Beware: Ted Brooks has threatened me

I first met Ted Brooks years ago when he would karaoke. I even did a days worth of painting
for him for $60 which he paid me for. He has his own handyman service and he sometimes
needs extra help with tasks that even I can do. And so, when I ran into him recently in Santa
Rosa and he offered me $10.00 @ hr. for varnishing a mansion in Healdsburg, Calif. I took
on the job, worked 23 hours and he told me he would pay me when he got paid from his other
job with Sterlng Painting in Walnut Creek. He got paid his $1,000. and still he told me to
wait. I explained that I needed the money before Nov. 8th.
Once he told me: “THAT’S not going to happen.” in a flippant way about paying me.
Since he had been avoiding me, and even threatened not to pay me, I was forced to
threaten to alert his parole officer that he owed me almost a quarter grand
for work not paid.

Monday, noon, came and went and Ted did pay me. I did call his boss who owns the Healdsburg
house and told him that Ted owed me $220.00 He had Ted pay me, apparently.
I did not tell his parole officer about the shady venture etc. but did have to tell him that
Ted admitted to threatening me before I was paid; He said; “…No, I take care of my business
myself. You better think hard about what you’ve done in the last three days. You don’t
even know who I am, but you’ll find out, I’m sure. You just live your life and see what hap-
pens. ”
I replied; “That’s a threat.” He shot back; “That’s right.”
I have had plenty of time to think about what I did the last few days. I stood up to a man
who threatened to steal $220.00 of my money. I gave him a fair choice and told him I’d play
my hand against him if he didn’t pay by a deadline.
Meanwhile, because of his parting threat, this entry will stay up for several months as a
little discouragement for him. Had he kept his agreement to
pay me on time, like he said, all of this would have been avoided.
Ted MAY have ripped off someones pot plants the day before he took me out to the property
involved. Maybe not, but he dragged me into the circle of suspects as far as the victim
was concerned. This victim brandished a gun and fired it in our presence as if to see who
might be the guilty thief. I know it wasn’t me but, if Ted wanted me to show up the day
after to hide his tracks, that is what really pissed me off.
If you try anything against me don’t be surprised if the law intercepts things, first. They
are keeping an eye on both of us. More than you probably think.