Scotts Valley as if his energy attracted the evil that unfolded that day and the fires that later also found his residence.

Then, after Judge Stevens violated my rights in a court hearing that got him disqualified from my case, after, lightning torched Santa Cruz like never before and its worst ever fires found even D.A. Jeffery Rosell evacuated from the fire zone along with Bill Rawson, the former officer who I claim set me up from the start.

Then, a day or two after the Monterey Police tried to D.U.I. me before I blew a 0.00., twice, to foil their plan, the entire state of California broke out in hundreds of fires all at once. The worst in the state’s history and they’re still burning as I write this update.

So, you see, people, it’s not nice to fool with America’s only living hero of importance. That would be me, Steven Mark Lightfoot. Trump hasn’t the balls to think like me and he is no hero. He’s better than Biden is all. Trump is a government boot-licker like all politicians eventually become. Stephen King and his evil SCARES Donald Trump. Too bad for you. If I were president I’d swat team arrest King and let the chips fall where they will, after. The evidence to convict is all there. So what’s your excuse, Donald? It’s not like there is a media looking out for us or a legal system looking out for us. Even you people are headless and helpless, lately. If you people aren’t moved to outrage over what I have discovered then you must all be cowards living under the blanket of fear. Like “they” want it.

Let me say that only treasonous cowards would try to stop me from crossing the finish line with my evidence find that proves what really happened the night John Lennon was murdered. Protecting evil, cowardly, shoot’em in the back, Stephen King is NOT protecting the people of America. It is the exact opposite, in fact.

I, personally, think that Eileen Jao (Almost spells the word ‘Mao'”) might even be a communist Chines agent infiltrating our government, to witness her brazenly illegal attempts to criminalize me. Nobody fears my expose more than our biggest enemies who know that this expose will S-A-V-E America from it’s evilness. Three times at least she has filed notices that were made too late to be legal, as if to taunt me, to let me know the rules don’t apply with my case.

I personally think that Rosell has been promised some kind of promotion as well as others involved, too. A bunch of jealous cowards licking Stephen King’s and the evil government’s boots like a slave. These are your champions protecting you from your right to know whether or not Stephen King is or is not the real killer of John Lennon. If you people had any self respect you’d quickly oust and replace these agents of your doom with braver, better people. D.A. Rosell is corrupting all of Santa Cruz. It’s a fact, people. I’ve seen his justice system and it is crooked as hell. Are you all too stoned and dumbed down by the media to act? You are silent fools.

If the evidence DOES prove this and you don’t pull your heads out and jail King’s evil ass for it then you, as a nation and as a species, deserve all that has happened to you and more, perhaps even the mountain sized asteroid I warned you about on Dec. 6, 2019 when I was interviewed on KSCO radio.

Think about it, people; How ugly and hideous are you people not to care about something like this? “Oh, well, Lennon’s dead, does it really matter, now?” That kind of spinelessness does not deserve a place in this world, in my humble opinion. That kind of worm is better off dead, I think. The rest of earth’s creatures should be insulted that we are here polluting the world with our insanity and not just our toxins.

You people rescue me and break this news, or else, is what I say. If you allow the authorities to pinch my drivers licence after they orchestrated the crash of my van the day I was to be operated on by leaving it rolling in neutral with me in the back section as they most certainly DID, then mass extinction wouldn’t be such a tragedy, after all. You’re just a bunch of hairless, great maned gorillas pretending you’re special and apart from other animals when, in fact, you’re sick as hell right now.

What kind or worm species lets Stephen King get away with murdering John Lennon? You never even complained when Chapman skipped his trial after all the F.B.I. stalking Lennon endured before he was killed.

So far, your kind of worm species, people of the world. Wake up and smell your error. SILENT EQUALS STUPID. Go ahead, contemplate that slogan.

While you’re all disgracing yourselves acting like “Stepford Wives” in the face of the evidence I have delivered on a silver platter, while you’re all hoping the “Blue Meanies” the Beatles tried to warn you about stuff me in a casket and jump on the lid, I am putting my best foot forward in the face of all this provocation. I was supposed to go berserk and chastise you venomously in public from all that has been done to me. Instead, I am singing for you. Singing good enough NOT to be asked to leave by the cafe owners who actually get more business as a result of my being there. I suddenly am being gifted with abilities I never knew I had. That I also have great taste in music and songs helps as well. If I have to do a show in Vegas when they open up again and sing to get ahead after the local authorities are trying to break my bank, then that’s my option. I didn’t have that option before my enemies made my life hell. Somebody likes me.

So, who’s getting blessed and who’s getting cursed, lately?



Is there a chance the police were just responding to a call about me tapping a bumper trying to park last Aug. 28? Highly unlikely. Three patrol cars and perhaps five officers responded. In fact this innocent moment they tried to turn into a multitude of charges against me to get my website van off the streets piling on points to my otherwise great driving record. What kind of damage were they trying to do to me? Leaving the scene of a crime; unsafe backing up, open container, D.U.I. and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 While caught in the act of singing in public next to a street cafe I reached to get a bottle of olive oil to coat my raw throat. I reached way back to get it and had to unbuckle my seat belt and face backwards and stretch out completely to retrieve this bottle from my van’s living quarters. As I was doing this a police officer had just approached my open window. Just as I noticed I grabbed the wrong bottle and tried to reach back and get the right one (both in identical glass bottles) the officer saw what looked like a nearly empty brandy bottle and grabbed it from my hand. Weird good luck on their part, but an innocent mistake. So long as it was located in my living quarters the law allows for that.  I immediately presented the other bottle to show what I was really reaching for. I transferred the oil from its toxic plastic container long ago.

Even though my van was off with only the CD player on he asked me to take a sobriety test and if I passed he’d dump the miniscule amount of booze out and not cite me for that. I knew I was sober and had nothing to drink so I agreed. It so happens that I was savagely beaten unconscious while on my knees in handcuffs in the back of a S.F.P.D. van in 1987 and received 13 head x-rays that night and perhaps that has affected my balance. As such I was not perfect on the walk a line test. I also have a lift in one shoe. Otherwise I did great, though. When I asked if I was free to go the officer asked me to submit to a breath-alizer test. When I declined on principle he cuffed and arrested me – no Miranda warning – and drove me to the station to forcibly take one there. While en route the call came over the radio that I had NOT done any damage to the parked vehicle. I was suspicious of this young man in a Mercedes who called police making a fuss about it from the get go. In hind sight he may even be a police operative. I’ve endured dozens of police stings, people. Dozens.

At the station I was asked to remove my socks and shoes, they were so sure they had me for D.U.I. and I’d be spending the night in jail. A few minutes later I blew 0.00, twice in a row and the charges were immediately dropped. Breaking his promise to me there would be no ticket for a half swallow of brandy left in my bottle he cited me for that, anyway, because his sergeant told him to. This same sergeant told me the officer promised not to cite me for double parking. A lie. The video cam will prove that, too.

A few days later I noticed a voicemail from another officer, the one who was seen flash photographing the other car for any signs of damage. He asked for my insurance information claiming there was damage after all. When I asked to be able to see for myself what the evidence looks like to compare to my rubber bumper he threatened to cite me for unsafe backing and leaving the scene of a crime. I gave him my information and, now I find, even if I am proved not at fault and the marks don’t match up my insurance may go up anyway. The other two cars were parked in a two space area in such a way that another middle space was open and plenty other cars probably tried and failed to park there before I ever arrived. I’m sure I caused no damage whatsoever and even got out and looked closely before I parked across the street. I wouldn’t be surprised if even this wasn’t a set up as they knew I’d be trying to sing somewhere that night and might use a ” motorist / operative ” to be on scene and report me if I even touched the other car. It was all very suspicious the way this man made such a fuss over nothing.

The aftermath has left me with the knowledge that this “perfect and wonderful” police department that has never abused me in four years is, indeed, intent on destroying my right to drive my website van and sing in public anymore and allow me to convince the public how very talented and right I am about my conspiracy claims, after all. That they are no better than the bat winged monkeys in The Wizard Of Oz and serve Satan at your expense and not just mine. The “Thin Blue Line” that protects us all from drunk drivers (I’ve never been convicted of that, ever. ) or have someone scratch your car while trying to park is the same blue line that kneels on the public’s neck with one hand in their pocket to leverage even more – like the cop who killed George Floyd – and suffocate you with a pillow and keep you brainwashed and misled by a toxic media. They are the very agents who make murders like John Lennon possible. Only corrupt cops in New York could have accounted for no trial for the alleged killer ever taking place, after. The evil D.A. police, et all, there. The other side of “The Thin Blue Line” you’d all like to pretend isn’t true.

In trying to stop me, the messenger, from “righting the unrightable wrong” and bringing Lennon’s murder to the light of day and breaking huge news we can all definitely use, the police here, but especially in Santa Cruz in another pending matter (see below), are placing a pillow over YOUR heads and suffocating you. They are protecting the evil assholes who killed John Lennon from your right to know what they did to the world and all of you. They are not protecting you at all but are, instead, behaving like boot-licking, government protecting cowards. Period. Jealous, no doubt, that I will prevail and become a superstar after breaking my story about who killed John Lennon.

Now, I’m certain I was set up that night last week and that three patrol cars would never arrive to investigate a bumper tap. It’s sad that any officer was even temporarily corrupted and had a part in this episode that has terrorized me. I’m afraid it’s true, people. I’m afraid your right to know is something this police chief would like to deprive you all of. In Santa Cruz the authorities hoped my van – which they left me in the back of while it was left out of gear in Jan. 2019 as I was about to have an operation – would have plowed a hundreds yards downhill and even killed others in their attempt to ruin my life and driving record. (See details below.) I jumped into the drivers seat and stopped it, however. Nothing was found in my system that they were looking for and they’re still pressing bogus charges. “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME; SEE SITE” has been on my van for months, now, to impress upon you just how true this all is.

I have discussed this terror / sting incident with the local D.A. to see if they can perform justice for me and erase all traces it ever happened and dismiss the open container ticket like I was promised as captured on tape. After all, I was a good boy and sober as a surgeon. I was made a promise.

In the meanwhile, I will NOT LIST the names and details in this new, second sting against me – no doubt to help Santa Cruz’s evil D.A and his crumbling case – for now to see if I can avoid having to fight this battle in public. I give this department credit for four years of stellar treatment and will give them the option to also avoid a fight with me. I’ll even delete this entry if they do that for me.

Regarding my singing in public from my website van; I’m pretty good all of a sudden after 66 years of never being able to even sing in Sinatra’s key before. I’m getting complimentary coffee from cafe owners who love the bigger tips I bring them as well as customers, too. The people are all thumbs up with what they hear and even offer occasional applause. For that recognition and appreciation, I thank you people. I believe there is a stage in Las Vegas for me if I ever want to make real money. I really am that good, I hate to have to admit.  A miracle that sprung from these dark days I am going through. While I may be stuck with a voice one half shade less than Sinatra and the other greats I parrot, I doubt there is another who can mimic them so expertly as I. I do plan to be the superstar this sick world needs since it killed John Lennon. I hope you will demonstrate and demand disclosure and arrest murderer; Stephen King so I can entertain the world and not just the locals. That’s why I sing for you for free. I’m really saying; “H-E-L-P-!-!…..H-E-L-P-!-!-! I’m legit. No theory, here, Hard evidence, people. Could I sing like this if I were the nut they want you to think I am? H-E-L-P-!-!-!-!” when you see me singing.


Commentary Sept. 7, 2020;

I have been putting my best foot forward in singing for the public when they dine outdoors. In spite of this I notice you’re all still self destructively in a state of denial and apathy about WHY I even sing for you at all. It’s to get you take seriously before your apathy lets the local police set me up for another fatal car crash attempt  (They’ve tried twice, already) Read this section and do something to save me. Unite with your friends and save the truth hero before he gets killed.

I have discussed my avenging angel before but let’s take a look at lately. Lately, as the police are trying to add points to my licence with a failed attempt to D.U.I. me ( I blew 0.00, twice) in their attempt to help out the corrupt Santa Cruz D.A. with his crumbling case, this past Aug. 28, 2020, the entire state of California has erupted, days later, in the worst fires in it’s history. This after the lightning fires that took out the Santa Cruz D.A.’s turf as well as the turf of the retired officer who set me up emerged as the worst, ever, for Santa Cruz last month. This also after two officers were shot also on their turf near Scott’s Valley, the two agencies involved in citing me, in fact. One was killed. Coronavirus started about the same time the Santa Cruz D.A. filed charges a year after my first citation, late December 2019.

I have to believe, in light of everything else I could point to – listed elsewhere – that this avenging angel phenomenon may, indeed, wipe out this sick species who ignores my evidence with the very asteroid I prayed for if it can’t avenge John in my lifetime. That these smaller plagues like Coronavirus , fires, police murders, riots and more are a wake up call for YOU SICK, BLIND DO NOTHINGS to DO something and help me come forward and out of the danger your apathy has put me in. Otherwise your silliness will be snuffed out in mid stride like how your apathy killed John Lennon; suddenly. Don’t doubt me. There is something going on with my persecution and your bad karma, people. Don’t wait till you find yourselves waiting to choke to death after the mountain sized rock hits you hard. It just very well might. Just for picking on this historic hero, me.


If I may interrupt this section to chronicle my latest rebuttal to the corrupt Santa Cruz District Attorney’s office as well as the corrupt San Francisco Attorney General’s offices regarding their “opposition” to my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney. The below is actual court pleadings I am making as we speak this second week of Sept. 2020;

In the first place, I object to the San Francisco Attorney General’s entrance into my case. Like Santa Cruz who illegitimately arrested me in 1994 on a false trespass charge that was used to put me on the national television news as a stalker of Stephen King, the charges dropped days later after their mischief was done to my reputation and character, San Francisco also has a scandal to hide concerning the night in October of 1987 when officer’s Steven Rist and Kevin Hall of the S.F.P.D.  pistol whipped me unconscious while I was on my knees in handcuffs protecting my newly repaired nose that was broken on a sidewalk by strangers weeks earlier. Both Santa Cruz and San Francisco are corrupt where I am concerned and have scandals to hide and are using their offices to railroad an innocent man, me, so I never become a hero who exposes John Lennon’s murder for what it really was, a political assassination involving Nixon, Reagan and murderer / author; Stephen King. I mailed my motion to the Sacramento attorney general’s office and would like them to handle this matter.

I am introducing exhibets A  and B, a photo comparison of King and Lennon’s assassin and a photo of my website emblazoned van that I believe all this proceeding is really all about. Since early 1983 when Terry Chodash of the S.F, Secret Service surprise interviewed me then I have been a target of police and court abuses. Even my father’s untimely death in a plane crash in 1984 that happened suspiciously on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation may have been retaliation for my expose activities. Stephen King mailed me a threat letter that same month, in fact. I can prove hundreds of instance of abuses, including gun pointing and threats to beat me again by police, dozens of false charges I had nothing to do with and hundreds of false parking tickets, even. The abuses Steve Lightfoot has suffered under police is unprecedented. I think it was 1983 when I received a summons to appear for “breaking and entering and attempted grand theft” that I had nothing to do with. I broke into our governments Time and Newsweek’s bold print codes is the closest thing they could be referring to.

Far from being far fetched, the allegation my 1994 arrest in Santa Cruz as being a reason for the local prosecutor to thwart my defense in this matter is exactly valid and looms as the elephant in the room. The prosecutor is trying to deny this glaring fact. Moreover, the prosecutor is trying to absolutely ignore the other recent episodes I listed in my addendum of 41 points that demonstrates fraud and unusual conduct in my case regarding the local district attorney, Jeffery Rosell since my arrest. In fact, since his office has been caught obstructing my defense with disingenuous defense council that I had to fire, twice, they were so bad, I have taken to advertising my plight to the public with a large sign on my van that reads;


This flies in face of the opposition opinion to my motion that there is no reason for this D.A. to be prejudiced against me. I am advertising to his city what a criminal he is to be persecuting me in a cruel and unusual manner. I know for a fact that I had to leap from the back section of my van to the driver’s seat to stop it from rolling out of gear through a fence and down into a second parking lot. Had I not done that the public would have been endangered, not by me, but by the man who left me in the back and left my van in neutral to roll away and cause a crash. Only because the trauma this caused me made me faint for a minute did I not know this for a fact then. Subsequent evidence that proves this is what happened seems to have caught the prosecution off guard and desperate now that I know what really happened. I alleged this fact the following day to the officer who cited me, in fact. Considering that a police officer who knew who I was referred me to this man who left my van in neutral and that he watched a video of “America’s Worst car Crashes” a few days later and before my crash suggests this was not an accident but an orchestrated sting operation to entrap me in a charge I don’t deserve. That the authorities deliberately set me up in a rolling van so they could cite me for being on pre surgery medication as this police officer, Bill Rawson, knew I would be getting an operation and would be vulnerable in the one block time frame it took this man, Chris Malsack, to do what he did. In contradiction to his claim he went to get a wheel chair for me that I didn’t need, Chris watched my van roll for several seconds and saw it crash into a fence. The F.B.I. are even more afraid of my becoming famous and revealing their role in Lennon’s murder and I suspect they, too, are involved with molesting me and my defense. It could go as high as the president’s office, possibly. Too bad that our legal system is acting like a coward protecting an evil man like King who ruined our world killing our hero and is now trying to kill me, apparently. Corrupting law enforcement officers and judges along the way. Already I was almost killed twice in two high speed accidents that I had nothing to do with in 2010 and 2015 in Concord and San Diego. The first involved an intersection that was suspiciously paved over the next day after a woman doing almost 60 mph through a red light – according to witnesses – hit my delivery truck knocking it twenty feet sideways and rolling onto it’s side. I was unconscious for a minute and could have been killed. She was not cited. Then in 2015 a uniformed navy cadet rammed his truck hard into my narrow wheelbase van doing 75 mph and I almost rolled my van. The C.H.P. who took 45 minutes to even arrive also did not cite this other driver who was at fault. This happened under the Obama presidency and I began advertising this fact in November of 2019, just before this D.A. decided to press year old charges. Obama fears my success in breaking my news story as well. The entire legal and media systems of America have reason and motive to kill me. This local D.A. would like to ignore this hideous fact. Meanwhile they are doing this to me in court after causing the crash, in my opinion, to begin with. My Mother’s recent death and my recent inheritance, my new logo’ed van and prospect to succeed, apparently have scared the authorities into this criminal conspiracy now against me. I was cited, in fact, a day or two after Gavin Newsom was sworn in as Governor. I am a somewhat famous talk radio personality.

Now that there is evidence to corroborate all of this the local prosecutor is desperate to keep me from ever being recognized for my heroism regarding my expose activities regarding John Lennon’s murder. Should that happen I would be one of, if not the most famous, persons on the planet for a few years and all the dirty tricks the police and courts ever played on me would all be revealed to a world wide audience. Jeffery Rosell knows this to be a fact and I allege the rest of this prosecutors office is aware of it, too.  So, so much for the opposition opinion that 1994 doesn’t factor into 2020 and 2019 and this case.

But even after January 10, 2019, even after Chris either deliberately or accidentally left my van rolling down a hill with me in the back section, the court system and the C.H.P. have demonstrated fraud and abuse that buttresses my claim they DID orchestrate my crash.

Addressing the opposition opinion they claim I “..crashed the vehicle he was driving..” This is a lie. I rescued a rolling van from a worse accident that was likely intended for me. I even had the presence of mind to quickly shut the door before it was bent off it’s hinges from the impact. That witness statements corroborate the fact it was never moving faster than one half mile per hour, ever, supports this claim.

Still in the first paragraph, they allege the 1994 arrest is the basis for my claim of bias and that the court took 10 months to file charges. This, too, is a lie and an exaggeration. I listed at least 41 different reasons, most after the accident, as being relevant, and it took the court almost 12 months to file charges and more than a year to bring me to court, a flagrant violation of my speedy trial rights. That Judge Steven’s unlawfully denied my motion in this regard is just one of those points of reference. In paragraph one, page two, they allege I presented no admissible evidence. Here are some examples of what the prosecution opinion is ignoring;

#7; Officer Nathanial Kenville dismissed a star witness who approached him, got only his phone number and never called him, after. #8; He also lied to officer Iniguez in saying that he’d interview this witness and not to interview him, herself. #10 Officer Clissold lied in saying he ever read me my Miranda warning. #18; A C.H.P. officer from the same office as the first cited me on April Fools Day and even tried to arrange for my trial to fall on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake that I made reference to to the first officer the day after my citation. Perhaps because he erased the first minute of his dash cam to possibly hide the fact that he was parked waiting for me to exit a lot or the fact that his motion was untimely, that ticket was dismissed, but not before the court tried to illegally try me anyway before I refused to accept the substitute judge that day. This was in 2019, not 1994. #22; In spite of a year of waiting to get  a toxicology report to show evidence of the medication I allegedly had taken, when nothing was found in my blood except latent three day old residue from THC – not admissible as valid evidence – Miss Jao filed charges anyway. This is a violation of her duties to bring a case only if it can be proved beyond a doubt. There is no way THC presence can be related to being under the influence after three days. This move suggests, indeed, that I rank differently on their scale of justice and that I am deserving of a biased treatment due to my status as a witness in Lennon’s murder. #25 and 26; I was first in line to be cut off from court proceedings out of all of Santa Cruz on March 23, 2020, thus postponing my right to a speedy trial until June 01 when I was allowed to enter a plea. That Miss Jao was watching this outdoor proceeding with television camera crews present, as if I was a special case for her to inappropriately monitor and even celebrate, suggests, yes, a bias. #27 and 28; Lars Shallberg, my court appointed attorney, told me he would never sit down with me and show the video or even meet with me to discuss the case. He claimed Coronavirus issues. He also tried to waive my speedy trial rights behind my back. In four months time he accomplished only one thing; discovery. Even that was partial as he only gave me the police cam evidence after I fired him on June 01. #28; Judge Gogliotti abused my speedy trial rights by 15 days, deliberately, as she knows better, in setting my next appearance for “..60 days and 30 more for Covid 19..” The correct time frame is 45, not 60 days from arraignment to trial. #31 and 32 Ed Sidowi, my replacement attorney, was also fired after he failed to represent me adequately on our motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution. He was also fired for failing to provide any evidence he had ever hired an investigator at all or performed any of the other several motions he told me he’d file. He, in fact, went out of his way to put me before Judge Stevens who proved to be the biggest con man in a judge’s gown I can remember. I called him a “..motion assassin..” to an subsequent judge, in fact. His arguments were unsound and illegal. There is no refuge for a D.A. who takes more than a year to bring a man to court. This abortion of justice was made in part due to Ed’s putting me before this judge in the first place. #33; This same Judge Stevens lied in court to say only my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney was left to decide claiming he had ruled on the other several motions. I have the transcripts on tape. I have several motions still to be heard. He was charged with bias and I disqualified him, then, on that basis as he alleged I was “..pretty stoned at the time..under the influence of something..” in a prior proceeding. #35; Judge Volkman was set to hear my other motions and set master calender. Neither occurred, just his attempt to get me to drop my right to a jury trial and he’d “ honored.” to try my case if I’d do so. Another case of bias as he was trying to deprive me of a very important right. He cannot now be assigned to my case accordingly. On that day Miss Jao offered a reduced charge which I declined to accept. #39; I list that my sign; “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE” had been on the back of my van for weeks and that that, all by itself, gave reason to my claim he has a motive to stop my Lennon expose and hobble me with a conviction here I don’t deserve. I am an existential threat to his job and reputation and the court knows this fact. That it ignored this part of my motion smacks of fraud and deception. #41; In Mid July I delivered Stephen King’s year old e-mail threat to me to Jeffery Rosell’s office for investigation. No mention of this or answer back in months, now.

So, for the opposition to suggest I have not presented admissible evidence to show bias exists with this D.A. is ludicrous and, ultimately, criminal as it endangers me and deprives me of my due process protection.

This court, including the offices of the San Francisco Attorney general have both shown bias in ignoring these elements of my motion and both have reasonable cause to stop me from ever becoming famous for exposing John Lennon’s murder and, ultimately, the crimes against me committed by Santa Cruz and San Francisco authorities. They have a vested interest in hobbling me and my life as much as possible and have repeatedly denied me my speedy trial rights several times since arraignment. Since mid August, the real deadline to try me, even allowing for Coronavirus issue that have not been authenticated with papers showing authority to even delay for that, my speedy trial rights have been subverted illegally by this court at least four times including my appearance this last September 09 when Judge Stevens, the man who recused himself on August 24, 2020 after I verbally disqualified him for bias in a former proceeding, the man who told me “..not to waste your peremptory motion to dismiss a judge on me. I’ll be on vacation for two weeks..” this man was presiding that day. I immediately challenged his presence as he had voluntarily recused himself weeks earlier per my claim of bias. I had to swear under oath that I want him disqualified from hearing any of my motions or anything else. This was not met with a new judge in another courtroom there and then, it was, instead, rescheduled to September 24, another deprivation of my right to a speedy trial.

The above addresses all of the other arguments made in the opposition opinion. The above along with my other pleadings covers all the several motions I am making this September 24, hearing date.

I want the Sacramento Attorney general I appealed to in my mailings to address my case and not the San Francisco office who, like Santa Cruz, is afraid I’ll expose their 1987 and 1994 dirty tricks against me and who have a vested interest in denying my defense clams due to a bias that exists with them.

An aside, another jurisdiction, perhaps in a conspiracy to accommodate Jeffery Rosell, tried recently to cite me for D.U.I.. This sting failed because I blew a 0.00, twice. That this episode tried to turn a tiny tap of a bumper while trying to park into a federal case including possible hit and run, unsafe backing, and worse, even though I was right there the whole time, and now is claiming there might be damage after first declaring there was none, and other signs of desperation to ruin my life, suggest to me it was not a routine incident at all. The episode taught me something about the Santa Cruz case here; Head injuries arising from the 1987 beating I received from officers Rist and Hall in San Francisco resulting in 13 head x-rays that night may account for balance issue I apparently have to this day. I did wobble more than normal in the field test even while completely sober. This second incident also taught me the State of California may be behind all of this terrorism against me now that two different agencies are caught trying to fabricate charges against me.

Considering your case is relying on similar footage to show guilt since it has no drugs found in my system that can be attributed to my case, and since this recent revelation will be presented as evidence to my innocence, that my wobbly demeanor can’t be attributed to any drug influences, I’d reconsider your evil and criminal and, in my opinion, cowardly attempts to ruin my life after ruining my newly painted van, then, in 2019. I am going to succeed in my Lennon expose and I am going to rat out all who abused me along the way. Meanwhile I’m garnering the public’s support by singing to keep anyone from killing me.

If you are worthy of your positions stop witch hunting the messenger and, instead, help me prosecute Stephen King, like you should be doing. If that were to happen I might BE a little more lenient with your courts and your prior molestation’s against me. It’s your only intelligent option if you are, indeed, law abiding citizens. If I have to make a fortune singing in Las Vegas – I am suddenly that good – I will prevail and out everything and soon. I’d investigate King’s threat / e-mail to me and concede that my speedy trial rights, alone, merit a complete dismissal in my case. Investigating King is the legal thing to do, not molest the messenger with evil court maneuvers, set ups and conspiracies. How dishonest is this case against me? It’s as dishonest as calling me a stalker of Stephen King and casting me as that on national television when the fact is that I have photographic proof that it was Stephen King, not Chapman, seen stalking John Lennon hours before he killed him getting an autograph. Get right with yourselves. John Lennon even sang; “…I don’t want to be a lawyer, Momma, I don’t want to lie…” I now know why. It’s your job to help me arrest Stephen King, not protect him at my expense like treasonous cowards.

My status as the finder of evidence in this explosive matter; John Lennon’s political assassination and subsequent media / police cover-up, has brought decades of state terrorism leveled against me. I don’t have delusions of grandeur or anything. What I have uncovered will have history making consequences and a lot of powerful people would like for any municipality to kill me, even. Only because of the 1994 hit piece the Santa Cruz authorities did to assassinate my character have they felt I wasn’t a threat. Now that I have a shot at breaking my news the authorities are suddenly savaging my life with criminal behavior and I feel my life must be in extreme danger if the local D.A. is going forward with a case in which there is no evidence of the very drug they were looking for. Pursuing charges after over a year’s time before bringing me to court. Pursuing charges after providing me with two lawyers who did nothing to aid my defense, who, in fact hurt my defense. Denying me my right to a speedy trial, not once but in several stages of the proceedings, none of which were my fault. Putting me before Judge Stevens who would have denied anything I brought to him, regardless, who, in fact, tried to hear my case after I disqualified him weeks earlier knowing I would demand a replacement and that that would delay things further. This D.A. initially wanted to have their harshest judge, Judge Symons, to hear my case before she suddenly retired. There DOES seem to be enough evidence to show a bias with this prosecutor who has a scandal from the past he’d like for me not to tell the world about someday. Ditto San Francisco.  They both have proven themselves as criminals where I am concerned. There are laws to protect me from what they have done.

For these reasons I ask that the Sacramento Attorney General review this case to see if dismissal is already warranted and to handle the case if it is not dismissed.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dated September 11, 2020 _____________________________________________

Steven Lightfoot – Defendant / pro per


NEWS FLYER Sept. 11, 2020;

Hi, folks. I’m Steve Lightfoot, the guy who sings mostly Sinatra from his website van. The yellow one with on it. I am informing you of a plot afoot in the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s office to pull my driver’s licence and get my van off the streets. It started when they apparently instructed a stranger they referred me to, when I asked if anyone could drive me one block to a dental operation, to leave my van in neutral with me in the back section and let it roll downhill so I’d have to jump into the driver’s seat to stop it, which is exactly what happened. The police had reason to believe I would be on a medication to prepare me for the other ones not yet administered. They were wrong, no such drug was found in my system and they are pursuing D.U.I. charges, anyway, even after denying my speedy trial rights several times along the way and giving me bad lawyers and bad judges. Even though I have a sign on my van that reads; “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – see site!” that has been up for months they are trying to suggest they have no bias against me.

Then, last Aug. 28, 2020, the Monterey P.D. tried to charge me with D.U.I., unsafe backing, leaving the scene of a crime and more for barely tapping a cars bumper trying to park. They admitted there was no damage that night and then reversed their decision later out of desperation. A sting, probably, gone awry. Lies were told by them and promises not kept and I’m trying to get the court to dismiss what peripheral ticket they gave me. I blew a 0.00, twice and, disappointed, they found another citation to write me, instead.

I have posted on this flyer a Santa Cruz Metro cartoon done of me in 1995 showing police in a shooting arcade trying to shoot me while driving my website van – R-E-A-L-L-Y-!-!-! – and another exhibit; Stephen King’s threat e-mail to me in 2019.

These matters should concern you as your apathy and denial and do nothing attitude about my Lennon murder evidence might be responsible for my death someday soon if you don’t rescue me with demonstrations to force my story on the news before I get killed. Our apathy allowed Chapman to skip trial if you doubt how mind controlled you are. If I die it will be because, yes, the authorities are criminals who would like to kill me behind your backs and make it look like an accident – they have tried twice, recently, in fact, with two high speed accidents that I attribute to Barack Obama in 2010 and 2015.- But it will also be because my fellow citizens and fellow Americans were blind slobs failing in their duty to themselves to live under truth and bring the endangered messenger forward and out of danger like you all should be doing, anyway. You’ve all been ruined by a hostile anti-American mass media and more. You people have been brainwashed and subdued beyond your will and control and need to be told what a mistake you all are making to NOT care about who killed John Lennon, especially if it was author Stephen King, now molesting you with horror after killing your parent’s hero. My website,, has all anyone needs to jail King and others. It also has a New Developments button I need all of you to access as I can’t afford to print it here. PLEASE, read what is going on with the authorities and my endangered life and help me.




Before delving into the chapters below I must warn you of how helpless you are without your designated folk hero in your midst to steer you clear of hazards that lie ahead. From Jesus to Davy Crockett to Gandhi to the Kennedys to M.L.K. to a dozen rock stars including John Lennon and me, next, if you cowards don’t snap out of your masochistic coma, the “government” has been busy cutting down the very important individuals – heroes – that you need to function as real human beings and not stupid robots under media mind control. The hero is what they have been busy culling and not for your own good but for their own good at your expense.

Most of you are too doped with religion, sports, sex and t.v. to understand what I’m driving at but others of you know what I’m talking about.  For example; usually you’d think I would oppose a Donald Trump and side with the “liberal’ wing of politics and go for old man Biden and his token running mate, Harris. Used to be that stupid, but not lately. As imperfect as Trump IS he did not try, twice, to kill me in a road accident like Obama has. I think communists have taken over our media and politics already and only Trump is in their way, frankly. At that time Harris was non responsive to my in person attempt to alert her to the mess I was experiencing. She is one to walk the party line and ignore good vs, evil, in my opinion. You saw her lie to all of you the day she was chosen when she blamed Trump for the economy and not the Chinese released virus. A bald face, immoral liar out of the gate. If Trump wants to lock up his re-election he had better earn it and make an arrest on Stephen King to over ride the evil media / government complex that fears his balls. I have more than he, so far, however. More spine, Donald! Screw Nixon, Reagan and other communists who duped you. Jail Stephen King or risk everything.

How bereft of heroes are you? It took me to get you started wearing home made face masks. One minute our governor Nuisance is telling us to NOT wear masks and only to distance from others. An hour later he makes a U-turn to admit; “…perhaps bandannas and home made masks WOULD be O.K….” Between that hour I got on KGO talk radio to challenge the authorities and suggest we all should wear at least bandannas to double our protection. Who knew that a day later the whole nation would follow MY LEAD? I was only trying to sneak my Lennon cause on the radio and using that to switch gears. I had no idea my input could make such a monumental  difference in our world. I hate wearing masks like you do, but I know my call saved hundreds of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in what would otherwise have been lost economy in making that call. Someone would have done it later but I did it first. A hero was revealed in our crisis and it turned out to be the John Lennon man of all people. It turned out to be ME. Pay attention because you need me as much as I need you to suddenly care about jailing Stephen King.

Now I am singing, suddenly, as good as Sinatra, and other artists I sing along with to entertain restaurant patrons as they dine outside. I park my van slip in a disc and sing along. I usually don’t need a mic but sometimes use the karaoke machine I carry with me. I actually am getting applause, lately, and a lot of thumbs up and almost no complaints that attract the police to shut me down. I never got away with that before. I suddenly AM twice as good a singer as before. Sinatra edges me out but only a little, if I do say so, myself. I do it to get the public to admit that I am no nut at all but a force of nature to be reckoned with. “Damn! Is that coming from HIM?! Is HE singing that good? I always thought he was just a nut with a conspiracy theory.” That’s the whole idea, people. To make you pay attention to me and my website emblazoned van. Something world class is happening here. Are you up to speed?

You’re missing out on my presence worldwide and my singing by keeping me in the doghouse that is my van. I will likely shun all mass media after I am brought forward but concerts and CD’s are definitely in the picture. You may have to pay $100. @ year to plug into my world via your computer but I promise you it will be the best value going. I utterly resent our phony mass media and don’t ever want to give it credence by appearing on it, perhaps, ever. I know how it has betrayed and destroyed you and made Lennon’s murder possible in the first place. It must all be brought down and replaced with new people. This will never happen in your life time without exactly me after I am brought forward and made a folk hero. You must all deserve me and the truth. I already deserve all of your support. Start demonstrating to jail Stephen King or look like phony fools.

So give it up you mute masochists. Find a spine, grow a pair, give a damn, you brainwashed, media controlled cowards. You’re all sucking a hostile nation’s virus sitting on your hands and acting stupid. Aren’t you?

KARMA (Yours) UPDATE: Aug. 21, 2020

A few chapters down I list the obscene number of instances of bad karma that have befallen my enemies; Herb Cain, famed columnist, dying of a heart attack a few weeks after bad mouthing me, my home town of Santa Rosa, who ignored me for decades, burning to the ground on the anniversary of Lennon’s birthday. Even my father, who once played ‘chicken’ with us (Our family) all while he piloted our airplane on a mountaintop in 1971(?), died in a plane crash some 13 years later as a passenger on a ski lift plane in New Zealand. That that also occurred on the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation and two weeks after Stephen King mailed me a threat letter and a few weeks after my father’s dog was also found hanged in a drape cord like a mob threat, made me suspicious all along. I could list so much you would have to insert my life into the Bible to be consistent. Apparently, even as I suspend my former belief in God, I, apparently, DO have an avenging and guardian angel in the midst of all the danger I am in. To wake you up in time to save yourselves from your own cowardliness and apathy and, yes, stupidity, I’m sounding the alarm. Time to pull your heads out, people.

Let’s talk about why I think your bad karma, having to do with having no class when it comes to caring about who really killed John Lennon, is happening to you all. I’m talking about Covid 19, the local killing of one Sheriff and injuring of a CHP officer in nearby Scotts Valley a few months ago and the current (As I write this) outburst of devastating lightning strikes and fires surrounding my current home of Monterey, Ca.. ALL of these incidents correlate to events that concern the phony DUI ticket I received last Jan. 10, 2019 in Santa Cruz. It’s as if the more you do nothing as your cowardly authorities persecute me and cheat me of my legal rights, etc., the more you get whacked by karma for it. You saw the movie “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” perhaps. Maybe not just a coincidence.

Examples; On Dec. 6, 2019 I prayed that the human race gets erased by an asteroid if it cannot jail Stephen King in my lifetime. I did so while being interviewed on KSCO Radio in Santa Cruz. I said this in response to the host’s attempt to besmirch my evidence find. Lots of listeners probably laughed to themselves what an egotistical jerk I must be to think that I matter that much. A few weeks later, and, coincidentally, about the same time the D.A. filed charges after a year of delay, when Corona virus started to kill off one fifth of the world’s population, nobody was laughing, suddenly.

Then, in early summer of 2020, right after I released a newsletter warning the public of the number of karma connections to my messenger status, and right as I became aware of the corruption at the Santa Cruz’s D.A.’s office regarding my ticket, I found myself on the freeway being passed by dozens of Sheriff’s and CHP cars on their way to the Steven Carillo shooting that killed a Sheriff and wounded and CHP officer (The two agencies involved in my ticket) It turns out Steven Carillo, too, lived in a van and shared my first name. And these same authorities passed me en route, to boot.

Now, Aug., 2020, and as I am going through the injustice of Judge Stevens swatting ALL my valid legal motions out the window, lightning torched the central coast, also all the way to Scotts Valley, last week and everybody who is still ignoring my Lennon murder evidence is scrambling to evacuation shelters. As I am being shuttled back and forth to their court their skies are full of smoke at the same time.

It only now has occurred to me that the former police officer turned coffee shop owner; Bill Rawson, who also lost his business to Covid 19, the individual who I think was the mastermind behind my set up ticket that found me having to jump from the back of my van to the front to stop a roll away vehicle, that guy, also lives in Scotts Valley. I’d be surprised if his small ranch didn’t or isn’t about to burn down. Both the two shootings of his fellow officers and the fires all occurred in his residence, as if his evil act on Jan. 10, 2019, is attracting all this bad karma on the rest of everybody.The man who I think began my troubles with a ticket I don’t deserve that resulted in over $5,000.00 worth of damage to my van and jeopardizes my driver’s licence is watching all this bad luck find him where he lives as if to punish him for harming me.

(I learned ,after this post, that Jeffery Rosell ALSO happens to live in the fire zone.)

The moral of this story is jail Stephen King or suck a virus and choke on smoke. I can’t give you the self respect, class, courage, decency, intelligence, etc. it takes to care about my evidence find. YOU will have to discover all that for yourselves in time to save yourselves, in my opinion.

You all ARE ugly and ridiculous under the Mark Chapman lie. You all HAVE been all this time Think about that for even one minute. I dare you. Humiliated, weak and ridiculous. If you had one tenth my courage you’d all rally around me and hoist me on your shoulders and demand a better media right now. That scares you all, now, though. Fear only your apathy and jail Stephen King, instead. Fear your enemy; your own apathy.

Here are some of the suspicious occurrences relating to my January 10, citation for D.U.I. (Drugs only)

1.) A retired police officer; Bill Rawson, then owner of Moondog Cafe, who knew who I was in relation to evidence that proves our government murdered John Lennon, introduced me to the man, Chris Malsack, who would, days later, leave me in the back section of my rolling vehicle forcing me to jump into the driver’s seat to prevent a major accident. Bill knew, not only that I was set up in 1994 by the Santa Cruz Police on a phony trespass charge so that I could be put on national television news in handcuffs branded as a stalker of Stephen King, he also knew that I’d be on pre surgery medication and in need of a driver to receive me after my operation.

2.) This Chris Malsack, a homeless man, spent six hours on a couch watching “America’s Worst Car Wrecks” a day or two after our introduction.

3.) The night before my scheduled operation Chris was arrested for resisting, and intoxication and paraphenalia.

4.) On January 10, the day of my operation, Chris was uncharacteristically silent and demanded that HE drive instead of me to the office complex the one block distance. I had driven miles to the coffee shop minutes earlier and was not stumbling or under any effects, but I let him.

5) Chris then drove recklessly past our rehearsed parking space and almost off grounds before making a violent, screeching u-turn back to the dentists office whereupon he lept out of the van, door open, engine running,  and me in the back wondering what had just happened. As evidence would reveal, later, he also left my van in neutral and rolling slowly downhill towards a fence and another parking lot below it.

6.) In contradiction to his claim he went to get a wheelchair, Chris waited and watched my vehicle roll for several seconds and watched the collision.

7.) In the first minutes of police camera video on the scene and in contradiction to his training, Sheriff officer Nathanial Kenville, when approached by an eye witness who said he “…saw everything..” said; ‘”Real quick, do you have a phone number?” and said only; “Thank you, thank you.” and never contacted the witness after, ever.

8.) When officer Iniguez asked him an an hour later if she should get this witnesses statement, he lied when he said to her; “I’ll get it.” and instructed her not to interview him.

9.) When it was revealed that Chris had a suspended licence this same officer let him go without a ticket saying; “I’m just going to give you a warning.” This, after Chris lied to him about who drove, initially.

10.) Arresting CHP officer Clissold, gave me no Miranda warning yet alleged he did so in his report. In fact, he told me that I would be “..cut loose..” if I agreed to the blood test and they found nothing. He knew no such result would be delivered for months and lied to me.

11.) I was arrested in spite of the fact that I passed the field sobriety test except for one wobble with a foot in the air. He spent almost two minutes looking for any signs of intoxication when implementing the eye test.

12.) At the recovery center a second blood test was administered and a second field sobriety test was administered. Highly irregular.

13.) Exactly $100.00 was stolen from my wallet by Chris Malsack I would discover.

14.) When I returned to Bill’s coffee shop to get my money back from Chris, Bill told me I was banned from his cafe, He falsely claimed I was stumbling out of his coffee shop that day and added ; “You know I’m a police officer, right?” as if to admit to me that he had just had me set up. That was the last thing he ever said to me, in fact.

15.) A week later when I approached Chris to get my money back he greeted me with the remark; “Hey, toothless, what’s new?” perhaps hoping he could bait me into assaulting him. As if he was coached to do so.

16.) When I started to file a theft report officer Claussen, also on the scene of my accident, aborted the report in mid stride and then refused to continue with it after.

17.) Officer Clissold, informed the day after that my van was likely out of gear and I had to rescue it and only my fainting from the stress of what happened prevented me from realizing it then, refused to make any change to his report. This in defiance of video remarks made that suggest, indeed, that is exactly what happened

18.) On April Fools Day, and an hour after someone left a broken pair of my sunglasses next to my newly flattened tire, I was cited for unsafe lane change by another CHP officer from the same station as Clissold. That ticket was dismissed over that officer’s untimely motion for a continuance. He wanted my trial to fall on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake that I mentioned to officer Clissold when I tried to warn him of the bad karma that befalls my enemies if he is in any kind of plot towards me. It was dismissed also after I delivered a change of venue motion and papers to block his dash cam evidence as he erased the first minute where it may have revealed that he was laying in wait, parked, before following me.

19.) For almost a year I reported to the District Attorney’s office to see whether or not charges would be filed on the D.U.I. ticket. I also delivered three lengthy letters to the assistant D.A. on my case explaining a rolling van out of gear is likely what happened. No responses, ever.

20.) In October of 2019, in contradiction to earlier reports that my case was pending toxicology reports, Mrs. Wick, the receptionist, told me my ticket had not yet been filed by the CHP.

21.) On January 9, 2020 I checked my mail and saw no notice from the D.A. and I assumed my case was dismissed as the year statute had run out.

22.) On January 27, 2020, after recovering from Shingles over all the stress this caused me, I checked my mail and saw a letter from the D.A. and assumed it would say my case had been dismissed. No. It said I was to be in court a week ago or be subject to arrest. I e-mailed Eileen Jao, the assistant D.A., to say her decision and tactic was cruel and unusual and possibly an attempt to entrap me in a failure to appear charge. Miss Jao filed charges even after the very toxicology results she was looking for were not found. No prescription medication was found, only three day old marijuana residue which cannot be used as evidence. My surgery instructions forbade any smoking for 24 hours prior to surgery and I abstained at least two, perhaps three days before to be extra safe. Being a doctors son I also waited an extra 30 minutes before taking a half dose of what I was I was told I could drive on before arriving to meet Chris at the coffee shop. The real medications were to be administered by the doctor but never were. Accordingly I was not under the influence of anything. There is a possibility that, two hours later, I may have been under some effect but no drugs were found in my system even though that is when I was tested.

23.) On February 11, after asking for a public defender, I learned that their office was already representing Chris Malsack and could not assist me. I was appointed, instead, Lars Shallberg from an office that works with the D.A.. This was on February 11, 2020, We were to meet in court on March 23, 2020 due to his eye operation delay.

24.) At 10:00 pm the night before, Lars sent me a text that advised me not to show or I’d be forced to enter a plea.

25.) I showed, anyway, and found that I was very first in line of all of Santa Cruz to be cut off from my hearing and rescheduled all the way into June to appear again. Coronavirus issues was the reason given. I was thus prevented from entering a plea until June 01, 2020.

26.) While standing in line, outdoors, I learned, not only was I on television cameras – similar to my 1994 set up arrest – Eileen Jao was in the crowd watching me, as if I was a very important defendant of hers and she wanted to celebrate inappropriately.

27.) Lars Shallberg informed me that he no intention of meeting with me in person over corona virus issues and that he would never sit down with me to show me the police video. He actually mocked me regarding the footage.

28.) At one point, and in violation of my insistence of not giving up my speedy trial rights, Lars was about to do exactly that without consulting me, first. On June 01, I had to fire him and get a replacement because it became obvious to me that he was throwing my case and working for the opposition. Only after he was let go did he forward me the police video. Except for partial discovery Lars did nothing for me in over four months time.

29.) Judge Gogliotti, in her setting my trial date, falsely ascribed a 60 day instead of 45 day allowance as being the law and added 30 more days due to Coronavirus issues without providing any authority to do so. Her date was 15 days past my legal rights. My replacement lawyer failed to object, even for weeks, even after I discussed this with him.

30.) When I finally was allowed to see the video evidence I learned, for a fact, that, indeed, my van was out of gear and rolling with me in the back section before I lept to the brakes to avert a disaster. Just as I suspected all along.

31.) Ed Sidowi was Lars’ replacement and he, too, had to be fired for depriving me of a defense weeks later in mid July, I believe. He claimed he had an investigator working on my case but never once had anything to report on or evidence that he had done anything, whatsoever. He also promised me several motions besides the speedy trial motion would be presented in mid July. That did not happen. During my hearing for that he lost his place, could not find documents and asked to skip over vital issues and basically allowed Judge Stevens to illegitimately deny my motion. I was forced to represent myself as I could no longer trust the court’s appointed attorneys to represent me.

32.) Judge Stevens arguments were invalid. He allowed Eileen Jao to get away with claiming they have a right to wait a year before filing whether my right to a speedy trial is affected or not. She does not have the right to bring me to court after a year and that’s what he allowed her to do. Coronavirus issues were not in play in any of this consideration. Besides lumping my case in with Coronavirus delay issues that don’t apply, judge Stevens argued that I would not have been brought up on charges if they weren’t justified and therefore my speedy trial rights weren’t relevant. A completely illegal argument. He allowed the D.A. to be almost two weeks past the year deadline to bring me to court. Only an incompetent lawyer or one on the take would have allowed this.

33.) on August 19, 2020 Judge Stevens was informed that he committed judicial bias when he suggested that I ; ‘..seemed pretty stoned at the time…was, indeed, under the influence of something…” and that he should recuse himself independent of my peremptory challenge rights. While he was allowed to re hear my first motion for reconsideration, only, I gave him no permission to hear other motions. He tried to hear the other motions anyway before I had to disqualify him when he refused to acknowledge other evidence besides the 1994 event in a change of venue matter. He claimed that only my motion to disqualify the prosecuting attorney was still left to decide. A lie. He never addressed my discriminatory and vindictive prosecution motion and several others, still unheard. He told me, then that I was to appear the next day before Judge Volkmann who would assign a judge and court date. Before I walked out he taunted me in saying; “Have a nice weekend.” When I replied ; “I absolutely will. I can’t wait for this trial.” the court attorney he tried to get me to enlist with that same day told me to keep quiet to avoid a contempt charge.

34.) In my investigators attempts to serve Chris Malsack who was scheduled for court, Chris failed to appear incurring a $1,000.00 bail. I would later learn that that would be reduced to $2.00 and he would be forgiven for that, also, and not just for driving my van without a licence. It’s enough to make me suspect he is undercover law enforcement.

35.) Before Judge Volkmann I learned that no such judge or trial date would be commencing or that my other motions would be heard. Instead he tried to get me to abandon my right to a trial by jury by telling me that he is sympathetic to my immaculate record regarding crime and that he’s the same age as me and that he’s be “honored” to take my case provided a gave up my right to a jury trial. Eileen Jao offered to reduce my charge to wet reckless which I turned down and even brought up the specter of my having to pay reparations to anyone. For what? My insurance paid the other vehicle’s owner who I grazed. Even that wasn’t my fault.

36.) Nothing was accomplished and my August 24, 2020 trial date was pushed back, without any authorities provided, to September 09, further denying me of my speedy trial rights.

37.) On August 24 I showed up to make sure I missed nothing and to see if Bill Rawson, never informed not to appear, showed. He had not. Either law enforcement notified him or he did his own research. I also noticed that that entire courtroom was closed as if I was the only case.

38.) During this same week D.A. Jeffery Rosell was caught on television using this language about what he would do to looters; “…hammer them…show them no mercy in the courts whatsoever…” Highly biased remarks for a prosecutor that could almost be ascribed to his intentions regarding, also, my case..

39.) Since mid August I have had to put up a sign on my website van that reads;” D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME – SEE SITE” He, no doubt is fully aware of this fact. He is also aware, perhaps, of the two incidents under Barack Obama’s presidency where I was almost killed in two very high speed “accidents”.; one where the woman who ran a red light doing almost 60 mph was not cited. That intersection was paved over the very next day. Another involved a navy cadet in uniform five years later who rammed my van doing 75 mph on a San Diego freeway and almost caused a rollover. He, too, was not cited. Meanwhile, I was falsely cited three times right after the first accident. One of two camera tickets was dismissed. Both showed me past the line. I had to move from northern to southern California then for fear of my life. The 2010 intersection accident occurred in a city that has single room that can see and control the entire city’s signal light system manually. I may have been a victim  of an F.B.I. attempt on my life then.

40.) In conformity to my long ago published claims that I have an avenging angel who punishes my enemies, lightning fires have threatened the residences of Rosell and Bill Rawson, lately. I have to wonder how much of his televised remarks were possibly directed towards me as a result. Regardless, it is language not befitting a man in his position.

41.) In mid July I delivered a 2019 e-mail from author Stephen King threatening me for Jefferey Rosell to investigate. No response, yet, suggesting his bias where I am concerned with the law. I proven case of discrimination concerning the law and my situation. My right not to be threatened by a man I am accusing of murder doesn’t seem to matter to him at all.


(To be continued…)




I can say with almost 100 percent certainty that Bill Rossen(?), a former Santa Cruz police officer turned coffee shop owner, arranged to have Chris Malsak, a supposed homeless man living on a bicycle, disobey my instructions to park my van in a certain spot and, instead, drive like a maniac before leaping out of my van with the engine running, the door open and the van in neutral, left to roll down a slope through a fence and into another lot to destroy my newly purchased, painted and website logo’d van. I lept into the driver’s seat from the back section just in time to avoid that and bring it to a stop. I actually fainted, momentarily, from the trauma of what happened. I did some damage to a fence, my van and I scratched another motorists paint slightly. This stunt was also to arrest me for dui (drugs only) as Bill knew I’d be on pre surgery medication so the authorities could pull my licence for six months cost me almost ten thousand dollars and hope I violate the suspension to see if they can really keep me and my website van off the street, later. Ultimately the authorities would like to kill me in a road accident like they have already tried to do, twice.

It is likely NOT a case of a mentally disturbed homeless man just forgetting to put my van in park, as I’m sure the prosecution will try to suggest at trial, because there are too many other facts that show a concerted effort to violate my rights and witch hunt me, at all costs, after the fact. The fact that my van was rolling some 50 feet before I could even get into the driver’s seat is fact that can be proved by my testimony as well as a witness the Sheriff turned away who ..”saw everything..” another eye witness who saw my van first rolling at 3 mph before I took control and even the filmed remarks Chris, himself made;  “…Yep, that’s what it looked like to me…” right after I suggested it must have rolled before I got into the driver’s seat. Chris also said on film; “I thought it was going to come to rest there…(into the fence)…but he turned it away at the last minute..” Chris is also filmed saying;  “A car is just an inanimate object. I’ll bury a car in a heartbeat…” “Don’t try to break in a colt. If you didn’t know if a colt was wild or not would you try to break it in? I wouldn’t.” As if he was not the man to trust to drive my van at all. At another point he said; “It could have been much, much worse. …You’re lucky you didn’t have Parnelli Jones behind the wheel….” He’s right. I could have been left to rescue a van from a 30 mph situation and been really hurt or killed. As the man busting our government for letting a horror writer assassinate John Lennon and take over American culture and poison us all with a lone gun man cover-up, I think you can see why, too. All of the above news to me only recently, long after alleging a rolling van out of gear on the day after the fact.

To make the prosecution look like a ravenously guilty party as well, In spite of my monthly reports to check on the status of my ticket for a year including detailed letters to the D.A., they waited until AFTER a year to notify me that they would press charges. All illegal but even a judge Stevens has already shown himself willing to ignore that and let them go forward. Already I have had to fire two appointed lawyers; Lars Shallberg and Ed Sidowi, for deliberately(?) trying to throw my case. Lars refused to meet with me at all and said he would never sit down with me to view the video. He tried to surrender my right to a speedy trial before I stopped him after I stressed keeping that right preserved. He also wasted two months time leading me on while he did nothing more than provide discovery in all that time. The video he withheld until after I fired him. Ed Sidowi was so pathetic at my first motion to dismiss you’d think I asked for fish net when I wanted sails for my ship. At one point he could not respond to a vital question and even asked to pass the issue. He admitted his documents had no page numbers and was all but silent in rebutting Eileen Jao’s prosecution arguments which were outright illegal to begin with. After Judge Steven’s shouted at me to be silent when I tried to speak before denying my motion Sidowi told me; “Nothing to worry about, there is no jail time…there may be a fine…” etc. I replied “You’re talking like a crazy man.You did terrible. I may have to fire you, in fact.” It seemed obvious he is focused on my conviction and not my acquittal, that he always was in the pocket of the prosecution as I alleged in the hearing to fire him and represent myself. I also said ; “I can no longer trust this court to provide me with a lawyer I can trust.”

Ed told me that Judge Seigel is in the cue to hear my eventual trial yet wouldn’t explain why other judges were hearing my pre trial motions. I will try to avoid a trial when I represent myself in a second bid at the motion Ed failed me on. Plenty of precedents show good cause why I should prevail. Ed used none of them, only a smattering of cliche’ arguments. It’s true that District Attorney Jeff Rosell runs a corrupt public defender’s office and treats a lot of  defendants with bad lawyers working against them, but not as nakedly and as grotesquely as the lawyers I had. And they weren’t even with the public defender’s office. The whole corrupt D.O.J. is in cahoots. It will all be in my four part movie someday I assure you all. Judge Seigel I will remove because he, like Rosell I suspect, is Jewish and I am on record decrying their unholy monopoly in our mass MEDIA, even alleging they work secretly for Russia and always have. (Remember the Rosenbergs) I hear Seigel is a loud mouth who shouts down and bullies defendants as well. Other than that political reason I have no problem with Jews, you should know.

Much I will ask you to read about on my website;, just below this entry on my New Developments page, please. This hand out is limited to just new findings. For example, Chris was arrested the evening before he set me up and the day before that he watched six hours of video of America’s Deadliest Accidents as if law enforcement sat him down to get him mentally prepared for his mission. Was he arrested to HAVE to do the police a “favor” or was it to muddy the waters, after?

You should know that the Sheriff,s department, the C.H.P. and others HAD to have known, in advance, that I might crash my van on that day. It explains why officer Huntsman, I believe, turned away the best eye witness who approached him and never called him, after. It explains his remark to officer Inguez who later asked to interview that witness when he assured her; “I’ll get his statement.” but he never did, after. He must have known, in advance, that any eye witness who got a good look would vindicate me on the spot and that was not in their plans to pull my licence and website van off the streets. They tried to really crash my van into many other parked cars and really ruin my life. Even my dentist I have had to change over their antics. I think they were afraid I’d fix my teeth as much as anything. They now look great, thank God. The lower teeth I’m getting done elsewhere, though. I even suspect the authorities might have even asked my dentist, beforehand, to re do the drugs so I’d have to take something off grounds, first, to give the police their opportunity. That, in fact, did happen.

This entire affair is to finish what Obama and the F.B.I. started in 2010 and 2015 when two very high speed accidents almost killed me. In the first incident the intersection was literally paved over the next day so I could not gather evidence. In both cases the violator was not cited. No one was cited in these two attempts to kill me. Now this set up DUI ticket can be used to show why I “had it coming” if they DO report my death in an accident, someday. Blame Governor Gavin Nuisance, Jeff Rosell, Obama, and the F.B.I. if I get hurt. Trump’s possible role is possible but the rest ARE doing the bidding of Time and Newsweek magazines who I will put out of business. They want me dead.

Let’s you people and me make sure that never happens. I need you to attend my court trial, if it happens, and witness whatever they try to pull over on all of YOU. For it IS all about the state suffocating YOU, not me. They are afraid of what all of YOU will do if I succeed in getting my Lennon murder evidence outed publicly. It is all of you they fear more than even me. They are all about oppressing all of YOU via muzzling me, first. Jeff Rosell is corrupting the entire D.O.J. and some officers took the bait, I’m afraid, and are “dirty” in this. For your sake replace him.

I have been singing in public for all of you well enough to get all thumbs up everywhere instead of the police called to shut me down. I must actually BE singing exactly AS GOOD as Sinatra, D. Martin, M. Buble, N. Diamond, W, Nelson and the rest of whom I parrot along with. I even sing solo for you with karaoke discs I have to show I CAN sing by myself and on my own and hold my own with the best. I wasn’t this good last year, I can tell you. A small miracle for me to be wowing even myself, lately. Maybe Sinatra IS a smidge better than me, I don’t know. When you sit and enjoy my song birding know this; It is the sound of a man terrified of the state terrorism being leveled against me and I need you people to please pull your media castrated, cowardly, boot-licking heads out or your behinds and care about me and what kind of a situation I’m in right now. I’m getting near the finish line and they want to finish me off, first. H – E – L – P !

You’ve see my billboard on my van; ‘D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME”

I’m not kidding or crying wolf. Don’t be guilty of killing me via apathy and denial and neglect.

Oh, and to show how weak their position is, no drugs were found in my system except residual amounts of marijuana from the week before surgery. They know that, alone, will fail to prove their case. They waited a year to press charges, anyway, when their further tests came back negative. Sick, people, this terror campaign against your right to know.


.District Attorney Jeffery Rosell In F.B. I. Plot To Murder Me!!!!!

I, Steve Lightfoot, accuse Jeffery Rosell, Distrct Attorney for Santa Cruz, of being involved in an F.B.I. plot to murder me in a traffic “accident” via painting me, first, with false accusations to be used in the news feed reporting my death someday. A scam to trick the public into believing it was “just an accident”. Already, in 2010 and 2015, two high speed “accidents” have almost killed me twice. One at 60 mph at an intersection in Concord and another at 75 mph on a San Diego freeway. In both instances the violators were released uncharged. The intersection where I was T-boned was paved over the following day, in fact, to destroy any evidence of Barack Obama’s first attempt to kill me for the globalist crowd who is my bigger enemy. Sandwiched in between these events I also received so many suspicious tickets I moved to southern California to save my life, at first. Jerry Brown and the F.B.I. and C.H.P. were in a murder plot mode then.

Pretty harsh charges that the evidence backs up. The F.B.I. connection is a given as they are the ones, historically, who kill America’s heroes. Before killing M.L.K., for example, they tried to get him to commit suicide. They were involved in Lennon’s murder. Knowing the pharmacy and / or doctor mislabeled my instructions saying I could drive, giving me legal recourse for that, the D.A. waited a year before filing charges to thwart me. So, what else did the local D.A. do?

Operating on tip to a retired S.C.P.D. officer turned coffee shop owner, Greg, on January 6th, 2019, who knew that I, THE John Lennon Man, the one they set up on national television in 1994 as a stalker of Stephen King using a bogus charge to do so that was dropped days later, a man who knew I would be on pre surgery medication for an dental operation, arranged for me to have a driver that would deliberately disobey our rehearsed instructions to merely park in a specific spot and drive recklessly almost off grounds before making a violent U’turn back to the dental office, leave my new van in NEUTRAL and jump out using the ruse of getting a wheelchair for me while I was forced to jump from the back section to the driver’s seat to rescue a rolling van before it crashed into a fence. The impact was such a shock to my system that I fainted for a few seconds. That adrenaline rush no doubt turned me from non affected by the half dose I took – I just drove five miles perfectly fine ten minutes earlier – to perhaps under the influence in the hours after.

I was in a state of denial that my driver could have left my van out of gear or have anything malicious intent, then. I was filmed stating that “I may have tried to park it and found out I couldn’t…It just drove itself…was it out of gear? “Was my van in gear, Chris?”  I asked out loud. Later, when the C.H.P. officer Clissold arrived, I was under the influence. In the first half hour after I was coherent and making sense. An hour later, not so much. I was all over the map with incorrect statements. It was at that time I was field tested. I passed every test except for a stumble holding one leg in the air. (That’s hard to do sober.) The toe to heel 9 steps up and 9 steps back I performed flawlessly. When asked to guesstimate when 30 seconds passed I was to the second. All this when I was much more under the influence than when the ‘accident” occurred. I was arrested without any Miranda warning, ever, for D.U.I. (drugs only) and driven to a recovery house where I was tested a second time since the first test I basically passed.

I noticed that Chris Malsak, the homeless man who drove me and left my van in neutral, had stolen exactly $100.00 from my wallet. I came asking for it when I was released but he was gone from Greg’s Moondog Cafe Coffee Shop. Greg, however, got my attention when he said that I was stumbling out of his coffee shop. I knew that was a lie and it was my first inkling that something fishy was going on. I walked fine out of his shop, helped myself into the back of my van just fine, closing the shell assembly of doors behind me all by myself. That I was able to get from the back section of my van to the driver’s seat at all suggests I was NOT under the influence of anything, yet. Greg doubly got my attention when he said; “You are no longer allowed back into my coffee shop.” His last remark to me was, in fact,; “You know I’m a police officer, right?” It was his one chance to taunt me and he did. Not only was Greg on the force WHEN they set me up for national news as a stalker in 1994 and knew who I was from the start, his coffee shop is a Cop Coffee Shop for mostly police retirees. Was Chris Malsack an undercover officer who poses as a homeless man? Is that why Greg chose him to drive me? Chris has a suspended driver’s licence I found out. I just found out yesterday (6-1-’20) that he was arrested the day before he set my van up for an accident. I just found out that he watched a video of “Americas’ 100 worst Traffic Accidents”  the day before that! Did enforcement officials sit him down for that video to get his courage up for what they instructed him to do?

Oh, by the way, I just found out that I can PROVE my van was rolling, after all, according to Chris’s statements on cop cam. Until then I had a shadow of a doubt. (My court appointed attorney who I fired yesterday kept that video from me for four months, in fact.) I also discovered evidence to suggest that the arriving Sheriff’s knew, in advance, of this plot to crash me while on meds. A witness approached them and offered his eye witness account. He was asked to supply a phone number and asked to leave. He was never questioned or called by anyone, after. Apparently they didn’t want to taint their narrative with an unbiased eye witness who saw everything. This witness won’t even talk to me he’s so upset by what he saw.

I approached Chris a week after getting my van out of the body shop to get my $100.00 back. When he denied taking it I asked; “So you’re saying the officer stole it?” He asked “When did I have your wallet?” When I explained he grabbed it out of the ignition he fell silent. It was what he said at first, before anything, that alarmed me; “Hey TOOTHless, what’s new?” He knew it was his one chance to taunt me and HE also did. I suspect he was also coached to say that in the hopes he could provoke me to deck him. An “agent provocateur” is the term, I believe.

I explained the day after the ticket to the officer that my van may have been in neutral, after all, and the confusion may have wrongfully influenced my account of what really happened. He changed zero to his report and took umbrage when I advised him not be a part of anything if this WAS a set up. I explained that even the Loma Prieta earthquake that decimated Santa Cruz occurred days after they first ignored my message after I left from my first ever visit there. As if there is a force that avenges John Lennon and punishes my enemies.

On April Fool’s Day, a few months later, and one hour after finding a tire deflated next to a crumpled pair of sunglasses that someone took from my console, I received a second ticket from officer Clissold’s fellow officer from the same station. He followed me from a parking lot I had been in and erased the initial film footage to hide this fact. I may have been able to prove he was parked and laying in wait for me to move. That ticket was ultimately dismissed after I was first taken to trial on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta quake, in fact. That officer tried to re arrange the trial date to taunt me, yet again, with an insult delivered from Clissold, no doubt. I refused to accept the substitute judge or I would have been railroaded. Turns out he made his motion to change the date too late and my motion to dismiss on that basic was granted in October, a month later before trial. That it wasn’t granted before the first attempt to try me was suspicious. The good that came out of all this is that I realized, while sitting in the room with the other officer on the quake anniversary, that I WAS ABSOLUTELY in grave danger. ALL of this was a grand scheme, indeed. I took a three week road trip to southern California to rethink everything and save my life now that I saw the plot before me. It made me realize that Obama already tried, twice, to kill me in a road accident and I was being set up for another fatal attempt after first slandering me with a D.U.I ticket I don’t deserve to begin with.

Subsequently I found that my driver, Chris, was already a client of the public defender on two criminal matters and that they could not represent me because they WORK FOR HIM, in so many words. I received another private attorney who was fired for doing nothing for me for four months and refusing to meet with me or show video or take any of my concerns seriously. Much of what happened is below this website entry of my Footnotes and new Develpment’s page.

My website is Read it. The rest is detailed in the first few sections. I have to fit this in a one page flyer. Help save Steve Lightfoot. You always wait until AFTER George Floyd, etc. get killled before you shout “Black Lives Matter.” I was at your rally and took a knee with you all. I had to remind you that “So does John Lennon’s” shouting over you phonies as you ignored me for three decades and now shouted “Black Lives Matter. ” Steve Lightfoot is being killed by your apathy and phoniness right now. And Jeffery Rosell, lately.

Join my rally every first Sunday @ mo. in downtown Monterey from noon till 2:00 pm, please



(May 7, 2020 insert;

I started the home made mask movement, the methods to protect against dirty gas nozzles which resulted in two brands offering gloves and I started the blame China movement for deliberately attacking our president and the people of the world with a modified virus. My talk radio exploits have resulted in shaping the face of our shared tragedy.

Just goes to show how lame the rest of all of you are that my influence is overshadowing others just as capable. GET OFF YOUR ASSES, MASSES.  My signs have been provocative and interesting;  “PSYCHOTIC PUBLIC APATHETIC on the back of my website van is a great one, for example. YOU BRAINWASHED PHONIES – SHAME ON AMERICA’S COVER-UP – YOUR APATHY IS SCARY –  YOUR COVER-IP ISN’T COOL  –  JAIL EVIL STEPHEN KING  – LENNON MURDER COVER-UP KARMA (About the virus)  JAIL STEPHEN KING OR DESERVE COVID – 19′  Oh, yeah, I posted that one, too.

I meant all of it, too. You helpless, diaper faced, disgraced, John Lennon murdering douche bags. Care about jailing Stephen King or lose America. Who needs a nail salon? Nobody. A lot will change after China’s attack.  You chose to ignore this. Until you jail King you are sucking virus, though, aren’t you?

My expose and my intense demonstrating, starting a month before, and billboard signs and thousands of flyers all over Monterey and Santa Cruz and my Dec. 6, 2019 KSCO interview may have pushed up the due date for the New World Order release of the virus to begin with. Months earlier, in fact, I wrote that Putin may even start a war to ward off my story as it comes down the stretch.

WHY did I all of a sudden go Gonzo with my activism? My 16 month old set up ticket for rescuing my rolling van when my driver left it out of gear as I was about to receive dental surgery (DUI – non alcohol – see chapters below) resulted in a second phony ticket from another officer from the same CHP office. That ticket, issued on April Fools Day, was rescheduled for trial to coincide with the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. That date was brought up months earlier while I was talking to the first citing officer and it felt like a taunt from them to me. Even though the court ignored my valid motion to dismiss over the officers late submission of that extension request trial was set for that date. Had I not rejected the substitute judge then I may have been railroaded. After I filed a subsequent motion for change of venue and to suppress the officers edited film my second ticket was properly dismissed. It was while sitting in that courtroom that day, though, watching the officer trying to sneak past the rules and rub the Loma Prieta remark I made to his co worker in my face that struck a nerve I needed to be struck. I suddenly realized that I had become way too lax in my vigilance. Now it was clear that, not only WAS the first DUI ticket a plot I fell into, as well as the second April Fools Day ticket, the two high speed collisions others made against me in 2010 and 2015, 60 and 75 mph crashes, the first at 90 degrees, were also no accident, either. In those incidents nobody was cited, even though witnesses saw the other run a light. Turns out that city has a room with cameras that can manually run the lights. That that intersection was paved over the next day I found highly suspicious. All the evidence removed. The following 75 mph crash involved a uniformed Navy cadet, no less. He slammed his truck hard into my van leaving a huge tire mark across the body. No ticket to him, either.

I was in a state of denial about the danger I was still very much in, Obama out or not. In fact my DUI ticket was issued days after Gavin Newsom (Pelosi’s nephew – I publicly support Trump) was sworn in  as Governor. I should never have accepted the recommendation of a former Santa Cruz police officer who arranged for this driver to set me up to begin with. This DUI is part three of the state’s plan to assassinate me in traffic.

My summons starts; “District Attorney of Santa Cruz, Jeffery Rosell, accuses Steve Lightfoot of…” Sounds like a personal vendetta already considering how the same office set me up 24 years earlier getting me on national television in handcuffs branded a stalker of Stephen King.

This office has a lot to hide including aiding and abetting a murder cover-up, conspiracy to murder a whistle blower, etc..

I watched the Stones play “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”  in the multi star production over Covid-19. They knew about my attack on silent Paul McCartney (see below)  That’s their response; “We’re jealous of  Y – O – U , Steve Lightfoot .” It’s all about me, I guess.  I can’t always get what I want.  “We’re in the record business, Steve.  Divas, prima donnas. If John Lennon gets avenged everyone will buy his records and not ours.  We are peasants with all our money.  No room for John to steal the limelight WE all want. Mostly, though, we know it will be YOU that the world will want to listen to, not us.  We won’t GIVE you what you want. You’re having a hard time because we are all jealous of you and John. The way of the world.”

Too bad all the greats are less than great, after all,.”Living is easy with eyes closed misunderstanding all you see…..” It’s so easy to be a boot-licking coward who won’t step up.

Also, not a good message; “Settle for less, people.”   John was the best and it must hurt the rest. Not as bad as “Live and Let Die” or Tina Turner’s “We Don’t Need Another Hero”, but hardly as useful as “Imagine” or “Working Class Hero” or “Revolution”.

Speaking of nail salons, isn’t it curious that the virus first emerged in America from a California nail salon where masks and gloves are already worn?  Decades ago I wondered why anyone, even an immigrant from Vietnam or China, would breath those caustic chemicals for even an hour or even a million dollars in tips. No way to live, people. I say pay for and train all these salon people who specialize in holding your hands and feet to cut hair or anything but coddle a lonely, disfunctional culture who needs a stranger to hold their hand and show them attention. “I’m a peasant in real life. Wait on me hand and foot, please.”  Get a life “Nowhere man” and women. That’s what spouses and family and friends are for. At least get a dog or cat or parrot or anything but force another human to breath poison for a living.  NOBODY really needs a manicure or pedicure. I have a system that takes one minute per two weeks and beats all manicures out there. Get a pair of one dollar scissors and clip each nail three times only. 40 degrees at the first edge, to straight across at the center and another 40 degrees at the other edge. Perfect manicure AND those two semi points between the center scratch your skin so much better for a week before they smooth out. No filing allowed. Crisp, sturdy edges.

While we’re at it  let’s remake a lot of things that are wrong out there.  My wish is to return to the tee pee and the land, but what do I know about life? What can I suggest to a culture that worships and empowers the monster who really killed our hero; John Lennon?

Oh, and by the way, I brought up nail salons, here, an hour before Gavin Newsom then got on the radio to say the same thing. A lot like he did an hour after I recommended bandannas on KGO’s Chip Franklin show in late March 2020. He came out and said; “Well, I suppose it might BE a good idea to wear home made masks and bandannas,  but not to forget distancing as well.”  The next day all media was saying it. So, you see, I’m serious about being responsible for solving that huge puzzle piece in getting past our predicament. Me, the John Lennon man . Maybe I AM a leader. Nobody else seems to be holding the wheel of our lives more THAN me.

Regarding bandannas; only wear when in close proximity (10 feet) to others, especially in stores. Otherwise get outdoors and get healthy. I tape a coffee filter inside mine.

Just wait till the headlines read;


Until then, suck Stephen King’s you know what and suck China’s virus. Until you help me you have no other choice, unfortunately, for us both.

Oh, I almost forgot; The first time I put a sign on the back of my van was late August of 2001. My website had just been erected and was almost ready for the public. It read;


A few weeks later 9/11 stole whatever thunder my site might have otherwise had, then.  Now, just as I started to go Gonzo with signs on my van again and pass out flyers for the first time in years China steals my thunder, again, suspiciously.  You people have to break my story or suffer under China and Russia’s efforts to stop me. We know  they will kill mankind if necessary.

Sound too self important and conspiratorial? Why, them, did the FIRST Trade Towers attack occur a week after my first visit to New York City? The one that had STEPHEN KING SHOT JOHN LENNON  all over my van? Getting Trump out of office pales in comparison to stopping this expose I have uncovered. No news story bigger in thousands of years. Fact. It will automatically change the world and history, itself. It will absolutely stop the New World order. My story was getting close to breaking. Now their virus is all that’s breaking out. Wise up, weaklings.

Kissinger confessed who did this when he said of the virus; “It will alter the world order.”

Start demonstrating, diaper faces.  And that IS being polite. Avenge John Lennon or lose your country and your freedom. Maybe even your lives or loved one’s lives. )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       —–Steve Lightfoot, here, the most underappreciated hero on the face of the earth, if I must say so, myself. My martyred life, (So far, 37 years worth) a testament to man’s cruelty to heroes, in general. Man’s record of neglect exposed for all history. 1983 to present. I, not only solved John Lennon’s murder, I came full forward under threat of death with the evidence decades ago. You laughed at me (U.C.Berkeley students, 1984) when my father was killed in a plane crash and you ripped my flyers off of poles to suppress me (several cities) and you froze me out, locally, where my magazine and website van are concerned while the rest of the nation and the world supported me and you put me out into the ‘Doghouse’ (I’ve had to live in a van over your reluctance to hire me) for going against your sick and cowardly cover-up. How could I have known that my biggest obstacle in breaking this news would be the corrupted public who will benefit most from it? Most of you citizens of Monterey are asking yourselves; “What is this guy, nuts? He gave me similar letters like this several times, already. Does he expect different results THIS time? Isn’t that Einstein’s version of insanity? We like abusing our children with an evil murderer. We’re not going to give that up.” One of my best slogans on my van is; “Be Better Than You Are – Care” I’m actually betting that you all will, this year, too. I also do it because I get clearer and less bitter and confused, myself, with every new cathartic newsletter. You see, I’ve been too quiet for too long and the government is actually trying to kill me, lately. So there is some good to it all, after all. Besides, it takes several impacts for any advertising to take hold. After over three decades of neglect and abuse by my fellow, apathetic and frightened Americans I suppose I’ve developed a little post traumatic stress disorder that I need to address and exorcise myself from. You all have to know that it is mostly all of you who are insane. I am just telling society the truth. I can’t join you, temporarily, now that I know the truth about all of you. Your lives are a satanic joke, truly hideous, an abomination, people! It is all of you, not me, who are enstranged. Somehow I was protected from your fall from grace. To quote a poet, I kept my head; “..while all about me were losing theirs..” If you people knew all that I know you would hoist me on your shoulders in TEARS that it took you so long, to begin with. I have to communicate to you the reasons why. I have to create a groundswell and a grass roots process, here. – –  As most of you already know, there was no trial for Lennon’s alleged killer. We all knew why, then. It was a cover-up. 18 months too late to be true we were told on page 14 in the paper in a tiny clipping how Chapman plead guilty behind closed doors, no media allowed. They didn’t shoot him like Oswald, so why no trial, now? It was THE moment you all went insane. You let our enemies all know how easily you will turn coat. You so fear your own evil government you want to cover your eyes and not look at the mess you’ve all just made;  A bloody, bullet riddled John Lennon wasted on a sidewalk over a battle of ideas between him and our evil politicians. YOUR MESS, PEOPLE! That’s how you people all REALLY treat your best and brightest heroes. Your list is long and shameful. I’m just saying. No trial was asked for by anyone but me, ever. A MASS conspiracy of silence and cover-up on all your parts. Someone like me had to come along to save you all from this evil. How evil it would all turn out to BE!! – – In 1982 I accidentally stumbled onto government codes in Time and Newsweek magazines printed in the weeks surrounding the crime. ONLY during that time slot to PROVE they are codes and not coincidence. (See site) I found the killer’s alleged name and attached letter where he links himself to Reagan who is moving him, armed, into a hostile square in print three weeks before the crime and I found the killer’s matching face and true identity; Stephen King, as well, and what he writes about to prove it’s all connected. Nixon’s book; ‘The Real War’, seen next to Reagan the day of the murder in two magazines, explains why we have to assassinate John Lennon because he is too influential and obstructing our politicians. Of course, King writes about the elements throughout his works. King has never, not once, denied my claims. – Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King killed John Lennon. – I spent almost a year in Bangor, Maine exposing him, even stood three inches away from him once when he tried to confront me, and he has never denied my claims, people. Sounds like all of YOU are nuts and I’m just fine. I’m a hero. Incidentally, there is a false story out there alleging I have a restraining order to stay away from King. FALSE! I prevailed against his 1996 attempt to bring a harassment injunction motion against me. I told the judge my right to come forward trumps his desire to stay unexposed. I won that case. I’ve been back there at least a few more times, since. Their media brainwashed them about me while I was gone, I could tell. Stepford, Maine inspired the ‘Stepford Wives’ story about exactly their kind of zombie like condition. – – This, what I do, is frankly the biggest news story we have ever witnessed in our entire lives. Mine is the copyright of the eons and all of journalism knows it. In fact, it is the biggest news story in U.S. history. It’s SO big you people can’t even see it it’s so breathing right down all of your necks. John even called his death ‘The Event’, in fact. Your jealousy of me is mountain sized and you can’t see that, either. You even object to me dating anyone. I can prove that all of you parents are molesting your children with exactly the man who murdered your hero and crusader for world peace; why, it’s none other than evil author / murderer; Stephen King. Certainly too much truth for so weak a human race to believe at first blush. Nixon’s genius. He used the incomprehensibility card as well as the masochist card. (You all are, you know) Too sophisticated a plot for anyone except the Kremlin. Mindbendingly evil. Right over your pea brains, raping you, too big to ever believe. Apparently only I am smarter than Nixon, (165 I.Q.) it would seem, so far. You fools DON’T think they’re as good at what they do as Tiger Woods is at golf? WAY over your heads, trust me. You’re all still Tricky Dicky’s pathetic, blind victims. Your mass ignorance makes me sad. By yourselves you’d never solve the complex riddle that has kidnapped you and defiled you. You are so ashamed of my evidence that proves this fact about all of you that you refuse to see it. You stand so utterly and completely, horrifically and mindlessly H U M I L I A T E D by the evidence that you refuse it’s existence. It’s too crushing a blow to your ego. You cast a blind eye and refuse what you know is true. You people are all clinically insane and psychotic about it all, in fact. ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, move over. Denial is the scientist’s explanation, but it’s really all about fear and how it controls all of you. Our evil “deep state” government; elite trillionaires’, the C.I.A. , F.B.I. military, mass media and other entrenched factions CONTROL you with exactly fear. Arranging for a horror writer to kill all that is good about our world and replace it with fear was a powerful, oppressive act and it has left you all crippled. ‘Sovietized’. So crippled that you are caught trying to martyr your brave hero, me, rather than demanding the truth and King’s arrest. And so, I write this newsletter to save my life and to save America before your sick condition kills it. I AM right and you’re ALL wrong, this time. – – I was recently interviewed on Santa Cruz’s KSCO radio station where they tried to shoot me down. Instead, I shot their set up caller’s all down, one after the other, as they tried to convince all of you that I’m not worth supporting. BAMM! (The media, in case you don’t know, is our enemy, taken over long ago by our military – that’s right) They can’t help their jealousy about people like me and feel obligated to destroy whomever is doing their supposed job. You people can’t pretend to me that I have other options other than getting you to protest. Our legal system is bogus and won’t help me. With you the buck stops, people. You are the only answer. – – In this interview I prayed for all of humanity to be wiped out by the mountain sized meteorite I saw as a child if it cannot jail King in my lifetime. I devoutly mean it, too. That your lives would be too shallow to continue if your apathy also killed me on top of all the rest you have all already done. That all of your lives, already, are far short of the par our creator intended and that starting over with a smarter species would be less cruel than allowing more of the insanity you all stand for. What I can prove you’ve all already done, in terms of denial and neglect and phoniness, would curl any generations ears to hear. A catastrophic failure of nerve. – –  You’ll have to see my site to read about it all, but I have quite the prolific pedigree when it comes to having an avenging angel and my academic exploits are truly ground breaking and off the charts. (I failed to mention that I was also the first, ever, to trisect an angle with just a compass and straight edge in 1971, my first month into a geometry class) For you all to martyr me, now, after all I’ve sacrificed, would be so wrong I doubt you’d last long as a species, regardless. Like Rome falling after Caligula. Like Sodom and Gomorrah. If you can’t respond to hard evidence that proves your government let Stephen King murder John Lennon then I think you all DESERVE an asteroid. – – I know that this news humiliates all of mankind. Proves what a fool you all are. Proves what failures you have been as parents for this evil to stay unaddressed all this time. It exposes religion, generally, as  a phony, beating around the bush, heresy that keeps you weak and prevents you from taking hold of the reigns of your lives, politically. “Aw, c’mon, Stephen King didn’t REALLY kill John Lennon…”  Oh, yes he DID, you brainwashed, mind controlled, pie in the sky, everything’s hunky dory moron. He absolutely DID murder John Lennon. Evidence PROVES IT!. Where do you THINK he gets his sick ideas? This is the only divide between us. I am intimately aware of the facts that prove it. You are not. Must I spell out that Chapman was waiting in a police station while King was killing Lennon, that King was led in with a coat covering his face and switched inside and let out a back door while Chapman did his rehearsed act? Must I explain how the police and the officials and the warden, etc. were all in on it with our enemy of the people media? I’m also braver than the rest of you. I spent a year just listening to The Beatles music after John was murdered. I AM braver than any of you because of just that. That and KNOWing what a possibly doomed sitting duck we all are and that you’re all misbehaving badly, right now. I’m a little smarter than the rest of you but the hard, incontrovertible evidence speaks for itself. After this news breaks and King is jailed you’ll all shake your heads you could have ever been so blind and so stupid for so long. You’ll have no luck trying to tell the rest of the world you had no idea. I hung it all out there for three decades, America. You’ve all been insane! That’s exactly why this news story is so valuable. You all need this exorcism and truth. You need it. – – The reason your children are shooting each other at school is because you have failed to bring me forward. King was the first to write about shooting up one’s classmates in the mid 70’s, you see. Your kids know I’m right and that you’re all lying to them about me. They’re not phonies, yet. In fact, since I brought this up in my website and talk radio, that phenomenon has all but ceased these past several months. MY influence. – – Now, as I am still reeling with P.T.S.D. from the sudden realization that two accidents weren’t “accidents”, after all, and that other facts suggest I am been targeted for assassination, myself, (I hope you’re all proud of yourselves) I am hitting the streets and passing out flyers so you at least don’t kill me. You’re all so evil when it comes to keeping your heroes alive, aren’t you? Not everyone is afraid and I need a lot of you concerned citizens to rally with me every FIRST SUNDAY of every month from noon till at least 2:00 in downtown Monterey. (Several of you showed up last Dec. 8, in fact. Congratulations!) One reason I have taken so long to break this news is because I didn’t want it to break without a showing of public support, first. Should I have to ram this news down your throats? Shouldn’t you all be instinctively gathering around my van and signs when I protest? ARE you all spoiled stupid? My Pay Pal records already prove that the people of only California, who see my van, are deliberately NOT helping me. So, no excuses. Man up and help me. Step forward for your long needed exorcism. Get human, again.————-Who’s afraid of Stephen King?———— You, not me. Get over your fear. That’s what your enemies are peddling. Fear only your apathy. – – Incidentally, you all have no idea of what I’ve already done to change the world. I got my best results with handing out flyers in 1992 in Kennebunkport, Maine when I dropped off my entire magazine to all the merchants downtown. A week later Bush lost over 20 percentage points and was now losing in his home town. Clinton rode my coat-tails to victory over it. Bush twice remarked on television – including the Richmond, Va. debate; “You know, nobody likes ‘Who Shot John?’ but…” in reference to my magazine, then titled; “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?” You see, folks? I am huge. Always have been. I was fooled by Clinton and Obama, it turned out, but the alternatives were just as bad. I hope I’m right about getting Trump elected. (The Clinton’s invited Stephen King into the White House in 1995 for a secret meeting and America found out via me and talk radio) After YOU HELP ME and bring me and my evidence forward I’ll be too big for normal celebrity-hood as you know it. Like having John Lennon back to be a hero for us. The most valuable asset a human race can have; a hero. The people’s voice. Why do you repeatedly raped victims think the government always assassinated them if they weren’t KEY to your success as a free people? They cut your tongues out Dec. 8th, didn’t they? Religion has failed you as surely as King has been raping you all this time. This story has already proven that. Time you cowards cared about THIS and grabbed the reigns for once in your mind controlled lives. You should all be excited as could be about this opportunity to demonstrate and force the truth through and cause so much needed change. It’s ‘Eldorado’ where your protest power is concerned. ‘The Event’ John said it was. Imagine a daily line of tourists watching a jailed Stephen King, Yoko Ono and Mark Chapman through one way glass, like a ‘Graceland’ tour, somewhere in a New York State prison. Until you bring that fact about there probably IS no hope for mankind. Like Paul McCartney said on 4-1-’90 at the Berkeley concert when he yelled out my name; “Use your power, people..” (His douche baggy best effort.) Like John Belushi said in ‘Animal House’ in his famous leadership speech; “This could be the greatest day of our lives but you’re going to make it one of the worst. “Ooohh. We don’t WANT to fight back, we don’t WANT to take a stand…Where’s the Delta House I USED to know? Where’s the spirit, where’s the GUTS?…Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?… Nothing is over until WE SAY it’s over….” It’s one reason I think Reagan assassinated John Belushi, also. (See site for details) That and his ‘Blues Brothers’ movies making fun of the police and his brash brilliance as a celebrity. (Doug Kenny, the writer of ‘Animal House’, was also killed the same year) It wasn’t until Belushi was killed that I got off MY apathetic ass and looked into Lennon’s murder. What will it take for the rest of all of you? My getting killed, next????!!!! I’m already 38 years ahead of my peers. Don’t wait, people. Act. Don’t make me take hostages. I’m tired of waiting for you to screw your heads on straight. Duped U.S., you ARE in disgrace. Repent. – – P.S. I almost forgot to tell you; I saved Bruce Springsteen’s life in 1996 when I got on talk radio in New York and warned his friends about King who was palsy walsying around with Bruce, rehearsing with him on stage, back stage parties and lunches. After Bruce found out about my site and what we do to our heroes he basically got rid of King and retired. It seems SO, people. In fact, when The Grateful Dead broke up on Dec.8, it was the same hour my Santa Cruz rally fell flat. Apparently I am affecting our world more and more. Were it not for me your apathy and denial would already have killed Bruce Springsteen. – – My own artistic expressions are political, for now, some excerpts displayed in line format to make space. Here’s a few of my lyrics on some songs;                                                                                                  {——-“Live wire walking on a high wire, poor life hanging by a thread, busting the government for John Lennon’s murder, lucky I’m not already dead. So many years, still, nobody cares. Left here with my fears, am I really going anywhere? You all turned your backs on John Lennon with the lame excuse; “He’s dead!” You people don’t care about nothing, you’re all sick in your head. You say that you’re free, home of the brave. In reality, you’re a media controlled slave…”                                           ——“The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair, killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no one even cares. Lying to your children; “It’s the fan the papers pinned.” Living’s easy swallowing that pill. Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed, your smokey eyes are glazing over, still…”                                                                                                            ———“I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy. I swallow every tax hike, politician, war and lie. I’m polled, I’m media controlled, yeah I, I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy. I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy, and I lick those government boots and don’t know why. I’m in a masochistic mode, yeah, I. I’m a short haired, yellow bellied, son of Tricky Dicky guy…”                                                                                                                      ——–“Mommy and Daddy love money more than they love baby. Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe. John Lennon’s killer never went to trial because you’re morally lazy. Now your children have to pick up the pieces in a world gone crazy. There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung. You bring home the bacon and the paycheck year after year. But you’re dining at the table of cowardice, hypocrisy and fear. Bubble brained, you’re entertained on television, football and beer. Now another lying politician’s war is drawing near. There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made. There’s no one you can save that cant’t be saved. Deliver me from evil and temptation….”  }                      After I get out of the danger zone and am brought forward by YOU PEOPLE I’m sure my slant will change with whatever head space I’m allowed to enjoy, after. John’s creativity in the 70’s was curtailed due to the F.B.I. always following him around, for example. As John Lennon was interested in becoming a comedian – that’s right – in 1980, I’d like that, too, and find I love to inject a comedic barb wherever possible, but painting and learning how to is something I’d like to explore, besides music, after. Lots of stuff I’d like to be doing but this. I should put a bumper sticker on my van “I’d rather be driving a Titleist.” (Did I mention I gave up a golf career to do this?) but I need the space for what is real and important. By the way, did I mention that this, what I do, this news, the Lennon murder evidence; It M A T T E R S, people. When will you? – – Demonstrate with me every first Sunday of every month. You can do it. Downtown Monterey, noon till 2:00. Don’t make me sic an asteroid on you. Overcome the cover-up. Deserve life under truth. – Steve _Lightfoot – Suggestions? E-mail me at

Now, DO keep reading what is below. It’s everything I couldn’t fit into the above newsletter. Valuable information you NEED TO KNOW!

SANTA CRUZ STALKING LENNON EVIDENCE MESSENGER – HELP!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           I am Steve Lightfoot who drives the website van; regarding evidence against our government in that murder. John Lennon’s murder. On about exactly the same day as the Corona virus became the biggest existential threat to the human race in our lifetimes (Dec. 20,’20) and two weeks after I warned you all over the airwaves of a monster asteroid as a just punishment if you can’t jail King in my lifetime, the Santa Cruz District Attorney’s office filed a year old ticket to go after my website van and my driver’s licence and at least $2,440.00 of my money I can’t afford. My crime? Apparently I had to hurry from the back of my van and into the driver’s seat to stop it from rolling into the bushes after my hired driver left it abandoned and out of gear in a dentist’s parking lot driveway. What I will submit below is the letter I am preparing to send my court appointed attorney as I think it is key to represent to the jury that I am being targeted and possibly was even set up by the local police as well as the F.B.I. and whomever else IS interested in stopping my expose. Santa Cruz HAS a vested interest in keeping me an unknown as their 1995 fraud arrest to cast me as a stalker of Stephen King on national television hangs over their heads after I am brought forward. I sued the then mayor and bookshop owner for slander then and it was wrongfully quashed in their court.

Dear sir,

Thank you for representing me in my case. I have heard good things about you from your peers and I appreciate your needed help in this possibly life threatening matter.

As the messenger of the evidence that proves our government killed John Lennon I have endured more than my fair share of abuse from authorities over the years. My father may have been deliberately killed in plane crash in 1984 on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation and days after Stephen King (the real murderer) mailed me a threat letter over my “investigation”. His dog was, in fact, found hanged in a drape chord weeks before like a mob threat. I was certainly kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious in the back of a San Francisco police van years later in October of 1987 for merely giving Yoko Ono an envelope with my findings at an art gallery she invited me to. The host even called out my name to get me in quick while Yoko was still there. It was set up to terrorize me. Efforts to sue the police, after, were stonewalled. Officers Kevin Hall and Steven Rist were given immunity for their actions. Several weeks before that beating two martial arts experts dislocated my shoulder and broke my nose on a sidewalk after urinating on my van to get me out of bed from sleeping. One of them said only; “We don’t need the publicity.” Thomas Decker was his name and the S.F.D.A, Costello, refused to arrest him after I made a citizens arrest. As early as 1983 Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service sprung an impromptu interview on me at the Santa Rosa library after discovering it was I disseminating Lennon murder evidence. From that day forward my life became a living hell. The Santa Rosa court summoned me for “breaking and entering” charges I knew nothing about months later. After several appearances where I was the only one in court at all, not even court officials, and after roping me with the attorney who found Juan Corona guilty of mass murder, and after he tried to rope me into a psychiatric test that I refused, my case just vanished. It was strange, indeed. About the same time I was arrested for a two year old delinquent riding a bicycle on a sidewalk ticket in San Diego whereupon I was handcuffed and put on an airplane from Santa Rosa and flown to Salinas jail where I was given food poisoning. From there I was bused to Oakland then to San Francisco, then to Sacramento to eventually San Diego over a week’s time where my ticket was dismissed with time served. But first, in Vista, Ca., the warden told me; “Mr.Lightfoot, we have to have a talk about this John Lemmon thing you’re doing…we could cut you up into little pieces and flush you down the toilet and nobody would know…”.  Between 1985 and 1987 my lettered van received over 100 false parking citations that were dismissed. On one day, alone, I was issued four, all dismissed. Several dangerous episodes involving strangers, one who kicked me full force in the back and another who tried to hit me with a baseball bat and other episodes I don’t recall, seemed a constant threat. I apparently got the Santa Rosa police chief fired weeks after erecting a huge sign that read; “SAL ROSANO AND S.R.P.D. PLOTTING TO MURDER ME!”. In 1984, an hour after Reagan defeated Mondale on election night and just months after my father was killed, the S.F.P.D. pointed a gun in my face an hour after I had settled into my sleeping spot (I was living outdoors on a skateboard then.) No I.D. was requested but they searched my belongings. It felt like a message from Reagan; “NOW you gonna quit?” I was arrested several times over the years and always released with the bogus charges dropped after they terrorized me, first. Once Dianne Feinstein made sure they arrested me and confiscated my signs the day before the Golden Gate Bridge Walk event fearing I’d make hay of that event. It was her secretary, in fact, who once told me; “Take your story to another town..” as if to threaten me. Some of the above listed beatings followed that 1986 threat. I recall standing out on Van Ness Avenue, after, my arm in a sling and my nose bandaged with a huge sign that read; “FEINSTEIN & S.F.P.D. HIRING THUGS TO CRIPPLE ME!”  Just weeks later her police kidnapped and beat me unconscious.— In 1992 when I visited Bangor, Maine to expose murderer / author; Stephen King for several months their police stole my car keys and tape recorder from my parked van after I recorded them in five separate harassment episodes hours earlier the FIRST DAY I arrived. My first hour I was falsely cited for a red light that was green. The photo of me receiving that ticket made the front page of the paper where I was labeled a stalker of Stephen King to scare the locals from helping me. That same day they were following me as I walked through a mall, even. I had to hang out there until October to fight and beat three tickets in all. They were all political and falsely issued to begin with. One officer admitted on the stand that he told me that “…King gives me $6,000. a month to harass you.”. When Stephen King, himself, dared to try and confront me from inches away one day, I stood my ground until he stumbled away after stuttering to me; “Take ccccare. I wwwant you tto tttake care.” That same year famous Maine politician William Cohen was seen addressing Congress on national television saying that “Steve Lightfoot from California must be stopped with new legislation to protect King…” I have the news clipping for proof. In a return trip there in 1996 I beat his lawyers who tried to erect a protection from harassment injunction against me. I told the judge my right to come forward trumps his right to remain unexposed and I won. Media rumors suggest otherwise I’ve heard, though. It was during that time when I learned he was just convicted of having sex with a 15 year old in Belfast, Maine. There are lots of secrets the media is protecting King from.— In 1995, I believe, the Santa Cruz authorities set me up for media slander and a false arrest when I was arrested and shown on national television in handcuffs getting pushed into a patrol car labeled a stalker of Stephen King. I spent two days in jail before being released uncharged but not until after the national media branded me as a stalker. I had been outside with a huge sign that read “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE”. Judge Sullivan signed the false arrest warrant and then mayor and said book store owner Neil Coonerty defeated my small claim lawsuit claiming he slandered me but only because he lied on the stand and was the city’s mayor. —The Santa Cruz authorities fear the day I am famous and brought forward knowing that all those sins will be aired fully, someday.— In 1998, I think, while caddying for the Senior PGA tour in La Quinta, Calif. I endured over a dozen police episodes in only a few weeks including three false tickets I eventually beat. I learned that Stephen King had a winter home there and that’s why I was being assaulted by the Palm Spring’s Police. In one ticket the judge offered dismissal if I’d agree to stay away from the area. I refused and was still found not guilty. My huge sign there read; “CHIEF KULANDER AND P.S.P.D. TERRORIZING ME!” One episode I endured that could have resulted in my death involved several officers who tried to corral me into a corner at an outdoor restaurant intent on serious bodily harm, even death in mind for me written in their evil faces. Only my screaming at the very top of my lungs to force the patrons to pay attention backed off this brutal beating from occurring. One night an officer pointed a gun at my face while I was watching t.v.. The next day, while informing the crowds about this fact, I was arrested for disturbing the peace. I was released uncharged that same day, however. Later the C.H.P. towed my van after being tipped off by a golf course that my licence had just expired. I was trying to collect my unpaid caddy fees. ( I actually found a hundred dollar bill in the gutter while hitchhiking to the impound yard. A good thing under the circumstances.) Palm Springs traumatized me, no doubt.— Fast forward to 2010, and skipping dozens of episodes I’d like to forget, I found myself in Concord, Ca. in a delivery truck selling steak and seafood waiting for a green arrow. It turned green and I merged into the intersection to find an SUV going 60 mph right at me through a red light. The massive impact launches my truck 30 feet sideways before it rolled on it’s side. Miraculously no one was hurt. Witnesses agreed she ran the light or at least drove against my green light. Frank Woodard of Concord, Ca. will attest, yet she was not cited by C.H.P. or the police. In fact, two days later, when I drove back to photograph the scene for evidence, I found the entire intersection was paved over!!!! I also learned that a room in that town with cameras can manually control all the city’s traffic lights. “Were we both given green lights at the same time?”, is my question. Months later I found myself receiving extremely suspicious red light camera tickets in a row. The second was dismissed as the film showed no violation but the first was ramrodded through even though I was past the intersection line in the photo. I even received another ticket minutes after purchasing “How To Fight Your Ticket And Win” from Berkeley’s NoLo Press store for that matter. That officer lied on the stand and I was wrongfully convicted. So much was so out of place and strange that I felt Jerry Brown and the state of California were out to kill me after first portraying me as a reckless driver. I personally went to see Kamala Harris about the matter then but she ignored me. I was so sure this was the case that I deliberately moved to southern Californai for several years to make sure the northern Calfornia plot to kill me was avoided.— In 2015, while driving at 55 mph in the center lane of Interstate 5 near San Diego a Navy cadet in uniform smashed his truck full force into my website van at 75 mph. I had to chase him down before he pulled over. The C.H.P. took almost an hour to arrive (Presumably my name triggered an alert that forced the officers to have a meeting before responding to my call.) In spite of the cadet admitting he was driving ten miles over the speed limit and in spite of his tire marks all across my driver’s side of my van, he was not cited. Now it was deja vu, all over again, only now in southern Ca..— In 2017 after I moved back up north on July 26 a motorist looking sideways as he left his business park ran right into my stopped van ruining the suspension. When the C.H.P. arrived he refused to make a report because it was on private business property. He no doubt remembered me getting the local chief fired from years before and he added that I would be blamed if he made a report. The insurance companies agreed it was the other motorist fault and not mine. At one point my website had a chapter titled “C.H.P. Stalking Me” about their recurring involvements.

Now we arrive at January 10, 2019. I was about to get my teeth pulled and bone grafting, major mouth surgery. Days before I approached a coffee shop owner in Santa Cruz, Ca., Greg, who happened to also be a former S.C. police officer. I did not know this then – probably during 1995 when I was set up on national t.v. by them. I explained I needed to hire someone to drive me one block to my dentist’s office and pick me up hours later. That I’d be on mild pre surgery medication. (The pill instructions read; “Careful when driving..) “He recommended a homeless customer of his, Cris Malsak, a man living outdoors on a bicycle. Since no other takers volunteered on that block I accepted his recommendation and hired him. I rehearsed the job showing him the parking space to park in when we arrived. On that day he admitted he hadn’t slept at all the night before. I wondered, why? Greg knew who I was politically and had a day to conference with Cris if any mischief was on the menu. Apparently it was. Cris, usually embarrassingly talkative, even a little crazy sounding, to the point I thought he’d scare off my dentist at one point, was now zip mouthed and utterly silent as he insisted on driving me the one block to my dentist. I had just driven several miles to the coffee shop minutes earlier and was good enough to drive, myself, but I allowed Cris to earn his $40. “What could go wrong in one minute?” I thought. Right away, Cris began driving recklessly and speeding through the parking lot and ignored me and my instructions to park where we had rehearsed. This got me worried. He was now driving off grounds only to make a severe, screeching U-turn back to in front of the dentist’s office, only in the middle of the roadway. He, without a word, sprang out of my van, engine running, door open, and left me in the back wondering what had just happened. I was focused on the wonderful operation I was about to receive and get my teeth fixed. It was to be one of the very best days of my life. Now I wondered did this stranger I just met just steal something from my van and run off? He had just flagrantly disobeyed every instruction I gave him and almost drove off grounds. One minute I was in the back wondering what just happened, the next thing I knew I was behind the wheel and in the bushes, my newly painted van now damaged along with another motorist whose paint was scratched slightly while she was trying to park. The sudden turn of events, from heaven to hell, so shocked me that I momentarily fainted. That’s right, I fainted. Just like hundreds of new fathers faint every day at the news of their new child, having nothing to do with medications. To prove that’s all that happened I came to a minute or two later and was up and walking and talking with officers. I even wondered did I just try to park my van at one point. Being unconscious for even a minute confused me momentarily. I later realized that I must have had to jump into the driver’s seat to stop my rolling van which Cris apparently left out of gear. I had to rescue a rolling out of gear van. The other motorist who described the path my van made, first downhill then corrected to the right at the last minute, agrees with this explanation. Had I tried to merely park I would have just backed into the space I was next to. A van rolling out of gear is the most logical explanation. It takes a lot of sobriety just to make it to my driver’s seat from the congested, obstructed back section of my van and this fact proves I was stable enough to drive. I had driven several miles five minutes before this with no signs of impairment. The only other explanation is I merely tried to exit my van (The driver’s door is the only exit) and my movement to get out jostled my van enough to start it rolling.— The C.H.P. officer cited me for DUI (non alcohol) and drove me to a recovery house where I discovered that Cris had stolen exactly $100. from my wallet. I had the presence of mind to walk up a flight of stairs there to get a pencil to calculate what was missing. Six hours after the accident I was blood tested. I was also field tested with finger tests and walking toe to heel. I aced all the tests except, due to a substantial lift in my left shoe I need, I very slightly stumbled with ONE step. The officer asked if there was any reason I made that one misstep. I showed him my lift in that shoe that threw me off a little. I showed a valid cause; a 3/4 inch lift insole I wear to offset an imbalance that exists in my lower legs. —One hour later I was released by them and allowed to drive my van if I could get back to the scene of the accident. Greg was still open with his coffee shop at 4 pm, HOURS past his close time. He admitted the C.H.P. officer who cited me came back to talk with Cris who had left the scene. As I was leaving Greg said to me; “You know I’m a police officer, right?” Maybe he was getting something off his chest but it sounded like “Stupid sucker, yeah, we set you up!” He then also banned me from his shop. — Cris admitted that he drove me one block to the office and that he had a suspended licence when doing so. He was not cited after admitting he drove my van one block without a valid licence. I had no idea he had this suspension. According to a voicemail Cris left he was “..shoood away..”, instead, from the scene by all the officers present.— One red flag is the fact that there were, not one, but TWO Sheriff’s cars a half a block away when Cris was driving me that one block, as if they had been tipped off a day before to be on the ready in case I exactly fell into their possible plot to crash my van. As if they were tipped off to expect a DUI situation regarding me, specifically. At one point Cris tried to wheelchair me off the property yelling “You’re a dead man. We gotta get out of here!” Only a watching crowd stopped him from high jacking me TWICE in two minutes. Apparently he had tried to get a wheelchair for me that I didn’t need as I was left abandoned in the lot. I was walking fine. Perhaps that was just a ruse to allow my van time enough to start rolling, I don’t know. You know, a handy, possibly coached excuse to explain away his bizarre actions. The plan we rehearsed was for him to park in a specific spot and allow me to exit from the front and walk under my own power to see the dentist. He made sure that didn’t happen, though. — The day after I drove to the C.H.P. station and explained what I now knew to the officer, including that my van must have been out of gear, after all. My operation now re scheduled I drove to Roseville, Ca. to fix my van for a week and returned to see Cris about getting my stolen money back. He said to me; “Hey toothless, what’s new?” as if to provoke me to punch him for causing this entire mess. As if he was coached to insult me. When he denied stealing my money I asked him; “You’re saying the officer stole it?”  He went suddenly silent. Officer Claussen of the Sheriff’s department cut off my attempt to file a theft report regarding Cris. I was prevented from making this claim. Just another one of many red flags that set my case apart from the norm.—One day I received a personal call from the Sheriff’s office concerned that I was suspicious of their two cars being on scene when my accident occurred. They tried to insinuate I must be crazy, in fact. They seemed very nervous about the fact that I suspected foul play on their part.—Meanwhile I was told to call the D.A.’s office bi monthly for several months while awaiting toxicology reports and to see whether it was filed or dismissed by the D.A.’s office.—Several weeks later I was cited by yet another C.H.P. officer who shares the same station with the other officer who first cited me. That it occurred on April Fool’s Day was suspicious by itself. What made it even more suspicious is that it occurred an hour after someone had let air out of my tire and smashed a pair of my sunglasses that were left next to the tire. They were grabbed from my dash. I was cited for unsafe lane change but it was the officer’s patrol car following me that caused two driver’s in front of me, one after the other, to suddenly slow down after seeing his car which forced me in my high top van to abruptly steer out of the way rather than risk being rear ended as I could not see directly behind me. This second officer was behind me the second I left a parking lot.—That ticket was ultimately dismissed over a technical error the officer made in requesting a delay. He filed too late and I won on that basis. But before it was dismissed something happened that triggered me to realize that I am absolutely being stalked by the authorities and that two high speed accidents I endured years earlier were likely not accidents at all. I told the first C.H.P. officer that the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred a few days after Santa Cruz let me down after I spent two weeks there with my message for the first time. As if I had anything to do with the earthquake or that my story was that important. After I made my motion to dismiss due to the officer’s error I expected a response before trial. I got no response and trial was scheduled for September on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, as if to rub it in to me that this date was no accident, either. I was told my motion would be heard during trial. This is not normal. Had I not rejected the substitute judge I would likely have been railroaded and my motion ignored. This so spooked me, seeing the court and this officer in court ready to go to trial fraudulently over his error, ignoring my timely motion, and on the anniversary of the quake, that I felt the need to take a three week road trip to southern California to assess the situation before going to trial. When I returned I was so sure that those two high speed accidents were attempts by Obama to kill me that I began disseminating newsletters all about it to Monterey and Santa Cruz. Well over a thousand flyers, at least. Before I did that, though, the court, only after learning that I was requesting a change of venue to Monterey, granted my motion to dismiss and vacated the court date.—I began passing out flyers in early December 2019 – a form of activism that riles my enemies – just before the D.A. prosecuted my ticket after a year’s time. In October I was told that my DUI ticket was still pending toxicology results. About the same time I was even told that the C.H.P. had not even submitted the ticket. I was looking forward to my ticket being dismissed. The deadline to file was Jan. 10, 2020. January 9, 2020, a day before the deadline, I checked my mailbox. No notice from the court. I was so stressed by the sudden realization that that sword over my head for a year had suddenly been lifted that I broke out with a case of Shingles, a painful rash caused by extreme stress. I would otherwise have filed a formal motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute. Instead I got diagnosed and treated and was told to take it easy for a while.— On January 27 I checked my mailbox and, lo and behold, for the first time in over a year, I saw a letter from the court. I suspected it was a notice that my case had been dismissed. No. Far from it. I was told to be in court to answer this charge. I learned I was already late for court and eligible for arrest. I recall describing this move as cruel and unusual to the assistant D.A. in an e-mail, then. The next day I was told by their staff that my trial was rescheduled for Feb. 11.  At arraignment I entered no plea and requested a public defender. The public defender’s officer informed the court that Cris Malsak was a client already with their staff in trouble on other multiple criminal matters and represented a conflict of interest and that they could not represent me. Instead I was given an alternate to the public defender. I told that attorney how it was that the D.A. filed two weeks before the deadline on Dec. 20, 2019 and didn’t mail me until the 7th of January, assuring that I could not know until after the statute of limitations had run out if I was ever interested in suing other parties who I feel are responsible for what happened: the pharmacy for printing the wrong directions on the pill bottle and the driver I hired, Cris Malsak, for setting up the accident whether he left it out of gear or not. He had just signed responsibility papers for my welfare as the accident was occurring. I felt that this is why the D.A. filed at the last minute, to deny me my rights to sue other responsible parties.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    My gut feeling is that, far from being paranoid or suffering from delusions of grandeur, government officials, starting with Greg at the coffee shop, hatched this event and set me up in a cruel, malicious fashion to obstruct my expose and cost me money and my licence, and probably coached Cris to drive recklessly and almost off grounds – to accelerate my system – before leaving me abandoned in the middle of the roadway, my van apparently left out of gear, balanced on the edge of motion, the engine running and door open without a word as to why. That his attempt to get me a wheel chair I was not in need of at any time, nor ever discussed between us when we rehearsed the job, was likely a deceptive ruse to explain away his conduct. The red flags corroborating this suspicion are bountiful; (1) The fact that a retired Santa Cruz police officer, fully aware of who I was and that I’d be vulnerable, was the one to recommend Cris to drive me is automatically suspect. (2) The two sheriff’s cars a half a block away and on scene in mere seconds, another red flag (3) Shooing Cris away instead of citing him for driving on a suspended licence (4) The citing officer forbidding me with a phone call  weeks later to contact the only eye witness to ask her what happened (5) Greg’s out of place remark, after; “You know I’m a police officer, right?” (6) The bizarre call from the sheriff’s office inquiring why I suspected their involvement as if I must be crazy (7) The April Fool’s Day ticket from his co-worker in the same officer weeks later who later tried to orchestrate my trial to fall on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta quake that I brought up with the first officer (8) The ignoring of my motion to dismiss due to the officer’s untimely request for an extension, even scheduling trial before hearing it. (9) Informing me almost ten months after my ticket was issued that the officer had not submitted the ticket at all, in contradiction that it was only pending toxicology results in all my other inquests. (10) The waiting until a year had lapsed before I was notified harmed my redress options concerning other parties who may be responsible for mislabeling my pill container and driver Cris Malsak who I hold as the real cause of everything that happened. As if to cut me off from my right to sue responsible parties before informing me I had to defend this ticket (11) Most importantly, the Santa Cruz police and former mayor Neil Coonerty fear being exposed for their 1995 mischief after my expose breaks and have a motive to harm me, independent of the Lennon expose.

There are more, but I think any jury who is apprised of the past law enforcement fraud against my right to come forward with evidence that incriminates our government for a murder of a famous rock star we all loved will be convinced that there is more than a shadow of a doubt that there may be fraud behind this ticket and this unprecedented attempt to criminalize me after a lifetime of lawful conduct with no criminal record, whatsoever. That I am being denied my Constitutional right to make a citizen’s arrest on Stephen King or file charges in spite of several in person attempts in Manhattan, N.Y.C. should legally prevent the courts from being allowed to prosecute me for any criminal offense until that right of mine is restored. That the local police, mayor and judge Sullivan set me up in 1995 to slander me on national television offers a motive for them to silence me and suppress me from ever coming forward and exposing that chapter someday. That I happened to ask a former police officer of theirs who was likely working when I was slandered then, and letting him know I’d be on mild pre surgery medication and needing a ride in a few days was bizarre bad luck and I suspect the opportunity was too tempting for him not to contact his police friends and officials to possibly set me up and make it look like a freak accident. That he or others likely coached Cris to do exactly everything he did; the high speed reckless driving, the ignoring my instructions to simply park in the spot we discussed days earlier, almost driving off grounds, whipping a screeching U-turn and leaving me abandoned without a word during the whole episode. I feel this kind of plot is exactly what happened and I’d like to argue these merits to the jury as audacious as it may sound to you, now. If a good jury can be assembled I think it’s the best way to defend me.—Of course a bizarre collection of circumstances may have lined up to make it all just seem like a conspiracy, but there are, frankly, too many to give that possibility the nod, in my opinion.— I’d like to first try and dismiss this with a Serna Motion due to the fact that the one eye witness moved with no forwarding information of how to contact her. This harms my case and was caused by a year of delay from the D.A.’s office. I was previously forbidden from even calling her when it happened. Other factors also give cause to dismiss due to this delay. It is presumed, after a year, that my case is harmed. That the D.A. waited until just three days before the deadline to inform me makes them responsible for a year’s time lapse. I would also like a change of venue if that does not work. I have good cause for that request. I don’t know the proper sequence of which to request first. My right to file murder charges against a horror writer who I can prove guilty with hard evidence is a matter that should be addressed before I am ever tried in any criminal matter, as well, I think.—-You are the expert and I want to hear your thoughts on this terrifying matter that I have no business being in given my spot free past and could only have happened due to Cris Malsak’s conduct. My pharmacy even mislabeled my pill instructions according to my dentist.  Mostly, though, Cris is responsible for this occurrence.

Sincerely, awaiting your decision, Steven Lightfoot

And here we are awaiting my first real meeting with this attorney this next week. Wish me luck, folks. (to be continued…)


Last Dec. 06,2019, while being interviewed on KSCO Radio, and as soon as I sensed the hosts were abusing my evidence and mission, I publicly prayed that a monster asteroid erases the human race if it cannot jail Stephen King for John Lennon’s murder in my lifetime. I argued that it would be more cruel for us to pretend our lives are good and go on under a tragic set of circumstances and ignore the matter than it would be to cease being a species. I meant every word of it, too. You’re all half alive and you’re all afraid and scared and not up to snuff turning your backs on John Lennon. ( “–” means “new paragraph” as I am distributing this letter and need to make room.) — I am Steve Lightfoot of and the yellow van almost all of you already know about if you live on the central coast. Some of you think I’m a nut and some of you who have actually read my site know better. You know I am America’s most unsung hero and you know that my fellow man is no good when it comes to admitting I might be right and to help me come forward and override the media cover-up. You all know that the media has been lying to you since Mark David Chapman was never even tried, then. Still, many of you gobble up the “Chapman up for parole” news feed they are poisoning you with. Because man is a phony animal many of you think that “They caught him…he admitted it..” and that’s good enough for you. Or you think; “If it’s a cover-up why isn’t Yoko making a fuss?” You give any excuse to not to do your duty and get to the truth of the matter and jail that bastard who hates you all; Stephen King, the author; Stephen King. Yoko set John up for the government and you want to deny that now that you have to do something about it. In the late 60’s you all boo’d and hissed at her suspecting she was the evil government, then. You only pretend to be as stupid as you act.– Almost immediately, anyone who laughed at my asteroid threat / prayer then was gobsmacked into silence upon the Coronavirus outbreak that threatens to kill off some portion of mankind that occurred just days after my remarks. A skyscraper sized asteroid also just missed us right after. As “the messenger” I am paying attention because I have a list of past enemies who have befallen bad karma for harming me that is unbelievable, I think you’ll have to admit, after you read just some of it. – I’ll list it later.– For now, know that Paul McCartney, not I, is the one who is cruel and hateful to the human race. I am a saint by comparison. Paul’s silence in the wake of my coming forward decades ago and his not overriding the media cover-up and speaking out to support me is a case of treasonous cowardice in action. What a wuss! (He endorsed me live at Berkeley in 1990. Very weak attempt, however. I recall Linda’s ashamed expression on stage over his planned remarks which she knew were weak nothingness.) Letting all of humanity stew in it’s evil mess just so he can keep his neck safe and not do a thing to help the human race. Even he suffered a little for it with Linda’s death and his failed marriages, ho hum career, after, etc.. Not enough for his silence, though. He’s betraying us all. His apathy is the worst as he is THE person to speak out on this of us all. Yoko is a government trained manipulator; is he under her evil spell? I, on the other hand, risk my life to make it possible for us, as a species, to fight back with facts, for once in our lied to, miserable, boot-licking, turncoat, brainwashed, hero killing lives and live righteously instead of living in a satanic tragedy. Shame on his silent, cowardly ass. John would have spoken up if it were Paul, even after the acrimony they both went through. Celebrities who cash in on the fame and then disappear when their fame is needed are a curse on the human race. At least evil Yoko and the media are working for the government. Paul has no excuse.– Maybe China deliberately launched the virus to start World War III and kill off a third of the human race and to save social security money since the elderly are affected most. Maybe it is a plot to force vaccinate us. To defile our well being. Maybe it was a last resort to derail Trump and his great economy since the impeachment trial did not. (The timing is suspicious). Maybe it was “Blame it on the bat” like we were initially told. Maybe it was a chemical weapon’s lab accidental release. We don’t know.–  As all this is happening around us the Santa Cruz authorities are trying to criminalize me, take away my licence and van and ability to promote my message at the same time. (See my New Dvpts. page for details) Could all this bad karma have anything to do with that? It’s as if they set me up in a police sting the circumstances are so bizarre.– Meanwhile, SOME of you are aware and good enough to help me demonstrate and come forward and out of danger. Almost 70 of you actually showed up all at once at noon last March 1, the first Sunday of the month – when I always demonstrate – in downtown Monterey. The problem was you didn’t just join me and grab a sign. Instead, you saw me all alone and you were afraid to be the first to make a move. Problem was you all thought the same thing at the same time and left me without the support you came to downtown to give me. Be braver and more hands on the next try, please. PLEASE!!!  I’M SUFFERING and tired of your abusing the messenger with timidity..– Now, for my record and my avenging angel and why my prayer for the monster asteroid I saw as a 12 year old is maybe no joke; — Working backwards; 2020; Coronavirus hit us all days after my asteroid remark over the air. (In 66 years of living I am the only person to ever suggest extinction over any airwaves for man’s misconduct).; A huge asteroid also just missed us at the same time; 2017; My home town of Santa Rosa burned down on John Lennon’s birthday; Oct.9. The town that ignored my cause for three decades; 2015; After the Santa Barbara area falsely found me guilty in a traffic matter I said, on court camera, that “This area will probably suffer bad karma for the way it has convicted me, here.” Right after that they suffered three major oil spills ruining their tourism for three years, they suffered the worst fire season, ever, the worst mudslide, ever, the worst school shooting there, ever, at U.C.S.B. (just a mile from where I was cited) and the town that cited me, Goleta, then suffered another fire that destroyed over 500 homes.; Late 90’s; The vice mayor of S.Rosa, after I asked the city council to help me file murder charges since the courts were stonewalling me, said in the paper why it wasn’t their business to help me. Right away, after, he contracted terminal cancer.;1990’s to present; KGO Radio and their bad karma after their brutal campaign to besmirch me for a decade; Just recently host Ray Tagliofarro killed himself on a wilderness walk; Ronn Owen suffered multiple, serious health issues, Pete Wilson died on the operating table; Gene Burns died of a complication; Bernie Ward was sent to the Texas Penitentiary for child porn trafficking; another host committed suicide very early on; they lost their stability and top talk station in the western hemisphere status and fell to the bottom and into several new owner’s hands and most of the staff were replaced. All these hosts rallied to wash me up and cover up my evidence find. Manager; Micky Luckoff’s (Russian?) wife was rendered comatose for over a year after a bicyclist hit her. Talk about bad karma, huh? A petri dish of amazing bad luck. Bernie Ward first lied that Lennon was ever a pedophile before having to take it back and look what happened to him.; In 1999 Stephen King was run over by a van and almost killed just a few years after he bragged to the Santa Cruz crowd; “I guess we took a few shingles off of his roof.” about me for being arrested and jailed earlier that day for carrying a sign that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER’ IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE.” I was arrested and put on the national t.v news and branded a “Stalker”. His book signing event was a trap to mess with me. Karma messed with him, later; At the same time he was recovering and on crutches, held together with screws, he attended his daughter’s wedding. I felt it strangely just that his daughter’s wedding was a mixed race, lesbian union.; 1990’s; The local sheriff who turned me in to the Secret Service died of colon cancer years later; In 1995(?) Richard Nixon died of a stroke he suffered exactly one hour after he heard me confront Henry Kissinger about Yugoslovia on KABC Radio. Three weeks earlier I spent three days in a row, 15 minutes per day, on Morton Downey Jr.s L.A. radio show where we scared Nixon to death with my expose.; In 1992 Herb Cain, famous Chronicle columnist, died of a heart attack a few weeks after bad-mouthing me in the paper.; In the 80’s a man who kicked me in the back was seen weeks later in a wheelchair with a permanently hurt leg (Probably the one he kicked me with); Another man who, with the help of a tall friend who dislocated my shoulder, first, broke my nose on a sidewalk. He had every last tooth in his mouth knocked out just a year later and was last seen living in a sleeping bag in Golden Gate park, his future a dire mess.; In 1984, on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, my father died as a passenger in a plane crash on a ski mountaintop in New Zealand. It’s only peculiar because – whether Nixon was behind it or not – in 1970(?) my father was playing “chicken” with Lake Tahoe mountaintops piloting our entire family in his own plane to the point I wondered what was he thinking. So, if there is an avenging angel behind any of this he doesn’t play sentimental. — So why am I telling all of you this? I’m pointing out that maybe your world falling apart all around you is all because you can’t avenge John Lennon like a real human being should. Maybe your lives are too much of a joke to deserve this planet. Maybe you are living wrong and paying a karmic price for it all. Rallying around cowardly McCartney and sucking your thumbs like rape victims isn’t cutting it with whomever “The Almighty” is. Maybe if you grew a spine and stood up for yourselves and DEMANDED the media expose my HARD EVIDENCE you could all be spared possible extinction, for all any of you really know. You need to act like a man and not a turncoat, coward for a change, people. Help me come forward, please. Come together over this huge and important cause that will change the world. Right now, please, before I get killed, next.

I demonstrate every first Sunday of every month from noon until 2:00 pm in downtown Monterey. Show up, please and, this time, BE the first to stand by me with a sign, act, and watch how many others then fall into line following your lead..– Steve Lightfoot



Saint;”Santa”, or Satanic? that is the question with Santa Cruz. Personally, I live very near Santa Cruz and have to admit what an eclectic crowd Santa Cruz is; intelligent, full of character, a little too stoned, usually, perhaps, but quite a stout crowd of individuals, indeed. The only thing I see missing is honesty and courage. Courage enough to own up to America’s world famous nightmare; John Lennon’s political assassination, and jailing the real murderer; author Stephen King, who actually fired the gun. ( He was switched with look-alike; Chapman, at the police station.) It has taken three decades, plus, to finally get most of you to have to admit this fact to yourselves. The news flyer at the top of this chapter helped a lot and that’s why this is not at the top. It expressed how phoniness on the public’s part is responsible for the cover-up and the murder in the first place. It said a lot of things that have finally hit home with you, for a change.

I was on the sidewalk the other day on Pacific Avenue, downtown, my large sign; “DARK PUBLIC APATHETIC” on side “B” of my website address on the other. I was saying some very provocative things that made people react more than usual; “C’mon, stupid turncoats. I thought you were the HUMAN race.” Nailing society for it’s phony ways. The reactions were physical and involuntary. – Like seeing someone cough up popcorn  People were caught having to admit what I’ve been saying all this time. My recent radio interview on KSCO (See chapter immediately below this one to find out why I now call it Keeping Santa Cruz Oppressed) where I gave no quarter to a resistant public put us all on notice who’s right and wrong with evidence. No one has ever denied my evidence. Instead, society has ducked it’s ashamed head and wallowed in feigning denial allowing evil to rule over them while they remain silent, en masse. Sub-human race flat on it’s face. “Can’t fight city hall; Can’t jail the government; They’re untouchable to us mere citizens; The media is in their hip pockets; It’s no use to resist their evil assassinations; John Lennon is dead; Stephen King is a famous celebrity; We’ll look stupid to the rest of the world; Maybe he’ll (I’ll) get killed, if we wait long enough, and we won’t have to deal with it; It hurts to think about it; I want an ice cream cone…..” and on and on, B.S. piled on top of B.S. on top of more B.S.. Cowardly, weak bullshit. Setting your children up for failure, school shootings, viruses, forced vaccinations, mind AND body control, more assassinations.

America is FAMOUS for being stupid about this for decades, now, already! The secret of your cover-up was dashed decades ago, as if you don’t already know. My literature has been posted all across the world I’ve been told. “United States of Apathy” is what the world probably is thinking. So, keeping America’s evil secret is just E V I L ! So, here we are, mid February, 2020, and Santa Cruz court authorities are stalking my driver’s licence, my crime free record, so far, as well as over two thousand dollars I don’t have. (See chapter immediately above) and, ultimately, my life, I honestly believe. Behind their role lies silent all of you; a do nothing, no good U.S. public, guilty as hell. It takes one such as I to have to say it, people. LOOK at you all; stalking the hero who solved John Lennon’s murder, discovered the government codes, the killer’s face and true identity and Chapman’s letter linking Reagan all printed before the crime! Stalking the man who risked his life and martyred his youth to save YOU from REAL EVIL – Orwellian evil, in fact – in ways religion just can’t. You lack the courage to help me so you – via your court employees – stalk and try to kill me, instead. Like I said, a monster asteroid just MIGHT BE our fate if you don’t get it together this year, people, and bring me forward. This is the year you HAVE to help me. I’m the only hero you’ve got right now. Until Trump jails Stephen King he is not a real hero to us at all. He is the most eligible president yet to do it but, so far, he has not. Jailing evil Stephen King is job one if America is to survive. Am I a genius to be seeing this before the rest of you? Or are you just sick from the Chapman lie and all the phoniness behind you already? “Silent America Satanic” is not just a slogan, it’s the arrogant truth.

Yeah, I’m right. Yeah, Stephen King belongs in jail. Yeah, it’s time you cowards cared and brought me forward. Anything less would be an insult to John Lennon, admit it.

My van is lately adorned with these taped on signs, one at a time;


They’re all in four inch letters, blue on white.

March 2, 2020; INSERT:

The last stretch home is the hardest in breaking a story like this. Having to make such a tackle on everyone’s apathy and fear. So close yet still so far, just out of reach, ever elusive, always exceeding my grasp.

Just yesterday, my birthday, and the first Sunday of March, I held my rally. AGAIN about 100 people actually showed up to help join my protest. And AGAIN, because no one had stood next to me and grabbed a sign, yet, not one of the 100 made a first move, or should I say no one dared make a first move. I know most of them came specifically to help my protest but were scared off to have to be the first to take a stand with me. I AM getting close, people, and so are YOU!!!!

My crowd is the kind you see at golf tournaments; winners, semi wealthy and successful, not yet hardened by and afraid of the world. optimists.

Thanks for showing up, people. Next time bring some chairs and make a stand whether others are or aren’t. One step at a time. Fear only your apathy.

As for the thousands who didn’t even try to attempt to help me, I have to pity you all for being such fools and such raped, silent losers.

I won’t say who are where but a local karaoke bar abused me on the singing roster (shuffling me back in the deck) and it resulted in my yelling “FAGGOT!” after he made a rude remark about my van as I removed myself from their jealous scene. I did the same to another karaoke bar years earlier. Well, I didn’t yell out anything, then. They were also upset that I have a voice AND a cause AND a future. It’s kind of hypocritical to run a show about singing and not be able to avenge John Lennon. My presence was just too much of a constant reminder, I guess.

That first karaoke bar fell out of favor and lost customers for whatever reason since I left. I suspect the Coronavirus paranoia, if nothing else, may have the same affect on this latest bar. Probably, though, my absence will diminish the entertainment value there and that might play a role.

I am not a homophobic person at all. I appreciate that they help curb population growth and have a just place in the world and should be treated as everyone else it treated. Equally. The problem I have noticed is that THEY are especially unsympathetic to issues as serious and expository as John Lennon’s murder. Even MORE than heterosexuals are. It’s a pattern I’ve had to pay attention to in my life’s experiences. I’ve seen it raise it’s head too often, already.

I’m not ashamed to speak my mind in public about it, either. Whether my impressions of whomever are true or mistaken.

Just as I tipped you all off what kind of owner of KSCO Radio Michael Zwerling might be and what kind of people are castrating you with censorship and mind control, I have no problem blaming others for their bad behavior and letting you all know what kind of people they probably are.


Feb. 27, 2020: INSERT:

I just have to chime in on how I’m feeling listening to all the news chatter about the pandemic eventuality of the Corona virus. As stated, earlier, I prayed, publicly, during my radio interview in early Dec. 2019, for an asteroid to wipe out mankind as a species if it cannot jail Stephen King in my lifetime. That mankind would not be worth saving if it had so little humanity, courage, class or spine. Somewhere in this site I listed my uncanny history with an avenging angel I must, apparently, have for so many of my trespassers to suffer bad luck (My home town of Santa Rosa burning down on the anniversary of Lennon’s birthday after decades of neglecting my cause, for example) Dozens of inexplicable episodes that have made a believer out of me, at least. Herb Cain, the world famous columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle dying of a heart attack right after badmouthing me in the paper, being just one of many things I can point to. The Santa Barbara area suffering it’s worst ever three years in a row with fires and mudslides and school shootings just after I warned them in court on camera that such bad luck would probably occur over how unjust they were with me in a traffic ticket matter then. The list is scary long, people.

I even suggested that the Corona Virus got loose on about the same exact day the Santa Cruz D.A. decided to prosecute a weak, year old case regarding me and medication for an operation I was to have that resulted in me and my van in the bushes in a parking lot after my hired driver apparently left my van out of gear. I tried to save it and had to scramble from the back of my van to the driver’s seat. I think I was set up, in fact, as the driver was recommended to me by a Santa Cruz police officer who knew of my situation days before. There were two Sheriff’s cars a half a block away at the time as if they were tipped of, even. The whole thing smells.

As if this move against me triggered the virus on the world just for punishing me, yet again. Did I mention also that the assistant D.A. behind the decision may even be Chinese? Pao (?) You see, folks, the riddles never end in this regard with me.

When I prayed for man’s destruction if it could not care about jailing Stephen King and wiping it’s filthy, phony ass many listeners laughed, I’m sure. : “Who does he think he is? He thinks his story is that important? Let’s laugh at him for being such a fool” That was two weeks before the Corona virus hit.

Nobody’s laughing now, are they? In fact, just recently, a large asteroid just did miss earth.

Frankly, I’ve seen so much from the human race and know so much about it, I am willing to see what happens rather than try and reform you any more. I’ve given you the word. Now it’s up to all of you whether you deserve this planet or not. If it plays out to the point that you are ordered to undergo forced vaccinations, even only that, I say you would all be humiliated fools to keep quiet any longer about jailing King. If a third of the world’s population is killed off, I doubt even that would inspire you all to reform.

Pretty sad, the so called human race, right?

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn” any more until you hero killing, boot-licking turncoat slobs wake up. Your apathy is what is wrong with our world, not my heroism and decency.


February 6, 2020; Media censoring me locally;

I am the one with the website and van and have been trying to get you people to care about hard evidence that proves we were lied to when told Mark Chapman shot John Lennon. So far America has proven itself to be a lying coward bent on ignoring me.— While the Santa Cruz District Attorney and, apparently, Gavin Newsom are going after my driver’s licence and website emblazoned van with a year old ticket suddenly enacted – a ticket that was probably the result of a trap that they set – KSCO, KGO, and even southern California radio stations are all blackballing me. Since this chapter is about my Dec. 6  KSCO interview you should know what is lurking behind the scenes. I had to threaten Michael Zwerling, the station owner, last December with a news flyer like this one if he didn’t give me that interview. I agreed, without his asking, to delete certain unflattering chapters about him and his station if he would. His station had been blocking me for months at the time. Of all the things Mr. Zwerling requested I delete was my tag line “The C.I.A. In Hippy Cloth” description I gave of KSCO. This makes me think that that line is the absolute truth about that station. You see, America, Santa Cruz is too liberal and different and potentially dangerous to the government NOT to be under C.I.A. control via at least one talk radio station. That’s my honest opinion of KSCO which I now describe as Keeping Santa Cruz Oppressed (KSCO) — It matters a little whether or not Mr. Zwerling is a homosexual, but because he is a gatekeeper of the truth for the area and in a position of enormous influence, it DOES matter. My cause is for the sturdy and hearty and brave of heart, those who promote the creation of life and are up to the rigors that come with keeping life decent. Heterosexuals, I have noticed, are more prone to care about whether or not Stephen King shot John Lennon or not than homosexuals. Hate me for saying it but I have noticed this fact. They bring children into this world and have to care about it. Michael Zwerling may be a heterosexual but I think not and I think he is sandbagging Santa Cruz with a feminized perspective that does not worship truth and justice as it should and is, instead, promoting a sick and dangerous perspective that is not child friendly or adult friendly, even.That Michael Zwerling is really poisoning all of you. That he is serving as a state appointed censor of truth and has only tried to shoot my message down, ultimately. I have reason to believe he has given my phone number to a host of stations to make sure I don’t get on their stations, even the huge Coast To Coast show.— Zwerling’s new protoge’ / talk host; Jack Stine is an obvious enemy of me and my cause and in fact played a role in my interview there last December against my request he not be included. You should all know that this 20 ish, I’d say Iranian or middle eastern in lineage individual, tried to sell me once on a movie he wanted to make about me. He used the salesman line ; “It’s just a school project assignment..”. I wisely declined as it seemed he was trying to steal my copyrights, for example. He comes across as an egotistical gift to all women but I’d say it’s all in his head. He seems quite psycho if you ask me and I wonder what is Zwerling thinking with him on board. Maybe he is sexually agreeable with Zwerling’s personal perspective, I don’t know, but I do have my opinions. I think KSCO has suddenly become a dangerous influence on all of Santa Cruz. That this only talk radio show in the area is subduing the public with their evil brand of censorship and anti intellectualism. They are trying to make it alright for all of you to suck Stephen King’s you know what and let him off the hook for killing John Lennon. Not the kind of advice a healthy heterosexual parent would choose for his children. Apparently KSCO is exactly the C.I.A. In Hippy cloth I warned you about. The management lacks the spine or moral sturdiness to expose Stephen King. They’d rather protect him than any of you. They are, in fact, interested in corrupting you to go along with the cover-up. Because I think they are less pro life and less pro truth than America’s vast majority of heterosexuals they represent a danger to you. They are not your friend, they are your evil enemy, truth be known. Too weak to handle the truth.—KGO radio is a known C.I.A. owned station and their staff has even admitted this fact on the air, twice. It could be KGB for all their integrity. Their John Rothman, a whelp of a man hiding behind a surly women censor, is the latest to block me, entirely. His female screener never misses the fact that it is MY number on her device and she never lets me on and even pretends she doesn’t know it’s me when she does. She admitted to me; “…then so be it..” when I called her a C.I.A. censor, once. I scare John Rothman. For that reason he should scare you that he is in a position of gate keeper of ideas. He has a weak mind that wants to protect the evil government at the public’s expense. He is a boot-licking, short haired, yellow bellied son of ‘Tricky Dicky’ He even once worked for Nixon. Not kidding! Another C.I.A. asshole keeping you victims in the dark.—George Nori of Coast To Coast is doing fewer shows about alien visitation thanks to my chastising him on air once about it. He is still a former C.I.A. employee, though, according to his own mouth, once. So, people, beware. Your media is as corrupt as a nest of Soviet agents trying to kill America..—Stephen King felt the need to remove himself last week from Facebook. I wonder why? The rumors must be milling a lot about him getting Lennon’s last autograph, I’ll bet.—Question is. when will you victims rise above this media assault on your right to know? Wake up and help me protest every first Sunday of every month in downtown Monterey from noon to 2 pm, please. I am in distress. Help me, please.—Definitely go to my website; and see my New Devlepments page for the rest of this news flyer. Please log on.



{As much as I’d like to discuss the impeachment hearing, I, myself, at the exact point and time as Donald Trump is being persecuted, am being equally hunted by the political opposition. The local Santa Cruz District Attorney Jeffery Rosell and, I think, Gavin Newsom, our governor, may be illegally stalking me through the court system, and in a cruel and unusual manner that I need to discuss with you and have you all listen so I don’t end up killed or deprived of my right to drive my van that I also live in. Apparently my political activism and new van have our officials breaking the law to wrongfully convict me for D.U.I. (non alcohol) regarding a dental operation I needed over a year ago. I made the mistake of hiring, on the recommendation of a former S.C.P.D officer, a homeless man to drive me one block to the office. I believe he left the van abandoned in the middle of the parking lot after disobeying my instructions to park and I found myself having to rescue it from rolling in the bushes as it was apparently left out of gear with the door wide open. I think I was set up and entrapped, in fact. This officer knew who I was and that I’d be on meds for an operation. He had three days to arrange anything if he wanted to.

To give you a taste of how cruel and unusual this has been, this occurred over a year ago; 1-10-’19, and for most of that year I called the D.A.’s office a dozen times and more to find that my case was pending either because toxicology tests weren’t in or that the officer had never submitted the ticket as I was told last October. On April Fool’s Day, a few months after this first ticket, the same CHP office cited me for an unsafe lane change. That was dismissed but not before some scary things happened along the way that I’ll discuss later. On Jan. 9, 2020 I checked my mail box and saw no letter from them and I assumed my case was dismissed in the interest of justice. It had been a day shy of the deadline and I was so stressed to be out from under that year long sword over my head that I could not bring myself to draft the motion to dismiss for failure to prosecute as I tried to do on the anniversary. I, instead, drove up to the bay area, my old haunts, and distributed hundreds of newsletters detailing the danger I am in from our courts. The danger I even described as two attempts to kill me in separate accidents that perhaps were actually NOT accidents, after all.  When I returned I discovered all this year long stress and it’s final release had triggered a bout of Shingles, a very painful skin rash from stress. I was told to take it easy and take medicine and I did. Then I checked my mailbox on Jan. 27, 2020. For the first time in over a year, a letter form the S.C.D.A.’s office. I actually thought it would tell my my case had been dismissed since it was past the year statute to file. NO. It told me I had a warrant out for my arrest and was to be arraigned in Superior Court on Jan. 21 – a week ago – and I was scrambling all over again with this issue dumped on me all over. Cruel and UNUSUAL!

I think Gavin Newsom is behind this witch hunt and Jefferey Rosell and I think so because the Santa Cruz Police are already dirty from 1995 when they fraudulently arrested me – even put me on national t.v. in handcuffs branded a stalker of Stephen King – and I notice it is now the STATE, not Santa Cruz, behind this as if to disguise the fact that Santa Cruz has a vested interest in keeping me down and unknown if only so as not to have their 1995 dirt be known worldwide someday after Stephen King is arrested.

I am a Trump supporter and my political activism on radio and my website has made a big difference and these people I have named apparently don’t appreciate it. In fact, it was in mid September when this OTHER CHP ticket was letting me know that there was hostile intent behind it. My motion to dismiss due to the officers failure to make a timely motion was ignored and trial commenced, anyway, and on the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake. The reason this is alarming is because I told the officer of the first ticket, this other officer’s office partner, that that quake occurred right after I first visited Santa Cruz after they let me down as if I could have had anything to do with that. If it were not for the fact that I did not accept the substitute judge I could have been railroaded. Eventually, weeks later, it was dismissed on the basis of my motion but that jeopardy of a trial that could have been had no business in the first place. Trying to try me on the anniversary of the quake was spooky, too.

Understanding just HOW hostile the state was presenting itself set off alarm bells on two other ancient matters where I was almost killed in high speed road accidents. While I suspected these were suspicious at the time, now I was doubly suspicious and became so alarmed that I took a three week road trip to southern California to consider the situation in mid September. I was being targeted for assassination and Obama, no less, may have been behind two unsuccessful attempts to kill me. In 2010 I was broadsided by a motorist going almost 60 mph. The intersection was paved over the next day! All evidence was removed and I WAS scared, then. No one was cited though several witnesses saw her run against my green light. Concord, Ca. has a room with cameras that can manually control the entire city’s traffic light system it so happens.

In 2015 a Navy cadet in uniform slammed his truck into my van at 75 mph leaving a tire mark across it’s side and the CHP did not cite this man for what he did. I could have easily rolled and died on the freeway that day. Now, years later, I am, again, in the grip of state terrorism.

Here we are now. The ticket was finally prosecuted on Dec. 20, 2019, just two weeks shy of the deadline to do so after hanging this over my head for a year. Days before Christmas. “Merry Christmas John Lennon Man” is how it seems to me, now. Psychological warfare to try and make me crack is what they’re trying to do, also. They want to criminalize me. I am a threat to their Lennon murder cover-up. I have never been convicted of a crime in my life. I have absolutely no history of D.U.I. of any kind, ever in my life. Whatever happened was a set up, it seems to me.

I will have to ask for legal representation and change of venue and demand equal access to the law before I am charged with a crime. Until I can exercise my right to bring formal murder charges against author Stephen King for what he did to John Lennon, that I can prove with hard evidence, the state is not legally able to prosecute me. Several attempts to do so have been vigorously denied. Meanwhile I need YOU PEOPLE to have my back. The state wants to go after my driver’s licence and my bank account and cripple me so I cannot get the Lennon murder story out. So I can’t help Trump fight his enemies like Newsom and company. For trying to get a dental operation and hiring the wrong driver to present me to the dentist they are trying to take away my van and licence AND cost me thousands of dollars. They pressed charges only after I began distributing newsletters in mid December all over the area about these matters just listed. For trying to sound alarm bells I am now being shut down for doing so, it seems. “Oh, no you don’t, Steve Lightfoot. We’re going to kill you and you aren’t allowed to tell everyone what we’re up to.”

It’s not right and I think all of you know it’s not right. It’s cruel and unusual torture of the messenger. And you people often WONDER why I come across so angry at times. I’ve endured the torture of society’s neglect for decades, now. I may need you people to join me in the parking lot at Santa Cruz court plaza and save my life which is in danger right now.

Until I chime in again understand the component of your own responsibility for what is happening to me. You turned coat on John Lennon when you should not have and now, for telling on them with evidence, your apathy and silence and neglect are putting me in danger and stress and you are to blame in that respect, everybody. Face up to that fact. Their evil is your evil until you bring me forward, once and for all.}

Feb. 4.’20;

I woke up yesterday morning and experienced a refreshing thought; It occurred to me that a recalcitrant public, a sick and timid and scared public was the only reason Stephen King wasn’t already in jail for killing John Lennon.. That everything else was normal except for that. My evidence was valid, everyone KNEW and KNOWS that it is valid. That is not a factor in the matter. I was sane and credible. I was not a factor. Only the public was a factor in the absurdity of Stephen King walking around free after what he did to the world. Granted, he has taken himself off of Facebook, King has, this week, probably over the rumors milling around him and his role in killing John Lennon. The “heat” is starting to close in on his world, after all? But that is not enough to lift any pressure off of the public to wake the f##k up and jail his evil ass, once and for all. If it is only a sick, scared public to blame for the stonewall how hard can that be to fix? Just make the public well and all will BE well. King will be jailed and the public will be set free. For once America will cease being one nation under evil and be, again, one nation under truth. and justice.

So, what are your excuses, public, for NOT screwing your heads on straight and finding your self respect? Why is it all of YOU still holding up this news the world needs?

You say the Mark Chapman story has you confused. Bullshit. You all know better. There was no trial for decoy; Chapman. You haven’t a leg to stand on using that excuse. Just because Barbara Walters interviewed him on television doesn’t mean anything. She is a government propagandist busy brainwashing you. That argument fails the phoniness test. It’s for phonies. A public trial for the killer was required to exclude Nixon from the crime, John’s biggest enemy in public life. Suspect number one had to be eliminated, first. No one did that, though.

You say it’s been almost 40 years, why is it important, now? Well, let’s see;  King’s molesting your children with horror books and movies after what he did to John Lennon and the human race. He is an evil influence and belongs behind bars and out of your children’s lives, period. There is no statute of limitations on murder, even in New York City. It’s your duty to jail him, citizens. For all you know his freedom – your apathy – is fueling your children’s school shootings.

You say John Lennon is dead, what good will unearthing all this do now? There is a reason John Lennon is dead, citizen; That’s what you said when the Kennedy’s were killed; Too late, they’re dead. That attitude set the stage for the same evil bastards to then keep on killing your next heroes; Lennon, Morrison, Belushi. By ignoring my efforts now, you are setting ME up to be killed, next. No, people, YOU are to BLAME for all this evil hiding behind your thumb sucking cowardliness. You are afraid to stand up to the bully that killed your heroes. It’s YOU being afraid of evil that is fueling all the evil that follows, you see. You want a free ride. You want to be free but do none of the work freedom requires. You are too afraid to carry a sign and demand disclosure. That’s what I’ve been doing all this time. You have to all JOIN me. GODDAMMIT! None of you can afford NOT to get active and ON this. Preferably before I am killed next by your bad behavior. Right now the state is trying to take my van and website off the street for several months over my trying to rescue my van from  rolling into the bushes after my designated driver to an operation abandoned my van, engine running, door wide open and, apparently out of gear. To make it stink it appears this man who did this to me was recommended to me by a former Santa Cruz police officer who knew who I was days before the mishap occurred. It may have all been a setup to go after my activism and van. All the while you let me suffer the torment for trying to inform YOU! Shame on YOU, public, for doing nothing after all the evidence I have delivered to you.

Get well, people. It’s the most important news on the face of the earth and the biggest news in centuries, anywhere in the world. Can you cowards admit that, for once in your scared, brainwashed lives? Or will you look the other way like a Soviet slob in your free fall from grace?

Only our mortal enemy, Moscow, the Kremlin, the politburo, could have arranged for this nightmare I have uncovered. You’re all Soviet class slobs to do nothing about it. Admit it. Raped, scared, stupid victims of our enemy. You, public, the silent problem to blame for everything. Your apathy is your real enemy. I’ve been saying it all this time.

My epiphany the other morning that only a sick public was holding up this news event is the absolute truth. A cowed public sucking it’s thumb in fear. Get brave and care, you bastards. Your failure of nerve is no secret and the watching world is ALSO wondering “… what is wrong with “brave” America?. They seem like zombies lost in an evil cover-up, lately.”


(To be continued…….)

My Two Cents On The Impeachment Trial – 1-24-’20;???????!!!!!!!!

First of all, Adam Schiff stole my just released closing line (seen directly above) a week after it’s posting and becoming a subsequent news flyer all over the central and bay area of California; “It M A T T E R S…”  In his closing opening argument he closed with my million dollar slogan and said; “..Right, MATTERS!” and he walked away from the mic. Not the first time I have caught him reading my website. The first time was the day after I posted how he blinked every second his opening day of the whole procedure. Like a liar blinking under the pressure. The next day he blinked only once every ten seconds. I’m just saying, people. He and I are arch enemies where America’s future lies. I think he’s a “00 something” agent for the Kremlin, frankly, like I think Nixon and Reagan must have been. He knows that I stand on the horizon as the biggest threat to America’s take over by the Rockefeller –  Moscow led world order and he is keeping an evil eye on me. In immediate response his remark could be read as this; “It may NOT be a CRIME, but it still isn’t right!” I think that’s what he conceded as he left his podium. That my slogan may have roped him into that misstep is alright with me. I also noticed his admission that he has roots in…. are you ready?…in RUSSIA!. Just like I have been saying for months (see site postings) That he and his band of pledge pin wearing communists in U.S. clothing are trying to serve the wishes mostly of Vladimir Putin and unseat our threat to his regime; Donald John Trump. Schiff. Russian. Like Chickenoff (I actually have met one) or Romanoff. You know. Putin was so COUNTING on Hillary to do his world order bidding just as he relies, now, on dead in the water, doddering, fumbling Biden. What did Schifty Schiff say” He said this; “…like Vindman who immigrated form Russia to America, my great grandfather also did…” This Rumplestiltskinian confession in the same closing sentence listed above, like a signature; “Yes, I AM a K.G.B. plant doing my just job for the Fatherland, just like Vindman and I’m so proud OF it.”…” This whole imbroglio, and that’s all it is, like dozens of presidents have done without a wolf pack springing on them over it, STARTED when Trump started looking into Biden’s liabilities. “Oh, no, he’s NOT going to take our man down and possibly expose his ties to Moscow,(admit it, you dolts, he was Veep when Obama L E T Putin TAKE the Crimean Peninsula. Duhhhh!) Let’s do the 180 degree lie technique right out of the K.G.B. manual and pin Biden’s tail on Trump’s donkey ass.” Once they overplayed their hand and overreached they decided to double down all the way to the end if only to tar Trump and hobble him as much as possible as the 2020 election looms. That and possibly RIG the 2020 election they only pretend to defend. They really are trying to remove him. Putin’s big chance to prove he’s not the owner of a puny jaw and only five feet tall who likes to poison his enemies, the crime of a woman, generally. No “Napoleon complex” here. The REASON you are all watching the t.v. series “Madam Secretary” is because you were SUPPOSED you have Hillary for president while the media brainwashes you for her. Hillary, the former Secretary of State. So into our media is the K.G.B. that their news show, RT (Russia Today), has suddenly vanished after my warnings about it’s presence at all in America. As I have said for forever, Russia hasn’t declared ownership of America ONLY because we still have our guns, or they would. I’m afraid our “deep state” sold us out, people. I say Russia is behind the systematic U.S. media violence programming that triggers our mass shooters and that they applaud every new effort those episodes create to undo our 2nd amendment.

It occurred to me, yesterday, how it is that  the “dirt on their opponent” card is being played over and over by, I’m convinced, Vladimir Putin ‘Punytin’, if I may. First it was e-mail leaks to tarnish Hillary so we would think they wanted us to vote for Trump and, in turn, vote for Hillary. That backfired. Once Trump got in Moscow had to employ new measures to counter that. It began with that Russia leaking of Hillary’s e-mails used as a basis to tarnish Trump with a charge of being in bed with Russia. “Russiagate”. That failed but not before a few more tricks were sprung. There was the Russian female agent who promised Don Trump Jr. with a dossier on Hillary’s dirt that proved to be too ridiculous a set up to hang around for. Don Jr. left the meeting before it began. Then there was the Kissliak character, also from Russia, tarring Trump. NOW it’s the “dirt on Biden” snare they have sprung on our best chance at freedom, Trump. Their biggest threat; a real and intelligent, powerful and talented man  in our presidency. They were SO close to Hillary and a complete take over of our sleeping giant nation, too.

“A PLEDGE PIN!!!!?????…. ON YOUR UNIFORM!!!!!?????” Remember that line from R.O.T.C. soldier Neidermeyer in “Animal House” Have you all noticed that little CCCP pin everybody in the government is wearing lately? That gold one on their left lapel? Well it may not say CCCP on it but it might as well, if you ask me. Is that pin a litmus test to be a patriot? If so then who feels the NEED to convince anyone? It seems very FOREIGN to me, frankly.

If I were to judge the matter before the Senate I would come to this conclusion. “Let’s see, Schiff and your “Wrecking Company”, you say that our very nation hangs on the PRECIPICE of this matter. That our Republic will fall, that our Constitution will be destroyed and our very foundations will crumble if this man is not removed from office. That’s why you impeach. Is that what you’re saying? What did he do and say? He said WHAT?! ; “We’d like a favor, though…this Barisma situation with Biden bragging about firing the prosecutor…it would be great if you could look into that…”? Is THAT your case? You also allege that Trump asked this favor for the purpose of digging up dirt for the upcoming election as being the only motive behind this. That a vice president’s son getting shifty millions of dollars from a corrupt Ukraine oil company is not a possible reason to investigate corruption, generally, and justifiable on that merit alone? And you allege that Trump then further demanded a public announcement from Zelenskyy before the 400 million dollars is released (actually it’s 391 million) and that Zelenskyy knew this to be the case? That Trump held up the funds until he was caught doing so and only then released them? Is that your case? You also claim his refusal to submit witnesses not accorded their legal rights, in the first place, is obstruction of Congress. Is that what you’re saying?

O.K., I’ve heard your case. I watched through all the use of television clips and notebooks with three sentences per page so you could see the words as you flipped through them allowing you to mostly bow your head in shame. I’ve watched all of you repeat yourselves over and over and how you’ve relied on window dressing and lofty references to our documents that protect us from people like Russia in lieu of substance and I’ve been left with the impression of a start up company appealing to “The Shark Tank” for financing with their fancy presentation only …”You’re making a business that revolves around a designer diaper for dogs??????? I just don’t see it working. For that reason I’m out.”

In the first place, if Zelenskyy WAS pressured he certainly denies it, PUBLICLY. That he never was aware of such a quid pro quo or that money was delayed over that matter. If Trump even tried to pull that off he certainly failed. In fact, it seems he even said “I want nothing. No quid pro quo.” Being an amateur and failing is not a crime. He whiffed the ball IF that’s the case. It may count as a strike but not an out. There is also nothing out of the ordinary in investigating why a vice president’s son is making shifty money in a corrupt foreign oil company. What IS our vice president’s son doing in that corrupt foreign company to begin with? Why did he get a prosecutor fired for looking into his son’s company? SHOULD he be even running for president if he’s dirty with Ukraine? That, in my opinion, is more worthy of America’s investigative talents than what you have alleged, here. It’s almost as if the Russians HAD to reverse spin the matter exactly 180 degrees from the truth to HIDE the truth. It’s the ONLY lie that actually WORKS. IS Biden in bed with Ukraine? He certainly admitted he quid pro quo’d them over a billion dollar barrel. That DOES sound like a national security matter. And you all expect us to remove a successful, dynamic president that you all apparently, utterly FEAR for a smidge of what Biden admitted doing? And you’re all against looking into Biden for the same thing? You can’t prove that Trump had other reasons than the 2020 election to investigate Biden. You aren’t even willing to produce the WHISTLEBLOWER you CONSPIRED WITH days before he came forward that started this charade. I say you’re unreasonable and TRAITOROUSLY biased, in my opinion. I think you’re all under Putin’s orders to unseat an American president and should all be investigated for treason for doing so. It the results of any investigation show you to BE Russian agents subverting our duly elected president you will be handled accordingly. If that results in a breakdown of relations with Russia then so be it. I find that Donald John Trump may HAVE been a fool to hire Sondland as an ambassador to Ukraine mostly just because he dropped a million into Trump’s election campaign. For all Trump knows he’s just a K.G.B. spy buying his way into Trump’s cabinet. He was like a trouble making “Eddie Haskell” of “Leave It To Beaver” with all his intentionally damning “presumptions” in testimony. Trump may be a fool to trust Giuliani for anything after he was caught smuggling the Trade Tower’s steel overseas before it could be tested for explosives’ residue. Trump has a problem picking associates, yes. Did he do anything worthy of being impeached? I don’t believe so. I acquit. Your attempt to destroy America and it’s political process, to damage our next election with this tarring, far worse than what you claim Trump has ever done, all over this hogwash, is a disgrace and it’s now, over. Go lick your pathetic wounds. You’ve only exposed yourselves and no one else. See you in the spy hearings.

Now, I’ve noticed that Putin, the man really behind all this bullshit, is re arranging his power plans at this moment to give him power indefinitely. He is the Hitler in the world’s midst. I’ve been shouting that Russia took us over long ago and is only waiting for our guns to be taken before they make the announcement official. That Americans are the last to see this coming and that it takes a brave, courageous hero, only, to even SEE this fact that is in plain sight all around us.

John F. Kennedy was killed in a parade, a victory lap after kicking the Soviet missiles out of Cuba. As if to be made into a humiliation for doing so, his head blown off in front of everyone. Cruschev said “We will bury your grandchildren and destroy you using your own system against you.” In 1960 the typical 10 year old grandchild would be about 50 in 2001 and prime age to be working in the Trade Towers when they were ‘buried’ underneath it’s rubble. I think THEY buried our grandchildren, just like they promised, within the required time frame to maintain credibility and used our own system against us to do so. In fact, though Saudi Arabia was behind it as much as anyone, we went to war with Iraq, instead, then. Nuts. I say Russia was behind the 9/’11 attack and nobody but me is brave enough to figure it all out. Why do you think it is that Russia wants Hillary or Biden back in power doing their bidding? Trump TERRIFIES Russia’s politburo. It’s so obvious to me. Open your blind eyes, people. Maybe Paul Roselli, a mobster, fired the fatal shot from a storm drain and the mafia was involved. I say it was Russia, though. Kennedy humiliated them and stood them down.

A young J.F.K. made himself known with his first book; “Why England Slept” regarding WWII and Hitler. He warned us that England slept in a foggy slumber unaware of the dangers around them. That they were victims of their own sin of denial. That we Americans should not do the same, now. I thunderously agree.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Steve Lightfoot just came down with “Shingles” a nerve bacteria caused by extreme stress. I mean EXTREME stress, people. Looks like giant spider bites on your skin. When the doctor told me a smile lit up across my face. At least it was only Shingles. I was convinced a spider bit me and I’d have to de-infest my van and everything inside at the laundromat. Wheww! I thought. I know that it is a very painful disease and I should be chagrined, but I’m not. I can cool my stress jets and get rid of it. It’s only a 6 out of 10 on the pain scale and is already getting better. In two weeks or less it’ll be gone. Feels like your muscles were wrenched (Mine actually were wrenched- dislocated – the same left shoulder in 1987 in San Francisco when strangers attacked me and also broke my nose on the sidewalk. The photos showed tinges of green, purple and yellow in the extreme bruising.) Now, with Shingles, it hurts to sleep on that shoulder but, otherwise, no big whoop. I recall giving Nixon the Shingles many months before I later killed him with my Morton Downey Jr,. radio spots that aired in L.A. just weeks before. I felt he deserved his punishment, then. I stressed him out. He never denied my claims. He even admitted; “Everybody knows what I did.”

The doctor, who knew I had made a scene in the waiting room over a three hour wait said to me; “God must hate you. You have Shingles.” I actually smiled that it was only that. I’m lucky. I’m de stressed, already just knowing it’s not a parasite. I’m thrilled.

What actually pushed me to the point of immune system failure? What stressed the s##t out of me to begin with, more than ever before in my life???? I instantly knew what it was. I had been RUMINATING for three days, over and over, what new messages I need to make signs with to break my story and get the public’s head screwed on straight with. I remember getting headaches over it all. NASTY thoughts were required to examine your collective disease called apathy. Like changing the diapers of every new baby on the face of the earth all at once. Like having to scrub every last humans nasty butt hole clean just to find what message I need to crack their brains with. That’s what did it, folks. Contemplating your defiled condition. To be honest, people, watching you huddle AWAY from my message, like a frightened, turncoat animal when I protest, instead of supporting me, is uglier than anyone’s lame, nasty asshole, trust me.

Let me give you a sampling of the ones I’ve already paid for in mostly 4 inch letters;


I better stop right there (there are several more) before I trigger another attack just thinking about it. Already I have a star message; “YOUR APATHY IS SCARY” on the back of my van. Just replace the word SCARY with NASTY, CREEPY, ASININE, EVIL and others and you see where it’s going. Typing up my newsletter above took a lot out of me, YES, I think it’s the best newsletter I’ve ever done, the one at the start of this page that became a flyer all over my area. Watching the KGB, in my opinion, try to erase our 2016 and 2020 vote as they try their transparent Soviet brand of brainwash on America didn’t help, either. Nothing, however, compared to the mental machinations required to come up with genius slogans like the one Adam Schiff stole from me yesterday. “It MATTERS!” and the others I came up with at extreme expense to my system.

Hey, Adam and you wrecking company, good luck, you’ll need it after America throws your charade down the garbage can where it belongs. Your attempts to turn a pathetic splinter into a giant Sequoia Redwood tree have been transparent enough for all of us to see. Save your tactics for vodka slurping Soviet slobs. We ain’t buying it.

January 25,2020 – update;

As I was typing up the above Schiffty Schiff was demonstrating the 180 lie technique I warned you about. I turned on the t.v. and he was noticeably looking sideways, throughout, not facing the camera, as he tried to tell us that it was Trump and not Adam Schiff in bed with Russia. That’s how Nixon and Reagan camouflaged THEMSELVES once upon a time. Wile he is pointing his finger at Trump his other fingers are pointing at him, you see? It’s the 180 technique that works that I warned you about.

At the same time this character from Russia, the goony looking one of two Russians with Giuliani ties said yesterday that he told Trump that the female Ukraine Ambassador was telling everyone’ “Don’t worry about Trump he’s going to be impeached.” and played the tape of Trump demanding she be fired after hearing that lie. Nothing wrong with firing a disloyal employee and Pence acknowledged the tape recording as just that. The woman denies she ever said that. It just shows me that this goon is planting lies to stir up a hornets nest to trip up Trump.

Throughout all of Trump’s travails it’s always been a Russian or a Ukrainian in the mix, hasn’t it? It could only mean that we should all be saying to ourselves; “I Tawt I taw a Putin cat”

If John Lennon was too stupid to see through evil KGB cunt Yoko “Oh, NO!” how do you common slobs by comparison hope to see through what is going on with the Russia take over of America since I was born? It takes a H E R O to see such a matter. It’s why heroes matter, frankly. I am riding the sharp edge of our lives, off the beaten track, and see things you all cannot.

I noticed the face of Russia staring back at me at the initial House hearings. The shallow jaw line, like Putin, the small chin.There was a woman with extra curvy lips with wavy blondish hair for two days in frame who looked possibly like one of Putin’s hookers, frankly. The Russian jaw line intact. Not the only Russian lineage staring back at us during the terrorism that is this trial, in the first place.

I remember how Soviet transplant Vindman’s hand’s trembled as he took the stand. I remember how Russia produced Adam Schiff blinked about 70 times per minute his first day on t.v. and cut back 90 % the day after I pointed it out. I watched YESTERDAY and captured micro expressions by closing my eyes every few seconds to see a snapshot of his frozen face between glimpses and I saw a man of devious, sinister intent. Like Nixon used to look. Like a man behind enemy lines in the act of espionage and vandalism. You CANNOT see these telling expressions any other way. Do you have a “freeze”button on your remote? Use it and find out how true this is. Schiff is an evil bastard, trust me.

Another watch warning; Hillary looks especially diabolical, lately. For her that’s pretty evil, trust me, also. What is she up to? I noticed how she took the late night talk show throne the same day the impeachment hearings began, as if she is the Queen Bee pulling the strings. I told you and I’ll say it again; she and Bill knowingly met in the White House with Lennon’s killer, Stephen King and were up to no good, then, in 1995. In fact, ten days later the Murrough Building In Oklahoma City was bombed and they never found Stephen King look-alike “John Doe Two” You do know how King blew up Las Vegas in “The Stand”, right? O.K., I’m going too deep for you all. It really is all bizarre and too big for you all to see, just yet, what I see. I’ll save it for fame, later.

People of America, if Putin was the new Hitler and taking over America as we speak, the only way you’d know about it would be from a hero. Someone like me not in the matrix of conventional life. YOU would be the LAST to know such a thing. Like the husband being cheated on. I’m right about Russia being behind the impeachment effort to oust Trump. I say give Putin a hard uppercut to his puny jaw and jail Stephen King, HIS country’s evil monkey, in the first place. Until THAT IS DONE America is Putin’s blind, brainwashed bitch.

I had to have Yoko Ono’s security kidnap and handcuff and then pistol whip me unconscious in the back of  San Francisco police van in 1987 before I figured out the truth. You will all have to just trust me. I know more than any of you COULD know even if you were as smart as me to begin with. Trust me. Who else is showing up on your doorstep offering a hero to save you? Seems you boot-licking cowards have let your or ‘their’ evil government kill them all with your turncoat, cowardly ways. Wipe your own asses, people, and stand with me when I demonstrate or you’re just boring dummies sleepwalking your lives away compared to enlightened me. I’m not a smug, elite snob to say to say so, either. You’re just a guilty slob for trying so little.

“Nowhere Man, please listen, you don’t know what you’re missing. Nowhere man the world is at your command.” If only you slobs knew even that you’d save yourselves.

Trump. Hang in there. Keep quiet and don’t play into their attempt to get you flustered and off message. Don’r react to them. Just trust America to see them for what they are; liars trying to wreck our election process and redo it to please our enemy, Russia. Maybe Rockefeller, too.

America, YOU wake up and help me. I don’t know if Trump is the kind of character who was glad when Lennon was killed. You know, one less important person to compete with out of the way in New York City. If he’s that way, poor Donald. I half wondered that exact thought in the mid 90’s when I actually approached him on a Pebble Beach practice tee and asked him if he knew anything about Nixon and Reagan killing John Lennon. He said he had not. At one point I ridiculed his attempt to run for president in 2008. Now I know he’s a good man with a big ego, that being his main flaw. That’s what it takes, though, to succeed, sometimes. So far, so good, regarding his presidency, I think most of us will agree. He shows up all the other presidents we’ve had, it seems to me. Is that why the swamp wants him out? Is he showing them all up?

If he would arrest Stephen King and stop protecting the republican party over Nixon and Reagan’s role he’d make me world famous. THEN I could REALLY help him.

You see, Donald, your silence might do you in. God hates a coward. So arrest King while you still can. Stay president and curb your sometimes reckless ways and get better at picking associates. You are standing in the way of Putin who wants to kill me. Keep it that way.



Of course, my opinion will be elite about such matters. I solved Lennon’s murder and trisecting an angle. What do I see here? A detective’s perspective;

U.S. contractor killed on Iran general’s orders.(?) Trump blows up site of their launch pad in retaliation. In turn, Iranian citizens mob the U.S. embassy and break doors and windows there. Trump assassinates the Iranian general and offers intelligence it was necessary to avoid mass attacks planned by him. Words are exchanged between Iran and the U.S.; Trump threatens 52 sites to hit of theirs and their Ayatollah responds saying something about a downed jetliner where 209 of their citizens died months earlier. Iran then fires on Iraq U.S. base after giving our side three hours warning, first, to protect our troops. While only infrastructural damage to our Iraq base was done, three hours after their strike an airliner was obviously shot down by a missile killing almost 200, mostly Iranians and Canadians. Reports allege a Russian made missile’s parts were found amid the debris suggesting Iran shot down their own jetliner by accident. Iran steadfastly disagrees and withholds black box from U.S. handlers. While Trump and the military are adamant about intelligence no specifics are given. Suggestions are such that the ongoing assault on our embassy before the general was killed may have constituted the bulk our our intelligence and was, therefore, weak.

Either the Iranian’s misjudged and shot the plane down thinking it was an attack by the U.S. –OR– The Iranians deliberately shot it down for terrorist purposes –OR– The Russians shot it down in a deception plot to foment conflict. After all, it was their alleged missiles. –OR– Israel shot it down in a deception plot to stir conflict. They are paranoid about all their enemies and have a history of such treacherous deceptions, before. –OR– The U.S. shot it down, possibly to give their Ayatollah something to really complain about since he already brought up a downed airliner of theirs, before. Part of our retaliatory strike back against their retaliatory strike. –OR– Some other faction or explanation is involved.

That’s my list of possibilities. Here’s how I FEEL about the matter. The ‘Crusades’ continued, a matter of Jesus versus Mohammed differences. That’s what I see at the core of the issue; religion, like John Lennon warned us about. Then I see the U.S. acting as if we own Iran and they dare not harm even one of our men, or else. “Leave our contractors alone. We have the right to invade and transform your country.” That, of course, I disagree with. While I despise the middle eastern practice of genital mutilation and some of their archaic practices and religion, in general, theirs included, I also despise the plastic, fallen culture and the commercial culture that America represents. Our religions have a cult of pedophiles in one branch and other sects have their sicknesses. Both sides have a screw loose in more ways than one. What is missing is a hero like me to use my fame and influence on the matter. I’d push for “…and no religion, too..”, frankly. All religion and superstitions set aside, what would you all like to do in the here and now? I’d get out of the middle east, I’d be less attentive to Israel and investigate them, too, to make sure they’re not double crossing us for Russia, for example, where a lot of Jews originated, in fact.

If our side shot the plane down to “Show them” then we are a terrorist. If Russia shot it down they are a terrorist. If Israel shot it down they are a terrorist. If Iran shot it down on purpose they are a terrorist. If they accidentally shot it down they may not BE responsible. As the detective at work I hear the protestations of Iran steadfastly denying they even shot it down. It sure puts a world of intrigue on the matter, indeed.

I support Trump, usually, not so much here, as he should arrest Stephen King, make me famous so I can intervene in the crisis RATHER than killing anyone and do it that way. When I heard him say “52 sites, including cultural…,” as if there was any moral equivalency applicable, I was disappointed. For all HE knows Iran took our hostages in 1979 to elect Reagan and depose Carter who was protecting the Shah at the time. We never had any business imposing the Shah, ever, or deposing Mosaddegh long ago. I noticed Trump miscuing his use of the language; “Tolerized… terrorer..” and wonder is he reeling from the adrenaline and should he calm himself down. He wasn’t even aware you can’t hit cultural sites before he assassinated anyone or shot his mouth off?? Until Trump arrests Stephen King he is all ‘show’ and no ‘go’ compared to me. It’s far more manly to arrest a cowardly monster like Stephen King than kill an Iraqi general. If Trump had my balls he might not feel the need to kill people. He’d use the power of a news story and watch positive results happen, automatically.                                                                                                                                                                                                I smell the vestiges of a dinosaur like belief system rooted in crass commercialism and greed and money and  too much value placed on materialism. I see religion rearing it’s ugly head on both sides. I think, as Americans, we have a duty to be less scary a culture to the rest of the world. Who wants to work half of one’s waking life for materialism, spend time watching commercials and all the preoccupation it demands when it’s overrated, anyway? Going from a one paycheck to a two paycheck economy with no net gain is a loss for the people these past decades. Who wants to have their genitals compromised? Why is man so afraid of tackling life on it’s terms without having to prop oneself up with indoctrination before even trying? Both sides need my specialized help.

(P.S. Having nothing to do with my post last Friday, Iran admitted they accidentally shot the plane down three hours after my post. I saw it coming when I noticed the ardent and rushed cleanup of the site by them watching the news, after. It I did help usher forward the truth, good.)

Who shot down the plane? Who knows, so far.


(To be continued…)

This is a whole new chapter devoted to my recent radio interview in Santa Cruz last week. It was spirited and volatile and testy for the two hours it lasted and I came away realizing that my focus message for the next year will be to rub the public’s own wickedness related to the cover-up in their face, and for their own good as well as mine. Already I am contemplating a message to add to my already multi slogan’d website van, a foam board sign to tape to the back of it to get even more attention to my cause;


Just to show you how volatile I really was this last interview.

It was a generous interview allowing me to fully vent and expose my evidence and views. It was also designed to impugn me, I have reason to believe, but that’s par for the course for anyone telling the truth in our phony world. Especially where the jealous media have always been concerned. As a result I DID go off the rails with some of my provocative remarks and some callers understandably considered me to be rude and disrespectful. I’m not proud of being a weak human and some of what I said was uncouth, but let’s take a sampling of what was said;

“I gave you too much credit too long ago when I thought you’d all do the right thing…your jealousy won’t LET you see my evidence that I gave you on a silver platter….It is your wickedness as a human being, your phoniness, that I am up against….The average person listening would rather I get killed than to have to deal with my findings. They’d rather I plowed my van into a crowd of a hundred people and killed twenty of them and get locked up rather than deal with my story. THAT”S how sick the average person really is. I’m sorry, people, but I won’t LET you all kill me like weak Jesus did, like weak John Lennon and weak Martin Luther King Jr. and everyone else who just let themselves get killed by the sickness of the human race did… You’re ALL the bastard behind the trigger, not just the government….You don’t WANT to be free, you don’t WANT to be brave, you don’t WANT to get to the bottom of things, you just want to suck the government’s tit and do nothing….If my condition rubs you the wrong way you have to blame yourselves a little for that, too…..I DO have problems…I HAVE let the situation drive me a little mad, and I admit that, but it is all of you that are to blame for that….Were you in my position you’d have already committed a crime by now, but I have control. I doubt any of you would be in as good a shape as me under the same circumstances…..”

Well, that’s a little slice of the interview that touches on exactly what I want all of you “bastards” to take a look at.

One difference between me and the other world beaters who were killed is that I no longer over rate and over estimate the goodness of the public. I used to, though. These assassinated leaders were too slow and too trusting to see the forest for the trees. “Father, why hast thou forsaken me?” He found out too late. I recognize that you are, in some respects, “Rubber Monkeys” (An unpublished King novel he mailed me excerpts from in the mid 80’s) That you are subject to outside influence and it can span the gamut between good or evil, depending. I intend to survive this expose and lead you, after. I can’t afford to let your evil ways kill me, too.

I have seen in the people in my home town that they are listening to me now that I have made a concerted effort this year to get a crowd assembled for this anniversary. In fact a half dozen of you DID show up and at least three or four of you grabbed signs and stood with me for over an hour or two. Tom, Bob, John and the others, congratulations and thank you. When I putt on the putting green, now, I am suddenly seeing subtle awareness and support for me from my fellow man now that I have sounded the horn with a thousand, plus, flyers and the interview. If I had enough money and bought billboard space and ad space I might actually GET a good sized crowd if I do it bigger next year. I DON’T have big money, though. I appreciate that not EVERYBODY wants me to get killed in a head on freeway accident like most of you have already exposed me to. I understand that not everything I will say here applies to everyone. Nevertheless, I need to address the “Free Barabbas!” moral defect most of you still DO have against what I do. Most of you hope I DO get killed just to relieve yourselves of your responsibilities concerning my hard evidence that proves you should all be arresting and jailing author Stephen King for murdering our hero, John Lennon. Some religions call it “original sin”. I call it original “phoniness”, this masochistic, ingrained, inbred moral defect in mankind.

I have proof of this charge. I live in northern / central California, Monterey. I have lived in this region from Santa Rosa to here, in San Francisco and Berkeley and San Jose for dozens of years and my website emblazoned van has been seen by 80 percent of everybody. I have had a modest but measurable amount of business regarding magazine sales. I do pay for my website but I’m not making any money offering the biggest news on planet earth in our life time. Most of my orders come from places where they have never even seen my van, my ONLY form of advertising. Australia, Great Britain, Canada,The Netherlands and lots of cities far away from where I live. The great mid west wants to know and people back east and up in the north west and parts of the south. Places where my van, my only form of advertising, is never even seen. Very little support here in California, however. And when there are customers they’re usually from hundreds of miles away. The local crowd IS suffocating me and hoping I fail and it’s very obvious that Jesus was correct when he said; “A prophet is never accepted by his home town.” (He had to flee the town as soon as he said it to avoid a severe beating, did you know?) The take away message for all of us is this; and I said as much in my interview; “You people don’t WANT me to succeed. You WANT me to fail. The way the host has just impugned my hard, convincing, dramatic evidence is exactly what you have always done to me for trying to give you the truth about John Lennon’s murder, and it’s not just the media, it’s ALL of you..”

If I were to describe this phenomenon of yours I would describe it as such; The human race is like a huddling of jealous, blood sucking bats circled around a bowl of heroes blood sucking away as if, by killing their hero, they have put themselves on an alter they have no business occupying. As if the only way you can get even with your hero for being of sturdier more virtuous stock than you is to kill him, rather than rising to his level. I have never felt intimidated, jealous of or threatened by greatness in people. It’s exactly the salvation of mankind; greatness. A lot of you cannot say the same. A majority of you.

That’s how I see all of you. As lost as cultures who used to sacrifice infants to volcanoes for better crops. Truly satanic and pathetic. I recall seeing, on a karaoke bar’s walls, once, the pictures of Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Jerry Garcia and Bob Marley. Like the walls of a hunter and his mounted trophies. Every last one of them killed by something other than old age. Every one of them abandoned by their adoring public immediately upon their death and in the face of suspicious circumstances, usually.

Now Steve Lightfoot threatens to eclipse celebrity hood ripping it up wide open with a newer, bigger, better new one than anyone ever has before in breaking the biggest news story in U.S. history, no less, and most of you are hoping the government will just get on with arranging for a truck to hit me head on on a roadway someday soon. Otherwise this news might take over everything and cause an automatic revolution fueled by information and awareness and make sane, again, our world. “Oh, we can’t have that!…We love it when our children shoot each other at school” I have to say it here for none of you will ever admit this apparent fact. Your ignoring my van while the rest of the world is paying more attention is PROOF, people. You DON’T support me. You scared, raped bastards can’t help yourselves, I’m afraid. No one is more deserving of your support THAN me but your masochism makes me rub you the wrong way just for being brave, like we’re all supposed to be to begin with. You seem to think that you are not worthy of standing up to the government who raped you, you seem to think you do not DESERVE to live under the truth and you just hate my guts because I still have mine. “Can’t you just surrender like the rest of us?” Hell, no. HELL no!

This is the story within my expose. The even bigger story that is your collective cover-up and apathy. I get goose bumps just typing the sentence. Not me, not John Lennon, not Stephen King, no, YOU PEOPLE are the star of this expose, and not in a good way, either. Your many religions have all just been debunked by this story and have been revealed as impotent, haven’t they? You aren’t saved, by any measure, yet. You’re very sick, still. You’re still killing the “smart guy” in your midst, the one you need to progress, yourselves with, anyway, though you’re loath to admit it. For all you people know you already killed the “second coming” and don’t even suspect it, if you’re into religion and all that. (I no longer am, myself.) Killing John Lennon was so terrible. An uglier crime all of you could not have committed, especially under the circumstances I can prove. I can almost see Moscow rubbing it’s dirty hands in anticipation as you all slide down the mountain like poisoned rats.

My interview covered a lot of bases. One thing I went out of my way to say was concerning; “…the biggest, baddest asteroid that just missed us that I saw as a child….and that I pray it saves you from your misery if you can’t man up and break this news in my lifetime…”

I meant it , people. Just like “Chief” in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” meant it when he suffocated Patrick McMurphy (played by Jack Nicholson) with a pillow after discovering he had just been dulled forever with a frontal lobotomy. Chief knew the old Patrick McMurphy was too good to settle for this, now. I similarly believe that you have already all crossed the threshold of decency and are already better off dead than the way you are, now, frankly. You don’t want to admit it, I can understand, but look at yourselves! Protecting Stephen King instead of yourselves and your children! Were you all to fall so low as to kill me for being the messenger after all the other assassinations you are guilty of, already, would prove this point, clearly, in my view. I think it would be a kinder reality than living under a satanic lie forever, after. How could you even call yourselves human? I think the words I used in the interview were exactly; “I know that whatever life you would have left over, after, wouldn’t be worth living, anyway.”

I saw an asteroid so big that you only have to stare into your finger placed only a few inches away from your eye to know how big the trail was. Bigger than a mountain. So fast and powerful you can’t fathom it. Almighty and unstoppable. Natures cure for bad species, you might say. Before I go into the dark side of this, I have placed my bet that you are NOT so depraved as to kill me, too, for informing you and that you all WILL jail Stephen King and in my lifetime. However, if I am wrong, I won’t have a say so after having already said my prayer. I can always rescind that prayer after you bring me forward and out of danger, but that’s what it will take, people.

THAT I saw this near destruction of our planet between the Kennedy murders, then, Steve Lightfoot, the man who would later stumble on the journalistic find of the millennia almost 16 years later, IS significant, I think. Especially looking over my shoulder and how I seem to have some avenging Angel who punishes any and all trespassers who harm me. It eventually became so obvious that, in my closing statement after being convicted on a traffic ticket in a Santa Barbara court a few years ago, I said; ” I worry for this region after so brazenly railroading me, here. I predict bad things will happen for the way I was treated here.” I said it on camera (Probably because I am a big fish and they wanted it that way) I can’t make the following up, people. In the few years that followed three major oil ruptures off their coast killing two tourist seasons occurred. THE biggest fires there, ever and the biggest mudslide ever, destroyed swaths of the Santa Barbara region. Then a crazed gunman tore through the campus region of U.C.S.B. (Just a mile from where my ticket was issued) and killed dozens of students as he drove through crowds at the same time. Then Goleta, the town that cited me, lost over 500 houses to yet another huge fire. Even more bad things occurred but I think the point has been made. I could waste time here providing more examples of this, how Herb Cain, the world famous newspaper columnist, died of a heart attack a few days after badmouthing me in the paper while I was in Bangor, Maine doing the media’s job, and many others but just visit my other chapter titled “People, You’re The Problem” and you’ll find it. Even my own father, and I know my siblings will hate me for saying this, and some don’t even remember it, but I felt the whole family was just a brain synapse flash away from being crashed into a Lake Tahoe mountain one afternoon while my father was piloting his aircraft with all of us in it. Playing chicken with a series of mountain peaks was just getting a little too scary for me and I wondered what my father’s intentions really were. It could have resulted in tragic headlines the next day for all I know. And so it was, some 14 years later, that he died as a passenger on a mountain top in New Zealand in a ski lift airplane crash. When the irony hit me, decades later, I was shocked.

I don’t have to even wish any of this on anyone. It happens, anyway, it seems. I would be very wary of dismissing one such as I with a last name that practically screams “Carrier of the truth”, Lightfoot, and assume my asteroid prediction to your insanity is just all in my head. It doesn’t seem to be in my head at all. I think I saw that rock for a reason and I’d pay attention, people.

I regret having to scare you into shape, it’s not my original intention, it’s just a fact I think you should all consider before just flushing John Lennon down the toilet like you all have, so far. I haven’t got time to waste on anything less than the most powerful forces in nature, it seems, and I’m too smart to commit a crime to make you care, the way you’d like me to. I’d rather see the planet continue and us as a species if we can deserve to. That, it seems, is the real question, though. You have no concept of HOW exposed to extinction we all are. I DO. Is that why I care more than the rest of you? Probably it is. Obviously you all need to be taught right from wrong, don’t you? That’s what a hero does and you do need your heroes, people, or you’ll forever remain retarded, politically. That’s the other half of this expose. I’m your fire breathing hero of a chance to get well and, yet, you resist me. How can you trembling cowards NOT trust one with evidence that proves your government killed your hero, John Lennon? How can you doubt my intentions where your interests are concerned? Talk about a gift horse. If the forces “out there” were to punish you for being so stupid, so jealous and afraid as to get me killed, too, now that you have the hard evidence you’ve always needed, I would NOT be surprised at all. You’ve all been “blowing it” for so long I have to worry for all of us. Bad behavior begets bad results.

As the individual concerned in the interview I was most aware of just how ragged a mental shape I really AM in. Embarrassingly angrier than I ever thought. I noticed an uptick in it as I was reading out loud passages from Nixon’s book; “The Real War” where he lays out why John Lennon (short only of saying his name) must be assassinated, public be damned. I started to sound like an announcer stating a disclaimer at the end of a pharmaceutical ad I wanted it to end so fast. Pure, evil poison being spewed over the airwaves. A Soviet style of reasoning I found repugnant to hear out loud. I hated having to do it, frankly. Even though it is vital to my expose. The exact opposite philosophy I want to advance. I had also just discovered, minutes before, that it was a hostile interview designed to discredit my findings as “…just words…” to exactly quote BOTH hosts. My blood did start to boil, even to the point where I embraced the anger as a platform to exorcise the public while still in the mood, so to speak. All the things that I had secretly hoped I wouldn’t need to discuss until after I was famous I was having to bring up just to curb the public’s appetite for hero’s blood, first, right now. Before the interview I noticed my mental state getting better, in fact, with each new flyer I printed up. The cathartic process it served was doing me good. Still, come interview time, I was still a ball of fire waiting to explode. As I said, earlier, I’m not proud of much of it, however much I meant all of it. This being said, in my entire life I have never been a mental patient nor have I ever (one time experimentation of some mild drugs, notwithstanding) taken any drugs besides marijuana, no pills of any kind except for surgeries, just vitamins occasionally, and I don’t like alcohol. Compared to the rest of you that must put me in the top 10  percent of you where mental fitness is concerned. That I’m not, perhaps, now, is mostly the world’s fault, though, not mine.

The following day I called the Saturday Special show and discussed myself (since everyone else was) to defend myself. I said something along these lines:

“..One reason I’m so perturbed by the public’s psychotic denial of my evidence is due to how they have already treated me. When my father was killed in a plane crash on the 10th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation two weeks after I received a threat letter from a horror writer and I told the students at U.C. Berkeley, they all squealed with glee at my bad day;  “Goody, goody, Mr. Bigshot. They got your dad. Ha!, Ha!” is what it felt like. No matter how I sound, I know I’m still better than the public at large.” (By the way, I found it interesting that that moment of my life is the only time the scene around me seemed to be spinning, exactly like the scene in “Carrie” after the blood is poured on her and the crowd is laughing. Spinning, people.) That campus scene will be one of the most dramatic scenes in my four part movie someday, in fact. I also said that; “Even if Stephen King ADMITTED he killed John Lennon and had fun destroying America, you’d still do nothing about it you’re so sick, anyway. That’s what I’m up against…. It’s not just that I’m angry that people don’t care who killed John Lennon, it’s that the Soviets did it and nobody cares what they’re doing to the rest of us. It would drive a sane man insane.”

Even just yesterday, Dec. 14, 2019, while minding my own business watching t.v. in my van with the rear doors open in a secluded parking lot near a baseball field, several teens walked by and, no doubt having to do with them having heard my interview, said out loud; “You’re not even part of society, faggot!” I loudly shot back, immediately; “And I wouldn’t want to be(dramatic pause) faggot!” What am I supposed to do? “You’re right. Don’t be like me. Pity me.” No, they are jealous I am pointing out the phoniness of their parents in front of talk radio land and they are likely parroting their parents likely rebukes to what I said over the airwaves.

A lot like when I was about ten years old and saw “Hippies” in our neighborhood in small town Healdsburg, California. My father was a conservative doctor and probably put hippies down once or twice in my presence and I couldn’t resist doing exactly what those kids did to me yesterday. I said something derisive, not nasty, and I was put in my place in a split second when one of these late 20’ish year old’s driving a brand new ’63 Corvette and his friend a brand new XKE Jaguar, both coupes, quietly remarked; “Who ARE these kids parents?” Boy, it stopped me, cold. I wasn’t used to that kind of sophistication from anyone, before, much less a long haired hippy. The point being that I am no better than anyone else, I’ve simply evolved out of that condition. The other point to make is that I am treated in a nasty manner by the public, probably out of jealousy and fear and shame, truth be known, and I have to answer in kind just to discourage it any further. I don’t have the platform of celebrity, yet, when I can be more civilized while under fire. Tupelo, Mississippi punks broke Elvis’ nose twice before he figured out the truth about jealous humanity.

As for my remark; “And I wouldn’t want to be.” Let’s take a look; I’m a better than average looking, virile, athletic, heterosexual, youthful 65 year old who has chosen to be celibate since the mid 90’s I’m so disgusted with the lack of humanity I see in my fellow man and woman. (You don’t see many celebrities admit that, do you?) Bettor off with my memories of a better past than to soil myself in these evil times. I had my fair share in my youth, anyway. I know too much about the back story of the bed you sleep in for any of that degrading behavior, now. Until King is jailed it’s just breeding in captivity and all under pure evil. It would be like mating with a monkey in the zoo, frankly, compared to how all of you COULD be. USED to be. THAT I choose over conformity. Out of spiritual necessity, yes. Not having  a wife, children, not having a career or even a home of my own and a normal life I did NOT choose. I gave you all too much credit too long ago assuming I’d have been brought forward by now and not still living in a van. I have enough money to avoid work for several years, at one point six figures, but I WOULD rather live indoors like the rest of you. I wrote one check out last year for over $35,000.00 for just part of my dental needs. Needs arising FROM living in a van for so long, in fact. I’m not very rich, now, though. I don’t see the point in getting a job, however, and tying my time up for even one hour while I am in constant danger until King is jailed. Besides, it takes energy to just KNOW the truth and stay alive, lately. Doesn’t it? If I took on a job I might also get killed just driving to work waiting for you to care. I enjoyed sex the first dozen years into my expose but eventually I saw the banality of a world that is hard wired to bow to tyranny and lower it’s standards out of fear and it soured me to it.

My deciding to not follow the herd began immediately upon Lennon’s death. Call me a genius for figuring it out so fast, but I knew within the first millisecond of hearing the news that we were being lied to about a lone assassin. That John was too important for a nobody to kill him. I was a broiler cook at The Doubletree Inn in Monterey and cooking steak and lobster at the time of hearing the news. I noticed how quickly my fellow workers started to act phony and callous about the news as if they must have suspected, themselves, that it was all a big lie. Within a few weeks I found myself restless and uncomfortable about my world. I remember speaking up at a company meeting involving a major executive; “I may not share your belief system, but…” I was referring to my fellow man’s sudden phoniness concerning Lennon’s murder. I remember losing a spate of jobs I was so distracted by it all that I eventually found myself selling my car and deciding to live on a bicycle in San Diego for a year and just listen to Beatles tapes, basically. A year and a half later I found myself in a library stumbling onto the evidence like stepping under a shower head it all came so fast and furious at me. As if it was scripted from above and all I had to do was be there. I had no choice but to separate myself from a world gone mad. I guess I just have nobler instincts than the rest of you. I wish it weren’t true.

Being in such danger at ALL TIMES for almost 40 YEARS, and especially after just realizing that two high speed accidents that almost killed me recently were NO accident, after all, that I am currently being hunted for assassination, myself, has pushed me over my normal anxieties, to be sure. It showed and I still am suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, I’m sure. I doubt anyone but me could be in as good a shape as I am after mud wrestling with the phony, evil, hero killing human race for almost four decades.

One way I deal with the stress is to make sure that I distance others from that danger. I don’t dare have a love interest and I’m past having just sex. They are always targeted first in attempts to discourage you.  My father may have already been killed for my activism. I don’t want to have a great life, anyway, just yet. Too much to lose. I feel more comfortable having a minimum to lose in the meantime. It makes the danger more bearable. I’m quite happy about the thrill of being in my shoes but the novelty is starting to wear off, I’ll admit. I’m not about money and wealth, anyway. I watched what a slob it has made of most of you to have that overshadow even how decent a life you live. Been there, done that, as a child. I don’t expect that any of you understand any of this. I couldn’t have either until I found it necessary just to stay brave. I promise to get treatment for the trauma I have endured (It’s legendary if you’ve studied my other chapters.) Meanwhile I have to be brought forward before I can think of doing anything else. I prefer not to breed in captivity like the rest of you. Can you ingrates understand the situation your fear, apathy and denial have put me in? I don’t think so.

Superman. Your biggest comic book hero of all time. People like me who are braver and, yes, brighter than the masses, people whose ideals are out of reach for the average mortal, are relegated to this kind of fantasy land status, cape, tights, superpowers and all. “We can’t handle the truth but let’s make HIM into a fantasy superhero so long as the focus is taken off of OUR mediocrity. ” If you think about it Superman is about the almighty power of the free press and free speech and how it can defeat evil and change the course of the world if applied properly. Superman was really Clark Kent, wasn’t he? A newsman working for The Daily Planet, remember? Fantasizing, no doubt, about the blockbuster story out there for him to find and become powerful with. Similarly, wasn’t it Captain America who used to say “Truth, justice and the American way.”? Superman was really about society’s inability to confront world shaking headlines of truth. They aren’t that “super” themselves. “Sorry, Steve Lightfoot. You’ve just bitten off more truth than we can chew so we’ll just call you a crazy, I mean a super person and write you off as if you were just a comic book hero so we can wash our hands of you. We’re not that brave to make it a real life story, yet.  You’re not part of society. Truth? Out of our reach. You’re not one of us. You actually want to JAIL STEPHEN KING, dozens of accomplices like Yoko and Chapman and topple major magazines, undress the media and the entire phoniness of our governments and our peoples and the whole enchilada?! You’d have to be a superman to demand truth like yours. We’re not that. Truth, justice and the American way is a fairy tail, kid.”

I regret to have to admit that I have deliberately held back from my efforts to see if you could break this news by yourselves and for yourselves and not just me. I don’t want to think that I live in a heartless, sub-human world and I’d rather watch YOU people do SOME of the work so that I can respect you, after. So far, that has been a mistake, I see. You all DO need a hero to do it all for you, almost. I may have to muscle it through and swallow my better thoughts of how wonderful my fellow humans are or aren’t. Right now you’re secretly hoping I get killed. Similarly I refrain from paying demonstrators to hold a sign. John deserves a better reason than that to defend him. That would only be a sad story to show the world. My biggest regret, in fact, in the whole odyssey, is losing my naivete about just where you’re all really at, spiritually.

By the way, it’s not just the two high speed “accidents” listed in the other chapter I mentioned that has me convinced I am a current target; At least three times in as many years I have contracted a coma like kind of bug that requires all of one’s strength to survive. No listening of the radio allowed, no sound allowed. No energy consuming distractions. ALL one’s strength is needed to survive what I experienced. At it’s peak it felt like almost just going to sleep and not having the strength to wake up, after. Coma like and on the very edge of being alive, it seemed. I suspect even Putin might be involved in those episodes since he likes to use poison on his enemies. There I go, again, I know, sounding like a conspiracy nut for trying to find out whose really to blame. For trying to stay alive. At a time when it really is a life and death matter. I know who my enemies are. The Kremlin is at the top of that list, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News, the C.I.A., K.G.B. C.F.R., the F.B.I. Stephen King, the entire government controlled mass media and who knows who else? Rockefeller? I am not crying wolf to say any of these seemingly alarmist, extreme things. I have been in denial about most of it for too long, if anything. You’ll all notice how our enemies aren’t leaking my story to embarrass America. No. They know they did it and I am only saving America. I stand to defeat decades of what their poisonous campaign has wrought and they know it. Our deep state is in bed with them and that’s a worry, too, I’ll admit. Meanwhile, you’re like spectators, just watching when you should be helping me come forward. Not even for my sake, but for your own sake. To make the world a better place. Do I need any other reason to do what I’m doing? Curb your fear and jealousy. Curb your cover-up. Please!

AM I a little prickly with the world, now? Don’t blame me for screaming “OUCH!!!” America. Stop torturing me with your apathy.

So, much of my interview I devoted to exorcising sick all of you, even at the expense of my popularity and likableness. Being too nice with the likes of all of you will only get one killed. It’s no wonder one such as I hasn’t come along in as long as anyone can remember, in fact. Reality rearing it’s ugly head is more truth than the sub-human race can handle, it seems. I can only wonder how many others like me you killed that nobody ever heard about. And you dare treat me as if I were an alien. I know I’m lucky to still be alive. If I was smart enough to solve the codes in minutes flat, without so much as even trying, (Some of you actually aren’t smart enough to figure them out, I’ve been told??!!) you’d think I could solve the mystery of what it takes to make you care. For now, I think I must must chasten you and hold a flat mirror in your ugly, guilty faces and just force you to take a good look at yourselves, warts and all. You need to see yourselves as you jealously stalk me for daring to reform all of you. The media cover-up has been your fault since my website went up 18 years ago. You people can’t blame the media like you’d all like to, anymore. You have been complicit, co-conspiring cowards with them for decades. United, one nation under evil. Here I am, amazed that my website is even allowed to be UP AT ALL, and STILL, it’s as if it isn’t up at all to see your non response. Talk about taking free speech and a free press for granted! You foolish ingrates. A nation of spoiled, rotten imbeciles who could care less about their freedoms. A generation of people who have never taken stock of how good they have it to be an American with those rights or how miserable the rest of the not so blessed world has it. All except for free, brave, noble me, the one you’re unknowingly all trying to get killed.

I said a lot of things that I found remarkable; “You were all raped by the devil. When Stephen King killed John Lennon you were all kidnapped by barbarians and raped by Satan. The experience has left you traumatized and you don’t WANT to press charges. You want to just sulk and be miserable and forget about it like a victim… You need to grow a spine, sir. You have to face up to the fact that Stephen King has been humping you over a barrel for almost 40 years and molesting you and your children with his evil……” A lot of the callers said some remarkable things; “You need to lighten up and not be so serious..” I think I remarked back; “No, you need to get a life. Right now your life is a complete JOKE…” The banter went like that for several callers in a row. Almost like the caller board was loaded with hostile ammunition only. There were at least two callers who weren’t set up calls. One said I should keep up what I’m doing and that I sound like a man with his head on his shoulders. Another advised me how to better present my evidence with props next to my van. Another admitted she was on my side but, still, suggested there are more important things to worry about. I acknowledged that she WAS correct about my angry demeanor and that I admit that I have problems. I wasn’t bashful about my presentation. I think I made myself most clear when I likened my view of the resistant public and their denial to the scene in “The Exorcist” when Linda Blair is turning green and projectile vomiting as her head spins round and round. That I am the exorcist and they all are the afflicted. That that is how sick the public looks to me when they try to call ME crazy. The provable truth is, folks, it’s all of YOU who are the crazy ones, not me at all. I’m your designated hero, whether either of us like it or not. Am I a little bit surly like a dog in a pound who has been abused by a former owner? I probably am. That would be more your collective fault than mine, however. It’s as if you can’t grapple with the possibility that you, the public at large, also have serious, even worse problems, than I do. And that you have since man began. It’s a proven fact that you can ALL be wrong, the whole world at once, and not suspect it at all. Until you all admit that, pointing a condescending finger at MY condition will only keep your wheels stuck in the ditch I found you in. The interview got so off the rails I believe my sign off sounded like this; “Either you all help me help all of you or you’re all going down with an asteroid.” Pretty ‘My way or the highway’, I’ll admit.

In spite of all the fur flying and the harsh words being said on both sides a lot of what was vital and important got out or I’d have never done the interview at all. I was able to lay out how it was that I went from a brainwashed fool to evidence finder in just ten minutes beginning with how I suspected a lie from the start. I was able to show the listeners that, indeed, there was no trial for Chapman, that he was whisked away for a 60 day psychiatric evaluation that turned into over a year of silence and how John Hinckley shooting Reagan and Brady was likely a smokescreen hoax just to cover up Chapman, who was then about to go on trial. (I admitted I had no proof regarding this ‘theory’ unlike my hard evidence regarding Lennon.) I explained how Chapman was suddenly forgotten for a year following that confusion and how his guilty plead appeared buried back in the paper in a too tiny to be real clipping where there was no trial, just a closed door proceeding with no media allowed. I explained how this, alone, set off alarm bells. I then went into detail how it was that I found myself at the local library and how I accidentally stumbled onto the weird, undeniable, strange code like behavior in the bold print headlines, only, in three major magazines, codes that came to life when analyzed in the context of John Lennon’s murder and not just the obvious content of whatever article they accompanied. When I laid out some examples of this; “Messy People…Sidewalks Of New York…Dance Of Death…Art And Life At The Met…Murder At The Met By A Phantom Killer…That Aching Back…The Hit Men Strike Again….Ripoff!…Dressed To Kill…A Bombshell Case Goes Pfffftt!..Kiss, kiss, Bang, bang, Ouch, ouch!..” as well as others like; “All The President’s Magazines…Thinking About John Lennon…Johnny Comes Marching Home….Caught In The Crossfire….America Needs A Poet, Laureate, Maybe…” When I laid out just these heart pulsing, dramatic C.I.A. spook talk series of obvious coded messages to the hosts, they called them “Just words..” Similarly, when I detailed what I found in Nixon’s book “The Real War” that is photographed in Time AND Newsweek the day of the murder prominently displayed at Reagan’s side below the headline; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” in one case, the hosts poo poo’d this as “just words” too; “Perhaps a nation that equates celebrity with wisdom, that looks to rock stars…as it’s oracles, deserves to lose…those who say “war” is “bad:” and “peace” is “good”… who decide whether…leaders will be depicted as “good” or “bad”…the “Beautiful People of New York”…Failure to engage the adversary in this area would be an act of moral abdication…These media elite have transposed the points and a dangerous confusion has spread….Ending that confusion is the first step towards seeing the path to victory.” His closing sentence of the book, I believe. When I laid out this dramatic evidence the hosts denied it was anything. I think at one point I said to one of them “You can’t believe how phony you are acting right now.” He was, folks, admit it. They both were. I also said; “I don’t think you’re that dense. I don’t think the listeners are that dense.” I then remarked; “According to YOU The media. The media is what GOT us in this mess in the first place. You cannot trust the media.” They may seem like laid back normal citizens working at a radio station, people, but the world is not like that, believe me. If I were the C.I.A. I would make SURE at least one talk radio station in, especially, Santa Cruz, was under their control. In case you aren’t aware, KGO in San Francisco IS a proven, documented C.I.A. owned station. I tried to maintain track with the first ten minutes that led me down the wormhole to the codes but the hosts did their best to make my evidence presentation scatological. I had to interject, out of sequence, the discovery of Mark David Chapman and Chapman’s letter to the editor where he explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square three weeks before the murder as well as my discovery of the killer’s face, Stephen King, three months before the crime. “One great big “Zippo” lighter” is the headline below his face and describes the scene of the crime of a man with a gun on fire at night. Only his face, not Chapman’s, matches the face we all saw of the killer getting John’s last autograph. The radio can’t show that, though. I explained how children squeal with horror when they see the match up while most adults find any excuse under the sun to deny what is plain as day. I went on to explain how phoniness in humans is an adult disease that almost ALL adults are suffering from, myself EXCLUDED. That phoniness is my enemy where the public and this evidence is concerned. I so hated reading passages from “The Real War” that, rather than read some of King’s writings and confessions, I just rammed his role into one example; the movie “Christine” and how ; “…dead ringer lookalikes for Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and John Belushi including the car that played rock and roll are all killed in that movie and the last line of the movie is; “God I hate Rock and Roll.” Yes, folks, this story is huge and can be proved from head to tail.””

The evidence was laid out there for you, folks. You have no excuse, now,  just because I flew off the handle a little in the grizzly process. You know it’s evidence and I won’t belabor it any further. (If some of you can’t make sense of the codes and Nixon’s passages, take comfort in knowing that I achieved top 3 percent results in the language / comprehension section of the S.A.T. test. You need some vocabulary skills.) I explained, also, how much society depends on the hero and how we haven’t got any anymore. We let the government kill them all and I’m all we have left. I explained that you need ME to explain that the very House Of Representatives who are labeling Trump as one abusing his office are, THEMSELVES, MORE guilty of abusing their office in this charade.” While on the subject, you should all know that I, Steve Lightfoot, am more to thank than anyone except Trump, himself, for his election. More than even Rush Limbaugh. I gave him at least ten percent of his votes by making powerful use of the talk radio circuit and targeting key areas at key moments in the process all along the away. At least a hundred calls, many nationwide. When he actually won it was one of the few times when I watched all my hard work pay off in spades and I couldn’t but hold my hands in prayer, frozen for hours, watching him accept his victory lest I wake up and find out it was just a dream. It’s one reason, I think, the Democrats are out to impeach and get rid of him. He might save America from the swamp that is helping Stephen King avoid justice, the crowd that is only pretending to be your protector. Besides, Obama and others were so close to already killing me and they have unfinished business that Trump is in the way of. The only question is, is Trump too much of a political dinosaur to think to expose Nixon and Reagan? Is he smart enough to see what double crossing foreign agents they really were, or not? Does he know that Moscow uses the “lie” as if it were a legitimate, vital weapon? I made sure America knew that the Clinton’s are in bed with the Nixon’s and Reagan’s and Bush’s, the globalists, and that Stephen King and the Clinton’s met secretly in The White House in 1995 according to the Oakland Tribune and that Trump is the antidote to the professional politicians like Hillary our hidden leaders use to oppress us. It was I who alerted us to her meeting with the Biltebergers the day after she lost the primary to Obama, for example. I also made sure to let the audiences know who I was and what I was famous for exposing. Turns out the “John Lennon man” has street cred, after all.

I think Trump is doing phenomenally well, even great, as President, so far. I think he’s kind of a jerk for always taking credit for it all as if it was the biggest, bestest, ever, all the time, but maybe that’s what he needs to keep on succeeding; self congratulatory pats on his back. I think he falsely believes we must compromise to go green like we all probably should, (Greta Thungerg and I started out exactly the same and I like her.) but that’s about all I can find to complain about. Who has ever been great who did NOT display off putting characteristics? Look at ME, especially lately! If one were to come along and be perfect we’d still kill him, probably, like we did Jesus who WAS perfect. So, so much for pointing fingers at Trump’s showboaty personality. He’s probably a lot nicer in real life once you pry him away from the swamp who has done their best to taunt and disturb him, in the first place. It’s rough living in a hostile fishbowl, 24 / 7. Trump’s remarks that “It was all a set up…” is only too true. Refreshingly on point. The rest of you just don’t know how ensnared America was by our enemies in the decades before we got Trump. It takes a hero like me to know that the alternative was a con woman working for our enemies, the globalists, people in bed with mostly Moscow. Me and Trump have, so far, saved the day. “Keep America America” is a slogan I came up with in this spirit. While on the subject, do you people know how much of a sales pitch for America my expose will be??? The rest of the world will have to pay it’s respect for our ability to correct ourselves after going so wrong for so long and using our rights and freedoms to save ourselves with. It’s America’s biggest break, ever. Moscow, the globalists and company, are very afraid of me. The question I have is, why are all of YOU Americans also afraid of me? Are you all nuts? Think, people. For God’s sake, take a look around you.

I watched the arguments on both sides and found the Dem’s to rely more on window dressing than actual argument; “No one is above the law…the Constitution,…a Republic, if we can keep it…We the people” (As they ‘wee’ the people in the same breath.) Lofty generalities that they felt necessary to patch the gaping holes in the rest of their message. Fifty percent is a lot of window dressing if you think you’re right. They also seemed a little less fit and more pale and in need of a little sunshine and vitamin D, for example, (Nadler looked like a mortician or even “Grandpa” of The Munsters, for example.) than the Republicans, who were less peculiar, generally, and more in touch with the average American. Their arguments, too, went down repetitious paths; “They’re trying to thwart the will of the people who voted for Trump….no crime, no pressure, no quid pro quo.. no actual witnesses,…”

I come down on the matter like this. Yes, Trump may have grabbed the lid of the cookie jar, opened it and took a whiff but put the lid back and left the cookies alone, knowing better, ultimately. That he got caught even doing that was more to do with constant surveillance by his enemies for any misstep. I even suggested, once, that Biden, already aware that his actual quid pro quo remarks were out there to destroy him, deliberately bragged about it to bait Trump to respond with an inquiry and that’s how he was busted for just touching the jar. Classic Soviet style Ju Jitsu. I notice that the Dem’s use the Soviet style of the 180 lie to make their points; Biden is the one who is abusing his office and Trump might expose him for it. Their response was to turn the tables exactly 180 degrees to get the public looking exactly away from the truth and blame Trump for exactly what Biden is guilty of. Political magicianship. A truly ‘magic” trick. They went out of their way to always suggest it was ONLY to alter the 2020 election, as if a vice president’s son working illegitimately for a corrupt Ukrainian oil company was NOT fair ground to explore. Especially in light of how the Crimean Peninsula fell to the Russian’s under Biden’s watch. Biden could be a Russian agent for all anyone knows. I now realize that Obama and Clinton (Both of whom I regretfully helped get elected before I knew better.) and Nixon and a lot of our presidents HAVE been working for our enemies, for decades. Why can’t we investigate it all? One Republican mentioned this but many just parroted the party line on both sides. I think the overall impression was that the Dem’s were impeach ready at a hangnail out of place, all along, and did their embarrassing best at trying to convince us that a tiny splinter is really a 300 foot tall Sequoia redwood tree, and the republicans tried to convince us that it was all about their fear and contempt for Donald being president, which is the likely truth.

If I were to ever run for president (Not Likely, folks, I like just being a hero who influences things. I actually hate politics, can you believe?) but if I were to ever run I’d run as an Independent JUST to stop the bickering and fighting and to un divide the nation as the two party system has mostly divided what should be a United States of America. I’d tell my public; “If you vote for anyone but me you deserve the consequences. You can vote for whomever you like. If you think I represent you best, vote outside your party’s interests and vote for YOUR interests. It’s the only way you’re ever going to stop being led around like a pig with a ring in it’s nose by a group of people you don’t really understand, fully, anyway. Let’s UNITE America and stop warring with each other as if we were enemies. We should all unite behind a common good.” Or words to that effect. I tried to convince Trump to do so in 2015 via e-mail, in fact. I just think you people are fools to accept a hostile, polarized solution to governing your lives. It’s crazy, in fact.

If I were Trump, now, now that the senate is in position to dismiss the charade impeachment, I’d  accept censure, even, and just get out and back on the job again. However, I’d investigate the group who tried to commit high treason, in my opinion, by impeaching him for mostly political reasons. I honestly suspect that the unseen leader of the impeachment effort to unseat Trump is Putin, himself, and that the Russia gate nonsense was the opposite of what we were told. Just hours after I typed this he, again, lied to us all 180 degrees from the truth. Four years ago the lie was that he wants us to hate Hillary for her e-mails. The lie this time was to make us hate the Dem’s for wrongfully impeaching his “Buddy” Trump. As if we Americans are going to do what our arch enemy says we should do. He wants us to think he and Trump are buddy, buddy behind the scenes and push the narrative that failed that Trump is in bed with Russia. He hopes we keep on impeaching his “Buddy” Trump. The “lie” is his number one weapon and calling card, always. I think the Russians tried to elect Hillary and then lied 180 degrees about it, after, to fool us. I’d announce why the Biden’s are still eligible for investigation, candidate or not, for being in bed with a foreign power’s oil oligarch. It looks dirty and it SHOULD be investigated. Beyond that I’d keep on smiling and keep on winning and  keep America America. If I were him I’d arrest Stephen King in a surprise raid and show the public what PHONIES the Dem’s ARE for ignoring THIS kind of evil in our midst as they have for almost 40 years of hypocrisy, now. But then, again, I’m a little braver and bolder than even Donald Trump. He’d be so cool if he did that, though. He has no idea what a good idea arresting Stephen King is. No idea at all, it seems.

This December 06 interview in central California was one that will likely come back to embarrass me when the lamestream media tries to shoot me down by showcasing my more “sandpapery” remarks. I don’t care. Bring it on so I can Ju Jitsu YOU, media. I think, if anything, the public revealed ITSELF to be the bad guy, always trying to sweep the issue under the rug and find excuses not to care. I have the tape. I plan to call the shots, someday, after I am brought forward. I will insist on having Robert Downy Junior be first to interview me, after. Not a talking head from our politburo media. Why Robert Downy Junior, of all people, you may ask? He will probably have to prep for weeks just to get halfway ready. His father, Morton Downy Junior, of the large teeth and big mouth and celebrity fame before his son became a movie star, THAT man, Morton Downy Junior, is the ONLY REAL AMERICAN to ever interview me. In the mid 90’s he gave me three days in a row, 15 minutes time, each day, in the L.A. listening zone on a major radio station. We so pulled Nixon’s nasty pants down in front of his home town that Tricky Dicky died just weeks later from all the publicity. He had a stroke that occurred just an hour after I was heard confronting Henry Kissinger on talk radio that day, in fact. I’m somewhat proud of scaring that monster to death. My only regret is that I failed to think in time to bring a little red wine to throw on his flag draped casket along with my magazine when I was there and had the chance. Oh, well. But that man, Morton Downy Junior, was a real American hero in my book and the only ray of goodness in our entire media. His son, if he wants to, has first dibs on interviewing me, someday. It’s only fitting. It will show the world what I think of the mainstream / lamestream media. I foresee having to establish my own media empire, online, only, if necessary. I know too much about who owns the media. Morton never complained out loud about the price his courage cost him. He lost his upcoming television show and other things, in fact, to show you how the media treats truth tellers. You all need to know that no attorney and no media of consequence will help me come forward with this news and evidence. They are all too corrupt, period! The one attorney who showed interest in my case, famous attorney Melvin Belli, DIED of a heart attack the very week we were to meet about it. (Conspiracy or coincidence?) You people are up against a hostile media that could care less about you or America. YOU ALL have to bring me forward. You are guilty of stupidity and hero abuse if you wait for the media to help me. History already has you ducking your duty for three decades. No amount of explaining will absolve any of you for this after the world learns my van and website were hanging out all over the place for thirty, plus years. The website and the evidence it reveals is jaw dropping and definitive. You’ll have no excuses. The only way you’ll ever regain your respect is to bring me forward in a grass roots manner, and soon. Until then America is known for – and I’m quoting John Hinckley from 1981 – “America is the land where heroes are shot in the back…” You didn’t know that part of the Hinckley hoax shooting was to blame Reagan for Lennon’s murder right up front but excuse it with “Well, he got shot, too, though, doesn’t that count?”, subliminally? Or that his mental illness finding rendered everything he once said about Reagan being behind Lennon’s murder as bankrupt? Just the way the mind controlling , C.I.A. owned media played all of you. They knew, then, what schmucks you all were. Some of you still can’t get a handle on HOW devious they are. It was really a spectacle to behold. The mind game even went on to have Hinckley say that; “When Lennon died, I died, you died, America died, the world died, everybody died.” All true, spiritually, but now rendered ridiculous since he was found insane a year after he stole the show from Chapman to begin with. His Lennon murder remarks and insanity finding was in the bag years before he staged the shooting, folks. It was all planned that way to discredit anyone who would suggest Reagan had Lennon shot. You should all know that the Bush family has ties to the Hinckley family that go back many decades before and had houses on the same block in Colorado, once. Both oil men.

Meanwhile, a lot of good was done exposing my surly side to Santa Cruz and Monterey. KSCO did more good than evil, no matter what some of you think about my demeanor. At least everybody knows I’m pissed off that their apathy is trying to get me killed. You HAVE to know that, at least. You needed to learn that I know that you know that I’ve been right, all along. I see through your phony silence, but good. At least that all got out over the airwaves. Maybe, now, the public’s head is halfway screwed on straight enough to start helping me help them and avoid an asteroid, in my opinion. It’s a grizzly process; exorcising a raped public after they have given up and lowered themselves a long time ago. Like re breaking and re setting a limb that healed incorrectly; You need the fix however much you don’t think so. I’m working with a public too young to remember that John Lennon was a hero we should not have lost, at all. Maybe you can bring me forward to help forgive yourselves, soon. Your silence is rooted in fear. United States Of Apathy is no way to live, people. You’re the problem and the only solution. Think. Act. DO SOMEthing, PLEASE. Organize and talk among yourselves. Get started on this project, people. It matters. So can you.

You can always turn out for a dollar an hour pay raise with signs and a crowd. Can you do the same when saving America is the name of the game? Even just saving America’s truth hero, me. You need to bring me forward, people, or you and America really are screwed. You need to get off your asses, masses. Stop blaming the messenger.

Meanwhile, I admit that the message “IN YOUR FACE, SUB-HUMAN RACE” I originally listed at the beginning of this chapter that summed up my interview, may be a little unproductive and I may go with “SHAME ON AMERICA’S COVER-UP”  or something more universally understood like “BRAINWASHED AMERICA F.O.S.” or ‘SILENT AMERICA YELLOW’ or ‘SILENT AMERICA F.O.S.” or; “YOUR APATHY – PURE EVIL” I have a little time to decide before the rains stop when I can add that sign to my yellow website van. Seeing how it’s already made it will likely start out with the one ‘SILENT AMERICA YELLOW’ That ought to be a zinger on my bright yellow van going down the road with my website and accompanying slogans all over it. (Actually “YOUR APATHY IS SCARY” is what I I went with.) I hope it DOES piss enough of you off to get behind this cause and snap you all out of your oppression and fear and doubt and misery. I hope it goes a LONG way towards exorcising my fellow, local American. The ones who have been exposed, here, already, for freezing me out where my magazine support is concerned. What will it take to get you over your messenger envy and self shame?

Steve Lightfoot, here, of with the yellow van. The one interviewed last Dec. 6 on KSCO Radio. These closing few paragraphs is the part of this entry I will distribute in my area and urge you to access my site and the button “Footnotes and New Developments” for the remaining ten pages I can’t afford to just give away, so to speak. It’s either worthy of your ten minutes time at your computer or it’s not and I need those of you with enough self esteem to at least visit my site and find out how my interview went. You should know about the danger I’m in and what attempts were made to kill me, lately. (See ‘Obama Tried, Twice, To Kill Me’ chapter listed at the end of this one.)

I covered a lot of ground and a lot of fur flew during my two hour interview but I want to stress a few things that I want to remain with you, regardless of the rest; You were all CAUGHT, without provocation or instructions from the media, obstructing me, freezing me out, by NOT ordering my magazine while the rest of America and the world did. You, the people of my local state of California, were CAUGHT trying to let Stephen King off the hook for what he did to destroy America. CAUGHT deliberately stonewalling my news. The only region that enjoyed the luxury of seeing my van, my only form of advertising. Exposed to high heaven for being dirty rats, yourselves, the evil public, where the murder of John Lennon is concerned. Pay Pal has the record when I need to prove it to the world. Fear, jealousy, shame….what!? Insanity is the correct answer. The fact that most of the callers were along the line of; “So, what? …lighten up and stop being so serious… I think you’re crazy….let’s bring off topic signs to his rally…” all that drivel only proves more of the same level of shame where the public is concerned in John’s death. That I sounded like an exorcist in taking on these calls was deliberate and for all of your own good, my like-ability be damned. I meant all of it however much I regret some of my more uncouth remarks. The only alternative was to expose myself to a set up interview and let them damage my valid cause. I did better than I sounded. I exposed how all the others like me who were either shot or crucified for taking on the world over estimated the goodness of the human race. That I got over my naivete in that respect or you’d have already killed me out of fear of government and messenger envy, alone. I told you how it was that twice, already, Obama, in my opinion, tried to kill me in two very high speed road accidents and that Putin may be behind a succession of coma like bugs I fell under that nearly killed me each time, recently. I pointed out that Obama and about seven other of our presidents were globalists and no friend of America and that America was taken over in the 60’s when J.F.K. was shot. That Moscow is likely even behind the impeachment efforts against Trump. That Moscow is already in place, here in America running half of our show, already. That our “Deep State” is in cahoots as well is the part we need to know about. Did I pray for a mountain sized asteroid, the one that I saw almost destroy us in 1966(?), to put you all out of your misery if you can’t jail King in my lifetime? Sure did. Meant it, too. I already know how sub human you’ve become already since 1980. No way to live. I choose not to reproduce until you, as a people, get a real life. One WORTH reproducing. This is the part of this letter I do NOT expect you to see or understand. Your ego won’t LET you see your evil condition. I’m pretty smart, I found the evidence, and I see a lot of tragedy in your cowardly desire to cover up John Lennon’s murder. Opening a rear door for evil Stephen King to escape while you pretend I’m a nut only proves what turncoat, brainwashed weaklings you all can be. That’s asteroid worthy. A species too screwy to succeed. I remarked, after, that only a slob would not care about evidence in the matter of John Lennon’s murder. I explained that when King murdered Lennon you were all raped by Satan and traumatized and you don’t WANT to press charges, just like a victim. I exposed some of the best of the evidence I have that absolutely PROVES that the headlines, the bold print messages in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines are government codes about Lennon’s murder and only exist during the weeks surrounding the crime.(See my site for examples) I exposed Mark David Chapman and Chapman’s letter printed weeks before the crime where he explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square. I exposed King’s matching face to the killer who we were told was Chapman and that most children can admit it while adults are too phony to admit this fact it’s so shameful. I proved that King writes all about the elements of killing rock star lookalikes and rock and roll in just one of his movies; “Christine”, the one whose last line is; “God I hate rock and roll!” I proved that Nixon’s book; “The Real War”, seen in two magazines the day of the murder next to just elected Reagan, explains why “people like John Lennon must be assassinated for being too influential.”, in so many words. I proved how no media or court or attorney is available to me our world is so cowardly and boot-licking, in reality. KSCO ( Keeping Santa Cruz Oppressed) proved their interview was hostile to me, in fact. Some callers proved their evil role in the cover-up without even knowing they were exposing themselves, not me. I exposed plenty that is worthy of your outrage.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rather than use you as the example of foolishness I’ll use myself when I was a fool just like you are, now. I used to scoff when I was young and heard others warn that America was in peril. I thought we were so mighty we could not now fail. When I was young I didn’t think the Soviet’s killed J.F.K. to stop him from killing Castro, first. I always thought the C.I.A. did it. (I eventually discovered it was Nixon behind it – see 1963 Time codes, then – and that he was, secretly, our enemy.) I had no idea that Moscow was infiltrating our government and that globalists all around the world were also trying to smother this infant country in it’s crib all this time. I used to think that only the Republicans were being used by our enemy. I used to think that people cared about important social issues and the quality of their lives. I used to halfway trust the media and courts and the “system”. I used to trust that America was on high ground and could not be sunk. I was a fool, though, on all of it. The exact opposite is what I learned to be true. I am incredulous that my website is even allowed to be up and, even more, I’m outraged at all of you for acting it’s as if it’s not. As if you don’t HAVE my free speech and website to inform you. Like spoiled, rotten bastards who have fallen from grace. Unwitting bastards destroying my once better America. Victims of Moscow’s evil conspiracies all our lives as they slowly poisoned us and got us so stupid that Mark David Chapman could ever just SKIP his murder trial and keep it behind closed doors where John’s fans were concerned. That we were that stupid, on that alone, is cause for protests. Pure cowardice. That was the MOMENT you all went wrong. My hard evidence isn’t even necessary if you’re men at all. I instantly separated myself from the herd as soon as I saw it losing it’s head, en mass, with a cover-up. That my evidence I gave you on a silver platter has so far been so neglected and abused and disregarded when it should be world wide headlines is satanic. S A TA N I C ! There is no other word to describe you all right now. “Merry Christmas, Jesus killers.” Look at your ridiculous lives and at what humiliated fools you have become; Your now sick children are shooting each other. Stephen King first wrote about the matter in his book “Rage” in the 70’s about shooting up his classmates. Now you all are to blame for this recent phenomenon for ducking my evidence. Scared fools, admit it. Just admit it and help me come forward before I get killed. America is on the chopping block or you can’t see what’s in front of your own eyes with this foreign takeover of America trying to reverse our vote, lately. It took ME decades to see the truth. You desperately need Steve Lightfoot alive and right now, before it’s too late for you raped victims. Fight back, goddammit, America! Get off your faces and your knees, PLEASE!! It’s either face up to it all and deal with it or eat a deserved asteroid, I’m convinced. I’m not dismissing why life chose ME to see that space rock. It was for a reason.

The day I was born, I think the same hour, the largest weapon ever detonated by America was  exploded at the Bikini Islands, the hydrogen bomb. (3-1-’54) You could say I came into the world with a bang. John Lennon, similarly, came into the  world during a German bombing raid in Liverpool. We all know how he left this cruel world, too. In a hail of OUR collective violence. When I was about 12 I saw an asteroid so big it would have killed us all if it had hit us. My first thought was; “We almost all just died.” As big as Mount Shasta and about only 3,000 miles away and so fast it past the sky in less than one 100th of a second. From Healdsburg, California to Hawaii in about two seconds time. Otherworldly power and speed that we are helpless to defend ourselves against, no matter what the media tells you. The trail took up one sixth of the sky (Like staring into your finger from two inches away.) and was churning orange / yellow, not white. Mysteriously, utterly silent, for being so close. A more spectacular sight no man has ever lived to see. I kept it a secret for many years, but I know it was real. At about the same time in my life, while learning how to play Poker with my father and three siblings, I was dealt, fresh off of the five times shuffled, twice cut deck, a Royal Flush. My first, ever, Poker hand, DEALT! My father was stunned into silence for several seconds as he pondered what kind of a destiny awaited his son for THAT to happen. What are the odds? One gazillion to one? A few years later, when someone tried to kill me with a 22 rifle bullet from a few hundred yards away, (I won’t say who.) the bullet grazed my right ear and made a puff of dust behind me, I remember. A single blade of straw was waving back and forth to let me know. So far, pretty lucky, amazing, right, people? I almost aced my S.A.T. test at eighteen (Top 3 % language / comprehension, top 13 % math). Best artist on campus until college. I shot a 64 in golf within two years of taking up the game (My first, ever, round being an 83 when I was 13, years before.) In 1977 I came within a stroke of making it into the U.S. Amateur championship my first try and I drove a nearly new 1972 MGB sports car when I was just 19 after trading in my ’68 Camaro for it. I successfully negotiated  an off ramp at 70 mph, backwards, and a few other acts of steel. I had a pretty good start in life, I admit, and I was extremely lucky, besides. I was breast fed from a farm girl mother and my single paycheck parents stayed married for 26 years and I was raised to be better than the average “slob”, my father’s favorite put down word. He, too, was frustrated with society’s mediocrity. I always felt I should do something to make the world better for my father’s sake, at least. I always knew that people, at large, weren’t too sharp. That this world could use a lot of sprucing up, to say the least. I remember he used to caution us kids from having kids, ourselves, his view was so profound. He was a doctor and I suppose he saw mankind at it’s worst all the time, maybe.

In 1980, when John Lennon was murdered, unlike my fellow, foolish  Americans, I was too smart to buy the Mark David Chapman lie and, after losing a succession of jobs over the distraction, I sold my belongings and moved to San Diego to live outdoors on a 12 speed bicycle where I just listened to Beatles tapes on my Sony Walkman – no radio – and not much of anything else. To enjoy John Lennon before the callous world could numb me to his genius. For over a year that’s all I really did, people. I sang along, of course. A most magical year that I loved. I had the ultimate advantage, too, of not having any media in my way at all. I never had a t.v. for several years before, in fact. I likely avoided all the brainwash campaign that they foisted on the rest of you. I got my courage up, so to speak, so I could find the spine to at least look into the matter of why the biggest murder of my lifetime was buried on page 15 in the paper, 18 months late, when his killer plead guilty behind closed doors. A few weeks later, while looking for reports about the murder, I inadvertently picked up issues of Time and Newsweek printed the day of the murder and found, instead, government codes all about what was going on behind the scenes regarding John Lennon’s murder. That was July 26, 1982. That was the day my life and the lives of all mankind, forever, changed. “The Event” that John had called his murder, in advance, had just begun to happen. The news event that would catapult mankind into a new stratosphere of intelligence and awareness, yet unknown. Ten times bigger than my freakish first Poker hand. Why always ME!!?? I had no excuse to wiggle out of my find and the responsibilities it carried. I tried to find an excuse, believe me. I came up A.1., eligible, though, and could not look myself in a mirror ever again if I did not pick up the duty. I knew within a few days that my life was forever duty bound to this news story. What an honor to be linked in such a way to a man as loved and as great as John Lennon. No wonder the whole world has been so jealous of me for all this time. Someone had to eventually find the evidence that these magazines laid on so thick to begin with. Don’t be jealous. I was just brave and unafraid unlike the rest of you, media poisoned dupes. I was, instead,  listening to the best music on earth for a year and only doing that. I found my courage, didn’t I? The main ingredient missing in the rest of you. You’re still looking for excuses. I knew, then, what all of you also instantly knew, deep down; that I will become huge for this, someday. Why you all dread that day I have no idea. You must all be ill. Months later, after leaving a girlfriend behind to get myself out of San Diego and back to Santa Rosa where I’m from, for safety, I later found Mark Chapman and the letter and Stephen King’s matching face and what he writes about to prove everything beyond the shadow of a doubt. I knew it would take several months, at least, for the world to catch up and respond and help me. I had no idea it would take forever if I didn’t exorcise the human race in the process and ram it down the world’s reluctant throat, first. In spite of all my efforts to let you people show some spine and take part in the expose, I found that you actually RESENT my heroism and idealism and demand for accountability. You don’t want to HANDLE the truth, after all. Like your sinful ancestors you still want to cry; “Free Barabbas!” like a fool. You’re just not as solid stock as your forefather’s who created America, after all. You’re content to let Stephen King butt f##k you all forever until you die just to not have to face up to the horror of it all. You don’t care if America falls to the Kremlin and all it’s gremlins or if your children resort to mass murder at school to vent their frustration. You just don’t want to have to face yourselves in a flat mirror like you all have to. Well, people of the world, if you don’t want to end up a miserable douche bag like silent Paul McCartney (His silence is the guiltiest – Yoko’s an enemy agent.) you’re going to have to face up to everything and deal with it and jail that evil man, Stephen King, for destroying America as much as he knew how to. Stephen King wants America to fall and fall hard. He hates you all, truth be told. He is exactly like Steven Paddock who shot up the Las Vegas crowd (King, in fact, e-mailed me a day after that event ) and he won’t deny it if asked. Yoko, too. You’re all so sick from what he did to you I sound like the one who hates you, instead. It’s just the sound of me wrestling with your diseased minds all this time. One man who IS right in a world all gone wrong. According to hard evidence, too. You people have been turned upside down. Our wicked world has a media and justice system that protects this monster from Moscow who slit your throats with what he did and wants, instead, to kill me before I change the world with the truth. Sadly, you’re all part of this hideous hypocrisy.

I say, if I die before you break this news you deserve that asteroid that I just happened to see, for whatever reason. That whatever lives you would have left over after that wouldn’t be worth living, really, anyway. It might just BE my call, people. For goodness’s sake, so to speak. I have to wonder why it was that I blurted out; “If I go everybody goes.” when the Secret Service interviewed me. You have to be good to deserve a planet this good. Right now, DO YOU? Resenting me for being good and right mostly because I require effort from all of YOU? Do you think freedom is free and requires no work? Are you all nuts? Do you want to doubt one such as I who was dealt a Royal Flush off the top of the deck of life? One who saw that space rock AND discovered the journalistic prize of the eons? I’d take stock in my valid prayer and regard it as a probable fact, a warning. Less about me allowing the strike and more about me saving you from it’s inevitability by giving you the chance to be good, again. I think I probably WAS chosen to warn you and was armed with a story to back it all up. The one good man that might spare us all. That THIS must be the test we must pass. Are you with me? Can you people, in 2020, break this news story? 20/20 vision year for real politics? Can you fulfill “The Event” that John called his murder? He gave you a reason to come together (Over him). Don’t waste it with cowardly apathy. That road leads to hell. These times are proof. John would not want that for any of you. You must act. The more of you the better. Anything less than a huge protest for full disclosure would be an embarrassment to you and humanity. Only fear is standing in the way of all of you breaking down your lying media’s doors and being normal and healthy like me.

I see the future like this: YOU people start to SUPPORT me instead of THWART me, for a change. Get over you sick jealousy and fear and shame. Let’s begin with that, first. Get on board with the truth and getting well. Get on board with locking that murderous geek, Stephen King, up for the rest of his sick life. Yoko, Chapman and whomever else the crime ensnares. Time and Newsweek and U.S. News? K.G.B. crap, anyway. Begone. You will have to gather around my van and billboards and stand by me and do so with enough of a showing that the local media has to print the news and the cause. Once THAT happens the rest is a cinch. But you have to do that much before we can watch the Kremlin’s crime melt before us like the Wicked Witch of the West did in The Wizard of Oz. I can only underestimate all that will follow in it’s wake and I won’t pretend to. I CAN guarantee a reversal in your school shooting phenomenon and make you all happier and healthier than you are now. That I think I CAN guarantee. You’ll all probably feel like you came up for air after being held underwater for several minutes. Gasping ferociously for more air.  For several weeks, at LEAST. You have to keep me alive, after, or you’re failing yourselves and not just me. I have too much to offer you all, now. I know a lot that nobody else could know. I’m just the replacement for John Lennon you all need. If you kill me; “Asteroids away!” That’s all I can say.

Donald Trump is a brave and good man. He’s not as brave as me, however, or he’d arrest King and be done with it. He’d actually SAVE us all. He still might, but don’t count on anything. He could flush the “Swamp” right down the toilet in one fell swoop if he’d just do that one thing. He knows about my evidence. If he can’t then I say never again trust anyone in politics. You really need a hero more than anything, anyway. Without a trusted celebrity / hero to speak for you you can’t tame and reform government, alone. That’s why our government always kills them, too. There’s a reason Lennon’s murder caused more suicides than any other, ever. That day was THAT bad. We all lost, big time. Stephen King lowered the quality of our lives by at least 20 percent, overnight. And you slobs sit on your asses while I do all the work. YOU people have to use your power. With this news you have enormous power. Network with each other. Organize. I’m pooped. I’m just a man. I don’t believe in the second coming or even religion after watching it fail all of you and cause wars all these years. You have been media mind controlled and you have to overcome that, first. I just did my best, here, with a flyer to supplement my website and van. What can YOU do, free and brave American citizen? Get your friends to join you and, together, let’s win.

I do protest every FIRST SUNDAY of every month in downtown Monterey starting at noon. Show up! You have a better idea? Let me know at

Thanks, Steve Lightfoot

The rest are examples of the evidence, the HARD PROOF you’re all ignoring at your peril…..magazine codes, the killer’s alleged name and letter, the killer’s face and real identity, his writings, Nixon’s writings. All the evidence a brave and free people should ever need. Are you? Until Stephen King is jailed you’re all his prisoner. I’m smart enough to admit it. This matters, people. Why don’t you matter? is the only question. P R O T E S T ,  P E O P L E……..

(To be continued…. below may be a later part of the finished chapter.)

Don’t kill me like you all killed John Lennon. I, YOU, deserve better than that. I would hope.My one goal is to get you all to jail Stephen King for life for what he did to you and me. After that maybe I’ll wow you, after, like Lennon used to with positivity. For now, just break my story, please. Jail that sick m#####f#####g Stephen King who has been molesting you sick all this time. Goddammit, people, wake the f### up! As I famously pointed out in my interview, watching all of you from the sidelines is like watching Linda Blair in “The Exorcist” turn green and projectile vomit while her head spins round and round. You’re all so sick and need to get well. You cannot afford to call me crazy when it’s really all of you who are crazy, after all. Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King and Yoko Ono and Mark Chapman and probably the Kremlin all KNEW they could poison you by killing your hero and they did. You have fallen from grace.

I wake up often and contemplate what slogan do I need to prod the public with today? Here’s some ideas for future reference.;