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     Time to open up a brand new chapter, but the one below this one; "Death Wish Society vs. Me"
is a great read, too. There you will even get to see what Stephen King would do if he were in
my shoes and had to break this news. Not pretty.
It seems there is a case of jealousy and penis envy being leveled at me especially now that my
efforts to get Trump elected have succeeded. I'm talking about many of you but, now, about Paoli's
Piano Bar and Pizzaria on Ventura Bld. in Woodland Hills. To Dave's credit it boasts one of
the best audio as karaoke bars go. The pizza is excellent, also. I must bring up the subject
of the flawed help there, however, as some seem to have their heads on upside down;
Back up to August of 2016; I was singing there for almost three years without a single incident
other than my boycotting one substitute host for displaying jealousy one night when I bettered
him at Love On The Rocks by Neil Diamond. He was on the warpath after and I had to excuse my-
self of his jealous energy and sing around his schedule.
By the way, I'm probably am one of the ten best regular singer there, so it wasn't my singing.
That I offended a Neil Diamond impersonator / professional of days gone by isn't my fault.
Enter a waitress; a blond haired, blue eyed version of a girl I once knew in 1977 who I once
told how special she is, in my opinion. That's it, people. That's the extent of our conversations
over the few months I ever knew her. To this day I don't even remember what her name is she is
so far out of my radar to begin with.
In August I was hired to cook pizzas there unaware of the fact that this waitress had a huge
grudge against me for whatever reason I don't know. My boss let me know of the strange situation
and explained that life isn't fair. I collected my three days earnings and was off to a better
local, Monterey, anyway and that job just helped get me some seed money or I could have sued
them for discrimination. I didn't as I have endured so much fear and jealousy over my heroics
regarding John Lennon's murder and the evidence I uncovered that I would have no time to live
if I sued every jealous trespasser who resented the fact that I have guts and a lot of balls.
After, I enjoyed a brief career cooking 40 and 50 dollar steaks until that job was busted over
exactly the same jealousy button issue that follows me everywhere. See other chapters.
Anyway, I had a dental appointment to keep 350 miles out of my way and I kept it and stopped
by my old karaoke haunt only to be told by the bouncer that the management had issues with me
and asked me to leave. I replied; "Who is the owner here, to begin with?" as I knew ownership
had changed since my last visit. A diminutive Iranian or middle easterner spoke up and told me
that he was the new owner. I asked him what I had ever done to warrant being 86'd. He told me
that these waitresses told him that I was "Craaazzzy!" I had to point out that in three years
I have never acted crazy and I'd like to know what they're talking about. He replied; "O.K. but
we'll be watching you."
At that point the three waitresses there, maybe including the blond one but I couldn't tell,
spoke up and told me that it's no good, that no one will serve me and I won't get to sing.
That the new owner is on their side and that they'll call the police if I don't leave.
All of these women are less than A body types. A littler squat and disproportioned.
I spoke out loud the following remarks;
"Penis envy! I have to call it like I see it and that's what I see; jealousy and penis envy."
With that I left and haven't looked back.
I'm here to tell you that this girl, and for that matter these girls, are all far more insane
than I am and I can prove it with my hard evidence regarding John Lennon's murder. They
lack the intelligence and courage to see it for what it is and are in a servile job as pen-
ance for their punishment. Serving food and alcohol, a low qualifications job if ever there
was one. I should know. I used to wait tables at a prestigious country club and even bussed at
world famous Pebble Beach as a youth.
This girl I knew in 1977 was crazy, even by her family's admission, and I can't help but won-
der what kind of crazy really lives in this blonde whose name I don't even know.. Oh, she
is on record, according to her boss, opining that I am crazy so I have to wonder what trauma
did she suffer that she is so ashamed of that she would unleash a blizzard of penis envy
against me? I was a psychology minor in college and that's what comes to mind, folks, her
own personal mental hell that she is so eager to pin on me to assuage the pain.
I was victorious with my efforts to see Trump defeat evil Hillary Clinton and I will be just as
successful at keeping out of the New York City mayorship she and the Rockefeller crowd are
eying. Not the first time Trump succeeding has cost me a job or otherwise. I keep my Trump
window sticker up, still, to this day, PROUDLY.
This experience last night only castrated the new owner who has his testicles on a shelf in
a glass on these waitresses shelf.
I wish I could tell the new owner that getting rid of these relatives of the former owner is
paramount to succeeding there but maybe he'll have to learn the hard way what the former owner
found; that there's a reason they had such terrible turnover to begin with.
In fact, this episode convinces me that a woman president would be a liability to a nation as
great as ours, that even the act of driving a vehicle overwhelms a woman twice as much as a
man in any emergency situation.
This insignificant bar soap opera just illustrates how imprisoned women are by their hormones
and estrogen cycles and should not be in a position of high power for that reason, alone.
Sorry girls, it's not my fault you're perverts nursing a sick lie about Mark Chapman to lower
yourselves to fornication and whatever else you sinners are up to under the evil circumstances.
The Hobart pizza mixer will take a crap, soon, according to the former owner. I hope the new
owner takes back his testicles and gets rid of the baggage left over by the former owners.
They should branch out and leave the parent's nest, I think, anyway. They're in their 30's.
I think I know why these women may resent me so and want to call me crazy. In all my time
there I never chased anyone for sex. I know it's a pick up bar but I was never interested
in lowering my standards to mate in a world where the people tolerated letting Stephen King
get away with killing John Lennon and in the name of licking the government's evil boots.
I'd rather be celibate. It's saner, perverts.
The noblest of God's creatures, The Peregrine Falcon and a few others won't mate in captivity.
That makes them crazy? I don't think so.
Just peanuts in my world, Paoli's. In fact, on the walk from Trader Joe's to the Pizzaria, I
was agast at the smog I had forgotten about there. The 101 and the Ventura Bld, both, liter-
ally poisoning the whole general area.
And that's the cleaner, west end of L.A..

Now to the reason I won't be servile for my hand to mouth lifestyle like some I know;

Hillary Clinton must not be allowed anywhere near the mayorship of New York City. The evil
forces that are trying to stop Trump and America's rise from the globalist ashes they created,
the Rockefeller crowd, corporate america, the C.I.A. media, etc., are trying to put Hillary
Clinton in the New York City Mayor position because they need her to protect them from my expose
about John Lennon's assassination
It's also the reason the media fears Trump; He may be able to stand up to them and help me bring
truth and justice back to our crippled land.

I'm pondering anew slogan for my van;




I could go on forever.....

Last week I got on the Bill Wattenburg radio show and said; "...What fake news story has
crippled America's soul and made us a nation of cowards?""
"Mark David Chapman."
With that he hung up. Bill has been a radio land nemesis of mine for decades. This time he
admitted to his audience, after deriding me for years; "Maybe there is something to what he
says but he still strikes me as having one hand under the table, so I don't pay attention to
him, anyway."
At least he admits I may be right, after all. That he compares truth telling to masturbation
suggests that he, not me, is a pervert. A jealous pervert, like many of you, admit it.

February 16, 2017;

Some afterthoughts about the Paoli's karaoke bar situation;

To begin with, I have no idea what has pissed this blonde off and, if there was a reason she
could give me, it wouldn't matter because I was there and know what I said, ever, to her.
If she has a problem with me she just has a problem, I'm sorry folks. Some other man who I
may remind her of seems to be in the backround. I have nothing to apologize to her for
nor would I even if that got me back in there. She just has to accept the fact that I don't
care what she thinks or about singing there ever again. In fact, because I am not a prima
donna type who needs to sing in public to have self esteem I have only sung karaoke three
times in the past six months in Monterey because I require great audio to even get interested
in that scene. Monterey may be a little backwards in that respect. No big whoop, I have a
life to life in the meantime.
Which brings me back to the subject of my celibacy by choice lifestyle; Sex, in todays world,
is an insult to anyone who thinks it doesn'r matter if Stephen King needs to be jailed, first,
for it to be anything approaching dignified.
Bad audio; no karaoke. Bad politics, evil politics all around me; no sex. Sorry ladies,
but you're in disgrace and it takes one like me to admit it for you.
I suspect my van out there across the street reminded all of you what farce you must stand for
and that that is the real reason you can't handle the truth and my fearless personality.
It's puzzling because I had left the area for a month before I was hired to cook, there. It
wasn't until I was hired that blondie let her animous be knwn, I recall her dressing up like
a tart on my first night. Over the top, 'tart'. I wondered what was she up to, then? Then, after
I was unfairly removed from my job I left the area for six months and was surprized by the
bars bizarre behavior of 86'ing me. Were they afraid I might sue them? Was blondie fretting
over my leaving all that bar scene behind and moving 350 miles away? It wasn't like I was
interested in her in any way in case she doesn't think so. Still, she acts jilted, it seems.
I suspect that this clique resents my power and hates me for it. I dared defeat their
"crooked Hillary" and won that battle. They seem to resent me for winning while they lost.
They knew all about my efforts to get Trump elected. Now, I emerged the winner. On top.
Look at Trump; superman / celebrity / politician; The mass media despises him. The system de-
spises his guts because he has guts. I know the story, believe me. Penis envy everywhere!
I HAVE THE FOOTBALL, society. Admit it. I have the power to change all your world and
you hate me for being so much more classy and brave and dignified and intelligent and strong
and wise with such a goldmine of hard evidence that you've ever seen unpants society.
Ha, ha, ha, society. I know who I am. If you think Stephen King doesn't need arresting then
you don't know much about life and a quality existence. Off your knees, is my advice. Get
over your penis envy and help me come forward or remain under Stephen King's golden showers
all your sorry days. It's all of silent you that are CRRAAZZZY!
He mocks all of you six months before killing John Lennon in his book; Firestarter. His most
repeated line;

"You blind, obsessive fools."

Well, aren't all of you, until King is arrested?

One last laugh; I saw them on the news last night, just days after being 86'd, and they were
practically flooded from a monster storm with their electricity out on a Friday night.
Just those two blocks were out the t.v. news said.
One last thought. All of L.A. seems to miss me and seems hurt by my sudden absence last summer.
Maybe they were close to helping me and feel jilted. Maybe this bar has the same issue. I have
no flipping idea.


February, 17,2017;

Donald, thank you for slaying the dragon that could have been a Hillary Clinton presidency.
For that we all owe you a debt of thanks and gratitude, Clinton supporters included (They
just don't 'get it', yet.)
Thank you, Mr. Trump, for taking on our mortal enemy; the media, and taking them head on and
calling out their shit. Fantastic. They are the C.I.A. / K.G.B. incarnate and are so Or-
wellian that even Saturday Night Live and the evening and daytime talk shows are ALL under
their government / mind control umbrella. What you need to know is that the real reason the
"system" and the "media" are so terrified of your presidency is they know where the bodies
are buried and you don't and they don't want you destroying them by unearthing what I do;
They don't want you exposing the evidence that proves they ARE our enemies, the evidence
against author Stephen King regarding killing John Lennon in what can be proved to be a Nixon,
Reagan, C.I.A., media yes, CONSPIRACY! A conspiracy designed to poison America's people and
nothing less. The media have protected King all this time and that's what all this Trump
penis envy is all about. They fear you could blow them up for decades with WHAT I DO.
It's why the Rockefeller crowd is trying to install Hillary Clinton in as mayor of New
York City; to protect WHAT I DO from breaking worldwide! It's why they tried to put her
in as president. She and Bill are already in bed with King since they all met secretly in
The White House in 1995 according to the Oakland Tribune. She and Bill are blackmailable as
all hell in bed with the cover-up and it's players and America must be blindfolded from
this abominable, monster expose that rights wrongs and saves nations.
Donald, anything less than broaching and executing a grand jury investigation and all the
rest regarding Stephen King will result in your failure. The media IS your mortal enemy and
This expose is the biggest news event in modern time and oh, what heads will roll, what mag-
azines will fall, etc, etc, etc.
You're the kind of guy who would break this and they know it.
Oh, no, it's not all about "Me" it IS all about what I am doing. It's the reason Time Warner
is selling to AT&T for 100, plus billion dollars. Time knows my story IS BREAKING and
they are jumping ship OVER WHAT I DO!!
The media is jumping on 'Trump' like a swarm of vampire bats OVER WHAT I DO. They fear you
will circumvent their apparatus of censorship and, who knows, wear a hat with my website on
it, for all anyone knows. Or something else, like surprise arrest King and out the truth
as the two of us seem bred to do.

That's my humble advice, President Trump. The only reason I'm alive after three decades of
extreme danger is my great big mouth.
Now, on to matters that concern your policies that I am urging you to reconsider;
Do NOT flick sand in the eye of Mother Earth by loosening pollution standards in streams
to make corporations money. It's a losing move.
Look at China; They 'eat our lunch' with less pollution controls while their citizens have
to walk around with face masks the smog is killing them, so. Not my idea of progress.
Do not befoul the North Dakota native American land by plowing through with your oil pipe
line. Build around it, at the very least.
Renounce capitalism and materialism for capitalism and materialism's sake, alone. We have
all moved on beyond "possessions" and "only money matters" philosophies. Trust me on that.
Beware your inclination to focus on the bottom line without considering non money factors
as well. I know that there is room in your brilliant mind for a little modernization and
restrucuring, now, when it matters.
You're doing great taking on the media, but anything short of teaming up with lennonmurder
truth.com will likey find you tortured out of office by the people's enemies "The system"
that let Stephen King murder John Lennon. Those evil bastards; our own God damned govern-
ment. "The Rockefeller crowd", in my opinion.
You must out this ugly truth and shut them up for decades or go home.
Trust me on this, Donald John Trump. You need to bring out the big guns early, not later.
Later could be too late. Strategy; head em off at the pass. Big stakes poker, buddy.
Trot me out in front of cowaring America. I'll do all the dirty work with a flying middle finger
to anyone who objects and I'll win this fight. Time to be as ruthless as they are. 
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